The Most Ordinary and Unusual Cute Icons

Cute Icons. Many users like to customize everything for themselves and radically change the appearance of the operating system. Sometimes one wants to replace the icon of a particular program so that it does not get out of the general style or is more noticeable. To select the most beautiful, unusual and funny cute icons, click here.

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Cute Icons for Mac

Changing cute folder icons for Mac for programs and games on macOS is easy. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to find the icon. Not all pictures are suitable—only files in *.icns format. In Template Monster you will find a large database of suitable icons with search and cataloger.
  2. After downloading the icon, you need to find the application, the image for which you will change. Most often it is located in the Programs folder. You can open it in the upper Finder panel: Transition > Programs, but sometimes they can be located in a different way.
  3. Now open the properties of the application we need through the context menu or using the <u+2318> + I key combination with the selected object.</u+2318>
  4. It remains only to drag the downloaded icon to the native icon in the properties.

Mission accomplished—icon replaced! If the old picture continues to be displayed on Launchpad, it will change after the MacOS reboots.

IOS Wired Food and Travel Iconset Template

This set of icons is universal. It contains 220 high-quality images depicting food and cocktails in glasses, some types of transport for traveling, a compass and destinations in vector format. If you need a picture of a hamburger or pizza to signify recipes, you will find it here. In addition, it is possible to design coffee packaging or a shop logo.

IOS Wired Food and Travel Iconset Template is fully compatible with all Apple gadgets. Each icon is built on a 64 x 64 pixel grid. This allows you to ensure perfect image quality on the screens. In this iconset, you will find the Tagged IconJar file and Sketch, AI, PSD, SVG and IconJar files. They are work in Illustrator and Photoshop and Sketch.

iOS Wired Food and Travel Iconset Template.

Jumbo Flat-Glyph Icons Pack Iconset Template

The proposed pictures are cute Mac icons containing 3,000 pieces. They have 1,500 flat characters and the same that will make your web, print and mobile apps designs stunning. You can personalize the desktop of your MacBook using all the proposed images. Each folder has its own name, which you can change in the process of using the gadget.

In addition, you have the option to resize them. This will not affect the quality of cute icons for Mac. As well as to iOS, they can also be used on a mobile device with the Android operating system. Continuous updating will allow you to expand the existing assortment of pictures and download new ones. This set includes 60 categories of icons, among which there are images of various subjects: houses, coins and money, people and organs for a medical theme, video and audio equipment, flowers and much more.

Jumbo Flat-Glyph Icons Pack Iconset Template.

Cute Anime Icons

Emotion vector image set in a simple flat style. These cute anime girl icons will fit perfectly into the overall operating system interface. Create with their help a variety of sites and applications. In the vector, you can easily change their color and size. All cute anime icons are tailored specifically for you. Install them on your gadget.

Emotions vector icons set vol.1 Iconset Template

This icon set contains 12 different muzzles, each of which expresses its emotions. If you are a fan of Japanese cartoons and adore the culture of this country, then this collection is perfect for you. Use the suggested pictures to display your mood while chatting with a friend. You can also attach a smiley after each of your comments on the social network. This will attract the attention of the audience and subsequently segment potential buyers. Such a marketing promotion policy will increase the profitability of your business.

Emotions vector icons set vol.1 Iconset Template.

Emotions vector vol.3 Iconset Template

Here are 12 cute desktop icons. It can be a sleeping, a singing, an angry, sad person or a gender-specific smiley. Use each of them to diversify your emotions. Text containing thematic icons is sure to attract attention. Use this technique in your future activities to collect more subscribers and likes. Adjust the size of the icons to your sympathy and create high-quality content that attracts the attention of people of different cultures.

Emotions vector vol.3 Iconset Template.

Emotions vector vol.4 Iconset Template

These muzzles differ from others in that they can be worn with props. It's like a carnival. Each cute icon plays a role. Therefore, you can meet a long bang, a blindfold in one eye or glasses, a unicorn horn, and masks of heroes. Each picture has its own meaning. It can be the personification of good or evil, a positive character or a negative character. This is up to you.

Emotions vector vol.4 Iconset Template.

Cute Icons for Instagram

At present, many people spend more time communicating on social networks and less time communicating on the street. Therefore, Template Monster specially created cute icons for desktop. Use them to emphasize your own personality. Design your business card with cute icons png, add buttons to the basement of your website, or decorate your presentation—now you can easily do all this.

