9 Best Business Tech Trends that will Rule in 2018

With advances in technology, business tactics have changed. Customers need quicker and better results. Therefore, all business companies try to update their strategies and include advanced trends in their work. And with each passing year, the competition gets tougher and tougher, and so it’s only fair that these strategies get better. Here we will discuss some business tactics that are trending in 2018.

1. Use of Robots

Tech Trends

Robots or virtual engineers have taken over a lot of work that used to be done by man force and will continue to do so even this year. Many companies believe that using artificial intelligence not only proves to be time efficient, but it also provides a great deal of accuracy. We have already seen robotic bots used in multiple areas like:

  • Image recognition,
  • Biometrics or
  • Filtering out spam messages;

However, with passing years the artificial intelligence could be used for more significant purposes that can eventually help society and the environment.

2. Online security

Tech Trends

While there are advances, there are always going to be people who will exploit them. With the recent outburst of security breach and rise of hackers everywhere, cybersecurity has become one of the primary concerns.

  • One way to deal with, seen on most websites these days, is to have a strong password-based not only on words but there should be the addition of numbers and lowercase letter, etc., decreasing the probability of getting hacked.
  • A more effective way is the use of biometrics. Finger sensors are almost everywhere, and they are far more specific than word password. Therefore, we will see projects more secure than before.
  • Website speed is ever-trending. Since websites are a huge part of the technology business trends, the importance of their loading time will gain a boost every advancing day. So, the significance of a highly competent web hosting service will keep growing. Before you make a choice, make sure that you go through trustable online resources that talk about web hosting reviews.

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3. Augmented Reality (AR)

This technology helps to incorporate virtual world into your real word. It involves multiple senses including visual, auditory, haptic and even olfactory. This doesn’t sound awesome, it is awesome, and we see it in so many places without actually realizing that it is augmented reality. Say e.g.

  • The viral game, Pokémon Go, which was the highlight of the year 2017, worked on the augmented reality.
  • Similarly, BMW users can experience a custom ride with this technology.
  • Many cosmetics companies use it for giving customers an idea about how their product will look on them, without them buying it.

And we are sure that this technology will go beyond this and will be integrated into so many fields. It has also been used in surgical procedures, which is a highlight! Not only this, we have seen Apple Company introducing this with their talking emoticons and Android has also promised that they will be contributing to augmented reality with ARCore project. With the advent of latest technology and high-grade smart devices, a lot of people are now setting up a website with the inclusion of augmented reality. This feature also enhances the UX and let website owners stand to be one step ahead of its competitor.

4. Chatbot

The idea of Chatbot has been around for a while now, but often customers are not satisfied because they don’t end up solving their queries. Nonetheless, Nonetheless, we will see a rise of effective Chatbot in this year. They are efficient due to some reasons including:

  • Quick and effective interaction with people to understand a product,
  • Getting feedbacks about what they might think can be improved,
  • Helping and guiding them to do things on their own on a webpage like helping them book a ticket online,
  • Giving them an expert's opinion on what to buy.

Overall, Chatbot provides an opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper level, ultimately leading to satisfied customers.

5. Data usage and accessibility


Data is considered precious in today’s world. All the work that has been done on data collecting and analyzing in past decades is now going to come in handy when it is time to use it. With artificial intelligence, it is easier to compile and arrange all the required data and use it for the betterment of the company and the people.
Simultaneously, data accessibility won't be restricted to big sectors and companies, but it will be made available to smaller companies too. A simple logical reason to this is all the advancement in the quality and extends of data that makes it requires a lot of efforts and manpower to keep it hidden, therefore making it accessible to everyone is easier and affordable.

6. Use of Facial Recognition

We talked about finger sensors before, but facial recognition technology is also going big and strong. Not only this, it provides

  • Security
  • Is more convenient and
  • Time-saving

We have already seen these features introduced in the new iPhone X with its Face ID technology. However, this technology can and is used in other areas like unlocking your car with your eyes or nose. With more advancement, the application of this technology can be limitless.

7. Use of digital Coupons

Another improvement in the digital world is to replace paper coupons with digital ones, and they are a lot easier to use. Several promo code sites offer codes or redeem card to provide discounts and bumper offers on many of the products. Providing discounts or introducing sales that can be availed online while sitting in the home is a great attraction. To activate them, all you have to do is download an app on your phone and register your shopper's card, and you are good to go!

8. Use of Cloud


As mentioned before about the abundance of data, it is only logical to require a technology that can store it and is also accessible whenever required. The easiest and the most effective answer in such a scenario is to use Cloud. Due to some restriction, not all the information can be saved in Cloud, but it is still a great way to store all the data we have safely. Therefore, making it a default choice is a valid option.

9. 5G


It is one of the newer concepts, but the results look promising. The aim is to achieve higher wireless speeds and low latency, two of the obvious reasons to attract customers.

  • The high speeds and capacities allow users to experience things without lagging and slowing down your work which is great because it reduces frustration.
  • Also, it provides security; this is where the low latency comes in.

The speed is so quick that a file that can be downloaded in 24 hours on a 3G device can be downloaded in seconds with 5G.

Final thought:

These were just 9 of the finest advances seen in 2018 regarding business, and we can say with absolute certainty that with a rise in competition there will be far more advancements in technology. We will keep you updated with any other cool and effective tech that gets introduced with time. Stay tuned!

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