Killer Resources For Web Designers And Developers

Web designers and developers are experiencing tough times because of the fast-growing competition, but they are fortunate because they can choose from an enormous list of killer resources that will help them deliver high-quality products, beat deadlines, overcome client expectations and much more, have satisfied customers that will recommend them.

Below you will find more about four solutions that are a game changer for any web designer or developer.

TailorBrands is one of the best logo design services on the market. Having them by your side, you can efficiently deliver an excellent website. They are working closely with designers and customers, so their logo can be a perfect fit.

iGenApps will help designers and developers extend the capabilities of the website by creating a phone app without needing any coding skills or lots of money. You can build a portfolio in the app that is updated every time you upload something. Only your imagination can be the limit.

The following two useful resources are the online database software – Kohezion that will help you build online databases without coding skills and Visme which is an excellent platform for creating presentations, infographics and much more.

Check these four solutions, reviewed in short. We will point out their main advantages and the pricing.

Tailor Brands - Automated Logo Maker and Brand Builder

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a wonderful way to take care of your logo and branding in one fell swoop. The company’s machine learning-based logo maker offers a blend of DIY designing and pre-made templates that results in unique and impactful logo options for your business. More importantly, Tailor Brands provides an excellent suite of branding tools. You can plan out your entire social media campaign with premade social calendars, quickly create great Facebook ads, and more.

Through it all, what stands out about the company is the simplicity of their system. Instead of spending hours tweaking and tuning every small detail of your logo, ads, or posts, Tailor Brand handles the heavy lifting and minor information, letting you worry about creating the best branding tools for your company.

The company’s different plans also include great tools for businesses looking for investors and other B2B communications. You can easily use your logo to create letterheads, business cards, and even presentation templates for pitch decks and other business meetings.

You can also find everything easily on Tailor Brands’ dashboard, including different versions of your logo and all their products depending on your membership tier. Subscribing also gives you great perks including seasonal logos, which are a terrific way to enhance your branding. If you’re looking to create a quick way for customers to find you online, you can create a landing page in a matter of seconds using their templates.

With monthly subscriptions as low as $2.99/month and a Premium plan offering a full branding service, Tailor Brands comes highly recommended as a logo maker and fully automated branding service.

Free trial: No.
Pricing: $2,99/month

iGenApps – Build Your Phone App Without Any Coding Skills


iGenApps is the best app builder platform that will help you build a professional mobile app in minutes, without needing any coding skills, special knowledge or previous experience. It was downloaded over 2 million times, and it has 1,5 million registered users that are creating their apps every day. Forgot about the times when you wanted a mobile app for your business, but because of the excessive costs, you had to cancel your ideas. Now you can quickly connect with your customers, fans, and followers.

IgenApps has an intuitive patented wizard building process which will guide you step by step to build your fully customized app. On their website, you will find an excellent interactive demo app that will show you in seconds what can be achieved with iGenApps. This platform represents the future; everybody will afford to have their apps. It’s precisely what WordPress and website builders did years ago.

Build an app with iGenApps and extend your website or business capabilities. Keep in mind that they can help you submit your apps to Apple and Android stores for an affordable cost.

Free trial: Yes.
Pricing: Check their website for detailed pricing.

magento themes

Kohezon - Online Database Software


There are times when a person needs to create their online database applications to work with. For a technical person, this may seem easy, but for someone who does not have a programming background, it could be difficult.

Kohezion is one of the most popular online database creator that is helping users (over 50,000 worldwide) to build their web applications without having specialized knowledge or any programming skills. It is a complete and fully secured solution that will help you create whatever web apps you may need. The drag and drop application builder allows novices to develop their applications quickly and enjoyable.

Pricing starts at $50/user/YEAR, and it has everything included. Kohezion is also available on a Free Forever plan with essential features that will help you in your projects.

Free trial: Free forever plan available.
Pricing: $50/user/YEAR



The future of communication is unquestionably visual--but are you ready to meet the challenge?

If the answer is no, Visme is here to take the hard part out of visual communication.

A combination of the critical features of presentation software and a graphic design tool, Visme is intuitive and easy to use for the novice, yet flexible enough for those looking for a more powerful visual content tool.

You can start from hundreds of professionally designed templates and tap into a vast library of images, icons, and fonts. Or you can build your custom layouts from ready-made blocks that you can mix and match per your content needs.

Go beyond static content by adding interactivity to any element. Embed videos, audio, maps, quizzes, polls, and surveys.

You can publish and share your projects online or download them for offline use as image, PDF or HTML5 files. Make any project private or password protected for internal use.

The best part is that Visme is free to use for as long as you want. But if you're going to tap into the tool’s premium features, paid plans start at $10 a month, allowing you to manage every aspect of your branding, upload your fonts and access premium templates and assets.

Free trial: Yes.
Pricing: Starting from $15/month or $10/month (billed annually)

website themes

Wrapping up...

The main idea behind these killer resources is that we need to adapt and start using the best available tools. Taking advantage of what these solutions are offering, will help us all to differentiate better and make the massive step from good to great.

Why build from scratch a phone app or an online database when there are tools that can do precisely that for you, without coding skills? Use them, and you will have a significant time advantage. An app can be built in weeks, months or even years, depending on the complexity. Now you can do it in days.

Pick what fits your personal and business requirements perfectly and get started with these tools.

Tell us which tool is the best for you and how you will use it in your projects.

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