Email Marketing Tips and Tricks for Small Business Owners

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of the people. Though most of the business owners feel that email marketing has lost its importance due to the other options like social but the statistics have something else to say. As per the recent, information, it is found that 7 out of 10 people use the coupons that come to them via emails. Similarly, around 50% of the people indulge in the purchase because of the customised emails sent to them. So it's obvious that Email Marketing is not dead.

It is definitely the best way to seek the attention of your customers and get traffic. This, in turn, can be used to convert the traffic into sales. So you can say that email Email Marketing still holds importance especially if you plan it in a better way. It is all about how you channelize the things and move it in the right direction.

So here are some of the top Email Marketing Tips that you can follow for your small business.

Have a motive in mind – Before you get started with the email marketing you need to understand the purpose of the marketing, and what the people should do when they receive your email. Once you have the clear idea make sure the subject line of your email fulfills the same and is attention-grabbing. The right email marketing can not only get you new customers but can help to keep them engaged to your business, build and strengthen the bond. So having a purpose is definitely good as you know what you are doing.

Easy registration – The very first thing that you want the people to do is register to your site. Now making it a long process will definitely move the interest of the users to keep it simple. Just an email address and the name is enough to register. Then you can provide them the option of registering is social media. Offering different ways to register will help to get people from several platforms thus increasing the list.

Customise the emails – Customization is something that is very fruitful to bring the customers to your site or web portal. So why not take advantage of the same and sent personalized messages that will prove beneficial. Keep your niche in mind and create emails which have precise information with images to catch their attention. Guide them at every step so that it proves to be a hassle-free experience for them.


Simple and to the point text – Now the content of your email is significant as it has to be short and to the point. Nobody has the time to read long messages and so keeping it short will help you to engross the users. If they read the entire message, they will show interest in it. So the content that you add to your email must be designed carefully as it can leave a long-lasting impression on your customers which is essential for any business owner.

Use social media to the fullest - In the present time, social media is certainly a big platform to get new customers so why combine it with email marketing to extend the list. This is yet another way to increase the list of subscribers by using the various platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and much more. Make sure the people understand why they are adding to your list as this will help them to connect better with you. So using social media can surely make a big difference.

Keep in touch – Even after the customers have purchased from you, make sure you keep a regular touch with them through emails. It is because you need to build your relation with them and keep telling them about the new offers or deals you have for them. If in case you stop sending mails there are chances that they might not come back or even look for other options. So it is always good to keep in touch with your existing clients as you can get repeated business from them. Also, make sure it has the information which they are looking for so that they get interested in it.

Mobile friendly – There is no doubt about the fact that the most of the users rely on their mobiles to read the mails and that is why it is necessary to optimize the same for different kinds of mobile devices. Earlier people did not have any strategy for the same, but today it has become a necessity to ponder over this aspect. Today 80% of the users access the internet on their mobiles, and so you need to ensure that your emails are easy to reach on the gadgets as well. This will definitely make a difference as you can target more users through it.

Watch out your competitors – In order to stand out in the crowd, you need to know what your competitors are doing, how they are getting new clients, which approaches are being followed, etc. This will help you to understand as which techniques or tactics are result oriented and will help you in the long term. There is nothing to copy, but you get an idea, and you can surely try something similar that would suit your business.

Cross and up selling – If you want your customers to come back, you will have to follow these tactics. For example, you can take the example of the leading online stores wherein once you view their products or purchase it, they give you options similar to that through the emails. Now what they are doing is trying to get you interested in other products too. This is cross-selling and trying to grab your attention. So pay attention to what your customers are looking for and recommend them better options to match their taste and preferences.

Frequency – This is definitely an important concern because you need to stay in touch on a regular basis. Sending one or two emails in a month is enough because if send too many they may lead to unsubscribe as well. People look out for genuine mails that are useful for them rather than the spam ones. So maintain a frequency that you can handle. Do not consider it as a way to communicate as you can make use of other platforms for it and keep the emails strictly professional.

No spam – Many times the small business owners complain of spam, and that is when they need to catch hold of the same. So make sure your emails are genuine and have all the information that is true. If the users get a feeling that there is something fake it is sure to disturb the reputation of your business and spoil the image too. Therefore you need to be careful and ensure everything is genuine. No spam will lead to a better bond with your customers which will reflect in the sales.

Choose the correct time – Now this is crucial because you want the mails to be read and that is why you have to find the time when the people are free. For example, Saturday and Sundays are the weekends and the best time to send the emails. People are free, and there are high chances that your mails will get noticed. Also, you can send emails during the evenings when people are coming back to home. So you need to be cautious and choose the time based on the different factors that would influence your sales.


Attractive mail – Both the design and the content of the email have equal importance, and that is why you need to focus on them. For the design, there are lots of software’s that you can use. These have drag and drop features which make it easy to create a fabulous email that will be loved by the people. Then comes your content as you have to include quality information with the correct link so that the people can be directed to the concerned page. All this is essential as a part of the Small Business Marketing Tips, and you need to follow the same.

Use of the analytics tool – Now this can be useful as the tool will help you to get an idea about the new subscribers, who added you to the list, how many of them took your email seriously, who have unsubscribed and lots more. Based on the information you can change things accordingly and see the difference yourself.

Evaluate your marketing – No matter how much traffic or sales you are getting from the current email marketing campaign but there is always room for improvement. So it is a good idea to re-evaluate the same on a regular basis to see how things are going and what can be done next for more revenue. Thus you will be able to understand which things are not working for you. Thus you can remove or modify the strategy to get the desired outcomes.

So if you ponder on all the above 15 Small Business Marketing Tips, you will surely be able to get some subscribers added to your list. It is just about your relationship with them that will help you to get sales. Try building a bond with them, understand what they are looking for and how you can help them. All this, when put together, will give you the right results you have been waiting for. Hope the tips really prove helpful in gaining the attention of the people.

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