100 + Top-Rated Companies to Join as an Affiliate [Digest]

Are you thinking about becoming the highest paying affiliate marketer? Passive income is always a good rise to your regular salary. Some affiliate marketers are so lucky that they even leave their office jobs and start enjoying money freedom to the fullest.

Have you already chosen a business niche you’d like to promote? Our blog post will help you to take the right decision.

We have collected 100+ high paying popular affiliate programs, yes, we don’t want to waste your energy and trifles. That’s why the list you’ll see below includes so many top-rated companies that are worth to join and make money with affiliate offers.

There are many affiliate programs available. The companies are divided into categories for your convenience. Click any link below if you don’t have enough time or you don’t have the desire to check out the information on each and every project.

Are you ready to make your pick? We wish you to have an efficient browsing!

eCommerce Affiliate Programs

ecommerce affiliate programs

1. TemplateMonster

Affiliate Commissions: You can earn up to 50% commissions with TemplateMonster affiliate program.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.templatemonster.com/affiliate-registration.php
Website: www.templatemonster.com
Brief Info: TemplateMonster is not only the first-class repository of website templates. The company also offers one of the top affiliate programs on the web. There are more than 26,000 designs to choose from in their stock. Since coming up in May 2002, they've gone partners with Magento, Drupal, WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, WooCommerce, and many more. 1,5 million clients were served during this time. Web templates + installation + hosting + customization + Search Engine Optimization + copywriting — you can always get all these services at TemplateMonster.com. BTW, TemplateMonster blog provides you with the most recent web design news, infographics, freebies, discounts & promos. Join to become the top paying affiliate.

2. Codeable

Affiliate Commissions: Codeable pays $35 per converted lead.
Affiliate Signup Link: codeable.io
Website: codeable.io
Brief Info: Codeable welcomes you to join affiliate marketing business. The history started back in 2012 when Per and Tomaž agreed on contributing a little extra to the WordPress community. Their aim was to build an outsourcing company, in which quality and customer service come first. They started by hiring exceptional WordPress developers and connecting them with people in need of on-demand website support. Three years later, they are the #1 online outsourcing service for WordPress.

3. Social Stock

Affiliate Commissions: You can choose prizes for your total number of points (from $100 on PayPal to Tesla Model S).
Affiliate Signup Link: www.templatemonster.com/social
Website: www.templatemonster.com/social
Brief Info: Social Stock is a special contest from TemplateMonster.com. This is one of the top affiliate marketing programs available. All you need to do is register for it, get a 10% unique promo-code for all TemplateMonster’s products and share it on social networks with your friends. This way your friends will be able to buy a premium theme from the web development industry leader with a discount and you’ll earn your points for every purchase necessary for getting costly prizes: from $100 on PayPal to Tesla Model S.

4. Shopify

Affiliate Commissions: Shopify pays up to $2,400 per customer.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.shopify.com/affiliates
Website: www.shopify.com
Brief Info: Shopify is an eCommerce platform an entrepreneur needs to build the business he/she has always dreamed of.

5. Drop ship access

Affiliate Commissions: You get 25% residual commission, 10% commission on sales made by affiliates you've referred through your affiliate link.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.dropshipaccess.com/affiliates/affiliates/signup.php
Website: www.dropshipaccess.com
Brief Info: Drop shipping is a simple arrangement that enables you to sell high-quality products at low wholesale prices without having to store, handle or ship merchandise as part of rheir affiliate marketing programs. You can sell products on your website, blog, or through an auction website, such as eBay or Amazon. Once a product sells, simply place the order through Drop Ship Access. While you sit back and enjoy your profit, the order is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your customer.

6. Volusion

Affiliate Commissions: Reseller discount is up to 35% on monthly hosting plans; referral commission is up to 20% of your client’s monthly hosting plan.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.dropshipaccess.com/affiliates/affiliates/signup.php
Website: www.dropshipaccess.com
Brief Info: Volusion is a powerful store builder that includes 100+ features, beautiful website templates, secure hosting and never any transaction fees.

7. Infusionsoft

Affiliate Commissions: You get $500 per sale.
Affiliate Signup Link: partners.infusionsoft.com
Website: www.infusionsoft.com
Brief Info: Infusionsoft is sales and marketing automation software that works hard instead of you.

8. Big Commerce

Affiliate Commissions: You get 200% bounty per referral.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.bigcommerce.com/partners/affiliates
Website: www.bigcommerce.com
Brief Info: Big Commerce is an eCommerce platform for growing sales. More traffic, higher conversion and unmatched performance for your online store.

9. Anves

Affiliate Commissions: Anves affiliate commission is based at 10% of the sale price.
Affiliate Signup Link: anves.com/services/affiliate-program
Website: anves.com
Brief Info: The company offers website design services, hosting, and dropship websites.

10. Drop Ship Lifestyle

Affiliate Commissions: Drop Ship Lifestyle pays $300 per sale.
Affiliate Signup Link: dropshiplifestyle.zendesk.com/hc/en-u
Website: dropshiplifestyle.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
Brief Info: Drop Ship Lifestyle aims to help you create a legitimate business on any continent. Search their knowledgebase first and get to know how they can help you.

11. Veeqo

Affiliate Commissions: Veeqo offers between 15% - 20% ongoing monthly commission.
Affiliate Signup Link: veeqo.postaffiliatepro.com/affiliates/index.php
Website: www.veeqo.com
Brief Info: Veeqo is all in one orders, inventory, and shipping app.

12. 3D Cart

Affiliate Commissions: Promote this high ticket affiliate program and earn 300% per sale (this is up to $297 per sale).
Affiliate Signup Link: www.3dcart.com/3dcart-affiliates.html
Website: www.3dcart.com
Brief Info: Today, 3dcart has evolved into a robust eCommerce platform with thousands of merchants all over the world and an enduring drive for innovation and value.

13. AShop

Affiliate Commissions: Lifetime 25% recurring commission.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.ashopcommerce.com/g/1060279/partner-program.html#1
Website: www.ashopcommerce.com
Brief Info: They are a team of Internet enthusiast who are passionate about eCommerce. Their focus is purely helping entrepreneurs to succeed in the world of online selling. With offices in the US, UK, and Australia, they have been serving businesses around the world successfully for more than 10 years. Their drive to bring user-friendly and effective tools for merchants to sell online has matured into a robust platform with simple, yet powerful functionality. Most important, they love what they do.

Hosting Affiliate Programs

hosting affiliate program

1. Site Ground

Affiliate Commissions: You get paid up to $125 per sale.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.siteground.com/affiliates
Website: www.siteground.com
Brief Info: Site Ground is one more well-known affiliate. Founded in 2004 by a few university friends, SiteGround gradually but steadily turned into a leading web hosting affiliate programs. With only a handful of people working from their university dorm rooms, in the beginning, today the company has more than 320 employees and is constantly growing. They process 1800+ tickets, 1000+ phone calls and 2500+ chat requests per day. They proudly host more than 500,000 domains with this number growing by the hour.

