Want to Track Customer Behavior Under the Loupe? Let Us Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Site Blazing Fast

When we were kids, we all played that blindfold game that was believed to help develop a sixth sense. And it was fun until someone stumbled over a stone, fell down, grazed their knee and started yelling at the sight of blood. After all the neighbours rushed over to check what was going on, the game was over.

If you don’t want your business to be over just like that child’s game, you can’t run it blindfold. Relying on your intuition seems like a brave strategy for cool guys, but let’s face the truth. Unless you have a prophet in your family tree, your guesswork will get you nowhere.

And why on earth should you run this risk if you can look at your business under a magnifying glass. All you need for this is to add Google Analytics to WordPress. It’s one of the best WordPress plugins providing the accurate data on everything that happens on your site. Being a well-informed entrepreneur, you’ll make smart business decisions that will bring you actual results.

We know that it takes time to install and configure plugins. And we are pretty sure that you have a lot of other things to take care of instead of bothering with the plugin installation and configuration. That’s why the team at our Service Center is ready to add Google Analytics to your site in the shortest time possible. Learn more about the details of this TemplateMonster offer.

Order Google Analytics Installation

How to Get Google Analytics Installed on Your Site

  1. Request our Service Center to install Google Analytics on your site.
  2. Tell our Service Center member the details to access your server, where the WordPress theme is installed.
  3. Go have fun while we add Google Analytics to your site. In three hours, our specialist will contact you to report on the successful plugin installation and ask you to check it out yourself.

add Google Analytics

How Much Does It Cost to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Setting up Google Analytics on WordPress won’t cost you much. This is actually one of the cheapest services TemplateMonster offers. It costs only $19, which is equal to a cup of coffee or two with your favorite cupcakes. Now imagine how many tasks you can complete during those three hours or how many episodes of Game of Thrones you can watch. Let our team clear your busy schedule a little bit.

Order Google Analytics Installation

You are walking a fine line if you are still thinking whether or not to install Google Analytics on WordPress. Don’t wait for the moment when your business flops, and you’ll have to start everything all over again from the ground up. Simply contact our Service Center, and we will add Google Analytics to WordPress for you. In the meantime, you’ll have an opportunity to take a break and enjoy yourself.

add Google Analytics

P.S. Some of your friends may need to add a website to Google Analytics, but don’t know how. Tell them about this cheap offer by sharing it on social media.

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