The 10 Best Free Email Service Providers for Your Business [Infographic]

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E-mail is one of the most revolutionary inventions of our time. It makes it possible to communicate with people who are separated by distance.

Although, more than 80% of e-mail today is spam, this type of communication is still one of the most frequently used in the world. In business, email templates not just an option but a necessity.

We all know there are some different email services, so you can choose any and start your registration. They are all almost free and have similar functions. E-mail providers offer to write SMS, protect your system against spam or watch drafts. Now it is also possible to choose the background of your inbox, play online games, etc.

Top features to look for in a great business email provider

E-mail providers offer quite a lot regarding email hosting, but still, some of them are more useful for your business needs than others.

Let’s check the list of things you pay attention to while choosing an e-mail provider for your business:

  • filtering spam messages;
  • stability of the service;
  • integration with the other programs and tools you already use;
  • security of your account;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • presence of additional advanced features;
  • storage;
  • reputation.

It’s convenient to use the same e-mail provider within one company. It does not look professional if your colleagues send e-mails to your clients or partners from different e-mail services.

The 10 best (free) email service providers for your business

Below we will discuss the common free email services, and the choice is yours.


Email Service Providers

Gmail is one of the best and most popular e-mail providers. Whatever device you use, Gmail mail is always at hand. Undo send, e-mail forwarding, search utility are the features this reputable provider offers for his users.

Your personal and business information is well protected with multiple layers of security. Also, Gmail users appreciate the integration with the tools like Google Calendar, Google Docs, and others.

Email Service Providers

Microsoft's is another top e-mail provider. Along with a convenient and beautiful interface, this promising service offers many other nice features. Among them are unlimited space for emails and attachments, easy recovery of deleted messages, creating aliases for your email, fast spam blocking and integration with social networks.

iCloud mail

iCloud mail

Apple fans prefer using iCloud as an e-mail provider. Your Apple ID can be associated with the iCloud e-mail address.

This popular e-mail provider offers some basic and advanced features, e.g., security verification feature, spam protection and others. The cloud-based tools like a calendar notes, and reminders are also included.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is one of the oldest and most popular on the Internet. The most impressive feature of the service is 1000 GB storage capacity. The e-mail provider offers anti-spam protection, SSL security mode.

All Yahoo! Mail contacts can be exported to other accounts, such as Gmail, Outlook, and other social networks.

Being a user of Yahoo! Mail, you get access to other Yahoo resources like news portals, finance, sport, music, movies, etc.


AOL mail

AOL mail is one of the oldest free e-mail services. In the summer of 2012, AOL Mail had some interface changes, and it was the first significant update for the last six years.

Unlimited mailbox capacity, spam and virus protection, support of multiple domain names, including,,, and make this service quite attractive for users.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a service for managing multiple domains, creating new ones and connecting mail hosting to existing ones. The system works in the cloud, is available from any device and offers opportunities for communication within the company and with customers.

Also, the service provides analytics, reporting, and custom branding options. Free tariff: 25 users, up to 5 GB. Calendar options and notes are offered.

GMX Email

GMX Email

GMX Mail is popular free e-mail service in Western Europe. The service belongs to the company United Internet (Germany).

Your GMX email account includes a collector (mail collector from other email services), address book, organizer, and cloud-based file storage. Additional functionality: unlimited mailbox size, electronic signature, auto answer features, anti-virus and anti-spam system, etc.

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Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is a free e-mail service from Yandex (Russian large search engine). There are automatic spam filtering and virus checking systems. The package offers a built-in translator. You can view the attached files in the mail interface. Unlimited mailbox size. Calendar, schedule of meetings, and to-do lists.

More than 130 million letters are sent through Yandex Mail daily. is a free mail service and an excellent choice for a small business.

About 200 different domain names allow you to choose the most appropriate e-mail address for your needs.

The built-in security system protects you from spam and viruses. Online calendar, to make your plans and to-do lists, is also available.


Lycos is quite easy to use e-mail service. Its history began in the early 1990s, but it still offers a host of services, one of which is free email service.

Such features as the inbox, spam folder, trash, contacts, and calendar are available for users. There are few complicated elements in the interface – it's pretty basic.


Nowadays it is hard to imagine a person without an e-mail account. How do you choose the best email service provider? It is essential to find the e-mail package which meets your business and personal needs.

Make sure you check inbox storage, attachment features, and security options while looking for the best service to use.

Hopefully, this article has guided you through the most popular free email accounts to determine which one is best for you.

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