How to Evolve a Web Design Studio with TemplateMoster’s Themes [Customer Case Study]

We are back with a new episode of the series of TemplateMonster's customer case studies. This time, we have reached a small yet fast evolving web design company from Poland. Infinity Consulting started using TemplateMonster's themes long before their foundation.

Now, they buy dozens of ready-made templates items per year, launch every new website based on our web design stuff only, and do not forget to comment on their experiences, helping fellow shoppers with the decision-making.

Infinity Consulting provides web development and web service development services as well as support for web IT services. They can be truly called one of our most loyal, returning customers. Since the beginning of 2016, they have already downloaded 14 website templates and left seven reviews on the purchases. All of these are available on product pages at

In a case study below, you can find a set of long answers to the most trending questions, as well as examples of websites that were launched based on our themes. So, take your time and enjoy the read!

Name: Infinity Consulting
Occupation: web design company
Location: Poland
Audience: working with clients worldwide

TemplateMonster: Tell us a couple of words about yourself/your company. Where are you located? How big is your team? For how many years have you been into web design?
Infinity Consulting: We are Infinity Consulting Ltd. located in Warsaw, Poland. You can find us here: (also your theme 🙂 ). The company was founded in May 2015. We have a few web developers and backend developers and a small administration and sales team. We are located in Warsaw, Poland but working with clients worldwide. Our focus is on developing our web services, developing websites and large web services for our customers, supporting websites and web services for our customers.

TemplateMonster: Do you commonly use ready-made website templates in your work or create custom designs as well? (In case you develop custom themes, in what cases do you opt for ready-made solutions?)
Infinity Consulting: We mostly use ready designs, we are always using – 100% of our projects so far when it comes to websites. For web services sometimes we are basing on templates from, sometimes developing it ourselves- depending on the client.

Here are just a few examples of their works based on ready-made themes from TemplateMonster. is based on Wegy Joomla Template.

infinityconsulting used Psychologist Responsive Landing Page Template as its starting point.


TemplateMonster: How much time does is normally take you to create a website based on a theme? How fast do custom-made projects launch?
Infinity Consulting: Based on a theme - it depends on the customer and his responsiveness, it can be 1-2 weeks up to few months. With custom-made projects 3 months + client responsiveness.

TemplateMonster: What's an average bill for a theme-based website creation? How much does it cost to build a website?
Infinity Consulting: For a theme based - it varies from 400 to 1.000 USD depending on type and CMS technology/shop/interaction with users etc. Custom made websites are starting from 2.500-3.000USD. Web services are usually starting at 10.000USD but are individually priced. We are trying to sell all kinds of products with a small initial price and a long term agreement of some amount paid monthly which includes support for the website/service – which most of the clients need anyway. This way, for example, instead of paying us 1.000USD for a website they can pay a symbolic 1USD and sign a minimum 2-year agreement for 60USD/month.

TemplateMonster: How long have you been with TemplateMonster? How can you evaluate the results of our collaboration? What do you enjoy the most? What should be changed/enhanced?
Infinity Consulting: I started using from my first idea for business, about one year before starting Infinity Consulting. From then I can’t even remind how many themes we bought and how many themes were bought from different accounts, also started by us for our clients, who wanted to buy the themes themselves for our project. We enjoy working with you very much because of GREAT TEMPLATES, professionally prepared, with great tutorials, excellent best in the world support who never says: that's not our business.

We love the way you are developing the templates so that they are easy to change and maintain, modificative for our purposes. We can choose WordPress, Joomla or website templates. We like that you have many discount periods over the year and give discounts to long term clients like us, everything suits us 🙂

What could be changed – I suggest developers licenses for more than five websites, sometimes five is not enough. I also recommend creating each template in 3 options: website, Joomla, WordPress or at least 2: some CMS + website. Many times I would buy more templates as a base for usage for large and complicated web services but I can’t because the one I like is in WordPress or Joomla and I need it to be 100% customizable, and I don’t want CMS for security reasons. And sometimes I want a WordPress, Joomla and all I have is the CMS I don’t want or a website template, which is not usable for my client. 250USD from template for adding a CMS is simply too much. What else could be changed? For me, it would be usable if I could use a local Polish quick payments system with company’s bank account instead of

What else could be changed? For me it would be usable if I could use a local Polish quick payments system with company’s bank account instead of the credit card which I only have private, also having a polish invoice would be helpful 🙂 Regarding service itself is really good.

TemplateMonster: What is your audience? What niche do you target? Do you target foreign markets or prefer working with customers from your country only?
Infinity Consulting: We target everyone as we are not providing a F2F services, we target small and medium companies and want to be more focused on large web services but since we are small company we never reject a website project 🙂

TemplateMonster: How do you attract new customers and keep them coming back?
Infinity Consulting: We are using Google Adwords, Facebook and regarding coming back we would rather keep them close and don’t let go by providing support services for websites and web services as mentioned in answer to point #5.

That's it. If you also run a web design company, use our themes, and want to share your experience with the MonsterPost reader, you are welcome to email [email protected]. We will reach you back with a questionnaire, and publish your story on TemplateMonster's official blog.

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