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Best 7 WooCommerce Development Habits That Will Improve Your eCommerce Website

Ecommerce sales are increasing daily at an unparalleled rate, and WooCommerce is one of the top ecommerce platforms comprising more than 40% of the market. It's very simple and easy-to-understand for customers, and perfect for small to large businesses. It's easy for anyone to start an online business with WooCommerce if they have everything in one place. To get ahead of the competition, it's vital to know how to transform more visitors into end users and effectively obtain more sales.

According to the latest report by eMarketer, worldwide retail e-commerce sales are estimated to reach $4 trillion by 2020. These trillions explain how online shopping is all set to take the place of traditional retail stores.

There are lots of e-commerce platforms in eCommerce website development and WooCommerce tops this competition with a market share of more than 40%. The main reason for this success is the fact that WooCommerce is so personalized, ideal for small to large online businesses and startups. WooCommerce has been downloaded 45K to 50K times every day and has more than one billion active users.

The internet is overwhelmed with ways to enhance your WooCommerce store. Here is my assortment of WooCommerce themes tips to help you stay ahead in the aggressive online shopping game.

website themes

Some basic guidelines for enticing more users on your WooCommerce Store

Create landing pages that your end users can connect with

On-site search features always make it easier for your users to locate what they are searching for. A/B test diverse versions of it to understand which products to show, incorporate impactful popups such as lightboxes, and suggest products to users based on previous views, purchase history, and products that are often bought together.

Utilize navigation that's easy for users to follow and an amazing WooCommerce theme

The ABCs of achieving more conversions says that your primary step to obtain more sales and end users is to build an e-commerce homepage with captivating design and content.

A well-secured web store

People are now able to distinguish between secure and insecure websites. Some are also uncertain about making dealings online. For this reason, ensuring the safety of your clients and their information is an obligation for any e-commerce business.

Likewise, keep in mind, your online store is a center of confidential information, such as customers’ credit card numbers, address, and other personal information.

To avoid unnecessary problems, make sure that your WooCommerce store is protected from threats and hackers with SSL certificate. It should be timely informed about the newest versions of the plugin, have solid backups, and be password secured. Only dependable people should have access to the dashboard.

Use standard & attractive product images & videos

Graphical presentations grab more attention than texts. Hence, making use of the right types and numbers of images in your web store is significant. The best quality and original images drive the true senses of your visitors. When you showcase genuine pictures of the products you are selling, you jump forward one step ahead in gripping your visitors to trust you enough to purchase.

Attractive product descriptions

When you incorporate clear, detailed, and comprehensive product descriptions that reveal the item in question along with graphics, you are doing it right!

Your product titles and fine points can clear up any confusion in the visitor's mind about the product that's not clear from the images only. That's how you transform visitors into customers!

Thus, make it creative enough to trace your visitors' thoughts.

Good search engine optimization

Do in-depth research on the up-to-date trending keywords that are pertinent to your WooCommerce store with e-commerce website development services and optimize your web store so you achieve top ranking on pages like Google. When you rank higher, you obtain more traffic and more traffic will lead to more sales.

Enhance every page by carefully making use of sitemaps, coding, and keywords in product descriptions as well as in your copywriting.

Have a clear refund policy

A clear and flexible return and exchange policy provides confidence to your consumers about your products. If they are not happy with a purchase, they can return the item or exchange it for something that suits their needs. This assures more conversions and results.

Be careful and don't post a policy that you aren’t willing to honor. You have to follow the policy from beginning to end and keep your promises.

Make yourself accessible

You may have an amazing site and products to sell, but if your customer service is not up to the mark, it is likely that you will end up with more unsatisfied visitors.

Your customer support is one of your main selling points. It's where a regular window shopper will become a spending customer if they receive quick answers to questions and the correct leadership from your representatives.

It's also where an irritated, disappointed consumer will feel valued. In addition, they might even become a returning customer and brand ambassador for your store.

Thus, work on your client support services and achieve a hike in sales as well as maintain more present clients.

Create an easy-to-access Contact Us page, build support forums, live chats, email and phone support, and see which one performs best for your business.

Research & implement the popular trends

Always try to keep up with your competitors when it comes to updates and effort, both local and international. Research the latest marketplace trends along with hiring e-commerce developers and technology that you can execute. Stay one step ahead.

Something more to obtain that EXTRA: Retargeting

Moreover, to having an astounding website for your WooCommerce Store the better to go with the best ecommerce Website Design USA, there's a bit more that must be done to increase sales growth.


