Top 5 TV Series For and About Techies

Do you breathe fire and brimstone every time somebody uses a computer in a movie or a TV show?

I mean, it’s always such a sorry-looking sight. Chaotic typing on a keyboard, stealing all the Pentagon passwords in 3 clicks and less than 1 minute. All those non-existent instruments that solve problems by magic. All those geeks without taste or social skills.

Somehow, the people behind the camera never seem to understand what makes IT so interesting. Why can’t they just make something that will show how it is in the real world?

Actually, some of them have already accomplished this. They managed to shoot five interesting TV shows about the tech world as it is. Choose one and spend the whole weekend binging on a first-rate series. Also, don't forget to take a look at our movie website templates and TV show WordPress theme while taking breaks between the episodes.

Mr. Robot

If you’re into sociopathy, social anxiety, and depression, Mr. Robot would be a perfect choice for a melancholic/paranoid weekend.

The main character, Elliot, possesses all the pleasant characteristics mentioned above, but he is a tech world Batman. Working as a cybersecurity specialist by day, he is known as a hacker-slash-avenger by night. Elliott fights the system, society, his own complexes and principles, and the whole wide world.

Most of the fans and experts see eye-to-eye on the realism that the show manages to achieve while showing the tech world and its dark chapters.

(The trailer for season 1)

Halt and Catch Fire

Being a typical millennial born in the 90’s, I just love the 80’s! It’s so charming with its Depeche Mode, Tetris, and IBM. That was quite an epoch.

Halt and Catch Fire tells a story about those times through the lense of dreamer, engineer, and genius Joe MacMillan. (Boy do they love making shows about prodigies.) It’s the 80’s outside, so everybody’s crazy about computer innovations, and Joe’s got a lot of ideas.

Here's a show about what happens when big ideas meet big industry and when dreams meet reality. It shows everything from a charismatic, atmospheric, and realistic point of view.

(The trailer for season 1)

Silicon Valley

Here’s some lighthearted fun, which everybody likes. I mean EVERYBODY — including people from Silicon Valley (the actual one).

The series tells the story of six young programmers from San Francisco who are trying to start their own business in Silicon Valley. The show is full of inside jokes. There’s this anonymous answer on Quora, where they mention how they managed to make the show seem so true — from the idealization of Steve Jobs to using a lot of buzzwords to the insane rent prices in San Francisco and so on.

The creators of the show managed to showcase all the ups and downs of the industry because some of them were walking in the shoes of the startups in Silicon Valley. Choose this series for some good fun from industry insiders.

(The trailer for season 1)

The IT Crowd

If you want inside jokes about tech support and smaller offices, and you're keen on British humor, choose The IT Crowd.

The main characters of the show don’t create startups. They work in information technology support and make fun of their own existence.

All veneer of big corporations that we see is just the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile, there is some hard work going on behind the scenes. The IT Crowd allows you to see one of thousands of different “invisible” departments and have a good laugh, too.

(the moment about tech support from the show)

Black Mirror

Now for something completely different, let’s talk about Black Mirror. It’s a dystopian drama in the manner of Twilight Zone about the dark places technology can lead the humanity to.

What would happen if we could watch our memories as a video? What if we could buy a robot that looks exactly like a deceased spouse? Black Mirror answers these questions, and you’ll have a nightmare about the answers later that night.

There’s also something for the metaphor lovers: the name of the show refers to the reflection effect you see on a turned-off TV or computer monitor.

(the fan-made trailer)

Here are our top picks of the best series about the tech world. Choose one as the mood takes you and share your thoughts with us. Don’t forget that “the human spirit must prevail over technology” (Albert Einstein).

Emily Hunt

Emily once launched the online educational course at TemplateMonster. In her articles at MonsterPost, you can find many valuable insights on how to market and optimizer your digital assets.

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