Are You a Bruce-Lee or a Tony-Stark Type of Blogger? These 20 Blogger Types Will Make You Smile

Being a blogger, I bet you're obsessed with numerous questions, like:

What should you write about?

How can you engage your readers?

What can you do to make your website/blog profitable?

How should you do some outreach and establish connections with other bloggers?

How should you…?

Stop it!

The list can be endless. Let’s put away a world-scale mission of making the world better and relax a little bit.

You may enjoy this post regardless of having, or not, a blog. If you have one, you’ll recognize yourself, and if you don’t have one, you may get inspired by something you will find here. Under some blogging types, there I've placed WordPress themes for blogs, which can serve you as some inspiration.

In this list, there are 20 types of bloggers. If they had a blog, you could compete with them in one niche.

There are some types which you may relate yourself to.


  • are a blogger.
  • see that your type of blog is missing.

Please leave a comment below with your suggestions 🙂


Movie Character: Miranda Priestly

Movie Name: Devil Wears Prada

Blog Subject: reviews, critics

You are reviewing things. You give constructive criticism. The hardest thing here is to become authorable enough so that your readers would value your opinion. If you manage to get there, that means that you are smart and wit enough and your critics is based on facts.

Get inspired by a WordPress theme which is created specifically for a review website.

reviews WordPress theme

Demo More Info


Movie Character: Tony Stark

Movie Name: Iron Man

Blog Subject: high-tech engineering

You keep your readers informed about all high-tech news, being ahead of the pack moving towards our bright technical future. You yourself have a huge number of recently-released gadgets, you are planning to buy a smart-home and you yourself are absolutely keen on engineering. It’s a good thing that you’ve decided to share this passion with others.


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow

Movie Name: The Pirates of the Caribbean

Blog Subject: surviving and likability tips

You teach how to survive in… well, everywhere. What happens if you get stuck in an elevator, what skills you should have to survive in harsh Jungles in the Tropics and in the harsh Jungles of human society. Independent, creative and unpredictable - these words describe you best.

An unusual blog design that you might like:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Ratatouille

Movie Name: Ratatouille

Blog Subject: culinary arts

Your run a blog about cooking. You share secrets of delicious dishes, provide guides for cooking beginners and cannot imagine your life without this activity. Either you do it professionally or as a hobby, there is one thing which I could tell for sure - you do it with love.

A template like this may become a great base for a culinary project:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Anna Brady

Movie Name: Leap Year

Blog Subject: real estate


You know human psychology and you know how to deal with real estate. You keep your readers updated upon the real estate news, prices, places and changes in this niche. Anyone who comes across your blog may find some really useful tips.

If you are just about to create your real estate website, don't miss out on this design.


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Maxwell Perkins

Movie Name: Genius

Blog Subject: editing and publishing


Ironically, Colin Firth’s characters are often related to writing. However, this time he’s not a writer, but he is an editor. If you run a blog about editing and publishing, you must know how to tell a talent and how to make a good work public.

A book publishing web design which could come in handy:


Demo More Info


Actor: Bruce Lee

Blog Subject: martial arts

Although it’s impossible to teach martial arts through running a blog, it is possible to give some great tips on it, which could help people improve. They may already be doing this sport, or they are just about to start it, but a blog like this helps people be informed. You definitely gladly share the secrets of self-defense.

Or else, if you own a martial arts club, you may run a blog on your club website, which would look similar to this:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Bob Lee Swagger

Movie Name: Shooter

Blog Subject: guns and self-defense

Nobody knows more about guns than you do. This is your passion sleep and awake and this is your favorite spending of time. You take it really seriously, as it is about safety and keeping things under control.

A web design which you might use for a shooting project:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Bilbo Baggins

Movie Name: The Hobbit

Blog Subject: housekeeping, interior design

You give really great tips on housekeeping. Your blog is an embodiment of coziness. As soon as your readers enter the website, they feel relaxed and enjoy the atmosphere you’ve created there.

A cozy web design which may fit a project like this:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Sara

Movie Name: HITCH

Blog Subject: gossip, journalism

You know the latest gossip, you know everything. You manage to keep in touch with the resources which keep you updated, and you keep updated all the others. You’re always the first to know.

A design which you might like:

news portal WordPress theme

Demo More Info


Movie Character: Henry Roth

Movie Name: 50 First Dates

Blog Subject: animals, veterinary medicine


Your target audience is veterinarians, pet owners and everyone who likes animals. Don’t forget that your blog may become a great assistant in running a veterinarian store or a vet clinic.

A web design which may inspire you:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Jamie Bennett

Movie Name: Love Actually

Blog Subject: writing, screenwriting, copywriting, blogging.

You are a writer by calling and by profession. Most importantly, you are a good writer by calling and by profession, so you gladly share your experience with other people. Starting from the tips on how to make yourself be productive to the tips on which punctuation marks perform better.


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Joanna & Dean Proffitt

Movie Name: Overboard

Blog Subject: photography, traveling, anything that you could write on your blog as a couple.

You run a blog together with your spouse. Either you are photographers, or you are travelers, but you do this together. Not surprisingly, these blogs are popular among other couples. You set a great example, keep on doing great work!

A design which you may like:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Evan Taylor

Movie Name: August Rush

Blog Subject: Music and everything related to it

You may be writing about music in general or devote your writing time to specific music genres. Most of your audience is very likely to be your constant visitors, take this in consideration when thinking on a new blog subject.

A web design which you may like:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Memphis Raines

Movie Name: Gone in 60 Seconds

Blog Subject: Cars and everything related to it


Cars are your passion. You know everything about them, you can tell what car it is merely by the sound of its engine roar. Writing for a blog gives you pleasure, make sure it also brings you money.

A design which you might like:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Frida

Movie Name: Frida

Blog Subject: Art

Art projects differ. It may be a handcraft store or reviews on the latest expositions. Your blog is about inspiration - you make the world a little bit more beautiful.

Have a look at this art template and get inspired:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Cher

Movie Name: Burlesque

Blog Subject: Self-development for women, career, support.

In order to run a blog like this, you need to be a woman. You write about self-development, how to find yourself in life and how not to lose yourself in an everyday routine. Being strong and independent doesn’t scare you, so you write for the women who feel the same. Or want to feel the same.

If you are planning on creating a project like this, you may get inspired by this web design:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Don Pedro Aragon

Movie Name: A Walk in the Clouds

Blog Subject: Wine and wine making


Wine is a drink of gods. You know this, and you share this passion. For you it’s not just a beverage, for you, it’s a piece of art. You can tell the tiniest differences in taste and in the look of wine, and this makes you different from other people. Sharing the secrets and your experience on the blog is a great thing to do!

A design which you may like:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Jordan Belfort

Movie Name: The Wolf of Wall Street

Blog Subject: Business


You teach how to run a business. You know how to succeed and you give the tips to the audience. And your blog may be already bringing you money, as you know how to do it.

If you don't have a business website though, have a look at this template and get inspired:


Demo More Info


Movie Character: Fiona

Movie Name: The Intern

Blog Subject: Massaging, SPA salons, beauty and relax.


You blog about massaging and relaxing. Everyone interested in massage therapy may find a great deal of useful information on your resource.

A design which you may like:


Demo More Info

There are only 20 types of bloggers listed in this post, but I know that there are hundreds more. Bloggers, who are working day and night, producing new ideas, exploring new things and writing about them in order to build a strong community. All of you create great content. Your observations, investigations, studies, tutorials, thoughts and recipes help other other people find the answers to their questions. And this is how we all make our contribution to the Web. Please tell us what kind of blogger you are! We’d love you to share your blogging experience 🙂

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