Web Design Guide to get Higher Conversion for your E-commerce Store

Having a beautifully-structured eCommerce website is the ultimate way to generate quality leads and higher conversions. A design of an online store should be engaging, thriving, and customer-centric that can enhance the entire shopping experience of your potential web customers in real-time. Your site should encourage them to get into the buying journey, without any complication.

To make your e-store stand out from the crowd, make sure that you use the highly flexible and customizable CMS platform, reliable web hosting and trending web design. This eCommerce development platform has all the built-in features and functionalities to let you create a fully-fledged online store in a breeze – thanks to its themes and extensions. But, still, it is essential to optimize the design of your site for getting higher conversions and increased revenues.

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Well, with that concept in mind, we bring you a complete web design guide that will enhance the overall user experience and persuade web visitors to make a purchase from your web- store.

Here we go!

1. Create clean and simple design to enhance your product's visibility

No matter what you are promoting and selling online, having a user-friendly, and stimulating web design has a potential to attract more web traffic towards your e-store. In fact, a survey found that 38 % of people abandoned a website because of an unattractive layout.

This means a clean and professional-looking web store, with a ton of high-quality product images is more worth than messy and cluttered web design. In fact, adding too many web design elements could make your site look more chaotic, which in turn, distracts shoppers from accomplishing their buying process.

So, instead of overloading your homepage with unnecessary content, focus on the following things:

  • Display your popular products using the carousel.
  • Simplify your navigation structure by adding major categories on the top of narrow, along with mouse-over functionality to let people find the desired information on the fly.
  • Use simple and consistent design.
  • A design should serve the requirements of web visitors.
  • It should create anticipation among online shoppers.

Quick Tip: Creating product-focused and navigable eCommerce site can boost your web marketing campaign and help you drive organic web traffic and conversion. For example, if your PPC campaign is aimed for those who are searching for Women's summer collection, then you can send them to a landing page that is going to display all the products related to the targeted description.

2. Make your e-store mobile friendly


In last five years, we have seen some drastic changes in the behaviour of online shoppers. More and more people are making online purchases via their smart mobile devices over desktop version.

This means having a mobile-friendly eCommerce site, with rich scrolling, navigating and browsing experience can take your conversions to the next level. In fact, a survey found that mobile devices account for 19 % of eCommerce sales in the US and it is expected to reach 27 % by the end of 2018.

Apart from this, creating a mobile-friendly website can also help you get better ranking on Google and other search engines. Yes, that's right. Google has rolled out the mobile-friendly algorithm to let mobile users get the rich and seamless experience on their mobile devices. This will encourage them to browse your e-store and take the buying decision on the go – which can lead towards a higher conversion rate.

Quick Tip: Creating product-focused and navigable eCommerce site can boost your web marketing campaign and help you drive organic web traffic and conversion. For example, if your PPC campaign is aimed for those who are searching for Women's summer collection, then you can send them to a landing page that is going to display all the products related to the targeted description.

3. Keep the checkout process simple and accessible

You create inviting landing pages, add high-quality features images and videos, captivating content, call to action buttons and a lot more just to direct web visitors to the checkout page. But what about optimising the checkout page? Have you ever noticed that most of the web customers abandon their purchase in the middle just because of complicated or too lengthy checkout process?

This is a serious issue as this annoys people and encourages them to leave your site, without even completing the buying process. In order to patch your conversion funnel, you will need to focus on simplifying your checkout process.

Creating one-page checkout page can help you boost your conversion to a great extent. Below are some easy ways/tips that can help you achieve this, without any hiccups:

  • Remove unnecessary steps from your checkout process. You can even merge them to create a single checkout page.
  • Try to make some steps optional (if possible)
  • Allow people to modify their products/orders with ease. This includes the quantity, size, etc.
  • Add “Back” button on your checkout page.
  • Delete irrelevant elements such as product category links, latest offers from the page. Just keep it simple and clean.

4. Unveil the product prices and shipping costs clearly

Nobody wants to shop from an online store that misleads their customers when it comes to displaying product prices or shipping costs. It is imperative to be fair and clear to your potential web customers if you want to build the loyal relationship with them.

Most of the online shoppers abandon their carts just because of higher shipping cost or unexpected product cost. This is something that needs to be fixed as quick as possible.

If you want to boost your conversions, you will need to provide the pricing and shipping information in a clear and straightforward manner. Just ensure that you give them precise information related to the product prices and shipping costs. This will encourage web visitors to take the final buying decision instantly. Isn't it amazing?

Quick Tip: Calculate and add all the taxes and shipping cost on “add to cart” itself to let shopper know the actual price before directing them to the checkout page.

5. Work on creating user-friendly search function

Let your customers find the desired products/information on the fly by adding a simple, visible and user-friendly search bar functionality on your eCommerce site. They just need to type the name of the product in the given search bar to see the desired results.

Even, reputed eCommerce websites such as eBay and Amazon focus on creating the user-friendly search function to intensify their web traffic growth and generate higher conversions. If you also want to make the most out of it, then consider the following tips:

  • You can add your search bar at the top of your landing page.
  • Make sure your search bar is large enough to fit all sizes of queries with ease.
  • It should display the results as fast as possible.
  • Allow web customers search within a particular department to improve the entire browsing experience.
  • Use auto-complete technology to help visitors find the search term instantly.
  • Make sure your search results show precise results.

6. Add visible calls-to-action buttons

A call-to-action button can convert your real-time visitors into potential customers on the fly. You can use the CTA buttons, such as 'add to cart', register now', or 'buy now' to entice people to take an action immediately and make an online purchase from your e-store. In short, CTA buttons can ensure higher conversions and increased ROI.

So, if you are planning to want to optimize your eCommerce web design for better conversions, then create engaging, professional-looking and visible calls to action. Since there are multiple types of calls-to-action, make sure you choose the right one for your marketing campaign to let you convert more customers.

Quick Tip: You can add call-to-action button at the end of your blog post to ask a question from the potential readers about your products or services. Or, you can add banner CTAs on the homepage/landing page of your web store to display current discounts coupons and promotions.

7. Use high-quality images


This is one of the basic eCommerce web design tricks that can drastically improve your conversions and boost your online sales. It doesn't matter what you are selling on your web store, adding high-quality images of products can help you drive more web traffic with ease.

A beautiful, relevant and high-quality product image stimulates people to make the buying decision quickly. To make this strategy more effective, you can add at least 4-5 photos of each product in different angles. This will let visitors see the products from all angles, which in turn, boosts their buying decision and ensures greater success.

8. Leverage Reviews and Testimonials


Genuine reviews and testimonials can drastically improve the sales of your web store. Most of the web customers take the buying decision after reading the customer reviews and testimonials on the respective eCommerce site.

So, make sure you leverage your best reviews and testimonials to build trust among your potential web customers. You can add the most demonstrative reviews on your homepage in the form of testimonial quotes to let people trust your brand and make an online purchase.

Quick Tip: You can add images of your clients/customers along with your quotes to boost the credibility of your e-store with your web customers.


Optimising the eCommerce web design for higher conversions can be possible with these effusive tips. We tried to compile some of the best tactics that can help you give rich shopping experience to visitors to let them convert into the potential customers.

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