Typeform WordPress Integration: Detailed Guide to Making Your Forms Efficient

  1. What forms features people really hate?
  2. What is the conversation form?
  3. How could Typeform WordPress integration help your business?
  4. How to perform Typeform WordPress integration?
  5. Typeform alternatives: free and paid
  6. Conclusion

The first reaction of the website owner to a proposal of Typeform WordPress integration will be “Oh, come on. Why would I need an additional form-builder? Isn’t Google Forms and the Contact Form plugin quite enough?” Well, if you care to get some responses - that’s not enough.


Actually, I personally don’t know any person who likes to fill in forms. Especially if they are long forms and demand a lot of writing to complete. I’m not saying that absolutely every person on Earth hates forms but I’ve never seen anyone who loves them.

The fact that people don’t like forms is bad for companies that prefer to focus on website visitors. Nicely designed and well-thought-out surveys can give you tones of useful information about clients’ interests and thoughts.

So, if you are the owner of a client-focused business and want to use forms - you should create them with the help of additional tools which would make them more attractive and engaging. Typeform WordPress integration could help you. This software will show you that creating contact forms and surveys users would like to fill in is not only possible but also quite easy.

What forms features do people really hate?

hate surveys

Did you know that some people have a phobia of forms? It is called form phobia and people suffering from it feel a paralyzing fear of filling in their personal information onto the pre-made templates. You can’t help the guys with this phobia – they hate all forms no matter the design. However, you really can help other people and avoid some of the features that especially upset users when it comes to filling in forms.

People hate it when:

  • The form is too long. Time is money and nobody likes to waste it. The more questions you add to the form – the fewer people will fill it in.
    Recommendations: Try to make the form not more than 10-20 points long. Bigger surveys will make the user feel bored and increase the possibility that he leaves without finishing the form.
  • The questions are irrelevant. When the user doesn’t understand why you are asking a question – he will think it is stupid and unnecessary. For example, the online store selling digital software items asks you to give your home address. What for? The client is not going to receive any packages from the shop and he considers the question irrelevant.
    Recommendations: Think carefully about what information you ask for from visitors and make it clear why you need it.
  • The questions are not clear. You can’t share your thoughts with the readers, only the text you put on the site. Sometimes the questions that are obvious and clear for you will be ambiguous for visitors. The questions they don’t know how to answer will make them confused and annoyed.
    Recommendations: make sure your questions are really clear – test them on your employees or friends. Besides that, check out whether or not they are open-ended. If they should be open-ended – there has to be a special text field, not the radio buttons or checkboxes under the question.
  • There’s no option they would like to choose. Multiple-choice questions with a radio button or checkbox options are quicker to fill but there could be problems. What should the user do when there’s no option he likes? Sometimes the options you offer are not suitable for every visitor.
    Recommendations: Where it is possible to try to add an “Own variant” option. Users may never use it but they will feel a little more comfortable that they could choose the option.
  • There are too many instructions or they are too confusing. When the user sees a huge paragraph of instructions before the first question of the survey – there are big chances he won’t start filling it in at all–or they will disregard the instructions to get through the form faster. Forms are not really a pleasure by themselves, so nobody will read the manual about how to fill them in.
    Recommendations: Your forms and surveys have to be as simple as possible. It is better to create several forms than try to pack everything into one.

What is the conversation form?

conversation form

For most people, a conversation with a manager is more pleasant than filling in the list without saying a word. Conversation forms use that effect – they give a user one question at a time. Filling out the form or survey starts to look more like a conversation and it doesn’t annoy the user so much. Besides that, there is some software that adds animation and design to forms which make them even more attractive.

Typeform is such software. It was created especially for forms, feedbacks, surveys, and quizzes. This software offers you all the tools you need to build a questionnaire from scratch or customize a pre-made template. The interface is simple and user-friendly; the options are easy to add. Thanks to the preview screen you can see how your survey will look the next time you make some changes and that is really convenient. With Typeform you can even create non-linear questionnaires – the system will ask the user a question according to his previous answer. That gives you a wide variety of possible usages.

How could Typeform WordPress integration help your business?

survey helps business

Do you gather feedback from your customers or readers? Reviews with the simple rating system are nice but they don’t give the picture. Users rate the posts or products and leave you a few words in the comments – and that’s all. You won’t understand what part of your website they liked or what kind of products they often use. Only surveys or special forms for feedback could give you the necessary data. And here’s when you have to think about Typeform WordPress integration.

What type of forms do you usually use (if any)? Do you create a questionnaire in Google Forms and then share it via a web link? That could be convenient but not stylish and rather unattractive. A conversation form with nice animation and pictures will make the user want to fill it. After the Typeform WordPress integration, you will be able to embed beautiful and efficient surveys, questionnaires, and quizzes, as well as feedback, application, and order forms.

The cost of the Typeform is not too big. In fact, if you are not going to add more than 10 questions to the survey and expect less than 100 responses per month – Typeform will be free for you. In other cases, you can purchase a Pro plan for $30/month. There are only two paid Typeform plans – Pro and Pro+ (it costs $59 per month and includes a set of useful tools for analytics.

How to perform Typeform WordPress integration?

The process is very simple. Actually, Typeform WordPress integration consists of three major steps – Typeform registration, form creation, and WordPress plugin installation. You won’t have any problems with any of these and I will help you a little and lead you along this road to beautiful surveys.