2. Max CDN

Affiliate Commissions: Affiliates get paid 200% for the first payment. The commission goes up to $4800 per sale.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.maxcdn.com/affiliates
Website: www.maxcdn.com
Brief Info: The CDN of the company allows to achieve faster page load times, better Google rankings, and more conversions. Setup is simple and only takes minutes.

3. Blue Host

Affiliate Commissions: Blue Host pays $65.00 per referral.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.bluehost.com/hosting/partner
Website: www.bluehost.com
Brief Info: The company offers web hosting starting at $3.95/month. Free domain, free site builders, 1-click WordPress install, 24/7 support.

4. Affiliate Commissions: In Motion pays: 1 sale per month: $50; 2 sales per month: $100, 3 sales per month: $150.
Affiliate Signup Link: Website: Brief Info: In Motion Co offers WordPress hosting, which can be hardly called a new affiliate marketing niche. WordPress comes pre-installed and ready; servers are WP-CLI enabled with SSH access; Safe Application Rollback is enabled; you can quickly get online using BoldGrid, their premium website builder is built on WordPress; you get 20X faster WordPress hosting as low as $5.99/mo.

5. WPEngine

Affiliate Commissions: WPEngine pays $200 per referral or 100% of the first month's payment.
Affiliate Signup Link: wpengine.com/partners
Website: wpengine.com
Brief Info: Company team members trust each other; they transparently share results; forgive honest mistakes, act ethically, demand excellence from themselves, and remain accountable to each other.

6. DreamHost

Affiliate Commissions: DreamHost pays up to $97 for each referral.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.dreamhost.com/affiliates
Website: www.dreamhost.com
Brief Info: The company has started in 1997 at the college dorm room. They offer one of the most well-established affiliate programs. Four friends with a love of technology, open-source software, and a strong desire to help people get online banded together created DreamHost. Built on open-source technology with a commitment to customer success, DreamHost provides domain registration, web hosting and cloud services to 1.5 million sites, blogs and applications, and supports over 400,000 web designers, developers, content creators, small businesses and entrepreneurs with the power of the Open Web.

7. eUKhost

Affiliate Commissions: 1 - 10 orders - 65% commission, 10 - 20 orders - 75% commission, 20 - 40 orders - 100% commission.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.eukhost.com/affiliates
Website: www.eukhost.com
Brief Info: eUKhost belong to the top affiliate networks. It is running for over 14 years. It is one of the biggest affiliate platforms. It has a rich and constantly-growing portfolio of web hosting services, hosts more than 35,000 customers and over 150,000 domains, serves public sector organizations across the UK, eUKhost is a fully managed web hosting provider, its robust infrastructure backed by an in-house team of technical experts, over 1,200 servers are housed in two ultra-modern data centre facilities in the UK by the company.

8. Lunarpages

Affiliate Commissions: Domain names pay a flat rate of 15% of the total price.
Affiliate Signup Link: affiliate.lunarpages.com/affiliates/signup.php
Website: lunarpages.com
Brief Info: Increase your affiliate revenue with Lunarpages' assortment of hosting products and solutions ensuring a perfect fit for anyone looking to get their vision or products to market. Their award-winning customer support and 30-day money back guarantee show the pride they take in being the industry's premier Managed Services Provider. They strive to go above and beyond their client’s expectations.

9. HostGator

Affiliate Commissions: HostGator pays up to $125 per qualifying signup.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.hostgator.com/affiliates
Website: www.hostgator.com
Brief Info: Whether you are a seasoned Internet pro, or just starting out with your first website, HostGator’s professional staff is here to assist you every step of the way. One of the best affiliate networks, they are here 24/7/365 to assist you with any aspect of your hosting experience.

10. MidPhase

Affiliate Commissions: $100 per referral.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.midphase.com/affiliate-program.php
Website: www.midphase.com
Brief Info: MidPhase offers everything you need to get online and packages it inside their enterprise infrastructure. Getting unlimited hosting in the same place as the big companies means your website is more resilient, more secure, much faster and always up.

11. Interserver

Affiliate Commissions: $100 per customer.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.interserver.net/affiliate.html
Website: www.interserver.net
Brief Info: Standard web hosting has easy to use Control Panel, 406 1-click install scripts, cloud-based hosting solutions, unlimited storage & transfer and costs $5/month only.

12. iPage

Affiliate Commissions: up to $150.00 per referral.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.ipage.com/referral/programs.bml
Website: www.ipage.com
Brief Info: iPage team has been in hosting business, personal, social and non-profit websites development for more than 10 years. They know web hosting and the typical hosting customer, which means they know there is no typical hosting customer. That's why iPage offers a great deal of flexibility, without overcomplicating things. Moreover, they focus on the three things their customers care about: their websites, their emails and their online security.

13. A Small Orange (Incactive)

Affiliate Commissions: $50 per referred customer.
Website: asmallorange.com
Brief Info: Company highly-trained support staff is ready to assist the customer with all manner of issues related to his/her hosting experience. They are a knowledgeable and insightful bunch, excited to resolve any issue or answer any questions that you may have. Ask them about additional services that may compliment your current hosting solution, or let them assist you with seamlessly upgrading your current plan.

14. Pure Hosting

Affiliate Commissions: up to 10% revenue share for the life of the account.
Affiliate Signup Link: afs.pure-hosting.com/afs/wsignup.form.php
Website: www.pure-hosting.com
Brief Info: Pure Hosting is a UK based web and data hosting company providing professional business hosting, virtual and dedicated server solutions. They maintain a 99.99% uptime guarantee, providing their valued clients with complete satisfaction and piece of mind. Customers can create their accounts online and purchase any of company Shared Hosting, Virtual Server and Dedicated Server solutions and administrate their account from a user-friendly back office. Pure Hosting provides a high quality product and service at competitive prices and offers quarterly and annual (10% discount) billing options. They provide their customers with professional telephone, live chat and email support services during normal business hours together with 24/7 emergency support to ensure their total piece of mind.

Virtualization Tools Affiliates

virtualization affiliate tools

1. OverPlay

Affiliate Commissions: All commission balances at or over $100 are paid automatically by the 15th of every month via PayPal or Check.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.overplay.net/en/affiliate
Website: www.overplay.net/en/index-b
Brief Info: The company offers SmartDNS and SmartDNS +VPN. Two great choices to cover all your connections needs.

2. VMware

Affiliate Commissions: up to 10% commission on sales you refer.
Affiliate Signup Link: store.vmware.com/store/vmwde/en_IE/html/pbPage.affiliateprogramEU
Website: www.vmware.com
Brief Info: VMware offers simplified management for products and support; account management for all of your licenses, support, and services; control permissions for all My VMware functions; viewing your support level on products and services.

