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Ultimate Social Media Branding Guide [Free eBook]

Statistics show that in 2017 Internet users spent on average 135 minutes daily consuming social media. That is more than 2 hours, can you imagine that? Of course you can, but only a few of us, office monkeys, don’t check our Facebook or Instagram feeds during the day. If you're engaged with social media then this social media branding guide is a must-read for you.

social media branding guide

I’m also sure that you follow at least one company’s page. It could be your favorite cosmetics account or a group of enthusiasts following a brand to which your car belongs – it doesn’t matter. Think of this for a minute – why haven’t you unfollowed those groups and pages? Is it because they have interesting content? Maybe you just love those companies’ “face” or “voice”? Or are there some other reasons?

If you are a company owner or marketer, answers to those questions are crucial to you. In the current online realm, you can’t afford to be invisible to customers or boring in social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are powerful tools for promotion if you use them wisely. So, the next question will be – how, actually, could a brand use social media wisely?

We have analyzed the most efficient of the social media branding companies and gathered the results in a new free eBook. Going through the set of useful tips you will be able to increase your profit from social media.

We have used examples to explain the advice and described the following topics in detail:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Importance of humanization
  • Types of content according to the platform
  • Content plan
  • Defining target audience
  • Preparation of publications

The eBook is completely free – you can download it by submitting the form below.

Have you noticed something we have overlooked? Maybe you have some practical examples you would like to share? You are welcome to write in the comment section below. We are eager to create the most detailed and comprehensive books possible and are always pleased to receive feedback from you.

Don’t forget that any social media promotion campaign is less effective if your company doesn’t have a website. TemplateMonster has lots of gorgeous business templates for every scale and niche. Good luck with becoming successful!

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2 responses to “Ultimate Social Media Branding Guide [Free eBook]”

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