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10+ Best WordPress Popup Plugins 2020

  1. Intro
  2. Download WordPress Popup Plugin to Get More Subscribers
  3. 10+ WordPress Popup Plugins for Email Form
  4. What is Pop-up?
  5. What Goes First? - Must-Have WordPress Plugins
  6. Final Words

best wordpress popup plugin


Collection of best wordpress popup plugin 2020 is here! Are you desperate to grow your subscriber base but visitors ignore the subscription form on your site? To tell you the truth, we’ve all been there. When I built my first WordPress blog, the subscription form seemed to be the most invisible and ignorable element in the entire layout. Only a few visitors noticed it and subscribed, but what blogger can settle for less than the best? Email marketing is our everything. In the age of web technologies, people are so addicted to their email boxes that some even wake up in the middle of the night to check them.

For months, I had sent newsletters to my tiny community until one day I understood things couldn’t go on like that anymore. I knew many bloggers extended their email lists with WordPress popup plugins, but I was too afraid to use them myself. I heard a myth about popups irritating web users so much that they leave sites without hesitation. As it turned out later, the myth wasn’t true. I found many case studies that proved quite the opposite.

So, one day I took a brave step and installed a WordPress popup plugin. It led to the weekly growth of my subscriber base by 50-100 new readers. Isn't it amazing? If you haven’t installed a WordPress email subscription plugin that can show your form in a popup, it’s about time! Although popups seem to be pushy, you’ll achieve no result without them no matter how hard you try. Sometimes people need a small push to take action. It’s just the way it works.

Moreover, experienced online marketers have no doubts that the most efficient and powerful method to gain as many subscribers as possible is to add a popup or opt-in email subscription plugin to the webpage. Email is proved to be the best communication source on the Internet which may increase the quality of return visitors and your site conversions to a hundred percent.

Today, I’d like to share a roundup of the best WordPress plugins that have the highest ratings and most downloads on You can use each of them for free or get their premium versions. Who else can we trust if not members of the official WordPress community?

Important!!! Note that a dull popup will only push visitors to your site away. You must use a visually appealing design to engage them. Check out WordPress themes packed with beautiful pre-designed popups for newsletter forms.

Download WordPress Popup Plugin to Get More Subscribers⬇️

JetPopup - Popup Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin
WordPress popup plugins.

Get for Free in One Membership

Do you want to save your money downloading a lot of plugins, themes or templates, whatever? It sounds unusual but it’s possible! Our subscription service, ONE, can provide you with such an opportunity. Join it to get any product for only $17/month! The number of downloads is unlimited?

One of the most recognizable and stylish WordPress plugins is JetPopup. It was created as the addod for Elementor and became a treasure for bloggers and website owners who choose WordPress themes. But what more it gives in comparison with other WordPress popup plugins? I would say it solves more tasks.  JetPopup is flexible and customizable, handy and powerful at the same time. You can apply it to your WordPress theme in a few clicks.

?In a few words, JetPopup - Popup Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin allows to:

  • build popups just by dragging-n-dropping;
  • easily customize their design up to your view;
  • set trigger events;
  • use lots of stylish templates.

This plugin is really universal and, without doubts, worthy of more attention. So, here is a closer look at JetPopup functionality. First of all, it allows choosing different shapes for different purposes. The plugin offers to pick out a trigger for its work. How exactly? You may request a plugin to pop up when the user just appeared on your website page. Or the popup window will show up when the user tries to leave a page. It can be also triggered on the Elementor widget when someone clicks it, or when they are scrolling the page in order to review the content.

Secondly, remember that people surf the Internet chaotically. They cross over from one site, from one browser tab to another. But they always come back to where they started. A good way to take them by surprise is a popup window of discounts, special offers or information about upcoming events, a subscription offer or something incredibly creative, generated by your imagination. JetPopup WordPress plugin helps you to control the situation on your website and greatly increases the statistic forcing visitors to stay longer trapped by new developments.

JetPopup assists you in using different kinds of popups, creating custom widgets for a Newsletter, ContactUs form, Countdown calculator for upcoming events, discounts and special offers, voting form to make your visitors participants in the life of your website or blog, information cards, policy information, etc.

WordPress popup plugins.

Place popups the way you prefer with JetPopup! Drop them generally in the middle of the page to get the attention of a user in full or put the slide-in option where the popup window will be moving from one side to another (despite the visitor’s activity). Apply thin deliver information bar on the top or bottom of a particular page or as a subtle notice on screen corners. Provide people with full-screen information, supplement it with a bright background image or other colorful settings. And what is most important - you can use different sites on different pages considering the certain actions of your visitors. Create your unsurpassed alert combination!