3. Grasshopper

Affiliate Commissions: $100 per order.
Affiliate Signup Link: grasshopper.com/affiliates
Website: grasshopper.com
Brief Info: Grasshopper lets you run your business using your cell phones. Founded by two entrepreneurs, Grasshopper has been making it easier to start and grow a small business since 2003. Back then, they started as just two guys with a dream and to date have served over 250,000 entrepreneurs (and they're still growing). Today their commitment to helping entrepreneurs is stronger than ever, and they continue to develop new and innovative tools to help them change the world.

Tech Affiliate Programs


1. New Egg

Affiliate Commissions: up to 2.5% commission for any sales you generate.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.newegg.com/Info/Affiliates.aspx
Website: www.newegg.com
Brief Info: New Egg is an online store selling different products from computer systems, components, gaming, networking, to hobbies and toys items.

2. Microsoft

Affiliate Commissions: up to 10%.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.microsoftaffiliates.com
Website: www.microsoft.com
Brief Info: Microsoft products include software and services, Xbox and devices, solutions for businesses, IT professionals and education.

Digital Information Products


1. Click Bank

Affiliate Commissions: depends on the products you choose.
Affiliate Signup Link: accounts.clickbank.com/marketplace.htm
Website: www.clickbank.com
Brief Info: Click Bank is one of the top 100 online retailers with 200 million customers. ClickBank sells digital products created by entrepreneurs worldwide. From advice for getting in shape to healthy cooking recipes and dating advice, ClickBank delivers digital lifestyle products to customers in 190 countries.

2. Rakuten

Affiliate Commissions: up to 1% of sale – computer hardware, electronics, software & office supplies; up to 6% of sale – video games, bags, books, home & outdoor, sports, baby & toy, musical instruments, music, movies, wine & groceries, health & beauty, clothing & shoes, jewelry, pet supplies & everything else.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.rakuten.com/loc/affiliates
Website: www.rakuten.com
Brief Info: Rakuten.com has more than 17 million products in its inventory, offers everyday low price deals and is ranked among the top 3 eCommerce companies in the world.

3. Amazon

Affiliate Commissions: up to 10% in advertising fees.
Affiliate Signup Link: affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/join/landing/main.html
Website: www.amazon.com
Brief Info: Amazon is a company of builders. They are pioneers. It's their job to make bold bets, and they get their energy from inventing on behalf of customers. Here are just some of the innovations pioneered by Amazon, and they're always looking for the next one: Prime is one of the world’s most popular subscription services; Amazon web services is their cloud & infrastructure platform; Marketplace is selling products to millions of customers; Amazon echo is a device designed around your voice and so on.

4. Shareasale

Affiliate Commissions: You will be paid your commissions as soon as your account balance is $50 or more
Affiliate Signup Link: https://account.shareasale.com/newsignup.cfm
Website: http://www.shareasale.com/
Brief Info: ShareASale has been in business for 16 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. Their technology receives accolades for speed, efficiency, and accuracy – and their reputation as a fair and honest business is well known within the industry. They encourage you to browse around their website and learn more, but if you have any questions, you can just contact them.

5. eBay

Affiliate Commissions: They’ll keep track of how many purchases are made from your community and you'll get paid every month.
Affiliate Signup Link: partnernetwork.ebay.com/en/home
Website: www.ebay.com
Brief Info: For 20 years, they've been working to create more economic opportunity for everyone. eBay is where the world goes to shop, sell, and give.

6. Avangate

Affiliate Commissions: commissions of up to 75%.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.avangate.com/affiliates
Website: www.avangate.com
Brief Info: Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, finally solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies. Backed by a proven cloud platform, unmatched expertise and a depth of digital commerce services, Avangate helps digital business leaders drive the fastest path to revenue, maximize the value of every customer, and expand global reach.

7. FlexOffers.com

Affiliate Commissions: The amount of revenue you can earn through the FlexOffers.com affiliate network is unlimited. You'll receive your commissions on a monthly basis, depending on when sales are reported by the advertisers through standard checks via mail or direct deposits to your bank account.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.flexoffers.com/affiliate-programs
Website: www.flexoffers.com
Brief Info: FlexOffers.com is a premiere affiliate network that builds mutually profitable relationships between strategic, skilled, and trustworthy online publishers and a robust portfolio of 6,000+ popular advertisers spanning all verticals. With over 10+ years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry, they offer unparalleled customer service, an array of optimized data delivery tools, and fast and dependable payments– proving that flexibility is the key to affiliate success. FlexOffers.com was recently ranked the eighth overall affiliate network in the Revenue+Performance Top 10 Affiliate (CPS) Network 2016 Blue Book survey.

8. Avant Link

Affiliate Commissions: Product level reporting allows you to see what products are performing on your site enabling superior content optimization and their tracking makes sure you get credit for it.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.avantlink.com/affiliates
Website: www.avantlink.com
Brief Info: Avant Link is the industry-leading technology platform for affiliate referrals. For their clients, this means over ten years of consistent evolution and updates to the AvantLink platform, rapid implementation of new tools and technology, and an unyielding emphasis on quality over quantity.

9. Revenue Wire

Affiliate Commissions: With the best converting international offers, industry leading payouts and premium account management, they’re the solution for your next seven-figure campaign.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.affiliatewire.com
Website: www.revenuewire.com
Brief Info: Revenue Wire is much more than simple payment processing. Their full-service outsourced eCommerce solution does all the heavy lifting so you can focus on running your business.

Email Marketing Affiliate Program


1. ConvertKit

Affiliate Commissions: Earn 30% recurring affiliate income. The commission goes up to $600 per month.
Affiliate Signup Link: convertkit.com/partner
Website: convertkit.com
Brief Info: This is a newcomer and yet stellar email service provider. They don’t have a trial program. But they are famous because it’s your best choice if: you want to pay for one subscriber once per month even if he is in 2 or 5 of your lists (you save money). Send email courses on autopilot based on readers’ intent when clicking your links.

2. GetReponse

Affiliate Commissions: Get paid 33% recurring share per active referral each month. Your earning goes up to $46 per month per active customer you referred.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.getresponse.com/partners
Website: www.getresponse.com
Brief Info: This is a tool to create landing pages and handle email list. They allow you to test their service for free for 30 days.

3. Leadpages

Affiliate Commissions: 30% recurring commission.
Affiliate Signup Link: lps.leadpages.co/partners
Website: www.leadpages.net
Brief Info: Leadpages is a dynamic software company that creates simple, beautiful software and web apps that allow businesses to grow large and devoted audiences. They believe compelling online marketing doesn't need to be time-consuming and tedious. They are (humbly) considered a thought leader in their space because they precisely skated to where the puck was going before anyone else left the bench.