Instagram Highlight Iconset Template

This icon pack includes 54 Instagram Highlight template files. Each of them is already ready for use. With this, you can customize it according to your preferences. If you are a web designer or a photographer, we recommend that you use these cute png icons to update your working code and create a new masterpiece.

Pictures are beautifully styled. They use a nice color palette including a combination of turquoise, pink, purple and other shades. All cute folder icons have a simple drawn look. They can be used to indicate all your daily activities or they can be distributed into catalogs.

Instagram Highlight Iconset Template.

Social Communication Long Shadow Square Iconset Template

This set icon is a set of squares with corresponding images. They are structured by color and content. So, you will find squares of red, blue, green and turquoise colors. Change their size as you wish. People cute twitter icons set in a long shadow. They fit perfectly into the interface of your application or site.

The ZIP archive is filled with files among which you will find pictures in JPG format, AI CS and EPS 10 file. Improve the footer of your website with cute icons for Facebook. In addition, there are pictures with a mustache, star, finger up, and clouds for words. Use them to distinguish between visual alerts on social networks.

Social Communication Long Shadow Square Iconset Template.

Cute Icons—Black and White

Sometimes it's so hard to pick up cute icons for iPhone. The riot of colors does not allow you to concentrate on the main thing. Therefore, Template Monster presents you a collection of functional icons, executed in black and white. All the proposed sets will allow you to stand out in a crowd of friends, focusing on the passion or chosen niche in the business. Develop and promote your business with specially created Tumblr cute icons.

Neutral Iconset Template

Color pictures, of course, are funny. But what if you want to bring some contrast to your life? Use the Neutral Iconset Template to change the screen interface of a video or audio application.

They were created using Adobe Photoshop CC + and contain images with geometric shapes. Each of them has its own separate meaning, which will allow you to choose the necessary command for the player. By the way, such a visual design will look very stylish both on a personal computer and on a smartphone.

Neutral Iconset Template

Fishing vector icons vol.1 Iconset Template

Oh, how fishing lovers should be delighted now! After all, the Template Monster invented interesting icons. They are stylized in black and white. Having a separate value, each is assigned a special image. It can be a reel with a fishing line, a floats, a cast, a rod, a fish and its skeleton, hooks and much more.

After receiving the desired set, you will find a ZIP archive containing 12 SVG files, AI and EPS10 file. All vector cute computer icons are grouped so that you are comfortable using them both to design a page on a social network and to create a personal blog or website.

Fishing vector icons vol.1 Iconset Template.

Soccer vector Iconset Template

This icon set is suitable for all football fans. It has a black and white design and very clear pictures. Each of them can be used to indicate an action. In addition, you will find the outline icon. By increasing its size, you can get a template for keeping score between teams.

You can see the image of a whistle, a goal and a football field, a ball, a stopwatch, a flag, a sneaker, a glove, showing a finger, and a winner’s cup. Choose Soccer vector Iconset Template to emphasize your personality. Use images in everyday life, and especially at the time the World Cup begins. Show yourself and others that you are a true fan of sports and games.

Soccer vector Iconset Template.

Religion vector icon set vol. 3 Iconset Template

This icon set is an amazing combination of religion, esotericism, science, architecture and significant symbolism. Each picture evokes certain emotions and, possibly, associations. Among the images, you will find a lotus flower, palm, cross, wheel, candles, yin yang symbol and others.

In addition, you can choose the helm of the ship to create your company logo. This will be a good start to a fruitful business. In the ZIP archive, you will find 1 AI file and 1 EPS10 file. Using them as you please, you will create the perfect content for your site. We believe in you!

Religion vector icon set vol. 3 Iconset Template.

Cute Social Media Icons

Social Media is gaining more and more popularity every day. And you must be armed to be competitive in the digital market. The social network now plays a key role in the communications of many people. Therefore, we suggest that you support the trend, keep pace with the times, and individualize the interface of your devices.

Black Circled Social Media Iconset Template

By downloading this set, you get 70 icons of social networks. They are created with pixel precision. You can choose any image to emphasize the corporate identity of your brand. This high-quality set of icons will allow you to promote your products and services more efficiently, as customers will perceive you and your activities at the highest level.

