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5 Enticing Ways to Improve Your Web Design Skills

Website Design is a great skill to master. To meet the needs of your clients, it is important to look into how you use graphics and images, how you put the menu bar together, and what backgrounds you use. There are so many ways that can help you improve your website design skills. Here are five ways to improve your Web Design skills that will surely boost your website ranking:

1. Pay Attention to New Trends

New trends in web design come every year. Some web design trends die down, and some gain more popularity. It’s important to get yourself updated with the new trends in Web development to stay on top. Most web design blogs put out a yearly forecast of design trends. So, always check what’s new.

2. Exchange Feedback with Designers

Exchanging feedback with fellow designers is very helpful in your career growth. Getting feedback on your design will help you find areas of improvement. Giving feedback to others can also help you develop your own skills, especially if you teach what you know. Teaching other designers is a great way to master your skills. There are several Web Design forums or Facebook design groups out there that you can join in to give and receive feedback.

3. Practice by building a Sandbox

To become better in Web development, you’re going to need more practice. To develop techniques like CSS effects, for example, practice and hone your skills by doing a sandbox project. Keeping an organized experimentation makes your code easier to debug when errors appear.

4. Create Mood Boards using Pinterest

One way to gather your inspiration in one place for easy reference is by using Pinterest. This will be very helpful when you’re putting ideas and inspiration together for a new website, or when you’re redesigning a part of an existing website. You can use Pinterest to create a mood board of your preferred colors, images, layouts, and even sample websites. They will serve as your concept material. Other designers also create and share their mood boards. So, you might as well check out what resources they have that you can use.

5. Be Consistent and Develop Good Habits

Most importantly, you have to be consistent in improving your Web development skills. Building good habits and setting realistic goals is the key to consistency. Instead of telling yourself that you’re going to spend four hours each day in learning website design, commit to a more realistic goal. Start with something small like learning one new design technique every day and using it on your projects.

There are no shortcuts in improving your Web Design skills. Build a sandbox so that you can practice new techniques every day. Be an active learner by reading website design books and blogs. Also, learn from experienced designers. Then, make sure to apply the knowledge you gain from others and try to teach others too. By doing these things, you’d be able to enhance your skills in the understanding of web design.


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Jessa Camacho

Jessa is a web design addict passionate about highlighting the latest news and tricks in her publications on MonsterPost. Reach her on Medium.

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