3 Must-Have Tools for Holiday Season Marketing

Wondering how to attract the most attention and maximize your sales this holiday season? This is not your average list post with recommended tools. These are cutting-edge, powerful platforms that really add value and marketing muscle.

And this time of year, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need as much firepower as you can get. Free icon sets are great and all, but they aren’t enough. You need to amplify a message or improve the presentation of a product so much that consumers simply can’t resist.

You need to supercharge your marketing channels and make your holiday-themed campaigns pop with personality and allure. We’re talking viral contests, eye-catching video clips, and sophisticated email templates.

If you are ready to add some tools to your seasonal toolkit, look no further.

Here are three game-changing platforms to help you drive sales during the holidays.

#1: Create Compelling Video Ads with Promo by Slidely

While text-based content still reigns supreme in boosting SEO efforts, video content is what rules the roost in terms of discovery, engagement, education, and driving sales.

In fact, merely placing a product video on a landing page can boost conversions by a whopping 80%.

But you’re looking to reach more people with your holiday videos than a landing page is capable of on its own. In which case, we turn to social media.

While advertising on Instagram can certainly have its benefits, Facebook is the most powerful for video ads. Between the platform’s reach, video engagement statistics, and powerful targeting options, Facebook is ideal for promoting video content during the holidays – and Promo by Slidely is the perfect platform for creating the video adverts that you’ll post to Facebook.

Promo is a beautifully designed and easy-to-use visual content platform that makes generating video adverts incredibly simple. Promo features everything a brand needs for creating short high-quality videos, including an easy text editor, the ability to upload a custom logo, and tag-indexed royalty-free footage and music.

The system features collections of pre-designed and customizable holiday video ads, and a video creator interface that even the most novice marketer will find a breeze.

This tool is a must-have for any brand this holiday season.

#2: Create Engaging Seasonal Contests with Rafflecopter

Even during the holidays, people love a good social media contest.

Clothing retail brand Land’s End proved this notion with its #SantaForADay contest, in which the company tweeted out a variety of questions. Followers who answered correctly won Land’s End gift cards. This campaign allowed the merchant to win on Twitter every day.

The company wisely partnered with various influencers to promote the contest, and they are also hosting a seasonal sweepstake where contestants play games for a chance to win additional prizes.

This effort has created substantial buzz and engagement around Land’s End, and the gift cards have likely helped bolster sales as well.

Land’s End isn’t the only brand that knows how to engage holiday shoppers with a sweepstake. Last year, T-Mobile ran its 12 Days of Magenta sweepstakes, where the company gave away various products like headphones and speakers for 12 days to customers who detailed how they would use the product if they won.

The key to running a great contest like these lies in a great contest management tool. That’s where Rafflecopter comes into play.

Rafflecopter is a social media marketing tool that assists organizations in managing contests and giveaways. While the tool does work outside of social media, its best application is within these portals as its reach is amplified and influencers can be leveraged to support the effort.

This platform provides businesses with everything they need to hold a successful giveaway: voter verification features, analytics, email collection elements, branding components, and tons of other valuable features.

Here’s a bonus tip: Combine your Rafflecopter contest efforts with Twitter automation services like Narrow. This can be a powerful mix as tools like Narrow can help extend the reach of your campaign without much human intervention. Just pin a tweet promoting your contest to the top of your feed, and set Narrow to auto-follow contest hounds. They’ll know what to do next.


#3: Compose Visually Stunning Emails with GetResponse

Email is still one of the most effective marketing channels available. During Black Friday 2016, email was responsible for 27% of all sales. Compare that to paid and organic search, which both failed to reach 20%.

These stats illustrate the need for a powerful yet flexible email marketing system. A robust and popular option is GetResponse.

GetResponse is a widely-recognized email marketing solution that supplies users with drag-and-drop workflow builders and email editors in addition to A/B testing components that enable testing for subject lines, message designs, and everything else that goes into a great email.

GetResponse also features hundreds of beautifully designed templates and more than 1,000 free iStock images that can be customized for your brand’s unique needs.

Finally, the platform houses an in-editor mobile preview to ensure that your emails appear perfect, no matter the device they are viewed on. This is extremely important considering that roughly 68% of emails are opened on mobile devices. What might be the tool’s most valuable feature, though, is its shopping cart abandonment emails. These are vital, since cart abandonment rates worldwide have reached nearly 75%.

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December is one of the most profitable months for retailers nationwide. Don’t miss out on your most lucrative season by failing to implement valuable supplemental tools that can help drive massive surges in sales. You deserve to land on top, and these tools will help you get there.

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