4. A Weber

Affiliate Commissions: Recurring 30% commission.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.aweber.com/affiliates.htm
Website: www.aweber.com
Brief Info: AWeber develops and runs an opt-in email marketing service used by over 120,000+ small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs around the globe. Their web-based tools help businesses grow by staying in touch with customers and prospects through email. Since Tom Kulzer founded AWeber in 1998, many bright, creative problem-solvers have joined the team in Chalfont, PA. As they enter their 17th year in business, their talented team continues to expand as they accomplish their mission of building awesome tools to support their growing base of customers.

5. GetResponse

Affiliate Commissions: 33% recurring commissions on every paid account you refer.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.getresponse.com/partners
Website: www.getresponse.com
Brief Info: GetResponse offers a complete suite of simple-yet-powerful solutions, scaled and customized for small and large companies. Their tools are designed for organizations that want to implement effective, high-impact campaigns that drive marketing ROI. GetResponse email marketing and online campaign management platform helps entrepreneurs build targeted subscriber lists and send high-impact newsletters, video emails, and follow-up campaigns. It offers responsive email design, hundreds of ready-to-use email templates, landing page creator, and useful statistical analysis tools.

6. Elegant Themes

Affiliate Commissions: 50% per sale.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.elegantthemes.com/affiliates
Website: www.elegantthemes.com
Brief Info: Elegant Themes holds elegance at their core, and rally behind a shared passion for simple, beautiful design. What was once a one-man operation in Nick's college apartment has grown into a diverse and distributed team of WordPress enthusiasts from all around the world. Elegant Themes isn't just a company, it's a community, and they cling to the community-centric values that have guided them over the past 6 years. They love WordPress, they love Open Source, and most of all they love building great things for their amazing customers.

7. Thrive Themes

Affiliate Commissions: 50% commission per purchase & 25% recurring commission.
Affiliate Signup Link: thrivethemes.com/affiliate-program
Website: thrivethemes.com
Brief Info: Thrive Themes is a company focused on conversion, WordPress themes & plugins. Their themes & plugins are built from the ground up to make your entire website convert more of your visitors into subscribers, customers & clients.

8. Social Pilot

Affiliate Commissions: 30% recurring commission for SocialPilot subscription sales.
Affiliate Signup Link: affiliate.socialpilot.co
Website: socialpilot.co
Brief Info: Social Pilot is a social media scheduling & marketing tool for agencies & social media professionals. 20,000+ agencies & social media professionals use SocialPilot to increase their online marketing efficiency and save time.

9. Berush

Affiliate Commissions: 40% recurring commission for SEMrush subscription sales.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.berush.com
Website: www.berush.com
Brief Info: Berush welcomes webmasters, bloggers, paid search enthusiasts, agencies, educational resources and all-around marketing geniuses.

Residual Income Programs


1. Sniply

Affiliate Commissions: 20% commission on all subscriptions from the customers you refer.
Affiliate Signup Link: snip.ly/affiliates
Website: snip.ly/b
Brief Info: Sniply adds a call-to-action to every link you share. Join 100,000+ marketers and drive conversions through content curation.

2. Liquid Web

Affiliate Commissions: 5% monthly.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.liquidweb.com/affiliate
Website: www.liquidweb.com
Brief Info: With over 15 years of experience and 24/7/365 on-site Heroic Support® technicians at state-of-the-art data centers, Liquid Web is the perfect match for web hosting needs big or small, managed or unmanaged, dedicated, vps, or cloud.

3. Rose Hosting

Affiliate Commissions: 50% commission on the first month's payment from your referrals and 10% monthly commission on every subsequent payment from your referrals.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.rosehosting.com/vps-affiliate-program.html
Website: www.rosehosting.com
Brief Info: RoseHosting.com is a service of Rose Web Services LLC, a privately owned St. Louis, Missouri-based company, founded in 2001 with the vision of becoming a leading provider of business and personal web hosting solutions. By focusing on quality equipment, stability, and hand-holding customer support, they set themselves apart from their competitors. They offer unique, user-friendly solutions for personal and business use.

iTunes Affiliate Program


1. iTunes

Affiliate Commissions: You get a commission of 7% of iTunes products (Apps & other content).
Affiliate Signup Link: itunes-signup.performancehorizon.com/signup/en/itunes
Website: itunes.apple.com/us/app/desk-write-more/id915839505
Brief Info: Mac App Store is the simplest way to find and download apps for your Mac.

Best Affiliate Programs for the WordPress Niche


1. Thesis

Affiliate Commissions: When an affiliate involves in making a sale, he gets 33%, which can be up to $120.
Affiliate Signup Link: diythemes.com/affiliate-program
Website: diythemes.com
Brief Info: Bloggers can easily build WordPress theme with Thesis. It is a drag and drop tool to create awesome pages.

2. StudioPress

Affiliate Commissions: Promote these WordPress templates and earn 35%, up to $350, per sale.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.studiopress.com/affiliates
Website: www.studiopress.com
Brief Info: StudioPress provides SEO optimized themes for WordPress with the Genesis framework.

3. Post Affiliate Pro

Affiliate Commissions: Minimum payout is $100 and you have to refer minimum two separated customers.
Affiliate Signup Link: postaffiliatepro
Website: www.postaffiliatepro.com
Brief Info: Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate software designed to empower your affiliate program. It lets you easily manage campaigns and track affiliate referrals and sales.

4. JVZoo

Affiliate Commissions: up to 100% instant commissions.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.jvzoo.com/affiliates
Website: www.jvzoo.com
Brief Info: JZoo is the global technology that drives online sales providing the network, tools and solutions essential for building a successful and profitable Internet business.

5. Gravity

Affiliate Commissions: 20% commission on every sale you generate.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.gravityforms.com/affiliates
Website: www.gravityforms.com
Brief Info: Gravity Forms is the easiest tool to create advanced forms for your WordPress powered website.

6. Manage WP

Affiliate Commissions: 30% recurring commission for as long as your referrals remain customers.
Affiliate Signup Link: managewp.com/affiliates
Website: managewp.com
Brief Info: Manage WP allows you to keep track of your websites. Group them, hide the problematic ones, focus on the money makers. Set your own rules for your websites.

7. OptinMonster

Affiliate Commissions: 20% commission on every sale you generate using your referral link.
Affiliate Signup Link: optinmonster.com/affiliates
Website: optinmonster.com
Brief Info: OptinMonster is the most powerful customer acquisition and lead-generation solution for businesses. At OptinMonster, they build software that grows your business by converting abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers. Over the years, they found that many businesses struggle to collect emails simply because the tools aren’t easy to use and are far too expensive. So they started with a simple goal: build powerful enterprise-level technology to help businesses grow their customer base and revenue. Since company launch in 2013, they have been improving conversions for small independent businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Over a billion people see a website with OptinMonster on it every month. Their customers are seeing huge increases in their subscriber growth and overall sales. They are humbly considered thought leaders by many in their space because of their rapid growth and innovations. Whatever the market conditions or current trends, you will always find OptinMonster leading the way to help their customers gain competitive business advantage and stay ahead of the curve.

