10 Hottest Payment Plugins WordPress 2020

  1. Tips to Make It Easy for Users to Place Orders on Your WP Site
  2. Best WooCommerce and WordPress Payment Gateways
  3. Payment Plugins for WordPress You May Want to Check Out
  4. Must-Have WordPress Plugins
  5. Final Word

When it comes to launching a decent online shop, you cannot just get a WordPress theme and think that’s the end of it. In fact, the process of building a functional and easy-to-use online store involves a lot of effort such as finding good hosting support, creating a sitemap, and arranging banner promotions.

The most important thing for any e-commerce website is to equip it with plugins that will guarantee its best performance. It goes without saying that a payment plugin for WordPress is a must for any shop. Today, we are going to talk about WordPress payment form and everything related to it.

Hottest Payment Plugins WordPress.

Tips to Make It Easy for Users to Place Orders on Your WP Site

First, let’s figure out what you can do to make the process of purchasing items from your website easy and hassle-free. Here are some simple tips and tricks you might want to use:

  1. Make sure your site is user-friendly and its design and layout follow the KISS strategy.
  2. Do not use too many design elements such as banners, icons, or pop-ups since they make a site difficult to navigate.
  3. Never clutter your website with too many ads.
  4. Make sure that users can easily find the cart icon.
  5. Place the ‘Purchase’ and ‘Confirm Order’ buttons in a way that users will immediately see them.
  6. Keep the process of placing an order as simple as possible.
  7. Implement as many payment methods as you can.

Best WooCommerce and WordPress Payment Gateways

Speaking about implementing various payment methods, let us take a brief look at the most popular and useful payment gateways for WordPress and WooCommerce. Here is a list of services that you want to consider using in your online store:

  1. Apple Pay;
  2. Amazon Pay;
  3. Skrill;
  4. PayPal Pro;
  5. Stripe;
  6. Square;
  7. Alipay.

Payment Plugins for WordPress You May Want to Check Out

Now is the time to find out which plugins will bring your website to the top in 2020. Here they come – the best payment plugins for WordPress.

WP Payment

This WP payment form has both free and premium versions, which are both great, but if your store is international and you would like to have a multicurrency feature, you’ll have to go with the premium version. In general, the plugin is rather useful and has plenty of pretty cool features such as API Key retrieval tutorial, PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.NET support, Detail records of payment, as well as many others. So if you are still hesitating, just take a good hard look at this baby.

WP Payment
WP Payment
Developer: WPSuperiors
Price: Free

Payment Form and Online Credit Card Payments by vCita

Another decent option for any type of online store is this plugin. In fact, this payment form is equipped with quite a wide list of features that include such important ones as an ability to pay for your services or goods at any time and from any device, recording and tracking your payments feature, multiple language support, and more than 26 different currencies support. So go ahead and give it a shot.

Stripe Payments

Stripe is one of the most popular payment getaways for WordPress. The plugin is quick and easy to install, allows you to sell any sort of products including music and PDF files, and is super easy to use. As a matter of fact, Stripe is equipped with a long list of features, among which are easy customization, email notifications, and the option to save card data. Well, it seems like this one is simply perfect for your store, so go ahead and try it out.

Claudio Sanches – PagSeguro for WooCommerce

This one is a simply stunning solution for your WooCommerce website. The plugin indeed has pretty much everything one might ever need including a vast list of features and plenty of 5-star customers’ reviews. So stop hesitating and check out Claudio Sanches because it’s definitely worth a shot.

PayPal Plus for WooCommerce

With no exaggeration, another great option for any online shop is PayPal Plus. This very plugin will enable PayPal payments on your website. Apart from that, it will also allow such payment methods as credit and debit cards as well as pay upon invoice. Additionally, it has a user-friendly checkout, so the shopping experience on your website will be easy and exciting for your customers. There is nothing more to add except that PayPal Plus is a must.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Pronamic Pay

Pronamic Pay is the ultimate solution for international e-commerce websites since it supports all major payment methods like Sofort (Europe), Bancontact (Belgium), and iDEAL (Netherlands). In general, the plugin works with a huge number of payment providers, which makes it a decent option for huge international stores. In addition to that, Pronamic has lots of great reviews, so why not take a closer look at this little monster?

Pronamic Pay
Pronamic Pay
Developer: Pronamic
Price: Free

Paysera for WooCommerce

Paysera is one of the easiest and most secure plugins for e-commerce websites. It supports over 10,000 different banks and MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro cards, which makes it simply perfect for your store. Go ahead and get Paysera for your site.

WooCommerce PayU EU Payment Gateway

Another cool plugin for your online shop is PayU. It supports payments in various currencies and has pretty much everything one might ever need, so it’s no doubt worth a shot.

iyzico WooCommerce

iyzico has great ratings and all the must-have features, which makes it the ultimate choice for your store. For instance, it comes with Buyer Protection feature and the module controlled by SUCURI, so it’s definitely worth your attention.

iyzico WooCommerce
iyzico WooCommerce
Developer: iyzico
Price: Free

eWAY Payment Gateway

Last, but not least, there is eWAY. This plugin supports all major payment methods including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard, so if you want your online store to be fully functional, you might want to consider getting eWAY.

Eway Payment Gateway
Eway Payment Gateway
Developer: WebAware
Price: Free

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Must-Have WordPress Plugins.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins bundle  is, bar none, deserves your attention. Our team has identified key issues related to WP plugin usage, which our clients face. Actually, this bundle will totally  reshape your website, giving you a myriad of options to increase your business efficiency. It includes:

✔SEO optimization extension is a great tool to create a catchy snippet description, title, and use keywords. This SEO plugin is Intuitively easy in use and does not overload websites. It will help you to skyrocket your web traffic. The extension for SEO optimization solves the most essential task for any web resource, that is to make it visible on the internet, getting higher Google ranking.

✔Site map plugin is one more important tool for ranking. Site maps are nothing less than a magic ward for SEO, as they increase indexing of your site. This extension will help the engine crawlers to find updates of your content, as they run on the links inside a web resource, following the available sitemap. Let the internet audience see your contact just after its update, and do not lose your SEO positions.

✔The Google analytics extension will tell you tons of precious information: what country your users are from, how old they are, which devices they prefer to visit your site, which content is the most interesting for them and much more valuable data. Ecommers reports will show the useful financial stats and trends in these indicators.

✔The Image optimizer is the perfect tool to squeeze the size of your images and make your web resource load faster.

✔The Advanced site editor will help you to enjoy your blogging and enhance your text content. Using its multiple options, you’ll get new possibilities to create catchy content and win the battle for the user's attention.

✔The Admin panel customization extension is a wonderful tool to arrange your menu easily. Your customized menu will level up the  usability of your site back-end, so you won’t lose time, fulfilling day-to-day tasks on your web resource.

✔The Login page URL change plugin. Don’t you know that brute force attacks are more common these days? Using this extension, you will be able to protect your data from hackers and don’t get nervous about the security of your website.

Follow the link and upgrade your site considerably in one business day.

Final Word

The payment methods you use on your website are extremely crucial since they directly influence your trade and the amount of money you make from your shop. This means that you want your store to have as many payment methods as possible and the best way to do that is getting a decent payment getaway for WordPress. So take a look at these plugins one more time and decide on the one you are going to get for your store.

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