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Yoga teacher resume. The sports industry, along with a healthy lifestyle, has globally occupied the lives of many young people. And yoga is no exception. In this regard, the demand for qualified yoga instructors, along with the number of instructors themselves, is regularly increasing. Thus, we may even observe considerable competition in this field of activity.

The logical question arises as to how to get the desired work of a yoga teacher, especially when there are so many competitors. The answer is, you need to write a qualified resume in which you focus on your strengths, professionalism, unlimited enthusiasm, desire to work and develop, and more.

Best Format for a Yoga Resume

Before you begin, you should consider some features in choosing a format for the design of such a document. Each section should be well organized and stand out from the rest. In addition, it is recommended to highlight the headings by increasing the font size, using markers, etc. This will help to make the CV more readable. Do not get carried away when using bright colors: leave the main text in black tones. The clear and restrained design will demonstrate your level of professionalism. A selection of your professional knowledge and skills needs more attention, so these should be highlighted. The list of your previous jobs should be organized in reverse chronological order.

It is recommended that the received document be saved in PDF format, which will allow recruiters to easily view it (this format is machine-readable).

Yoga Instructor Resume Structure

The best resume option when applying for any position is divided into several sections, which allows you to place information about yourself more clearly, and the recruiter to take it properly.


At the very beginning, you should sincerely and originally present your vision of further work and tell what goals you are pursuing. Alternatively, you may describe in general terms how your classes will look like and what you want to teach your students. Select just a few lines for this section.

Education and training

Next, you must demonstrate to employers that you’re a qualified and certified specialist who deserves to be part of their team. Tell them about the courses you attended and what certificates you have (for instance, the Yoga Alliance certificate).

Recruiters will certainly pay attention to this section, so don’t be lazy and work it to the fullest. The presence of additional education, which is not directly related to the desired profession, will benefit you in any case. This may be a first aid course or a bachelor's degree in a field relating to health or exercise.


Although everyone today is looking for employees who have work experience, those who have just entered the teaching path should not despair. You may continue to send your CV to various clubs and studios, but you may also make your own experience without any help. These may be free outdoor lessons for friends and acquaintances. Firstly, you will get the opportunity to practice, and secondly, such an experience will be excellent material to fill this problem section.

Candidates who have already taught yoga before should only list their previous places of work and indicate the period of work and achievements.

Contact Information

Focusing on the previous sections, many don’t pay attention or simply forget about providing their contact information. It’s important to make this section easily accessible and readable so that, if necessary, the recruiter may easily contact you. The optimal list of contacts includes your mobile phone number, email address and links to the site.


This aspect is rather controversial, but in any case, if you don’t have a high-quality image to match your professional activity, then it’s better to do without pictures.

How to Present Your Skills

As a rule, the recruiter prefers candidates with a suitable set of professional abilities, a desire to work, and a desire and benefit customers and the company. The candidate must be educated, motivated and interested in their profession. In addition, teaching and interpersonal communication skills, the ability to plan classes clearly and manage time in general, are greatly appreciated. Therefore, you should certainly “acquire” such qualities, and if you have already had those qualities, be sure to indicate them in the form of a list. If necessary, highlight them with a special font or marker to attract attention.

Yoga Teacher Resume Samples

Below is an example of a full-fledged resume, based on which you can create your own.

Sam Smith

Yoga teacher

[email protected]



An interested yoga instructor with two years’ experience wants to develop in this direction and benefit his clients. In August 2019, a 200-hour training program was organized to improve the skills of yoga teachers in Bali. There, the experience was gained in conducting classes using basic breathing techniques. I want to share the acquired knowledge with students in the club "Yoga for the soul."


In February 2017, after completing yoga teacher training courses, I received the Yoga Alliance certificate.

In May 2017, graduated from New York University with a bachelor's degree.


Yoga instructor

Yoga Studio Body, New Jersey

September 2017 - December 2019

Conducted comprehensive student training and counseling.

Participated in the organization of the training process of other instructors.

Developed many training plans for all categories of students: from beginners to advanced.

Helped students to develop not only physical strength but also the consciousness and sensation of their body and mind.

Participated in the process of becoming new trainees in a new position.

Conducted meditation sessions for all groups of comers.

Most significant achievement

She worked as an assistant to a leading instructor during the 100-hour training for yoga instructors, where she got the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience.


  • Time management
  • Individual approach to working with students
  • Breathing techniques
  • Making training plans in accordance with the preferences and needs of students
  • First aid
  • Attention to detail
  • Self-motivation and continuous self-improvement

Yoga Teacher Resume Templates

The CV compilation scheme looks clear enough; it’s unlikely that anyone will refuse to further optimize this process. Moreover, the final result will be even more attractive. By choosing any of the following templates, you will definitely be satisfied with the result.



The main advantages include a one-page, two-page and three-page layout that is completely ready to use; a cover letter template; the availability of a file in four different formats; the ability to "play" with fonts; and adapted to any user instructions with a list of answers to FAQ. The design is quite stylish, but at the same time quite restrained and perfect for an official document.

Alex Schwartz

Alex Schwartz

Here is a choice in the color scheme of the layout—light or dark. Both options look quite impressive, so regardless of your preference, the final result will certainly please you. A pleasant bonus will be a free business card. Standard size, the ability to edit in four popular formats and full adaptability will help in creating a high-quality professional product.

Shelby Turnbull

Shelby Turnbull

The most optimized and easily edited layout complements the interaction with five formats for editing. The design is available in two variations with yellow and red accents. The document is ready to print.

Ben Jonathon

Ben Jonathon

Proper structuring and restrained design will create a pleasant first impression of reading a CV. The kit includes a mock cover letter, decorated in a similar style. Support in real-time and a special file with instructions will help to understand all the intricacies of the design of the file.



The modern design is made in the style of minimalism, which is suitable for such a document. Ease of use and editing is successfully supplemented by an attached file with instructions. The layout is available in three popular formats and allows the free use of various fonts.

Template Features Price
Teacher Available in five formats, free business card $10
Alex Schwartz Dark or light design, free business card $17
Shelby Turnbull Available in five formats, red and yellow design $17
Ben Jonathon Strict design and high structure $10
Smith Minimalist design, .eps, .psd, .docx files $10


What educational document is most important for creating a successful yoga teacher resume?

Of course, if you have successfully attended a course of lectures on teaching yoga and have certificates, then you will be hired without a problem. Nevertheless, having a Yoga Alliance certificate will increase your chances of success significantly.

Why do I need templates for resumes for the position of yoga instructor?

The templates are based on the layout with the correct structure of the material supply, thanks to which you may make the proposed material readable for the recruiter, putting the necessary emphasis on key information.

How long does it take to become a certified instructor?

A basic course lasting 200 hours will take you from three to five months, while more in-depth training (about 500 hours) will last from six months to a year. However, these are only approximate dates, the change of which depends solely on your perception of the material and needs.

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