Internet Marketing

1. Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Commissions: When you refer a business who hire them, you make $500.
Affiliate Signup Link: affiliatemanager.com/what-is-affiliate-marketing.php
Website: affiliatemanager.com
Brief Info: Affiliate managers help brands manage their affiliate programs.

2. PeerFly

Affiliate Commissions: With PeerFly Rewards, you can compete against other publishers to rank for cash and prizes! For every publisher you refer to PeerFly, you earn 5% commission on everything they earn for life. By joining our contest, you'll also be entered to win $3,000 in prizes on top of your referral commission! peerfly.com/rewards.php
Affiliate Signup Link: peerfly.com/login.php
Website: peerfly.com
Brief Info: PeerFly makes Internet marketing easier. It is one of the fastest growing affiliate network in the world.

3. Wishpond

Affiliate Commissions: over $464/client by joining the free Wishpond affiliate program.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.wishpond.com/affiliates
Website: www.wishpond.com
Brief Info: Wishpond is a simple platform with tons of tools. It is easy lead generation software for creating landing pages and contests, track leads, automate email campaigns and more.

4. AffiloRama

Affiliate Commissions: 50% commission on each membership you refer that buys any of company products.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.affilorama.com/affiliates
Website: www.affilorama.com
Brief Info: With AffiloRama you can learn how to make money online as an affiliate. Start to promote other people's products and make money for yourself. They will show you how. Create your free Affilorama membership and start straight away.

5. Internet Marketing Ninjas

Affiliate Commissions: If the new lead converts into an account, they'll pay you 5% of their monthly contract for up to 12 months.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.internetmarketingninjas.com/affiliates
Website: www.internetmarketingninjas.com
Brief Info: Internet Marketing Ninjas delivers services driven by their in-depth understanding of clients marketing objectives, backed by over 15 years of experience, and their proprietary tools. Search marketing, web development, branding, strategy, user experience & conversion are just a few categories of company services.

6. Global Wide Media

Affiliate Commissions: Their proactive account managers will provide you with dedicated industry knowledge, helping you maximize earnings, and exceed your goals.
Affiliate Signup Link: globalwidemedia.com/signup/affiliate
Website: globalwidemedia.com
Brief Info: GlobalWide Media is a data-driven digital marketing leader, providing premium media solutions for the world's leading brands and agencies.

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence


1. ZoomCharts

Affiliate Commissions: up to 30% commission.
Affiliate Signup Link: zoomcharts.com/en/affiliate
Website: zoomcharts.com
Brief Info: ZoomCharts is a cross-platform HTML5 charts library for creating interactive visual data interfaces optimized for touch-screen devices and web applications.

2. SISense

Affiliate Commissions: They have 3 programs: affiliate, reseller, and OEM you can choose from.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.sisense.com/partners
Website: www.sisense.com
Brief Info: Sisense lets you analyze complex data with complete agility. From easy data preparation to beautiful dashboards and interactive analytics, Sisense gives your business a simple way to manage, analyze and visualize all your data.

3. DesignModo

Affiliate Commissions: 25% commissions.
Affiliate Signup Link: designmodo.com/affiliates
Website: designmodo.com
Brief Info: Designmodo is a great resource of informative material for designers and web developers. They are creators of highly-rated User Interface Packs. There are several categories you could browse through, depending on your interests like Web Design and Web Development, Tips and Tutorials, WordPress, Inspiration and such.

4. Tableau

Affiliate Commissions: They have 4 partner programs: reseller, technology, alliance, and OEM to choose from.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.tableau.com/partners
Website: www.tableau.com
Brief Info: Tableau is an Academy Award-winning professor, a brilliant computer scientist at the world's most prestigious university, and a savvy business leader with a passion for data put together. Add in one of the most challenging problems in software: making databases and spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people. The results will be striking.

Crowdfunding Affiliate Programs


1. AnswerBase

Affiliate Commissions: Affiliates who promote that product get 50%, up to $199, per sale + 15% recurring.
Affiliate Signup Link: answerbase.com/Affiliates.aspx
Website: answerbase.com
Brief Info: This is the tool for website owners who want to create a community around their websites. It is Q/A, support software for any website who want to interact easier with their customers and build a community.

2. Improvely

Affiliate Commissions: On sale, an affiliate earns up to $149 + 10% recurring income for the first 12 months.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.improvely.com/referral_program
Website: www.improvely.com
Brief Info: This tool helps you cloak and promote your affiliate links. It is a good tool for affiliates. It helps Internet marketers also to track their campaign performance online.

3. Patronomy

Affiliate Commissions: a baseline $25 USD per valid lead.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.patronomy.com/affiliates.asp
Website: www.patronomy.com
Brief Info: The focus at Patronomy is on reaching the audience and improving the success rate. Professional mentoring combined with network and affiliate marketing can take campaigns out to the crowd cost effectively through the Planning and Preparation stages. Post campaign support in sourcing, manufacturing, sales and logistics improves Performance and Perception.

4. EquityNet

Affiliate Commissions: 20% commission on sales.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.equitynet.com/affiliates
Website: www.equitynet.com
Brief Info: EquityNet has positioned itself as a leading business crowdfunding platform with platform populations and marketplace activity growing at rates of 200% to 500% per year.

5. GoGetFunding

Affiliate Commissions: They offer partner programs tailored to your specific needs – from white-label solutions to more informal partnerships.
Affiliate Signup Link: gogetfunding.com/crowdfunding-affiliates-and-partners
Website: gogetfunding.com
Brief Info: GoGetFunding is a crowdfunding website that lets you raise money for anything that matters to you. From personal causes and events to projects and more. They’ve helped people from all over the world raise millions online. They’ve been recognized by Forbes as one of the top global crowdfunding websites and their campaigns have been featured in a vast number of leading press publications.

6. Bitbond

Affiliate Commissions: up to 50% of Bitbond's origination fee as a commission.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.bitbond.com/affiliate
Website: www.bitbond.com
Brief Info: Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform. Small businesses get access to affordable loans while lenders earn profitable Interest rates. Since Bitbond works exclusively with the digital currency bitcoin, neither the borrower nor the lender needs a bank account to participate in the global loan market. Bitbond's mission is to make investing and financing globally accessible.

7. Kickbooster

Affiliate Commissions: Revenue up to 85%.
Affiliate Signup Link: kickbooster.me/register
Website: kickbooster.me
Brief Info: Kickbooster allows campaign creators to run a referral program during their crowdfunding campaign and provides an incentive for Boosters (backers or affiliates) to share and promote your campaign. Kickbooster is the best way for your campaign to go viral.