The animation is another bright point of this plugin. The popup window can appear fading, zoom in and out, bounce in, slight from different corners, flip horizontally or vertically, rotating. And it will not worsen the speed of loading the page, will be fully applicable on all platforms.

JetPopup plugin will open new horizons for the conquest of internet users, making them your subscribers. This is not only a form for subscribing to the newsletter, but it is also a multifunctional tool with an informative purpose. It combines the capabilities of many plugins, provides an opportunity for customization, the choice of colors and shapes. It also offers technical support from the company and does not require much effort to install. Hurry up to download it!?

10+ WordPress Popup Plugins for Email Form

You may ask why a trusted WordPress popup plugin is so necessary. It's mostly the same as to ask why email marketing is so useful. In a word, it's an intensely personal way of building a good relationship with your audience. It enables to stay connected with your potential clients and advertise your business. The more customers trust you, the more probably they are ready to purchase your product. To have a stunning open subscription form we recommend that you come along with popups.

A popup leaps out at visitors, so there is no chance the form is missed. It attracts the audience's attention and encourages further actions, e.g., to subscribe to your website. Remember that popup appearing should be moderately and not overdosed. At its worst, the form becomes obsessive by spamming visitors on every website page and may put an end to your business. In case you use opt-in together with great content and add attractive text to the form, the audience will seek for it to subscribe and stay informed about updates and future promotions. If you still hesitate about subscription form usage, test many of them to find out if you need it on your website.

Lots of opt-in WordPress plugins are free. Below is a list of the most popular options available for WordPress.

Elementor Popup Builder

Popup Builder

The Popup Builder from the top WordPress Plugin provider - Elementor will help you to increase your conversation and build awesome popups!

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing


HubSpot’s plugin gives you access to all of HubSpot's free marketing tools including popup forms. The popup forms are fully integrated with the free HubSpot CRM so any contacts you collect can be managed and segmented in your connected CRM account.

HubSpot’s popup tool is highly intuitive and easy to use. You are first asked to select the type of popup you want (popup box, sticky banner, or slide-in). Then you're taken to the popup customizer where you can edit the text, add an image, add form fields, and design a custom thank-you message after someone submits your form.

You can target users by page URL, time, or on-page behavior so you can show the popup only to the people you want to see it. If viewers decide to dismiss your popup, you can choose when they will be exposed to it again.

All the features in this tool are free.

Beeketing for WooCommerce
Popup Plugin

Do you think popups can be used for email collecting purposes only? No, at least not with this plugin. Beeketing for WooCommerce is a brilliant marketing plugin that utilizes all the possible ways to use popups effectively on your eCommerce site. Its popups are designed to optimize conversion rates, increase average order value, and of course – maximize lead collections. Here’re some coolest popups that Beeketing offers:

  • Better Coupon Box – WP popups to maximize lead collections
Popup Plugin

With this free option tool, you can offer a special discount in exchange for new social followers or email subscribers. It also integrates with all the major email marketing platforms and auto-syncs collected emails into your email marketing list.

  • Boost Sales - WP popups for upselling & cross-selling
Checkout Boost

This app lets you create upsell & cross-sell popup offers to increase average order value to every customer, just like Amazon. When customers view or add an item to the cart, the app will upsell related products that they most likely want to buy. Just like this:

  • Checkout Boost - WP popups for promotional offers
Checkout Boost

Checkout Boost works on improving the checkout conversion by showing reward offers right after customers add a product to cart. There are many types of offers you can create with this amazing app: countdown timer offer, social sharing, exit-intent and post-purchase upsells,...

Wanna get all these popups or just need some of them? Simply download Beeketing for WooCommerce.

Cherry PopUps

WordPress popup plugins

Cherry is one of the top WordPress popup plugins when it comes to customization. It lets you experiment with various layout types (center, full-width center, full-width bottom), color styles (light, dark, blue, red), background types (image, color), and animations (fading, scaling, moving up).

There are different scenarios when popups will appear on the screen. It can be anything from page scrolling to user inactivity for some time. You can also set the time delay so that the page will load by itself. To close your popup, visitors must be outside the viewport or move to another page.

The plugin has a unique feature that will help you double your popup efficiency. It lets you display two popups on the same page, one at its top and the other one at its bottom. What’s also cool about Cherry is that it comes integrated with MailChimp out of the box and easily integrates with WordPress Social Login.

