15 Top WordPress YouTube Channels

WordPress YouTube Channels continue to grow significantly.

When users need a tutorial or to figure out something, the first thing they do is to land on YouTube and search for the content they need.

Compared to posts and articles, videos provide more practical and easier-to-understand information, especially for novices. They can watch the videos and go through and complete the steps simultaneously.

However, the abundance of video and channel options makes it increasingly difficult to select one. The process of going through all the available videos would be time-consuming and may delay the completion or customization of your website.

To help you narrow down the options, this blog post lists some of the best WordPress channels to follow.

So, let's begin!

Best WordPress YouTube Channels

How do you decide which YouTube channels to subscribe to? Does it have to do with the topic, the quality of information, the visual aspect, the popularity, or something else altogether?

No matter what the answer is, the choice remains subjective, which is why it is impossible to select and recommend just one channel.

All I can do is to present you with some of the best WordPress YouTube Channels available at the moment. Hopefully, you'll find a solution right for your needs and preferences among these options.

The list is compiled based on the number of subscribers, frequency of uploads, and usefulness and quality of the videos.

Here, then, are the best WordPress YouTube channels to follow.

Create a Pro Website

Create a Pro Website.

Create a Pro Website is a great WordPress YouTube channel that embeds videos that describe basic steps to create a great platform in a detailed and simple way that will take a minimum of time.

With more than 316k subscribers, this channel provides video tutorials on how to create a blog, portfolio, or business website without coding (also using Elementor or Divi).

Other useful videos can be found there, such as how to make a free logo, how to use the best plugins, how to use WooCommerce, and more.

New videos are uploaded every month. As a result, you can learn something new or discover the latest technique every month.



LearnWoo has you covered whether you're just getting started with WordPress and WooCommerce, or you're an advanced user looking to hone your skills. With over 21k subscribers, they offer a wide range of tutorials and guides that cover everything from the basics to advanced concepts.

This channel covers everything from store setup and performance optimization to advanced features and current trends. It also offers in-depth guides, practical examples, and interviews with prominent industry professionals and thriving business owners who have already found success using WordPress.



The WPLearningLab YouTube Channel offers handy tutorials to quickly learn the skills needed to create/run a business's websites or get more clients.

It offers videos to cover all levels of expertise, starting with the WordPress fundamentals through to advanced skills. Hence, no matter how your experience, you'll find something that suits your needs.

You can expect to find videos like how to edit the WordPress header, how to use Elementor, WooCommerce tutorials, best WordPress themes and plugins (such as Yoast SEO), and much more.



TemplateMonster's WordPress YouTube channel is a popular channel that currently counts 42.5k subscribers. 

On this channel, you'll find WordPress hands-on how-tos, tutorials and guides, reviews, and much more. For instance, you can find videos about how to create a WordPress website and how to add schema markup to WordPress.

All the videos are simple to understand, and they are quick to apply. Thus, they're perfect for both beginners and advanced users. 

In addition, the channel embeds video reviews of the best WordPress products, such as themes, templates, plugins, and more.



WPEagle's WordPress YouTube Channel counts more than 56k subscribers and includes tutorials for various affiliate programs, creating content with Al, and domain name change.

You'll find WordPress basics (for beginners), reviews, vlogs, and many tutorials among the video categories.

Many video tutorials are short and extremely easy to comprehend regardless of how experienced the viewer is.

Let's Build WordPress

Let's Build WordPress.

Let's Build WordPress is another great WP YouTube channel, a handy guide for a simple WordPress website, suitable for anyone without web design experience.

The channel is best suited to beginners looking for video tutorials to learn and apply simple actions to WordPress websites.

Some video examples you can expect to find there are about how to create a custom menu on WP, how to add categories to a menu, how to create a blog, how to secure a WP website, and much more.

Hogan Chua

Hogan Chua.

With its 100k+ subscribers, Hogan Chua's WordPress YouTube Channel can help you create a website, blog, or online store through simple and quick step-by-step video tutorials.

Among its playlists, you can find great videos on how to launch an affiliate marketing niche website that generates passive income, WordPress essentials, hosting services, SEO, reviews, and much more.

His videos are quick, clear, and easy to understand, even for beginners and novices.



WPTuts is another excellent WordPress YouTube channel that aims to help you build beautiful WP websites, learn the most useful tools and plugins, and expand your business and earning potential.

