1 Item, 47 Souls & Bit Of Magic: Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle Review

  1. Who & Why May Need The Marketing Bundle?
  2. 11+ Features Any Seller Should Know About
    1. Outstanding Landings
    2. Extra Versatile Layout
    3. Banners + Animation
    4. Ready-To-Use Newsletter Templates
    5. Social Media Banners
  3. Products by more than 40 TemplateMonster Marketplace Vendors
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If you are here you are most likely looking for some Christmas promo products. No wonder, the holiday season has always been the best time for retailers. The 2018’s holiday spending stats showed a 5.4% increase. It reached over $998 billion. Still, when it comes to extra promos, you have many more options to stand out.

Cyber Monday appeared to be the most lucrative shopping time last year. It made nearly $8 billion in sales. Besides, you can’t forget about other special occasions, like BF or Thanksgiving. It looks like you should be forearmed round-the-clock to meet the vital shopping days.

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle is a complete solution for marketers. Pre-packed with all the essentials, this time-saver is very simple in use. It is multipurpose and comes for any special eCommerce occasions. What is even better, the set has multiple styles. We worked with 47 vendors to make it fit all your needs. Already excited? Let’s take a look inside the bundle.

Who & Why May Need The MARKETING Bundle?

Basically, this product is a must-have for anyone who wanna save their time during the discounts season. It contains numerous sales-increasing elements and comes for the next occasions:

  • New Year,
  • Valentine’s Day,
  • Christmas,
  • Thanksgiving,
  • Halloween,
  • International Women’s Day,
  • Independence Day,
  • Easter Holy Week,
  • Back-To-School,
  • Black Friday,
  • Cyber Monday.

The components inside The Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle can also be used for other reasons. They have a flexible design which is simple to customize up to your needs. No extra experience needed. Users of all ages and skill levels can use the item. It ideally suits the needs of marketers, retailers, bloggers, shop & restaurant owners, etc.

11+ Features Any Seller Should Know About

Needless to say, you are not the only one getting prepared for holiday sales. Most of your competitors are already working on their marketing campaigns. With it, it becomes harder and harder to make your project a go-to place. That’s why you should take a closer look at The Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle.

Outstanding Landings

Without a doubt, getting more customers is the main goal of any promo. So, what should you start with? According to the survey, the more landings you run the more conversions you have. Shop owners with 10-15 LP websites claim they got 55% more leads.

To say more, brands with 40+ LPs have 12x more leads than companies with 5 pages or less. Both B2B and B2C companies say they benefit from owning multiple LPs. Seeing that, would you like to launch a landing page this winter? Here are the must-haves to look for:

  • Illustrations,
  • Custom Logos,
  • Simple Navigation,
  • Icons,
  • Visual Effects,
  • Web Fonts,
  • Responsive Design,
  • Mockups,
  • Search Engines Optimization,
  • Flyers & Brochures.

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle contains all of these features and many more. The price is only $99. Here are some of what you get inside the pack:

ultimate digital marketing bundle pack

  • Icon sets for Valentine’s Day,
  • Food & Drinks Animated Ad Danners,
  • Pizza Creator,
  • Candy Shop Typography,
  • Merry Xmas Newsletters,
  • 2000 Flat Icons Set,
  • Facebook and Insta Covers,
  • Halloween Logos,
  • Heart Keychain Product Mockups,
  • Illustration Packs,
  • YouTube Channel Items,
  • Art & Animal Logos,
  • Save Earth Templates,
  • Corporate Templates,
  • Service Flayers, etc.

All in all, half a hundred professionals have united to craft this item. So, you will 100% find something special for a would-be-promo.

Extra Versatile Layout

All the templates inside the bundle come with responsive design. They are wholly flexible and fit all modern devices. You get fully editable pages with lots of UI and UX pieces. Each of the components looks perfect on mobiles, and here is why.

  1. Last year, mobile shopping generated almost $39 billion during the holiday season.
  2. At the same time, desktop sales reached only $11.2 billion during November-December.
  3. Smartphones make the majority of today’s traffic (51%) globally.
  4. Also, shops with mobile apps have 50% more orders.

The Bundle content is sorted by holiday so that one would rapidly find the very object. You get creator-friendly, well-organized files by purchasing the product.

Banners + Animation

animated banners from marketing bundle

Did you know that 47% of your prospects do not want to pay for product shipping? You can increase sales by making the option free during the Christmas campaign. And what is the best way to highlight it?

Our bundle for marketers includes 7 animated banners in the pack. Use them to highlight important news. Smartly crafted animations will help you to guide clients through the shop content.

Ready-To-Use Newsletter Templates

Email notifications are the next thing to think about when working on your promo. Though there are many other popups invented, emails still made the best choice to attract prospects. They can contribute up to 30% to the HS statistics. Half million eCommerce project owners claim newsletters give them more sales. Here is the data:

  • 4.3% - newsletters,
  • 3% - organic search,
  • 2.9% - direct sales,
  • 1.8% - social media.

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle contains everything you may need for an email campaign. There are 15 supporting templates. Same to other product components, these pages are changeable. They have rich customization settings and can be tweaked without special knowledge.

Social Media Banners

Can you imagine a striking New Year campaign that is not involved in the SM world? For many years, it remains the #1 online promo-place both for startups and well-known brands. Here are some facts to know.

  1. Companies all around the world spend 12% of their budget on SM today.
  2. SM spend to rise by almost 90% between 2019 and 2024.
  3. 25% of SM spendings are allocated to agencies.
  4. Meanwhile, nearly 70% of all companies noticed SM has a positive impact on their business.
  5. The most popular business model is eCommerce.

Long story short, there is no business that can develop without being on SM. That is why the pack of our Ultimate Marketing Bundle includes 8 SM banners sets. They come for numerous occasions and can be used for FaceBook, Instagram, and the rest of popular platforms.

Decided to craft a promo? Don’t miss our holiday social media checklist. Here is what you need to stand out this season:

  • Hilidize your website design,
  • Create blog posts related to the special occasion,
  • Build the SM gallery,
  • Create a winter sale,
  • Notify customers about discounts via email,
  • Use Parallax and other trendy visuals,
  • Consider live broadcasts,
  • Make friends with Google,
  • Announce a holiday giveaway,
  • Look for guest-posting opportunities,
  • Use SM ads,
  • Share DIYs.

Products by more than 40 TemplateMonster Marketplace Vendors

Ultimate Marketing Bundle has best products from TemplateMonster Vendors. Just have a look at Vendors, who participated in this Bundle:

In Toto

As you can see, users all over the globe spend big money on their business promos. No wonder, everyone wants to get ready for Christmas and other special occasions. Just because they are so good for sales. US advertisers collectively spent $163 billion on ads in 2018, which became a real record.

Well, the good news is that you don’t need to spend billions to get an ace campaign. The Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle allows creating multiple promos whenever you need it. It is meant to save user’s time and provide them with simple business solutions.


Lana Miro

Lana is a digital marketer who likes to share the best practices and trends in website designs. She also is interested in Elementor & Gutenberg website building. Feel free to follow on social media for more updates: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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