How to Write a Successful Editor Resume?

  1. General tips on how to write a resume for an editorial position
  2. How to select the best template for an editor resume
  3. Editor resume examples
  4. Developer resume templates
  5. 10 options for an editor’s resume to receive a position soon

Editor Resume. Looking for new career opportunities and thinking about an editor-in-chief position? It is a nice choice. This profession keeps the balance between dealing with people and textual works. The best candidate will match personalities of enjoying both writing and communicating.

A detailed and clear resume for editors will improve the chances of receiving a desirable position. Study the job opportunities ads to find out which degree, proficiency, and capacities would be necessary and valuable for this opening. Analyze writing style and notice keywords that the HR staff uses to describe their calls. Learn the style and ensure that the CV and accompanying letter corresponds to details that an editorial resume must contain.

General tips on how to write a resume for an editorial position

Every type of press requires special abilities, skills, and experiences. An editor-in-chief portfolio would differ from the CV of an editor dealing with digital media. However, not only in structure, a list of previous positions and places of work highlights the editor resume of a brilliant candidate. A high-quality layout will bring some extra points and the chance of landing the job.

Let's observe the capacities that applicants for various media can use to promote their portfolios and introduce their unique personalities in the best way.

Magazine editor resume

People holding this post must demonstrate strong communication skills. They take responsibility for periodicals' production and, therefore, possess excellent management competences and strategic thinking. The CV should show confirmed experience in editorial calendar update, generation of story ideas, supervision of writers, improvement of content, and balanced allocation of tasks to guarantee production quality.

Content editor resume

A portfolio of the specialist for this job should depict a solid background in the evaluation and analysis of sources, data, and responses from readers to develop and apply measures to improve texts, images, and videos. Development content and layout demands expertise in design, text creation, and introduction.

News editor resume

People wishing to get this position must demonstrate rich overall knowledge in different fields. Their CV should prove creativity and the talent to discover and evaluate incoming news. Their expertise must include communication with reporters, development of headlines, as well as an examination of facts and details.

Managing editor resume

An application for this position should prove that the person can offer ideas and distribute topics, can solve problems and conflicts, and consult editors. This type of job needs a strong concentration and discipline to guarantee that the editorial or newspaper will be published on time.

Writer editor resume

A candidate looking forward to getting this post should demonstrate good writing capacities. The portfolio must prove the ability to improve and rewrite materials received from reporters. Good communication skills will help the persons in this position build strong links with writers and motivate them to enhance the level of the texts.

Newspaper editor resume

Applicants for this position must know the specifics of newspaper production. They must introduce strong managerial talents to assign tasks and topics to appropriate reporters. Good language abilities will guarantee the fairness and validity of the materials.

How to select the best template for an editor resume

Working on the design of CVs, people can save time and simply choose a sample from a list. Prepared resumes for editors can help applicants focus on the portfolio inside and description of their capacities, abilities, and expertise rather than on the development of its structure.

A relevant editor resume sample will give a template that has a pre-set design, text blocks that are logically located, and a matching cover letter. The document can be used in either electronic or printed format. Applicants should only have to choose paragraph and character style, preferable colors, and then fill in the required data.

The editor resume is on-demand. TemplateMonster offers over 1000 samples. People searching for a job can decide how many copies they need, with which software it must be compatible with, and what file formats they use. They also can identify other important features that will be critical for them while selecting the sample editor resume.

The importance of header in the CV

One of the influence points can be page titles. They structure the layout and attract the attention of the hiring expert to the most spectacular and significant parts of the form. Headers help the resume look considerable and convincing. They create a framework for the data flow that a candidate may like to introduce to the future employer.

While deciding which editorial resume sample to apply, candidates must analyze which headers would present competencies, knowledge, and proficiency more efficiently. The usual headers include:

  • overall resume title uniting personal data
  • a summary depicting desirable positions and core capacities
  • core expertise describing a wider list of individual features important for this position
  • work experience that could be divided into further smaller sections
  • education that could also contain certificated courses
  • technical skills with hard and soft competencies
  • optional blocks with relevant projects, researches, publications, activities, and interests

Editor resume examples

While searching for a job, applicants may be in a rush trying to send their CVs to the majority of open positions. The lack of time can affect the quality of the form. To prevent mistakes they can copy editor resumes instead of searching for tips and tricks on how to write a resume for a position in any type of mass media.

A sample includes fundamental headers along with text and visual blocks. Candidates can edit objects, colors, text, and use free fonts. Modifying sections they will place relevant data and facts. For example, important competencies could be integrated through editing the Skills section.

Developer resume templates

Not only people searching for editorial jobs will benefit from ready-to-use resume themes. A bundle of CV samples for positions in IT with a focus on headers relevant to these professions can be purchased. Discover a list with almost 40 templates for various web professions.

The range of prices for these layouts is between $6 and $17 for a standard license. They are available in major formats and suitable for PC and Mac software. Completed documents are printable and will satisfy every online application platform.

