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30 Must-Have Crazy Fonts 2020

Crazy Fonts. Website design is a great opportunity to show your skills, and by the same time to attract customers. The site, like any other project is filled with information. And you should agree that it is much more pleasant to look at eye-catching, crazy fonts than at boring typography, which reminds thousands of read articles, and texts. And you probably know how difficult it is to find a beautiful and appropriate font, in addition to making sure that it also fits well with the style of the developed project. This problem is quite frequent, but TemplateMonster will always come to your rescue, so here are the best crazy fonts for your crazy ideas. With them you will be able to create unique typography, be best remembered for your audience, and make your competitors envious.

Crazy Fonts Showcase

Odd times typeface + bonus graphics Font

Odd times typeface + bonus graphics Font

This crazy vintage-style typeface is suitable for daring car sites. You can also adapt it for other purposes. In addition, the font is available in two formats: OTF and WOFF.

Falchion Edge Crazy Font

Falchion Edge Crazy Font

You will hardly find a similar crazy font in two formats, and with the same full set of symbols. An unusual vintage style gives Falchion Edge refinement and uniqueness. The letters seem to be neatly carved, as each of them includes the identical markings. 

Perky Area Crazy Font

Perky Area Crazy Font

Perky Area font amazes with its set of characters and the style of design of each letter. It's one of the best crazy fonts. It creates an effect of mystery, and at the same time making the atmosphere on the site pleasant and calm. Suitable for any project, because it includes 2 basic styles: regular, and outlined.

Swag Ghost Crazy Font

Swag Ghost Crazy Font

This font consists of letters erased in some parts. It looks stylish and fits as an additional font for different projects.For example, a music site will look great with the title written in this font. 

Asia Impact Crazy Font

Asia Impact Crazy Font

This crazy font is designed to amaze and inspire. Asia Impact is suitable for thematic sites of restaurants and cafes. You can also create cool newspaper headlines, banners, business cards and logos. The uniqueness of the font is that it is painted with a brush, and this creates the effect of real Chinese calligraphy.

Marine fairytale typeface Font

If you are a true admirer of crazy fonts, then you simply cannot miss this sophisticated baby. Well, do not hesitate and give the project you are currently working on a mesmerizing vibe with Marine fairytale.

Marine fairytale typeface Crazy Fonts
Crazy font

Price: $17

Kexman Font + Cupcake Photos Font

Do you have a sweet tooth? If yes, then this crazy font is surely the way to go for you. Insanely elaborate and eye-catching, it will no doubt bring any project to the top, so go ahead and take a good hard look at this cutie.

Kexman Font + Cupcake Photos Crazy Fonts
Crazy Fonts

Price: $17

Magic Curls Font

Speaking about crazy fonts, we just cannot omit this truly magical one. Elaborate curls and fancy lines will no doubt hypnotize anyone, so if you would like to make something magical and out of this world, Magic Curls is definitely for you.

Magic Curls Crazy Fonts

Price: $17

Spirals Font

Spirals is the very font that gives this slightly insane yet still fun vibe to a website or any other sort of project you use it on. So if making your project a little bit crazy and fancy at the same time is your goal, go ahead and get this baby.

Spirals Crazy Fonts

Price: $17

Little Mess Font

A truly bold option on our list is Little Mess Font because what can be crazier than a lovely messy handwriting font? Well, liven up your current or future project with this exceptionally fancy cutie.

Little Mess Font.

Price: $17

Ghost Font

If you are looking for something spooky that will chill you to the bone, then you can stop searching because Ghost Font is already here. Give your project that spooky vibe with this sophisticated baby.

Ghost Font.

Price: $17

Fiver 5 Fonts Family Font

Well, this one is something that you are definitely gonna like. This is not just one crazy font, it is a bundle of five insanely bold fonts that will back you up in literally any situation. So give this cutie a chance to prove itself to you.

Fiver 5 Fonts Family Font.

Price: $17

Pin up font and illustration Font

Another crazy option on our list is this pin-up font. Sexy and daring, it will surely help you make a top-notch website, banner, or logo. Well, stop hesitating and have a closer look at this very beauty.

Pin up font and illustration Font.