Make Money Online Affiliates


1. SixFigure Mentors

Affiliate Commissions: from 10% to 40% on products ranging from $29.95 right up to 20 000. Elite Plus members earn $1 000 commissions per sale.
Affiliate Signup Link: thesfm.com/prestige39
Website: learninternet.marketing
Brief Info: Stuart Ross reveals his strategies for profiting online and growing your income with a business you are passionate about. You can get your free spot, and get a "crash course" on profiting online with their proven out-of-the-box Digital Business System (even if this is all new to you). You will learn how to use yourself to begin making profits online and grow a business you are passionate about giving you more time to enjoy the life of real personal freedom.

2. Affilorama

Affiliate Commissions: 50% commission on each membership you refer that buys any of their products.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.affilorama.com/affiliates
Website: www.affilorama.com
Brief Info: The company will teach you how to make money online as an affiliate. Promote other people's products and make money for yourself. They will show you how. Create your free Affilorama membership and you will be ready to start.

3. Chris Farrell Membership

Affiliate Commissions: 40% commissions.
Affiliate Signup Link: hchrisfarrellpartners.com
Website: hchrisfarrellmembership.com
Brief Info: Chris Farrel Membership is your one-stop-shop to creating and growing a successful web business.

4. Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate Commissions: $22.50 per referral recurring monthly (Gold Membership), $175 per referral recurring yearly (Yearly Membership).
Affiliate Signup Link: my.wealthyaffiliate.com/opethian/a_aid/94c51929
Website: my.wealthyaffiliate.com
Brief Info: This is a 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. This getting started course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.

5. Rakuten Marketing

Affiliate Commissions: The company offers reliable online payment options.
Affiliate Signup Link: marketing.rakuten.com/affiliate-marketing
Website: marketing.rakuten.com
Brief Info: Rakuten Group is one of the world's leading Internet service companies, providing a variety of consumer and business-focused services including eCcommerce, e-reading, travel, banking, securities, credit card, e-money, portal and media, online marketing and professional sports. Rakuten is expanding globally and currently has operations throughout Asia, Western Europe, and the Americas. Founded in 1997, Rakuten is headquartered in Tokyo, with over 10,000 employees and partner staff worldwide.

6. eBay

Affiliate Commissions: Simply link an item or share your finds through Facebook, Twitter, your blog or website. If what you share sells, you’ll earn money. Use the eBay calculator to see your earning potential.
Affiliate Signup Link: partnernetwork.ebay.com/en/home
Website: www.ebay.com
Brief Info: eBay is where the world goes shopping, selling, and giving. Their mission is to be the world’s favorite destination for discovering great value and unique selection.

Web design affiliates


1. Plato

Affiliate Commissions: $600 average commission / 20% of each sale.
Affiliate Signup Link: platowebdesign.com/web-design-affiliate-program
Website: platowebdesign.com
Brief Info: Here at Plato, they focus on things like profit, and results - the kinds of things that will directly affect your business, and your life. Their web design experts love making websites that wow your customers, and their designers have worked in the field for almost ten years (since 2004). They also happen to be borderline-obsessed with customer service, and they'll do just about anything to make their customers happy.

2. Volusion

Affiliate Commissions: Reseller Discount up to 35% on monthly hosting plans, Referral Commission up to 20% of your client’s monthly hosting plan.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.volusion.com/become-partner
Website: hwww.volusion.com
Brief Info: Volusion is connecting people and Commerce for 15+ years. Volusion is continuing to grow and add valuable people to their team. Over 40 000 stores are currently using the Volusion software.

Affiliate marketing software


1. Quality Unit

Affiliate Commissions: from 30% up to 50% commission for every sale referred.
Affiliate Signup Link: qualityunit.postaffiliatepro.com/affiliates/signup.php
Website: qualityunit.postaffiliatepro.com
Brief Info: The company does a good work – they have conversion around 1:66 (depending on actual promotion or season), which means that one in every 66 visitors makes a purchase of their product. They do everything - host the products, handle downloads and customer queries, and you get paid by simply referring a visitor to them.

2. Raven

Affiliate Commissions: earn a 50% commission on first paid month, 10% recurring, Pro account: $99 / per month = $9.90/mo recurring revenue, Agency account: $249 / per month = $24.50/mo recurring revenue.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.shareasale.com/ShareASale.cfm
Website: raventools.com
Brief Info: Today, Raven software gives you the satisfaction of a job well done, confidence in delivering top-quality reports to clients and the biggest bonus: time to spare. Productivity is the key and they strive to make sure you get more done in less time. Their platform is all about value — they value your time, your clients and your business.

3. iDevAffiliate

Affiliate Commissions: Pay-Per-Sale 15% for each sale you deliver.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.shareasale.com/ShareASale.cfm
Website: www.idevdirect.com
Brief Info: iDevAffiliate is a United States-based Company located in Southern California. iDevDirect has been a leader in affiliate tracking solutions for more than 15 years.

4. Google AdSense

Affiliate Commissions: Click here to know How to earn money from Google's AdSense affiliate program.
Affiliate Signup Link: https://www.google.com/adsense/start///
Website: https://www.google.com/adsense/start///
Brief Info: AdSense, is a high paying affiliate program network owned and run by the search engine giant Google. It provides advertisement units to publishers, who have to sign up for the program network which enables them to use their publisher account to earn money through the ads posted by Google on their website / blog. Each publisher gets a unique ID upon signing up, which is used to generate ad codes for their website so they can start earning cash.

Website affiliate program


1. Site Sell

Affiliate Commissions: 60% commission on new SBI! and SBI! for WP annual sales, 200% commission on new SBI! monthly sales, 100% commission on new SBI! for WP monthly sales
Affiliate Signup Link: haffiliates.sitesell.com
Website: www.1.sitesell.com
Brief Info: SiteSell Inc. is a privately held Canadian-based company with a world-wide reputation on the Net, has achieved rapid growth due to its dedicated focus on helping small business owners and solo entrepreneurs build successful online businesses.

2. Page King

Affiliate Commissions: between $100 - $300 depending on the package you choose, 2nd tier: $50 per sale.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.pageking.com/opportunity
Website: www.pageking.com
Brief Info: Page King provides professional, affordable website packages. When you buy a web design package with PageKing you’ll be assigned an experienced designer who will get to know your business and work with you to create the perfect website.

3. Build

Affiliate Commissions: up to 30% Commission For Each Sale you Refer.
Affiliate Signup Link: build.myomnistar.com/users/main.php
Website: www.getbuild.today
Brief Info: With Build, you can get a world class, fully functional professional business website up in record time and with almost no effort. The Build has been designed to be easy to use for anybody, whether you’re a seasoned software CEO or just need to get a quick website up for your new business.

4. CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Affiliate Commissions: $10K per month in commissions.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.cj.com/publisher
Website: www.cj.com
Brief Info: CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) is the leading global affiliate marketing network, specializing in pay-for-performance programs that drive results for businesses around the world. The CJ Network helps to reach and connect with millions of online consumers every day by facilitating productive partnerships between advertisers and publishers.