10 options for an editor’s resume to receive a position soon

David Richards Resume Template

This form contains two A4 pages and an accompanying message. Files are ready to print in Word format. Such an understandable CV will increase the chances of getting the desired post. If you are looking for new career opportunities and thinking about how to become editor-in-chief, then this application is perfect for achieving your goal.

It is made in black and white. The text is divided into blocks with headers. A critical element is the availability of space for the photo in the upper left corner. Below are sections for hard and soft skills, as well as buttons for social networks.

Andy - clean & colorful word Resume Template

The style of this form is an A4 page with a black background. This creates a contrast between the layout and the text of the person for an editor post. At the very top is a photo, and below that, a place for the achievements and ranks of the candidate. Tell about yourself here, attach contacts for successful communication with the HR specialist, and also indicate your location. Here you can download files in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, MS Word, as well as Help Text data to simplify your work.

Clean CV for Software Engineer Resume Template

The person holding the post of a chief editor must demonstrate strong social skills. In this template, this will be clearly visible. On the resume page, in addition to the place for a photo, there are boxes to add mail, mobile number, and location icons on the map. This will simplify the way potential employers can reach you and also show your excellent managerial competencies and strategic thinking.

Other signs help the candidate to establish a connection via social networks. They are located on the right side of the page and at the bottom. In the middle of the CV, you can indicate your abilities and practical skills. The sample includes files in PSD, AI, DOCS, and DOC format. It is not difficult to create a successful document with it.

Carmen Resume Template

This form for the editor’s application is a combination of black and olive colors, which gives it even more piquancy. Attach your photo on the right, and list your contact information below so the hiring person can reach you. Do not forget to indicate your degree and what capacities, in addition to the standards for an editor, that you possess.

Practical skills are critical for each post. Use this CV to show that you have a lot of them and are ready to demonstrate it while generating new ideas. A contrast page will surely attract the attention of the firm where you want to work. This product will help you confirm the creativity and talent to discover and evaluate incoming facts.

Bundle Resume Template

This application sample will allow a candidate who wishes to become an editor to demonstrate excellent writing skills. There are many blocks that you must fill in. You can prove the ability to create structured texts and the ability to fill them with useful information. Good social skills will help you, so be sure to include the number of mobiles, email, and instant messengers that you use. Bundle Resume Template is decorated in different color variations. Choose contrasting colors with black, cyan, orange, and other shades.

A clean CV with cover letter Resume Template

This bright and contrasting document is sure to attract the employer. The black hat with the name of the applicant for the post of editor looks great with a yellow bar on the left of the page. In this bright block, you can just specify your contacts, capacities, and even the level of foreign language abilities.

The right column of the page is slightly wider than the left and contains basic data about your studies and previous places of work. All texts are structured, which makes the paper clear to the future employer that in front of him is a true expert in his field.

Leo Resume Template

It is not necessary to be an advanced user of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, just upload the file to Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, and you can develop a CV that will move you through the ranks. Here you can center your photo at full height, indicate your name and surname to the left of it, and write a greeting to a potential boss to the right.

The page is divided into two columns of unequal size. The left one is a bit narrow and includes personal data and introduces your capacities. The right one contains basic facts: education and work experience. On the page, you will see special signs, next to which you can insert which countries (cities) you had a chance to practice.

Alexanne Stanton Resume Template

Writing a CV is a painstaking activity. After all, it depends on what awaits you in the future. Each editor should have an appropriate resume. Of course, it may seem that this is uninteresting and time-consuming, but this form will save you due to its layout. The main thing is to focus on designing a portfolio and describing your abilities and places of work.

Alexanne Stanton Resume Template has an unusual structure. It seems that all the information is vertical and at the same time, color bars divide the page into horizontal blocks. Each of them is filled with necessary useful facts. Mustard and blue-white - these colors best emphasize the exclusivity of the document and catch one’s eye. Do not forget to attach your photo, which will be clothed in a round frame.

Reven Dark Clean Resume Template

Here you can specify all your data on page A4, divided into 2 vertical columns: one gray, the other white. Text written in black contrasts beautifully. Compose it correctly and insert it in the right lines.

The left column contains your personal information, and the right column describes the previous jobs and degrees received. Relevant capacities are listed at the bottom of the page and are presented in the form of pie charts that demonstrate the relevance of each of them in percentages. Fill in all the blocks with special care in order to show your expertise from the first steps taken towards your future job.

Kelly Miller - Software Engineer Resume Template

The headline of the CV is significant. Choosing this form, you can be sure that it will definitely attract the attention of the employer. The structure of this page layout looks clear, well-organized, and convincing. There is a photograph spot, the frame of which casts a spectacular long yellow shadow. Names slightly lean on the picture, which looks great. In some places on the page, there are geometric shapes, some empty and some filled with yellow. When looking at them one can see a work of high quality. Like every other resume, there are lines to fill in with personal data. Do not forget to input down all the facts about you so that the hiring staff can offer you any of the open positions at the company. At the bottom, there is a place for your signature.

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