5 Ways to Use Data Insights to Improve Your Website

Big data is everywhere, and it’s shaping the internet and the way we do business. It has a wide variety of uses that aren’t only limited to business interactions. It can also help businesses create a better website. Using big data and website statistics, businesses can create the ultimate web design that revolves around the user experience.

Data driven website design takes a more scientific approach to the way that you design websites. Rather than focusing just on the functionality and visual appeal, it looks closely at the way that company websites can gain more traffic and leads through the design. It bases its design on quantitative traffic analysis findings rather than the way it looks.

The result of a data driven website done right is higher website traffic and greater leads from the website design, rather than from outside SEO efforts. Most businesses who make the switch to this type of design enjoy higher profits and significantly increased business. Here are just a few more ways that data driven websites are improving overall business.

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Heat map analysis can measure the effectiveness of the content on your website.

Heat maps are an excellent tool for monitoring what content your users are looking at when they visit your website. Heat maps usually measure where a visitor’s mouse or eyes traveled to show you what’s drawing attention from your visitors and what’s being skipped.

how to improve a website with big data insight

This analysis is extremely useful for determining the content that isn’t working and needs to be changed. For example, if your visitors aren’t spending much time on your call to action, you know you need to improve that section of the page.

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Site search analytics shows an inside view of what consumers want.

If you have a site search feature, developing the website to include analytics of what’s being searched gives you a clear idea of the kind of content your website needs. You know that if the material consumers are searching for isn’t on your website, they’re more likely to abandon the web page altogether. This analysis is very useful for giving you ideas for new content.

Sometimes your analytics will show you that consumers are abandoning a search because you have poor hardware on your website as well. For example, if your consumers are searching for a certain keyword and the website doesn’t bring up relevant results, even though these keywords should match content on your blog, you know it’s time to upgrade the search box. Google Custom Search Engine is a great way to upgrade your search box with a free or paid subscription.

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Traffic analysis tells you how the visual appeal of the website affects your sales.

This data is useful for monitoring the traffic on your website as well as the traffic on competitor websites. It can show you exactly what elements are attracting consumers to your website, as well as what’s missing compared to what’s drawing traffic to a competitor site.

how to improve a website with big data insight

Tools such as SimilarWeb are very useful in achieving this result. For example, using medium and long-tail keyword analysis, you can gather a collection of data insights to see what’s driving the most traffic for your competitors.

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Email marketing can be combined with your website design to generate more effective emails.

This can most effectively be achieved through email marketing segmentation analysis, which essentially helps you to tailor your emails to match what your subscribers are interested in opening. This information can be achieved based on the types of emails consumers open and share, as well as the type of information users are accessing on your website. Analyzing statistics about the content your users are accessing most often will help you to keep consumer attention and improve your communication.

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Built-in testing delivers quantifiable data as you go.

Data is constantly flowing in from your consumers, and if your built-in tests can deliver real-time information and consumer reports at every stage of development, your website will continue to improve to meet customer satisfaction. This creates the possibility to deliver the results that users want at a rate much faster than your competitors. A/B testing is just one of many examples of tests that can help you achieve the best results from your website.

how to improve a website with big data insight

If there’s a single overarching takeaway from this article, it should be that website design is no longer just about visual appeal. It’s about crafting a detailed website that can use real time data insights to help your website maintain peak performance. These insights are the secret to beating out competitors and making it to the top of your industry.

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