Popups by OptinMonster

best wordpress popup plugin

OptinMonster is currently the best WordPress popup plugin with half a million downloads on It comes with a powerful drag-and-drop builder to create popups with ease and 26 CSS3 effects to animate them. If you are in a hurry, you can use 22 pre-designed themes out of the box.

This plugin lets you target visitors based on their location on your site, the time they spend there, and referrer source (search engine, social network, etc). You can control how often your subscription form will appear to the same visitor and optionally disable it for subscribers. Due to segmentation, first-time and repeat visitors can see different popups.

Google Analytics integration will give you a clear understanding of how well your popups convert. You can also A/B test your popups using different headlines, layout, and styles to figure out the most effective variant.

Another way to improve your popup efficiency is to use a full-screen mode. While similar plugins redirect visitors to new pages, OptinMonster just overlays the existing page for better SEO.

Popup Maker WordPress Plugin

best wordpress popup plugin

This WordPress plugin is perfect if you want to create unlimited responsive popups for free. Its built-in WYSIWYG editor allows you to configure your popup size, position, animation speed, and other parameters. You can also spice up invitations to join your email list with five animation effects.

The plugin comes with a theme builder, which will let you create your own popup themes. With the help of this handy tool, you can edit colors, shadows, fonts, paddings, and many other aspects of your designs. To preview your popup look, there’s no need to refresh the page all the time. You can check every new change you add live.

Your newsletter forms can pop up on any page of your site, post or even archive. Visitors will see them on click or after a specific amount of time. Using cookies, you can also set the frequency, at which popup forms will appear on your site.

In terms of analytics, the plugin provides information about opened popups, average opening time, conversions, average conversion time, and conversion rate.

Hustle WordPress Popup Plugin

best wordpress popup plugin

Hustle is a WordPress popup plugin with an easy-to-manage dashboard, four customizable layouts, and predefined color schemes. There is also a built-in live view editor, which will let you customize your popups to keep them consistent with your brand style. You can apply various animations to engage the audience.

Thanks to powerful targeting conditions, people will see your subscription form at the right time. You can target them by their actions, location, page, post, time, device type, category, tag, and referral link. Ad blockers are not a problem if you use Hustle. This opt-in box plugin can bypass any ad blocker and bring your popups into view.

To measure your performance, you will see the stats on how many times visitors saw your forms and subscribed. You can also track conversion rates to learn which of your popups were more effective than the others.

Popup Builder WordPress Plugin

best wordpress popup plugin

This WordPress popup builder comes with a few pre-designed themes, many targeting options, analytics, and other features required for growing your email list. With this plugin, you can create fully responsive popups and configure them in an intuitive settings panel.

When it comes to targeting, you can embed your popup into any page or post, set its location on the screen, schedule it, and enable automatic closing. If people don’t subscribe at once, feel free to set repetitive popups and control their frequency. You can also take more radical actions and disable the closing option for visitors.

Instead of annoying everyone with the same popup all the time, you can show different versions of it. It’s possible due to a random popup option. The admin panel also has user role configurations, which will let you hide your invitations to subscribe from some of your visitors.

Popups WordPress Plugin

best wordpress popup plugin

This popup plugin for WordPress has four customizable themes including Simple, Postal, Coupon, and CTA. Popups built with their help can appear at the top or bottom of your site, after posts, and in a full-screen mode.

There are five scenarios when your subscription forms can show up on the screen: after some time, page scrolling, clicking on any predefined element or just seeing it, and trying to leave your site.

When it comes to targeting, the plugin has multiple advanced filters. They will let you filter visitors that came from search engines or another page of your site, never commented, etc. It’s up to you whether to display your popups to Google bots and crawlers or hide them.

Besides filters, the plugin has advanced closing methods. They will let you decide yourself how visitors will close your popups. You can also disable a close button as a last resort. To track your popup performance, the plugin integrates with Google Analytics. You will see both impressions and conversions.

Icegram WordPress Popup Plugin

best wordpress popup plugin

Icegram is a WordPress popup plugin packed with 20+ responsive themes. You can customize their default designs with your brand colors and add both entry and exit animations to them. If you are tech-savvy, you can extend standard customization options with custom HTML, CSS, and JS.

What I personally like about Icegram is advanced targeting. Your subscription form can pop up when visitors stay on the page for a specific amount of time, reach its middle or bottom, and are inactive or going to leave. You can also enable a time delay to hide the popup automatically in a few secs. Some of your popups can also show up only to residents of a certain continent, country, state, and city.

