Accordion Checkout. Just Modern Solution or a Real Advantage of Your

If you have some eCommerce experience, you are aware that the main goal of eCommerce is to lead your customer to the Buy button, and only when the purchase is finished you may talk about a certain positive result. The biggest number of customers just scroll down pages with goods, compare prices and leave. And not just because they haven’t found what they needed. There may be lots of other reasons. One of them can be the difficulties your customers come across trying to fill in the checkout.

It is quite clear that everybody longs to deal with a user-friendly interface where all details aim to simplify the task and perform the functions of guiding lines. Puzzles are out of place when we want to get the desired product. And now imagine how an average customer feels when he has finally found the item and wants to buy it, but suddenly discovers an incredibly complicated checkout.

Stats says that no matter what type of checkout you use, it should be easy enough not to take lots of time. Still, it might be quite natural that the ability to see all the steps which are to be done can be rather helpful as your customer can be aware from the very beginning what he will need to do and every next step won’t be an unpleasant surprise for him. That is why accordion checkouts' popularity has distinctly increased. Let me emphasize the idea of the previous sentence be not misunderstood – the type of the checkout depends on your design and wishes, just don’t make it too complicated and demanding.

As for accordion checkout, I find it a quite good solution. It has a modern look, you can see all the fields you are to fill in, and figures state that accordion-style checkouts score 19.2% better in checkout usability than tab-based checkouts. By the way, Apple is one of the most famous accordions check-out examples.

But there is always a place for some pitfalls, no matter how good the idea is. Choosing the accordion-type of the checkout be attentive enough with a browser Back button. Very often it can become some disappointment for your customers as pressing it they may wish to go to the previous step, but in the most accordion-style checkouts it brings you to the previous Url and this can cause the checkout abandonment. The frustration because of the checkout is not the result your customers want to get.

To improve your checkout usability don’t forget to implement not only a pleasant look of the design (which is also rather important), but try to avoid some popular mistakes.

Today the average checkout can face clients with the following unpleasant and frustrating moments:

  • 5.08 checkout steps – too long and complicated solution
  • account registration (about 24% of checkouts have the step)
  • their newsletter is a must have condition (81%)
  • address validators (41%)
  • repeatition of the same questions (50%)

So, you have discovered the pros and cons of the checkout type and in order to support our words, we offer you a good example of an accordion checkout which you can find below.

It is up to you what checkout design to choose, but you will, certainly, agree that the accordion solution looks pretty good and if you follow the recommendations above you will manage to please your customers with the checkout that won’t lead to the shopping cart abandonment, but will be one more advantage of your store. Just take a closer glance and start your eCommerce project improvement.

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