Whom to Follow on Quora to Keep an Eye on Elementor and WordPress

Quora is one of the most effective social networks to ask questions, share knowledge and solve problems in different niches. There are more than 40 million active users and almost 680 million monthly views according to the stats by Quora.

Here we’ve gathered top Quora users who write clever answers about Elementor & WordPress themes. Follow them to see useful tutorials, answers for non-standard questions, to be in the hottest discussions and find some good ideas. After all, here you’ll find interesting points of view and brilliant information from the horse's mouth.

Whom to Follow on Quora

Ben Pines

Whom to Follow on Quora
Ben is literary a person number 1 in Elementor. Meet CMO at Elementor on Quora and find some good information about this builder, links to relevant tutorials and guides.

Ben’s profile on Quora

M Asif Rahman

Whom to Follow on Quora

WordPress enthusiast & serial entrepreneur, who works with WP communities since 2004. In his profile, you’ll find answers on complicated questions about Elementor, clever professional answers on customization. He doesn’t write often, but his answers wort to read.

Asif’s profile on Quora

Mario Peshev

Whom to Follow on Quora

Mario is a business adviser and an active Quora member, who provides interesting information on entrepreneurship, WordPress, startups, etc. I find his answers comprehensive and useful. So if you gonna handle your business and website on your own, his profile might be top for you.

Mario’s profile on Quora

Ed Herzog

Whom to Follow on Quora

Ed is exactly that person you need to watch video guides on Elementor. He has just a few answers on Quora, but he keeps providing the necessary information in video format.

Ed’s profile on Quora

Marios Lublinski

Whom to Follow on Quora

Marios is a WordPress web developer, who shares some useful tips and tutorials on WP, eCommerce, and Elementor.

Marios’s profile on Quora

Thangjam Kishorchand

Whom to Follow on Quora

Thangjam frequently shares on Quora his WordPress tips and tricks. His content is needed and worthy - the number of monthly views is more than 10k.

Thangjam’s profile on Quora

Jeff Hawkins

Whom to Follow on Quora

Jeff is a pro in maintaining websites and repairing broken websites or websites with various issues. He provides good tips for solving several issues with websites on WordPress.

Jeff’s profile on Quora

Ripal Pandya

Whom to Follow on Quora

Ripal writes about HTML, CSS, JS, Magento and mostly about WordPress. He provides links to relevant video tutorials.

Ripal’s profile on Quora

Rakesh Kumar

Whom to Follow on Quora

Rakesh is developing WordPress based solutions for more than 9 years. He’s an active user, so I guess you may ask him personally or request his answer for your published question.

Rakesh’s profile on Quora

Makis Mourelatos

Whom to Follow on Quora

Markus is has a great experience in WordPress support engineering. He had been an owner of a startup which offered support and hacked fix services for WordPress site owners and bloggers. Today you can find his insights, tech tips and security related info inter alia on Quora.

Makis’s profile on Quora

Sabu Shrestha

Whom to Follow on Quora

Sabu is a WordPress developer. She posts informative answers on WordPress with themes selections, guides, and tutorials.

Sabu’s profile on Quora

Karl Peschel

On Quora, Karl talks about WordPress website solutions. On his profile, you’ll find an interesting laconic style and useful information.

Karl’s profile on Quora

Tawfiqur Rahman

Tawfiqur is a WordPress plugin developer, he has been providing WordPress service since version 3, which is about seven ever since. He is a pro in WooCommerce and Elementor.

Tawfigur’s profile on Quora

Matija Kasapovic

Whom to Follow on Quora

Matija works with WordPress and provides product comparisons, themes and plugins reviews, tips, etc.

Matija’s profile on Quora

Akash Biswas

Whom to Follow on Quora

WordPress Enthusiast who provides some easy tips with screenshots. I believe his answers might be especially useful for newbies.

Akash’s profile on Quora

Ibad Rehman


Ibad is a full stack developer and open source community contributor, who writes on Quora about WordPress, hosting, etc.

Ibad’s profile on Quora

Lasitha Dilshan


Latisha is a frontend developer, who provides answers on WordPress, Android, web design, etc. A number of his content views on Quora is about 21.8k monthly. Follow him to keep an eye on the most needed information.

Lasitha ’s profile on Quora

Sourav Kundu

Sourav is a WordPress content curator since 2014, so he regularly provides a lot of worthy information on WordPress. Follow him to stay informed.

Sourav ’s profile on Quora

Scott Richards


Scott writes for several niches around business and marketing and includes tools and tips he has a try. It’s a really useful and even a little bit motivating profile. Follow his to be on top.

Scott ’s profile on Quora

Visal Tyagi


Visal provides guides for beginners to start a WordPress blog. Follow him to find nice information and answers on newbies’ questions.

Visal’s profile on Quora

Prasad Diwan


Prasad is a full stack developer and technology enthusiast who provides a lot of necessary information on WordPress and Elementor.

Prasad’s profile on Quora

Nathan Hawkes


Nathan is a certified digital marketer and has a strong knowledge of the requirements of the non-profit and charity sector. He is experienced in digital marketing strategy and practices, including search engine optimization, website analytics, and content management systems.

Nathan’s profile on Quora

Scott Hendison


Scott helps others with their online visibility. He provides interesting information on WordPress.

Scott’s profile on Quora

In case you know some interesting profiles with WordPress and Elementor experts, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments sections below.

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