This WordPress plugin will also come in handy for retargeting. You can disable popups for a certain period after visitors click your CTAs or just see them a few times. And then you can enable them again with a different message.

Icegram automatically monitors all the interactions with your popups and shows impressions, conversions, and conversion rates. When A/B testing your popups, you can use different themes, headlines, CTAs, button colors, etc.

MailMunch WordPress Popup Plugin

best wordpress popup plugin

MailMunch is a WordPress opt-in plugin providing enormous flexibility. It lets you show your popup forms wherever you want on your site. You can even display different popups on different posts and pages if you like.

To make things easier for you, MailMunch contains a selection of visually appealing themes. You can customize them with your website colors, fonts, and custom backgrounds. The plugin comes with two types of tracking pixels, one for views and the other one for subscriptions. With their help, you can send your stats to the major analytics services like Google Analytics.

There’s also a cool feature to make visitors more interested in subscribing. With Content Gate, you can restrict access to the content on your site until visitors subscribe. Otherwise, they won’t be able to close the popup.

ITRO WordPress Popup Plugin

best wordpress popup plugin

ITRO is a MailChimp popup plugin with a wide range of features and extensive customizability. You can edit your popups in colors, backgrounds, padding, borders, etc. and add some interest to them with fade-in and fade-out effects. The plugin automatically centers popups in all the major browsers.

Your popups can appear on all pages, selected pages or only the homepage of your site. You can choose when to display your popup, close it, and show again in case of retargeting. You can also enable a countdown at the bottom so that visitors can see how much time is left until it closes.

ITRO tracks the number of clicks and shows daily results in a graph. With a calendar filter, you can choose the period to analyze your performance.

WordPress Popup Plugin by Supsystic

best wordpress popup plugin

Here’s a functional WordPress popup plugin with 30+ mobile-friendly templates, 20+ smooth animations, and multiple targeting options to reach the right audience. You can show popups to first-time visitors, residents of a certain country, speakers of a certain language, users of mobile devices, etc. If you don’t want to show your content to unregistered users, the plugin has an option to lock it.

As for display options, popups can appear after page loading, user inactivity, commenting, scrolling, clicking on a certain element or page layout, and moving a mouse to the screen top in an attempt to exit. Popups can close when visitors click outside it, subscribe or share, and after some time passes.

Besides a subscription form, you can add social sharing buttons to your popups. The plugin has four button styles (simple, boxy, etc) and supports 20+ social networks. When it comes to analytics, you can track the number of viewed, subscribed, shared, and closed popups in graphs and tables. It’s also possible to track the real-time stats from your Google Analytics account if you find it more convenient.

Modal Window WordPress Plugin

best wordpress popup plugin

The last on this list of the best WordPress popup plugins is Modal Window. It has a lot of styling options to give a distinctive look to your popups. You can change anything from the background image and border to the size and position. The plugin also has various animation effects to play with, particularly rolling out, bouncing, fading, and others.

Your popups can appear after page loading, clicking on a link, and scrolling the window. They can also show up when visitors try to close your page or switch to another tab. As for retargeting, the plugin lets you set the number of days, after which you want your popup to display again.

MailOptin WordPress Popup Plugin

MailOptin WordPress Popup Plugin

MailOptin converts your website visitors into email subscribers and customers and nurtures and engages them with beautifully designed event-triggered emails. It comes with an intuitive and powerful form builder to create popups with ease and to design according to your preference.

It has a ton of professionally designed, mobile responsive and conversion-optimized opt-in forms templates ready for you to use. Timing is everything. This is why MailOptin continually tracks visitors’ interactions on your website and displays the right message or opt-in form when the visitors are most likely to convert.

Exit Intent and slide-ins trigger convert visitors into subscribers through your opt-in campaign, when the visitors are about to leave your website. If your opt-in form displays too early, your reader might not be willing to subscribe. Alternatively, if the form displays too late, you may lose out on new lead because your visitor will not wait long. Our Pageviews and Time on Site triggers give you control over the display of your opt-in campaigns.

AdBlock Detection helps you detect users using AdBlocking software such as AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin so that you can display alternative content to them. The Referrer Detection can automatically track sources of web traffic and create opt-in forms, call to actions and custom messages targeted from a specific traffic source.

What is Pop-up?

A pop-up window is a window that is opened on the computer screen as a result of performing some operation. Pop-up windows are also used to implement the user interface in web applications. JavaScript technology is traditionally used for their creation, although other ways are possible. Pop-up windows have a wide range of application, from useful to malicious.