Price: $17

Cream alphabet Font

A truly juicy choice for those of you who want to make the project they are working on one of a kind. So if you are eager to make something unique, among all the crazy fonts we mentioned in this list, this one is the one you want to take a closer look at.

Cream alphabet Font.

Price: $17

Bright Calligraphy PSD Font

Eye-catching and fancy, Bright definitely won’t let you down. Well, if you really need a font that will help you make the projects you will ever work on simply stunning, then you just cannot afford to miss this lovely baby.

Bright Calligraphy PSD Crazy Fonts

Price: $17

Something Strange

If you are a fan of horror, this font will be your favorite. This eerie-looking text style is bound to give your writings an extravagant look.

Use it and make your text much more suspenseful!

Crazy Fonts
Something Strange


Embryonoid offers a look similar to gothic hieroglyphs. Give your an old, chilling vibe to your text.

Crazy Fonts
Crazy Fonts


Even though triangular letters look anything but ordinary, they will surely catch the eye of an unsuspecting viewer.



Eighties Horror

Created as an homage to Stephen King and “Stranger Things”, this is a delight for any horror fan!

Eighties Horror Crazy Fonts

Magical Unicorn

Want to make your text look unbelievably adorable? You came to the right place!

Magical Unicorn
Magical Unicorn Crazy Fonts


This font will bring a minimalist and cryptic look to your text.

Iso Crazy Fonts
Iso Crazy Fonts


If you are a fan of construction sets, this lego-inspired font will make you happy!

 Blocky Crazy Fonts


This beautiful font allows us to go back in time and visit the magical decade that gave us Pink Floyd.

Sixties  Crazy Fonts

Discoteque St

This font brings the groove of the 1970s back into fashion!

 Discoteque St
 Discoteque St Crazy Fonts


If you want your text to have a strong, old-school feeling, give it a try!

Motor Crazy Fonts

Vintage Punk

This incredible font provides a look that closely resembles the cover of The Sex Pistols’ debut album. If you are a fan of punk, this font will bring joy to your rebellious heart.

Vintage Punk Crazy Fonts
Vintage Punk

In Conclusion

We hope that our list helped you choose the wildest font out there!

To know more about the world of information technologies, you can visit our blog, if you need premium fonts, we've got some, check these out.

Bakery Font


Phoenix Font

Phoenix Crazy Fonts


Amsterdam Font Crazy Fonts

Amsterdam Crazy Fonts


Arigato Font Crazy Fonts

Arigato Font


Mokoto Glitch Typeface Font

Mokoto Glitch Typeface Font


Nichodelia Font Pack Font

Nichodelia Font Pack Font


Incognito Font Pack Font

Incognito Font Pack Crazy Fonts


DieCunst Font

DieCunst Crazy Fonts


Organa - Font Crazy Fonts


Ifera - Font Crazy Fonts

Ifera - Font


website themes

TOP Crazy Fonts 2020

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Marine fairytale typeface Font GLEB GURALNYK Graphics $17
Kexman Font + Cupcake Photos Font GLEB GURALNYK Graphics $17
Magic Curls Font GLEB GURALNYK Graphics $17
Spirals Font GLEB GURALNYK Graphics $17
Little Mess Font GLEB GURALNYK Graphics $17
Ghost Font EDRICSTUDIO Graphics $17
Fiver 5 Fonts Family Font GLEB GURALNYK Graphics $17
Pin up font and illustration Font GLEB GURALNYK Graphics $17
Cream alphabet Font GLEB GURALNYK Graphics $17
Bright Calligraphy PSD Font GLEB GURALNYK Graphics $17
Bakery Font miminoshka Web Design Templates $20
Phoenix Font NREY Art & Culture $23
Amsterdam Font NREY Art & Culture $20
Arigato Font NREY Art & Culture $20
Mokoto Glitch Typeface Font 59a9159469e53 Art & Culture $17
Nichodelia Font Pack Font ZaremBladeford Art Templates $17
Incognito Font Pack Font ZaremBladeford Art Templates $17
DieCunst Font NREY Art & Culture $20
Organa - Font TypeFaithFonts Art & Culture $17
Ifera - Font ZaremBladeford Web Design Templates $17

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