Well-organized layers for easy customization and updating let you use cute phone icons right away. You can easily edit and customize them at any time. Pictures are fully adapted for the most popular operating systems and are compatible with Adobe Suite: Adobe CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, and CS2.

By choosing Black Circled Social Media Iconset Template, you will get Illustrator Files in AI, Photoshop Files in PSD, EPS, SVG, PNG Files (in 3 sizes: 64px, 128px and 256px).

Use the proposed cute icons for android to chat on Smart Cellphone, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Telegram, Skype, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other instant messengers. You can also shop at Amazon, AppStore, use the Airbnb, Shopify service, and watch videos on YouTube by pressing the beautiful icon buttons.

Black Circled Social Media Iconset Template.

Social Media Iconset Template

This collection of cute social media icons contains 1,050 images created with pixel precision. There are 70 icons of social networks and platforms. From an extensive range of different styles, you will definitely choose the one that suits you.

Customize the color palette to your taste. Also find SVG, Illustrator (AI), Photoshop (PSD), PNG, EPS files in the ZIP archive. With their help, you can create an exclusive image that will effectively promote your business.

Use the proposed assortment of icons to create a block of purchases on your website, or organize free space for a landing page with their help. In any case, their visual bright design will not leave indifferent any site visitor.

Social Media Iconset Template.

Social Communication Flat Iconset Template

This collection of cute icons tumblr is a color diagram of interacting people. This may be a separate person. Now you decide how to improve the visualization of your communication in the social network and improve the interface of your gadget.

Now, with the help of Template Monster, you choose the shape of the icons of your desktop on the social network. So, a picture with an eye may mean that the message has been read, and a thumbs up will serve as a good sign during communication.

The cloud form for phrases allows you to establish contact with a potential customer or buyer, so do not ignore it. Create your web page by mounting a convenient interface to the operating system. Thus, customers will feel the appeal of your product, and you can enjoy the results of their work.

Social Communication Flat Iconset Template.

Cute Icons for iPhone / Android

Android operating system allows one to change the appearance of their device. You can color the desktops in different colors and change their number, add widgets and additional panels, and change the standard icons and icons of installed applications. To do this, there are special icon sets that can replace all the icons in your system in one swoop.

Web icons Pack Iconset Template

Web icons pack is perfect for creating web and mobile apps. They are mini-images of important business tools that allow you to systematize the operational activities of an enterprise or an individual. You must admit that among the 150 icons you will somehow find icons that are useful to you daily. Stylized to a black and white palette, cute app icons will fit perfectly into the interface of your smartphone or iPad.

Here you will find all kinds of images that visually hint you about a new letter that arrived in the mail, indicate the timing of any process, allow you to identify the attached file and distinguish incoming documents from outgoing ones. In general, all your folders will be systematized depending on the name and decorated in a single corporate style.

Web icons Pack Iconset Template.

Web Pack | Website Vector for Web Design and Development Agency or Company | Website Use Iconset Template

For anyone who knows about Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or any other graphic design-related applications, working with this collection will be very easy. At your disposal are 60 fresh web icons having 3 Different Styles with Hover Option. Choose cute icons png to emphasize the individuality of the image. Use a fully layered and fully editable template to change colors and adjust pictures to any size. Also available in EPS and PSD.

A mockup and images are not included in the main file. It is provided for preview purposes only. But you can include a link to the use of fonts and folders with documents.


Capitalist Flat Icons Collection Iconset Template

If you are developing an important and interesting project, we recommend that you pay attention to cute desktop icons windows 10 categories. They will provide you with the necessary variety for any design project. Each icon is a polished, high-quality illustration. Visualize your products and services with cute icons for iPhone.

Here, a wise owl, an hourglass, and money are all attributes of a successful business. Use the collected images to make a friendly and tasteful landing page, create a high-quality presentation or fill out the attention-grabbing blog blocks.

Capitalist Flat Icons Collection Iconset Template.

You have read the description of ordinary and unusual <u+0441>ute icons. Now you can choose a collection that will fully satisfy your digital needs for visualizing messages. In addition, the use of the proposed images will increase your chances of monetizing and developing your business. Do not hesitate to stand out from the crowd—design your Gojet’s interface creatively and tastefully.</u+0441>


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