You'll find videos demonstrating how to buy hosting, set up a domain, add a free SSL certificate, and do other necessary steps on this channel.

Additionally, there is an instructional playlist for beginners about WordPress basics.

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Ferdy Korpershoek 

Ferdy Korpershoek.

Ferdy Korpershoek's WP YouTube Channel is all about teaching you how to make a WordPress website yourself, even if you're a beginner.

This channel embeds complete beginner tutorials for Elementor, Elementor Pro, Divi, and other WordPress-related tools and plugins (such as Crocoblock plugin tutorials).

Also, he teaches about how to make money online, email marketing tools (such as Mailchimp and ConvertKit), and affiliate marketing.

Additionally, there is a playlist about the popular Astra theme that contains videos on changing and customizing colors, headers, mega menus, layouts, footers, etc.



LivingWithPixels represents a top WP YouTube channel, with over 110k subscribers. This channel aims to show you how to design and build websites without using any code.

It includes WooCommerce Webshop Series, Elementor guides, handy tutorials for a personal portfolio website.

Some videos available on his channel are about how to create a website with Elementor, top WP plugins, how to build a professional portfolio, and much more.

Darrel Wilson

Darrel Wilson.

Darrel Wilson's WordPress Youtube Channel seeks to teach you how to build WP websites with no coding skills and how to use drag-and-drop page builders (such as Elementor).

The channel is available in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Hindu. Thus, if your native language is included in this list, you'll be able to learn and follow the video tutorials more easily.

The videos are about WooCommerce, plugins, themes, web hosting reviews, WordPress fundamentals tutorials, marketing, and much more.



WPCrafter is a famous WordPress YouTube Channel dedicated to learning and leveraging WordPress.

On this channel, you will find simple, easy-to-follow tutorial videos on WordPress, covering topics such as how to install WordPress and maintain WordPress, as well as more advanced videos for WordPress developers. 

Some video topics are Elementor Page Builder, Beaver Builder videos, various WordPress aspects, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

Kori Ashton

Kori Ashton.

Kori Ashton's WP YouTube channel is dedicated to all things WordPress.

Kori covers different social marketing tips, WordPress for beginners, Gravity Forms tutorials, and much more.

Some of the WP topics she covers are how to improve your online marketing skills, build websites and customize them, what plugins to use, what features to add, how to drive traffic to your website, and how to optimize it for better ranking.

Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore.

Tyler Moore's WordPress YouTube Channel includes step-by-step videos on creating a professional WordPress website without coding skills and covers tips on a business launch.

Some of his videos are like 1-hour courses on how to create a blog, an online store, or a business website, all with WordPress and some popular page builders (such as Elementor or Divi).

The videos are simple to follow and easy to apply for beginners.

Website Learners

Website Learners.

Website Learners is one of the best WordPress YouTube channels available, based in Chennai, India.

It counts over 940k subscribers, has a team of 50+, and new videos are posted every 1-2 weeks.

The purpose of this channel is to help users build professional and outstanding websites easily and quickly.

Some of the videos are about how to create a one-page website in WordPress, how to create a sticky header in WP, how to make a portfolio website, how to make a multilingual WordPress website, and much more.



WPBeginner is another excellent WordPress YouTube Channel for beginners that offers easy-to-understand tutorials for mastering the basics and beyond.

It counts over 250k subscribers and covers topics for WordPress, affiliate programs, blogging, and others.

The channel includes over 400 WP how-to video tutorials and many videos about how to grow your website, email list, and start a blog that makes money.


Here's the final part of this blog post about the best WordPress YouTube channels available right now based on popularity, subscribers, and video quality.

I hope it helped you familiarize yourself with all or at least some of them and let you decide which one is best suited for your needs.

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WordPress YouTube Channels FAQs

What is the purpose of a WordPress YouTube channel?

The purpose of a WordPress Youtube channel is to help you learn all things about WordPress. It can include video tutorials, how-tos, best WP product reviews, and more.

How do I choose the best WP YouTube channel for me?

First and foremost, you need to think about your level of expertise and the type of content you need help with. By considering these fundamental factors, you can determine which channel to use.

What is the top YouTube channel to learn WordPress for beginners?

WPbeginner is one of the best WordPress YouTube channels for beginners that includes easy-to-understand and follow video tutorials.

Which is the best Youtube channel for Elementor tutorials, tips, and how-to videos?

Template Monster's YouTube channel offers hundreds of in-depth tutorials on using Elementor to build and customize your website.

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