SEO affiliate programs


1. Link-Assistant.com

Affiliate Commissions: An affiliate makes up to $197 per sale promoting SeoPowerSuite.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.link-assistant.com/partners/affiliates.html
Website: www.link-assistant.com
Brief Info: SEO PowerSuite covers every step of a SEO campaign of any caliber, from rankings to on-page to backlinks. With its intuitive UI and a wealth of pro-level features, it's a perfect fit for SEO newbies and experts alike.

2. LongTailPro

Affiliate Commissions: You get paid 30% recurring commissions promoting Long Tail Pro. Their plans start at $24.99 per month.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.longtailpro.com/become-an-affiliate-of-long-tail-pro/
Website: www.longtailpro.com/cb
Brief Info: Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research software. Long Tail Pro allows the user to generate hundreds or thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords in a matter of minutes based on 1 single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.

3. 180 Fusion

Affiliate Commissions: a one-time 25% or 5-10% recurring depending on lead volume and quality.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.180fusion.com/affiliate-program
Website: www.180fusion.com
Brief Info: 180fusion has been recognized as one of the most innovative search engine marketing firms providing digital marketing products and services to thousands of clients across the globe. Its suite of integrated products include SEM, National and Local SEO, PPC Management, Mobile Search, and Social Media Marketing to help SMB’s to Fortune 1000 companies succeed online.

4. Social Bubbler

Affiliate Commissions: $100 for every month they’re a customer. 2nd tier affiliates earn you an additional $25.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.socialbubbler.com/best-affiliate-program
Website: www.socialbubbler.com
Brief Info: Here you will find links to information on affiliate marketing, cheap hotel booking, network tracking software, pay per click marketing, Cpa affiliate, affiliate marketing network, Ad network, a social network, etc.

5. Web CEO

Affiliate Commissions: The commission for every Web CEO subscription is a flat rate of $81.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.webceo.com/highest-paying-affiliate-program.htm
Website: www.webceo.com/
Brief Info: Web CEO Limited was founded in 1992 as Radiocom and changed its name in 2000 before becoming an international leader in SEO software development. The company released Web CEO desktop SEO software in 2001 and has since achieved more than 1,148,000+ registered users and many awards and rave reviews for this. Not resting on its top position in the SEO desktop software market, Web CEO has, in early 2011, released a cloud-based SEO Platform. There are over 50 top-flight programmers working for Web CEO and the interests of thousands of small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, SEO agencies and marketing companies depend on the company's products.

6. Link-Assistant.Com

Affiliate Commissions: Affiliate commission 33%.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.link-assistant.com/partners/affiliates.html
Website: www.link-assistant.com/home.html
Brief Info: SEO PowerSuite covers every step of a SEO campaign of any caliber, from rankings to on-page to backlinks. With its intuitive UI and a wealth of pro-level features, it's a perfect fit for SEO newbies and experts alike.

7. Semrush

Affiliate Commissions: 40% recurring commission for SEMrush subscription sales.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.semrush.com
Website: www.semrush.com
Brief Info: SEMrush is the world's leading competitive research service for online marketing. Having traveled the path from a small startup to a big international company, they at SEMrush are still loyal to the fundamental values that got them to where they are now — adapting to change over following a strict plan and always placing individuals over processes.

8. Sixty Marketing

Affiliate Commissions: 20 – 40% commission for each monthly payment over the lifetime of your referred user’s subscription.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.sixtymarketing.com/internetmarketing
Website: www.sixtymarketing.com
Brief Info: SixtyMarketing have a combined 63 years experience in the web design and Internet marketing industry. Founded by Kev Massey the owner of RedMonkeyCompany, with the primary goal to provide small businesses with a large presence on the search engines and social media platforms. They are not here to make quick money from their clients; they are looking for a long-term relationship with their clients and helping their business grow. They offer full support with all of their website design, SEO and Internet marketing packages, helping you every step of the way.

Software affiliate programs

1. Wrike

Affiliate Commissions: You'll get $100 for each customer that starts a paid Professional subscription, and $200 for each paid Enterprise account.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.wrike.com/affiliates
Website: www.wrike.com
Brief Info: Wrike helps every team perform their best, across the hall or across the globe. The company develops project management software your business needs, with the insights you love & the security you require No matter the workflow, Wrike enhances communication, transparency, and accountability to achieve results.

2. Stellar Data Recovery

Affiliate Commissions: Earn up to 50% commission for every sale. The Products are priced from $39 to $500. You can earn High commissions up to $239 per sale.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.stellarinfo.com/partners/affiliates.php
Website: www.stellarinfo.com
Brief Info: Stellar Data Recovery is a leading information technology company that has revolutionized the concept of data recovery with smart, simple software and services. Their data recovery, repair and system optimization tools help the people by bringing back the loss from catastrophic data loss situations. Their mission is to maximize the chances of successful data recovery and achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering data recovery and safety through quality products, services and solutions.

3. Bill4time

Affiliate Commissions: Earn 30% revenue for each account you refer to Bill4Time.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.bill4time.com/affiliate-referral-program
Website: www.bill4time.com
Brief Info: Bill4Time is a leading web-based time billing software serving both small and large professional service firms. With offices in New York, Seattle, and Pittsburgh, Bill4Time has created a simple to use, intuitive and user-friendly software at a fraction of the cost of other billing systems. With a strong focus on convenience, Bill4Time offers anytime, anywhere online access to your account and mobile apps. Bill4Time’s goal is to streamline the time tracking and billing aspect of the business so professionals can focus more on what they do best.

4. Netsuite

Affiliate Commissions: Receive a 10% Referral fee on the 1st year's license.
Affiliate Signup Link: forms.netsuite.com/app/site/crm/externalcustrecordpage.nl
Website: www.netsuite.com/portal/home.shtml
Brief Info: NetSuite is the world's leading provider of cloud-based business management software. NetSuite helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, eCommerce, inventory and more.

5. Autodesk

Affiliate Commissions: Earn the following commission for sales made through the Autodesk online store: 5% commission on multi-year licenses, 25% on a monthly subscription, 15% on annual subscription; Pixlr and Sketchbook: 25% on SketchBook and Pixlr annual membership, 100% on SketchBook and Pixlr monthly membership.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.autodesk.com/store/affiliate_program_poc
Website: www.autodesk.com
Brief Info: Autodesk, Inc. is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Since its introduction of AutoCAD software in 1982, Autodesk continues to develop the broadest portfolio of 3D software for global markets. Through their apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android, they're also making design technology accessible to professional designers and amateur designers, homeowners, students, and casual creators — anyone who wants to create and share their ideas with the world.

6. Ever Webinar

Affiliate Commissions: a fixed $200 per sale.
Affiliate Signup Link: ww2.everwebinar.com/partners
Website: evergreenbusinesssystem.com/start/
Brief Info: Ever Webinar provides business automation software for webinars.