The most widespread use of popup windows is to display advertisements on websites. Advertising popups can open on the front (pop-up) or in the background (pop-under). The latter is a more sophisticated method of spreading unwanted advertising messages to the user, since it doesn’t attract the user’s attention until the active window is closed and makes it difficult to determine the source of the pop-up window.

The massive use of pop-up ads on the Internet has resulted in the appearance of pop-up blockers in web browsers. Almost every modern browser includes such a function and also allows the user to create a registry of sites for which pop-up windows are allowed or prohibited. Opera became the first popular browser with the function of blocking pop-ups. Subsequently, Mozilla improved the original Opera’s approach by blocking only those pop-up windows that opened when the page was loaded. By the early 2000s, all major browsers, except Internet Explorer, allowed the user to completely block unwanted pop-up windows. In Internet Explorer, the pop-up blocker function appeared in 2004.

Advertisers are constantly looking for ways to circumvent technical limitations in browser settings. For example, in recent years, Adobe Flash technology has been used to implement pop-up windows, which allows to outwit the blocking function based on traditional JavaScript technology. Also, blocking bypass is used when the locker is configured only for blocking windows not requested by the user. This is the default setting for pop-up blockers of popular web browsers. In this case, because of some action on the site (for example, when the mouse button is pressed), there can appear a pop-up window. In the Firefox browser these windows can be blocked with the Adblock Plus and Adblock Plus Pop-up Add-on extensions installed together.

In some cases, pop-up windows are desirable and even mandatory for the functionality of web applications. Setting the browser to prohibit the display of pop-up windows in such applications can lead to the inability to use them by consumers. Many modern web applications use pop-up windows to display help information, dialog boxes and other elements of the user interface. For example, pop-up windows can display instructions for filling forms, reports, completion messages, or requests for an action. Some applications use pop-up windows to install software on a personal computer directly from websites.

What Goes First? - Must-Have WordPress Plugins

You’ve come here for popup plugins but left out basic stuff? Did you ever consider optimizing your website with a bunch of useful WP plugins? Just for the record, you can do it with the Must-Have WordPress Plugins service hassle-free.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins.

Why WP Plugins Are MUST-HAVE

One WP user ignored the security plugins and has continuously suffered from hacker attacks…

The other WP user has not worked on SEO-optimizing the website content and got lost in the wilds of search engine results…

In the competitive digital reality, we can hardly imagine any scarier stories. Instead of letting your website be hacker-friendly, you can make it SEO attractive. Faster website speed, easier customization, tracking user’s behavior - this is why you need WP must-have plugins.

The list of must-have plugins include 1) SEO optimization plugin, 2) Google Analytics plugin, 3) Advanced site editor, 4) Image optimizer, 5) Sitemap plugin, and 6) Login page URL change plugin. However, the list is supposed to be changing to provide you with the best currently available solutions.

How The Service Works

  • Data collection. You order the service and once it is completed, we contact you to request the data via email. You will need to provide us details on your website admin panel and hosting account (admin panel login and password & cPanel and FTP + MySQL access). We will need 15+ minutes to collect the data in case you provide it right away and do not request for the template installation service at an additional cost.
  • Plugins Installation. We will need up to 2 days in order to install all the must-have plugins from the list to your WP account. You can track the service performance by reaching a personal project manager.
  • Review and Completion. As soon as the procedure is finished, we reach you out to check if the plugins work properly. You can confirm that everything works fine, or claim a free revision in the case of bugs or possible changes. It may take us 15 minutes or more.

Must-Have WP plugins are the core of your WP website. Start from our service and only after, continue with additional pop-up and other extensions.

Final Words: best wordpress popup plugin

Let me ask you one question. How often do you notice newsletter forms on websites? I bet almost never. No one really cares about them but website owners. Unless you install one of these WordPress popup plugins, no one will see your subscription form. OK, maybe a few super attentive visitors will, but it won’t make a big change, and your subscriber base will remain at the same level.

So, choose the best WordPress optin plugin for your needs and install it ASAP. In this roundup, you’ll find only reliable plugins approved by the official WordPress community. Most of them also come with multiple handy features, from advanced popup customization and targeting to analytics and A/B testing. Please, let me know in the comments which one of them you like the most.

P.S. I’m pretty sure not all of your friends already know about these top-rated free WordPress popup plugins. Tell them about these effective email marketing tools by sharing the post on social media.

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