10 Videos to Help You Rethink Your Content Strategy [Andy Crestodina speaking]

Every blogger is a jack of all trades: we create content, work on our SEO and SMM, tinker with web design — and we do all these things simultaneously.

To make things a little bit easier, we've prepared these ten short videos which will help you create and publish better content.

Meet Andy Crestodina, the real evangelist of content marketing and the co-founder of Orbit Media. He writes thoughtful articles which regularly gather hundreds of likes and retweets, and he knows everything about SEO, marketing, and web design.

If you want to learn about all of these things, watch these ten short clips from Andy’s webinar — the Basics of SEO, Analytics and Content Mission. Check them out and discover tons of useful tricks right away.

Is there a secret to creating the perfect text?

Do you love procrastinating as much as I do? If yes, here’s some good news for both of us. In this video, Andy Crestodina explains why some of his best articles are those he has been writing for nearly a year. He also shares quite a few relevant tips on arranging your writing workflow.

Now, you listen to Andy, and I'm thinking about watching some new cat GIFs. I still have plenty of time to finish this article after that, right? Right?

How do I build a content strategy? Does my business need one?

Okay, you can write an article. Maybe you can write the most interesting and useful article in your niche. You may as well be a better writer than everybody else. It’s nothing without a consistent content strategy that will bring real results.

Learn what a content strategy is and how to use it wisely from this video.

How do I find the most relevant topic for a new article?

Writer’s block. Two words and centuries of pain and struggles. We all fall victims to it from time to time. Coming up with new ideas, inventing new metaphors and structuring all of that on a page can be tough.

So we’ve asked Andy Crestodina about his ways on finding inspiration and what’s sometimes even more important — relevant topics. Here’s what he recommends every writer.

Should I repurpose content?

Most of the time, if we have one successful blog post that brings us traffic and customers, we don’t think that it needs any improvements. I mean, if it works anyway, why would I change something? But what if I tell you that you can easily make a successful article even more successful?

In this video, Andy Crestodina tells how to repurpose an old piece of content so that it would perform better, faster and stronger.

How do I attract my first 1000 daily visitors?

Every website newbie struggles with this. The first 100 visitors seem a magical checkpoint — once you reach it, you’ll never have any problems with your traffic.

In this video, Andy Crestodina mentions several actionable tactics that will help you attract and keep a steady audience. You can replace that 1000-visitors figure with any other number — these tricks will work for you anyway.

How can I use social media for marketing and SEO?

“So the three channels for traffic are search, social and email.” — That’s how Andy Crestodina begins his answer to this question. Want to know how to combine these three? Watch the video below.

What are the most common SEO mistakes?

Have you ever thought about putting testimonials everywhere instead of having them all on a single boring testimonial page? Seems a bit weird, doesn't it? In fact, that's what Andy Crestodina suggests doing as soon as possible. It will make your visitors interact with testimonials, and it will be ideal for your website’s SEO.

Of course, Andy shares way more useful tricks that you definitely should use for your website — from editing title tags to improving contact pages and so on. Watch the clip and learn about all of them.

How do I convert my website visitors into customers?

Okay, they read your blog, comment your articles and seem very interested in what you’re doing. But your business needs conversions to survive. They’re just meant to be together like Jay-Z and Beyonce.

But what exactly can you do with your website to gain customers? In this short clip, Andy Crestodina shares very specific tips on how to make people buy your products and services.

How should I use email marketing for my business?

The success of an email marketing campaign lies in the details.

When should you send your emails?

How often?

What should you write about?

Size, color, timing. All these teeny-tiny details matter if you want to engage your subscribers. In this clip, Andy Crestodina explains how to do your email marketing just right — and he does this in less than 3 minutes.

What makes a good website?

Here’s the ultimate question. You want your website to be good, right? I mean, you sure want it to be damn good. According to Andy Crestodina, it can take ages to load, it can rank poorly, but if it possesses just one particular trait, your website will make it. Learn about this feature in the next short clip.

Good luck with your content! And remember: what you are doing is very important and special. Also, share your writing tricks with us in the comments and let your website appear on the first page of Google query.

Emily Hunt

Emily once launched the online educational course at TemplateMonster. In her articles at MonsterPost, you can find many valuable insights on how to market and optimizer your digital assets.

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