Stylish Winter Backgrounds For Your Frosty Designs

Many modern website templates come with full screen, parallax, or multiple backgrounds support. Given this web design trend, many users would like to know where to find high-resolution background images. In this section, you can find beautiful background images related to winter thematic that you can use for your site or as a desktop background. Usually, most images on the web are protected by copyright laws. Even if copyright is not present, you'd better automatically consider that it's implied to avoid trouble.

There are various websites on the Internet where you can find free images that you can legally use on your site. But since background images take up the entire screen, you need to find huge pictures. Of course, you can enlarge them, but this can lead to a noticeable loss of quality. Ideally, it would help if you looked for images that come in at least 1920×1080 resolution. And for better results, you'd better get pictures of even higher resolution. And this is where most sites with free images can let you down.

Remember, it's much easier to reduce an image's size without losing quality than to enlarge it. But on our site, you can download high-resolution images of very high quality without trouble. This section, in particular, contains winter backgrounds. Now let's take a look at some great background images and textures related to winter that you can find here.

20 Original First Forest Frost Textures & Backgrounds

winter backgrounds

Our first forest frost textures can be used as attractive backgrounds for websites, desktops, banners, or advertisements. The correct surface, made in the form of art, can make the whole project more interesting. A site or desktop with these background images can transform your work, giving it unusual edges. Frosty forest images can be used in advertisements. A website with a forest background can make visitors focus on the right elements. For a designer, this product is also suitable as it can be an excellent background for messages or greeting cards. Overall, these winter backgrounds for a website or a desktop can become an invaluable asset for anyone working with graphics.


Blur Smooth Backgrounds

Here we offer nice blur backgrounds editable in Photoshop that you can download to improve your website's visual image and promote creativity. The JPEG format sets the high quality for all images. Possible use includes both personal and commercial purposes. Also, these textures will be useful patterns in designing seamless pictures in Photoshop or Illustrator. Blur textures provide Full HD quality. You can download them without wasting time creating texture backgrounds manually. Even if you are not a PS enthusiast, you will like to look at this product. After all, sooner or later, it will come in handy. In particular, for website design, postcards, or other applications, making the created project rich and effective.


10 Original Ice Lake Surface Textures & Backgrounds

To create winter backgrounds, a designer would always need the textures of snow and ice. These highly sought-through images of ice lakes are great creators of the cold and winter atmosphere. In addition to interesting textures, the product is complemented by high-quality backgrounds with a lake covered with ice and crystal-frozen water drops. The collection contains ten high-quality images that can be downloaded for a small fee.


81 Snow Surface Textures & Backgrounds

This collection of winter textures is available for download to all users. You can download the pictures in high-quality JPEG format with dimensions of 6000×4000 pixels. With snow surface textures, you can create graphics of winter nature or an image with this cold season's elements. Moreover, all the pictures in the collection are seamless, which will allow you to achieve a more accurate display of snow. Textures can be used to fill individual graphic elements and to get interesting visual effects. These texture backgrounds can be further processed in any graphics editor. Since the downloaded textures' quality is quite high, adding some special effects won't harm the entire image. To make the overall picture rich and realistic, it's worth using several textures in combination.


10 Free Winter Backgrounds

winter backgrounds

The color scheme of backgrounds with snow and ice is dominated by blue and white with all their inherent shades. To achieve the desired color for the selected texture, you can apply several color filters in Photoshop to obtain the desired color effect. Each user can find a suitable image in the collection to translate the design ideas into real graphics. The backgrounds can be downloaded in JPEG format in high resolution. By using the pictures from this collection, designers can apply them to visualize winter effects. With these textures, it's great to focus on the snow in the close-up view. All these beautiful textures can be used in Photoshop or any other graphics program.


10 Free Christmas Background Images

In this collection, each picture has a high resolution and JPEG format. It opens in any graphic editor. Suitable for Photoshop and Illustrator. If you are designing a Christmas card, one of the presented texture options will come to the rescue. Also, backgrounds in the form of textures will help implement a Christmas online store's design and a personal web page of a designer or blogger. Winter backgrounds and textures are among the most popular and demanded, providing an opportunity to realize the conceived Christmas project to the maximum potential. The main advantage of these textures is a seamless design. It is especially convenient since you won't need to correct the images manually.


Free Christmas Backgrounds Collection

winter backgrounds

Christmas textures and backgrounds will add a nice feel to any 2D or 3D object's surface, making it vibrant and visually pleasant. These textures are the key elements of any graphic design for creating high-quality winter backgrounds. Designers who create art in winter settings can't do without these Christmas textures to make their holiday graphics more convincing and realistic. The textures are unique as they can be implemented in fields where 3D models with Christmas look and feel are needed. You can download any of the high-resolution textures for free.


Backgrounds can also be important elements in presentation design. They help to set the style, balance the composition on the slides, and even fill the lack of content. With our winter collection, you can also start creating bright and memorable slides right now. These textures are great for slide backgrounds. With their help, you can focus on the main information. Such images are suitable for an emotional connection with the presentation theme (for example, ice and snow for slides related to winter).

When used in conjunction with quality typography, they can create memorable and vibrant compositions. These pictures are great for titles and dividers. And for emotional slides with a minimum amount of text that must attract attention, convey a mood, or show a holiday spirit. Make your presentation stand out from many others with winter backgrounds and textures. And make slides that your audience will remember for sure. Using an unusual texture will make your presentation stand out from others. But first of all, you need to get the message across to the audience.

The background overloaded with details creates a dubious impression and sometimes completely kills the desire to listen. By choosing the images meaningfully, you will make your presentation more beautiful.

Nice Winter Backgrounds From TM FAQ

How do I add a winter background to a web page?

To add a background image to a web page, set the path to the image inside the “url” value of the “background” style property, which is, in turn, added to the “body” selector. The general syntax for adding a background is as follows:

body {background: url (path to file);}

If an HTML document and a picture are stored in the same folder, then it’s enough to specify just filename instead of the full path to file.

Are the winter backgrounds labeled “free” really free?

Yes, you can download items marked “free” for no fee after creating an account on the Monster One website.

What is Monster ONE?

This subscription includes several thousand templates for various products (website, presentations, PSD, HTML, etc.), which can be downloaded without limit while the subscription is valid. The subscription can be issued for a year or lifetime access. You can read about prices and what is included in the package on the One website.

What happens to my assets in a year after the subscription ends?

Let’s look at an example. If you have created a site using a template, then after a year, you won’t be asked to turn it off unless you renew your subscription. You may continue using this template. But to make other sites on its basis after the end of the subscription will no longer be possible. It doesn’t apply to free products. You can use them without limits.

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