Important problems that e-commerce stores face:

  • Track the visitors who rejected their cart in the previous week
  • Track visitors who have bought once from your site, or current customers
  • Know the consumers who have visited your site in the last month
  • Track visitors who see a specific page for a certain amount of time
  • Track users who soared more or clicked certain buttons
  • Getting a handle on these precise numbers and info will assist you in 2 vital ways:
    • Understand visitors better
    • Work effective campaigns

One of the most efficient methods to augment sales on WooCommerce stores is to choose the right e-commerce Website Developers and also build remarketing campaigns making use of the data you find on paid ad platforms. It's significant to know the essentials that comprise time and location.

To understand your users thoroughly you need to pass data from your WooCommerce store to the correct networks where you can work paid ad campaigns to get more people to the site.

Why is Retargeting crucial?

Retargeting is imperative to remind users who have shown interest in your site to return and make a purchase. They may have been curious about something on your site, evidenced by clicking on an item for sale, flying over a button, or by adding an item to the cart. This vital data can be achieved from paid ad platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, and Perfect Audience which can be utilized to summon up these misplaced users by operating remarketing campaigns.

However, many times, coding or some other type of valuable knowledge is required in order to be able to achieve and comprehend such intricate data. But not every time!

All these might look like a lavish investment, but it can also be done with the support of an easy-to-use and free solution, such as WooCommerce Conversion Tracking with the help of top Website Development Services in the USA.

With this free plugin for WordPress, you can also track various actions that your visitors make in your WooCommerce web store. By tracking these you can then refer the data to a number of channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Utilize this data to build tailored marketing campaigns to focus attention on the specific users for your web store who are making use of these channels.


When a visitor conducts a specific set of activities he or she activates some actions the data which are referred to Facebook. You can focus on these people by using Facebook Ads and WooCommerce data.

The free version of the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin tracks the following events for Facebook:

Add To Cart – A vast number of visitors refuse carts due to vagueness and absence of the feeling of urgency. These are prospective consumers that store proprietors can rekindle to their site making use of the Add to Cart event. Owners can diminish the rejection rate by advertising to these users with profitable offers, discounts, and coupons.
Initiate Checkout – People who started the checkout process went further than just adding items to the cart to buy your products. This event group allows you to focus them on an advanced occasion.
Purchase – Making use of this event, track those who successfully bought a product from your store. Now you can make them your frequent consumers using the plugin.
Complete Registration – Those who take enough time to register a profile on your store are close to becoming your customers. For this purpose, users who have shown this kind of interest to your site are massive leads and prospective consumers. Putting emphasis on them can augment sales, user activity, downloads, and referrals.
Purchase – Just input Universal Tag ID in the plugin to pass buying data to Twitter. Maintain records and re-target people who once bought from the store to make them regular customers. According to research, 80% of revenues will come from 20% of your current customers.

Google AdWords

Just by connecting your Google AdWords Account ID to the plugin, it will refer data to the Google AdWords server.

Purchase – The free version will track the consumer data of those who have made purchases. Thus you can retarget them to more pertinent pages through Google searches of your site making use of AdWords campaigns.

Live Chat

The customer is the ruler, and consumer support is the key to success for any web store. You must offer your consumers rapidly pre- and after-sales services and work toward deciding their questions promptly. If your customers feel appreciated, they are almost certain to return for more shopping and suggest you to others.

Live Chat is a premium WooCommerce plugin that assists in augmenting customer experience. It saves customers time because they can contact your Web Design Company directly without much waiting. There are also various other plugins that incorporate live chat capability directly into your WooCommerce store to make your web store more accessible.

Perfect Audience

The ACE version of the plugin assists you in tracking events for Flawless Audience like View Product, Incorporate to Cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, and Complete Registration. It is better to hire an e-commerce website development company that can offer the best e-commerce Website packages.

You can also incorporate other effective platforms of your choice to your WooCommerce store from the best free website builders by making use of the Custom Channel Integration.

Final Thoughts

There are various ways to obtain a flourishing e-commerce business with an eCommerce Website Development Company in the USA and what might work for one exertion might not work for another. The above-mentioned tips and tricks are only a few that perform well to augment more sales and customer loyalty on WooCommerce stores. Along with the best is Development Company India of ecommerce which is always a great idea for all.

WooCommerce is one of the top platforms for online marketplaces that are impeccable for novices on WordPress and e-commerce, businesspersons who are just getting started, and even for huge established businesses. What will vary from business to business is how you distinguish the value you present with your e-commerce from your competition. In conclusion, you can choose the e-commerce website development company that will explain the proper e-commerce Website Design budget. Hiring e-commerce Website Builders will be the perfect choice for each and every individual.

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