Change The Atmosphere With Vintage And Luxury Art Deco Fonts

Art deco is the first international art. And you still can find many art deco artifacts in our culture. There are building made according to art deco styles like the Empire State Building, or many less famous buildings in London. And of course, you will find a lot of art deco artifacts in France.

Art deco was popular in the first half of the XX century. For artists and commoners of those times, it represented luxury, art, sophisticated taste. But most importantly art deco was a part of industrial and social progress in the humanity of the XX century.

But for us, it is more important than art deco is a very original design style and has its own highly recognizable appearance. You can use art deco design elements to create a vintage atmosphere or when it comes to roaring twenties web design.

Since every design consists of many elements designers tend to search for these design elements separately to obtain more options. And it is important for any art deco web design projects. After all, even the smallest detail is important.

This is why we present you art deco web fonts. They were developed to help you edit your design project or website. Listed art deco fonts provide you with many options when it comes to website design editing. And even if your site doesn't follow art deco website style you can use listed web fonts to refresh design or add more vintage art deco elements.

Top 10 List Of Art Deco Fonts For Web Design

Bootleggers Font

Bootleggers Font

As the name implies this font was designed to create a vintage atmosphere of 1920 gangsters. And when designers developed this font they found inspiration in art deco style. Which made it possible for Bootleggers font to get into our list of art deco fonts.

It is also a great option for those designers who want something gothic. Add more dark tones and voila you have victorian gothic vintage.

HAUS - Sans Family Font

HAUS - Sans Family Font

We've added HAUS to the list of top art deco fonts to give you something unordinary and bright. HAUS is a perfect choice for bright backgrounds and it still looks like an art deco font.

It includes 389 glyphs, with subscripts, superscripts, and ligatures.

Just go to the product page and you will see that HAUS is a great option for a design that needs an art deco style font, but intends to create a simple web design and use various color schemes.

Dezert Font

Dezert Font

All those curvy elements, geometrical bendings, and the design idea made Dezert Font strict, vintage, and serious. Most impressive about this font is that Dezert Font can be both corporate and elegant at the same time. And we recommend you to use this feature in your projects.

It will be a great idea to play with Dezert Font when it comes to the development of logos, signs, posters, and so on.

Even more: this font includes unique glyphs made in 6 styles. It means that you can play with this font as you wish.

Decolot Font

Decolot Font

As the name implies this font was developed specially for deco art web designs. And designers succeeded in creation of a font that suits art deco, yet at the same time looks quite unusual and eye-catchy.

Decolot is a multipurpose font thanks to simple geometric elements combined in an original way. And it will serve you in many projects like posters design, invitations, headlines, cards, scrapbooking and so on.

With Decolot it will be easy to create something luxurious or vintage. Or you can add more silver tones and create a strict design.

Alvens - Stylish Display Font

Alvens - Stylish Display Font

Alvens Display font suits art deco designs and provides you with stylistic alternatives. It means that you can use Alvens not only in art deco design but in other design styles too. So do not hesitate to play with this font in case you want to create something original. 

And if you want to change color or edit letter shapes then you can easily do it in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word.

Haredang - Bold Script Font

Haredang - Bold Script Font

In case you need something elegant then try out Haredang art deco font. This font looks great, especially if you use this elegant font for a magazine website design. Or wedding agency, florist store, coffee delivery company and so on and so on. There are tons of things you can do with this font so do not be shy to play with a design using Haredang bold script font.


Lorina Stylist Typeface Font

Lorina Stylist Typeface Font

Lorina is a more bright web font. And thanks to its designer it is easy to say that this font represents art deco web style. You can easily decorate an empire state building with Lorina. Or your wedding website, of course.

It includes numbers and a full pack of punctuations. In addition, it has many signs and letters that make Lorina multilingual.

Russel Dexter - Retro Vintage Script Font

Russel Dexter - Retro Vintage Script Font

It is obvious that Russel Dexter designers found inspiration in a 1920th style. And it looks like a great option for a vintage sign of a circus. Like in old Disney cartoons. And such a feature definitely adds some spices to a design developed with Russel Dexter. 

And since it is a 1920s style it suits art deco style too. And if you play with colors it will lose the similarity with Disney cartoons and became a good choice for logos, posters, clothing design, and website design. It will be especially great choice if you want to use for quotations.

Hansville - Sans Family Font

Hansville - Sans Family Font

Hansville is a web font developed in the black and yellow color scheme. It is a very authentic scheme for art deco and suits perfectly art deco web design. Yet, it will suit other styles too. It is sans serif font family and this is why it is perfect for creating logos, packagings, mugs, and so on. You can easily use it with Adobe software or Microsoft Word.

Good Vibes - Modern Neon Display Font

Good Vibes - Modern Neon Display Font

Good Vibes is a modern design created in a retro vibe. This is why it looks more like a font from 80th. Yet, due to its shape, it is easy to use this font in art deco projects. Especially if you want to create original art deco website design and it is important to create an eye-catchy design.

After all, if an art deco style was popular in 1980th then it will definitely use some neon colors.

And if you change color scheme you will get a strict font that suits art deco design.

A few more art deco fonts for your design:

  1. Art Deco Bundle
  2. Waverly CF: art deco sans-serif font
  3. Rothko Modern Art Deco Display Font
  4. Brilon Font + Extras
  5. Aviator - Elegant Art Deco Font
  6. Retro Deco
  7. Naive Deco Sans Font Collection

We decided that the top 10 list is good, but you may want to have some more art deco fonts added to this article. Check them out too and find out more about modern designers’ work and what they propose to customers in the art deco design.

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✨What is an art deco font?

Art deco is an industrial, architectural, and art style from the 1920th. Obviously, it will be easier to google some images then read info. Long story short art deco design elements should be vintage, symmetrical, strictly shaped, and look a bit metallic. If you want to be sure than ask yourself if someone put a sign with this font on the Empire State Building would will they match each other?

✨Where can I buy an art deco font?

You can find art deco fonts on any website or design marketplace. And you can purchase them easily in few clicks. Then download the art deco font and use it for the next project. Yet, make sure that you have a correct license.

✨What types of licenses can I get for an art deco font?

There are 6 types of license and you can find detailed descriptions and prices on a product page. But here is a shortlist of licenses:
- Desktop licenses: unlimited use for you and your employees (a number of employees must be determined)
- Webfont 10k pageviews/month: this license allows you to install a font on your website if it doesn't exceed 10k pageviews per month
- Webfont 100k pageviews/month: same as the previous license but for 100k pageviews per month
- Webfont 1m pageviews/month: same as the previous license but for 1 million pageviews per month
- E-pub license for a limited number of e-books or other e-publications. Reselling or sublicensing is forbidden
- App license allows you to use this font in apps, videogames, and desktop software.

✨How to edit art deco fonts?

Most products are easy to edit. All you need is Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, or Microsoft Word.

✨How much does an art deco font cost?

Each product has its own price and you can find it on a product page. Just do not forget to choose a correct license type.

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