Step 1. Typeform account creation

Go to the Typeform website and hit the “Sign up” button in the header. You will be moved to the signup form where you have to type your name, email, and password. Mark the checkbox that confirms your agreement to the Terms & Conditions. Ignore the next checkbox if you don’t want to receive letters and notifications from Typeform.

typeform form

After hitting the “Create my free account” button you will have to go through verification and activate the Typeform account from your email. The letter you will receive to the mentioned email will look like this; just press “Activate my account” and proceed.

typeform account

You will be able to take a look at the Typeform form immediately after registration. A short questionnaire will allow Typeform to quickly offer you a few templates that could be a solution for your needs.

typeform start

Step 2. Building a form

For forms and surveys, Typeform is like WordPress for website creation. In fact, it offers you a ready-made form design and you only have to fill it with questions and customize the view a little. In some cases, you won’t even have to change the given text. However, if you can’t find a template that will suit you perfectly – you can always create a form from scratch.

I took the pre-made theme called “Satisfaction Survey – Quick Start” to show you the main features of the Typeform forms builder. The screen is divided into two parts – the working field and quick view screen (it allows you to see all the changes as you do them). Here’s how the builder looks in general:

typeform general look

The user interface is very friendly. All the options you need are located obviously. I mean, when you want to change the color of the background, you will go to the “Design” tab and find the “Customize” option without any problems. Typeform forms builder allows you to change fonts, colors of all the elements and background and even set a background picture.

typeform design

Every form consists of blocks that could be edited separately. When you choose the “Question Settings” button it opens an additional customization window. In my mind, the most interesting and useful feature here is “Question type.” There are 16 types for you to choose and they automatically change the structure of the element adding all the necessary functionalities. From that window, you can also add a picture or a video to the question and make it more entertaining.

typeform question type

When you finish the survey you need to go to the “Share” tab. Further, you will need the URL presented there, so don’t close that page.

typeform share

Don’t forget to make the created form public. If you are using a free Typeform plan, be aware that some of the Pro functionalities (like Logic Jump or Thank You screens) are not available. You will have to delete them or update to Pro to make the form visible.

typeform private

Step 3.  Typeform WordPress plugin installation

There’s nothing special here. Typeform WordPress plugin could be installed the same way as any other plugin. You just download it on wordpress.org (it is free), then go to your WordPress website administrative dashboard and open Plugins > Add new. Click the “Upload New” button, choose the plugin .zip file from your PC and hit the “Install now” button.

plugin installation

When the installation is finished, activate the plugin and you are done. The installation is successful and Typeform WordPress integration is now almost over. To add a survey to your website’s page or post go to Pages > Add New or Posts > Add New. Click the “Add block” and find the Typeform widget among the common blocks.

Turn back to the page with the URL and copy it. Then go to the right side menu of the page you are currently creating and paste the URL to “Typeform URL” bar. The first screen of the form will become visible immediately. There are also other customization options like form width and length you can set, and of course, you can make the form pop up after the user’s certain actions.

block customization

It is done now. Typeform WordPress integration is now finished, you have a beautiful survey and lots of feedback from your users. Congrats!

Typeform alternatives: free and paid

At the beginning of this article, I told you that there are lots of plugins that help website owners to create nice conversation forms. And though Typeform is great software – of course there are other variants. I will list two free and two paid options so you can compare them and understand what’s better for you.


As it is probably obvious from the title – this software was created especially to build surveys. It allows the user to customize the appearance of the questionnaire according to his taste and is a nice Typeform alternative. The app is completely responsive, which means that surveys you create will look perfect no matter what device the website visitor uses – PC, mobile phone, or tablet.

Pricing: the price starts from $29 per month

Integrations: Dropbox, Slack, Zendesk, Cint, Salesforce, SalesManago, PrestaShop, ResearchNow


Another survey building software that is quite versatile and could help you to create not only questionnaires but also quality reports and feedback forms. It has smoothly-working analytics automation that will help you to understand if your surveys are efficient. Besides that, it will create reports that will clearly show the results of the researches you make.

Pricing: there is a free plan; the price for the premium plan starts from $59 per month

Integrations: Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Slack, Insightly, Pipedrive, Freshsales, Saleforce, Zendesk, Zapier, HubSpot, and others


This simple software has only two available tools – survey builder and feedback form. However, those two could be quite enough for a concrete task, so it still is a good alternative to Typeform. There is a premium version of this app but the free one is fully functional and could work perfectly by itself. Premium advantages are connected only with the analytics.

Pricing: free

Integrations: Google Analytics, Net Promoter Score


The last in the list, but not the least, this software is also rather simple but has enough tools to be an effective support for most of your form creating problems. With this Typeform alternative, you will be able to create employee engagement and customer feedback form. Responster has a premium plan but you will need it only if your case demands some logics, analytics, or data export.

Pricing: free


The Typeform WordPress integration process is really simple. There’s almost nothing you have to do by your own hands – most of the processes are automated. You don’t have to know any coding language – you can create the survey you need the same way as you would type it into a text editor. So now, when you have your conversation form software installed, I wish you luck in creating stunning and engaging questionnaires and forms.

WordPress developer certificate

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