11 User-Experience Stats to Guide Your Web Design in 2018

The fundamental purpose of a website is to attract new visitors, keep the older ones and make them perform a specific action on your website. Now, every designer creates the website while keeping the above purpose in mind, while the site owner too keeps this in mind when uploading content and images. But, at times there are some factors that are overlooked which might cause the users to leave the page.

So, here in this blog we have mentioned 11 user-experience stats that one must consider when designing a website with a WordPress theme. Please take a look.

1) When given 15 minutes of time to see a content, two-thirds of people prefer to read material that has been designed beautifully rather than something with a plain design. Also, if your website content or layout is something that is hard for people to understand or has an unattractive layout, then 38% people will not engage with your content. The customer who had an unpleasant experience on your site is 88% less likely to return to your website.

[Source: Adobe]

2) Slow loading website has always been a problem for website owners. If the images on your site take too long to load or do not load at all, then 39% people won’t spend any further time on your website. Retailers have lost to a tune of $2.6 billion in sales every year because their site was found to be too slow for the user. Call-to-action button is a feature that a site must have. Yet, out of 200 small business websites that were surveyed, 70% of them did not have any clear CTA button for anything such as specials, demos, etc. even on their home page.

[Source: Adobe]

3) Which website would you trust more- the one that has a thorough contact information or the one that has distorted contact information? Of course, the one that has thorough contact information, and this is what 51% people think. Also, if your website does not have a proper contact information like email ids or phone number, then 44% of the visitors tend to leave the site.

[Source: KoMarketing]

4) With smartphones ruling the digital world, nearly 2 of every 3 minute that is spent online comes from mobile device. There are 13% adults who use the internet on their mobile devices only, while there are 11% who use desktop to access internet. Nearly 40% of smartphone and tablet owners use these devices to search for B2B products.

[Source: ComScore]

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5) When a visitor visits your website then 47% of them firstly check the company’s product/service page.

[Source: KoMarketing]

6) Once you have a visitor who has visited your company’s homepage, then:

  • 86% of the visitors want to see information about the product/services that is being offered by the company.
  • 64% of the visitors want to look at the contact information of the company.
  • 52% of the visitor want to look at the ‘About Us’ information on the website.

[Source: KoMarketing]

7) Now, you would have visitors on your company’s website coming from various referral sources. Out of them:

  • 50% of the visitor will use the navigation menu to orient them.
  • 36% of the visitor would click on the company’s logo to visit the homepage.
[Source: KoMarketing]

8) Contrary to what most people think, infinite scrolling lowers the bounce rate. The reason is that most people use smartphones to access a website and thus it’s easier for them to scroll up and down rather than clicking on links to visit several pages. For e.g. the bounce rate of time.com dropped by 15% after they started continuous scroll on their website.

[Source: Poynter]

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9) Let’s look at how revenues of a website depend on the web design elements-

  1. If one has invested $10,000 in a design-centric company, then in 10 years it would have yielded 228% greater return as compared to the same investment being made in S&P.
  2. Listening to your customer suggestion can be a fantastic way to increase one’s revenue. ESPN.com did the same by incorporating suggestions from their customers and saw their revenue jump by 35%.
  3. Bing chose blue over any other color and saw an additional $80 million in their annual revenue.
  4. When you spent $1 on email marketing, the average return that you get is $44.25.
  5. The probability of your customer climbing Mount Everest is 279.64 times more than the chances of them clicking on a banner ad.

[Source: dmi.org]

10) The first impression that a website creates is 94% design related. But, a website’s overall aesthetics is 75% of times accountable for establishing a website credibility.

[Source: ResearchGate]

11) Since more people are using a smartphone to access the internet, 85% of the adult believe that the company’s website should be as good as or better than the desktop website.

[Source: visual.ly]

Now, these are the several user-stats that can serve as a guide for you, when you are either designing or redesigning your website in 2018. What are your views? Comment below.

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