WordPress for eCommerce: Is it a Good Option?

Behind the success of every online business there is a vital role played by an effective and professional website. A well functioned and effectively structured website can open door to earn unimaginable profits hence it's a gateway to run any business online. Making money online is one of the most discussed topics today and if you possess a website that represents your company products and services efficiently, it can definitely help you to expand your business in a very short span of time.

If you are already a WordPress website owner and want to take your website to the next level, consider converting into an eCommerce site. To convert your WordPress website into feature-rich eCommerce site that will augment your conversions, you have to put your choice on appropriate WordPress eCommerce plugins and themes.

Few years ago, it was hard to build an eCommerce site with WordPress, but as technology evolves it’s so easy for one to develop an eCommerce website with WordPress. Today WordPress seems to be the complete solution to develop a complete eCommerce websites. There are so many well-reputed WordPress eCommerce plugins available to turn your basic WordPress site into an online shop or at least allow you to add an extra page into your site that will act as a store.

But before you convert your WordPress blog into an eCommerce site, lets take a look on why to choose WordPress:

  • Due date more than 2,98,58,500 times WordPress version 3.8 has been downloaded and is still counting.
  • More than 20% of sites on Internet are powered by WordPress.
  • Wide range of free themes to choose from that better suits your business.
  • More than 23000 WordPress plugins are available to enhance your site performance.
  • Its a free open source that means source code of program is available for free and you allow making some necessary modification in source code.
  • Easily integrates themes and plugins to customize the looks on the frontend and functionality on backend.
  • Single click installation of WordPress with third-party integration.

What makes WordPress a good eCommerce platform

WordPress eCommerce themes

Type in search bar ‘WordPress eCommerce themes’ and hit enter, you will find a huge list of templates available, both free and premium. To initiate with, a corresponding template is the most effectual and useful approach for business growth. A perfect theme paves the way for customers to explore their choices and look for products conveniently and would make their purchase sooner.

An eye-catching WordPress theme will tempt your customers to revisit your site and make a purchase. The advantages of an appropriate theme are endless. It will stand you out in crowed and would put your business first in queue.

wordpress ecommerce

WordPress Plugins

Today we have a wide range of eCommerce plugins available, they can enhance your sales by putting your choice on the right eCommerce plugins for your site. Each of these is designed to turn your normal blog into an eCommerce site.

A good plugin comes along with great degree of functionality and flexibility that keeps your website smooth in use and push up your site performance. A good plugin will help your customers to make their online shopping experience more enjoyable and make their checkout process more comfortable.

One last thing, you need a good, hi-quality content that summarizes your products, and will help your potential customers understand the products and a accurately written description of products will help the customers in the way of use it. There are good plugins available through you can optimize your content to appear it one top of major search engines.

Here are the some good resources for WordPress eCommerce plugins that you can use in your site:

WordPress as eCommerce platform: recommendations from experts
WordPress eCommerce Plugins – Turn Your Blog Into an Online Store
10 of the Leading WordPress eCommerce Plugins
Essential Plugins and Add-ons for WordPress eCommerce Sites

Is WordPress a complete eCommerce solution?

Everything which was discovered in technology world has positive and negative side, same case of WordPress also. Undoubtedly WordPress is most popular and widely accepted CMS but has some disadvantage as an eCommerce solution.

Because of its large installed base there is a chance of your important data getting hacked. And especially for eCommerce site, security is primary concern. In future if you want to add more products in your WordPress eCommerce site then it is not possible because WordPress eCommerce allows a limited numbers of products only.

WordPress plugins and themes are use to make your eCommerce site work well but these essential plugins and themes could be a problem for you while upgrading with WordPress installation. It may possible your installed plugin and themes may not compatible with your upgraded version so there is a chance to ruin your WordPress eCommerce website.

Let’s find out the similarity between Magento and WordPress

  • Both are open source and available for free.
  • Both capable to integrate blogging into their functionality.
  • Easy products management (adding and delete).
  • According to need you can easily customize the theme and change the appearance of site.

And, finally which one is best eCommerce to choose, either WordPress or Magento

It is fact that main purpose of WordPress is for weblog not for eCommerce. It has gained popularity across the world as a best blogging platform not as an eCommerce platform and if you would convert your WordPress blog into an eCommerce site, will led the most disadvantages mentioned above.

One of the strong advantages of Magento over WordPress is, Magento is in fact developed especially for eCommerce purpose. If your goal is to sell your products and services, then it is recommended to go with Magneto.

What makes Magento better than the WordPress

  • Most – more secure eCommerce platform compare to WordPress.
  • Multi-store functionality.

* * *

As a CMS, WordPress is simply superb in sense of maintaining large amount data. We have always admired WordPress for its unimaginable functionality and for its rapid stride. WordPress is evolving and its surely trying to get into mainstream eCommerce like Magento but it still isnt yet.

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