7. BigMarker (Inactive)

Affiliate Commissions: Affiliates get 50%, up to $199, per sale.
Website: www.bigmarker.com
Brief Info: BigMarker is the world's largest webinar network. They connect thought leaders from nearly every field with online audiences, helping people learn and share knowledge through online webinars, classes and webcasts on nearly every topic.

8. Mspy

Affiliate Commissions: $192 Maximum Initial Commission amount per single conversion, 60%-50% commissions for your outstanding results, Extra 10% referral commission.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.mspy.com/affiliates.html
Website: www.mspy.com/
Brief Info: Mspy specializes in customized and user-friendly mobile & computer monitoring solutions, by utilizing the latest advancements in tracking technology. Their goal is to deliver state-of-the-art software that suits your familial and corporate needs and brings you guaranteed results all at an affordable price.

9. Veeqo

Affiliate Commissions: Get your customers to use Veeqo and the company will give you between 15% - 20% on going monthly commission.
Affiliate Signup Link: veeqo.postaffiliatepro.com/affiliates/index.php
Website: www.veeqo.com/
Brief Info: Matt Warren, the founder of Veeqo used to love selling. Everything from the buzz of getting a new order to the satisfaction of getting his product to the customer and making them happy. As his eCommerce business grew bigger and bigger, it became difficult to try and take care of everything. He ended up spending a lot of his time chasing lazy suppliers, receiving frustrating chargeback letters and praying he had the right products in stock. None of these things were helping him impress his customers or making them want to buy more. And that’s why he sold his eCommerce business. He wanted to build something for sellers that would free their time to spend it making more customers happy.

Membership website affiliates

1. Member Mouse

Affiliate Commissions: You will earn a commission if someone signs up for MemberMouse. You'll be paid 20% on all their payments for one full year. Plus Recurring commissions. That comes out to $47 in commission for a Starter Plan customer, and a whopping $1,437 for a Professional Plan customer.
Affiliate Signup Link: affiliates.membermouse.com
Website: membermouse.com
Brief Info: MemberMouse™ is an easy to use WordPress membership plugin that allows you to sell products, subscriptions and memberships, setup a password protected member's area, offer 1-click upsells and downsells, manage customers, automate customer service, track critical retention metrics and more. No matter where you're starting from, MemberMouse has the power you need to maximize revenue and get your business running like a well-oiled machine.

2. Member Press

Affiliate Commissions: Users who have an active MemberPress Developers License receive 30% recurring commissions on their referred sales and 5% recurring, tier 2 commissions on their referrals’ referred sales! Users with an active MemberPress Business License receive 20% recurring commissions on their referred sales … and even affiliates who have no active licenses still get 10% recurring commissions on their referred sales.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.memberpress.com/affiliate-program
Website: www.memberpress.com/
Brief Info: MemberPress is an easy to use WordPress Membership Plugin. This powerful Membership Software installs simply on your site and helps you instantly start charging for access. MemberPress will give you the ability to confidently create, manage and track membership subscriptions and sell digital download products. In addition to these powerful abilities, MemberPress will allow you to grant and revoke access to posts, pages, categories, tags, feeds, communities and digital files based on what products your users have purchased or subscribed to. With MemberPress you’ll be able to create powerful and compelling WordPress membership sites that leverage all of the tremendous features of WordPress and WordPress plugins including content management, forums and social communities.

3. Wild Apricot

Affiliate Commissions: 10% commission for the first two years on all organizations referred through you who sign-up for a billable Wild Apricot account.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.wildapricot.com/partner-program
Website: www.wildapricot.com
Brief Info: Wild Apricot is web-based software for small associations and non-profits to help manage membership, website, events and other activities. It is "cloud" software, meaning it runs through a web browser without needing to install anything on your local computer. Since their focus is small organizations, they've designed Wild Apricot to be both powerful and affordable, with pricing plans starting at just $40 per month.

Video conferencing affiliates


1. PC Video Conference

Affiliate Commissions: earn 20% for each every month your customer retains a fully funded active account.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.pcvideoconference.com/reseller.html
Website: www.pcvideoconference.com
Brief Info: Webcam Video Conferencing is software for computers, laptops and notebooks. The video meeting host does not need to install an expensive video conferencing server or audio video conferencing hardware as their service is software as a service (SaaS). Virtually all it takes for the meeting host or moderator is several mouse clicks on the web browser and the meeting is underway in no time flat. iPRO Conference V3 Webcam Video Conferencing offers greater flexibility at significantly lower price than expensive dedicated video conferencing hardware solutions. What you really have here is an integration of video conferencing, webinar, web conferencing and audio conferencing technologies all rolled into one easy-to-use, on-demand solution. Since 2004, they've served multiple millions of hours of Webcam Video Audio with Data streaming across the world into homes, businesses, staff on the road, and indeed many places where-ever there's an Internet connection.

Data visualization and business intelligence


1. Zoom Charts

Affiliate Commissions: Lifetime earnings & up to 30% commission.
Affiliate Signup Link: zoomcharts.com/en/affiliate
Website: zoomcharts.com/en
Brief Info: ZoomCharts is a cross-platform HTML5 charts library for creating interactive visual data interfaces optimized for touch-screen devices and web applications.

2. Sisens<U+0435>

Affiliate Commissions: The company has 3 programs to choose from: partner program, reseller/solution provider, OEM (Embedded Analytics).
Affiliate Signup Link: www.sisense.com/partners
Website: www.sisense.com/home-video-b
Brief Info: Sisense simplifies business analytics for complex data by providing a complete solution for preparing, analyzing and visualizing big or disparate datasets. They believe that BI can be agile, flexible and produce actionable results for companies within days, rather than months; and that business users and analysts should be able to freely explore their data, without relying on a patchwork of tools or extensive IT assistance – even, and especially, in complex scenarios.

3. Designmodo

Affiliate Commissions: 25% commission on affiliate sales.
Affiliate Signup Link: designmodo.com/affiliates
Website: designmodo.com
Brief Info: Designmodo is a great resource of informative material for designers and web developers. They are makers of highly-rated User Interface Packs, you can get acquainted with Designmodo shop on their site, and you can download a couple of other UI packs for free. There are several categories you could browse through, depending on your interests like Web Design and Web Development, Tips and Tutorials, WordPress, Inspiration and such. If you are not into going through all their articles and you are interested in a certain thing, you can just use their search box. If you would like to advertise your design oriented business or website on Designmodo, check out their Advertise page for more information or check their listing at BuySellAds and see the variety of advertising options they offer.

4. Tableau

Affiliate Commissions: The company offers 4 programs to choose from: Tableau Technology Partner, Tableau OEM Partner Program, Tableau Alliance Partners, Tableau Resellers.
Affiliate Signup Link: www.tableau.com/partners
Website: www.tableau.com
Brief Info: Tableau is an Academy Award-winning professor, a brilliant computer scientist at the world's most prestigious university, and a savvy business leader with a passion for data put together. They are working on one of the most challenging problems in software: making databases and spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people and solve it.

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