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Award certificate templates. Human life revolves around constant development. We learn and develop our character and skills, gain new professional knowledge, undergo various training workshops, pass online courses, and so on. People live and progress through constant learning, through achievements, and applying the acquired knowledge appropriately. The main thing in all this is to acknowledge the results of the newly acquired mental or physical development, to have some material proof, which can be displayed for different professional and personal purposes.

One means of such material proof is the award certificate. Some will think it is not necessary and believe that all gained experience can be shown in practice. Yes, that is true, but there are many cases when there is no time for this; in most instances, you should first exhibit the proven results of your knowledge and achievements to gain some trust and respect in advance. Thus, having award certificates is really a must.

Nowadays, all the courses, sporting events, pieces of training, and educational establishments promise to give award certificates. At the workplace, athletic competition, or some other personal cases, there is also a necessity to acknowledge achievements by giving a certificate of recognition. If you want to give the learners a piece of written evidence of their gained skills, appreciate someone's efforts, or acknowledge the results of their hard work, you should prepare the appropriate award certificates. So, getting some knowledge on how to create award certificates online or using a pre-designed award certificate template will be very helpful.

Types of Award Certificate Templates

  • The most common type is a certificate (diploma) for getting a degree from educational establishments, such as schools, colleges, or universities. Most of us have one of these at home. So, if you are a part of the educators or administrative group, most probably, you have the ready-made award template.
  • Other very popular awards certificates are given for different sports events. If you organize such events, make sure to get good certificates of achievement templates, so the winners will be able to put them in a visible spot for display.
  • Professional award certificates are also given for certain achievements in the career and professional sphere. If you are an employer or human resource department manager, regular acknowledgment of the employees will be beneficial, as it will give them the sense of being needed and appreciated by the company. When a person receives proof of their results, along with some appreciation, this motivates him or her to gain more results, to be more active, and to be loyal to the company that appreciates the efforts.
  • Supposedly, many people at least once have achieved some awards for taking part in a competition, contest, or event. Their organizers also usually create award certificates for the event. Thus, if you hold some contests, it is desirable to prepare attractive presentation certificates. For instance, if a person takes part in a charity run, it would please him or her if the organizers recognize their participation and valuable contribution to the global good.
  • A number of other special occasions deserve giving award certificates. If there is a birthday party, a special anniversary, or an important meeting, giving a creative certificate will bring some pleasant moments to the participants of the event.
  • Online courses such as Coursera offer certificates for their learners, which is an important bonus for the learners to highlight their professional skills on LinkedIn, Indeed, or other online platforms to find a new job.
  • What is more, plenty of services now offer gift certificates for goods or services. If your company sells some goods or services, consider suggesting gift certificates for the consumers, which they can exchange for products.

How to create Award Certificate Templates

In case you need an award certificate template for your personal or business purposes, you need to know how to make an award certificate. There are several possible ways: you can construct it using an online award certificate maker or get templates for award certificates. These methods are both appropriate, and each of them should result in a professional award certificate.

However, using award certificates templates, you'll get professionally prepared and neatly designed high-quality certificate templates. If you desire to create an award piece yourself, you'll need some good sample awards certificates and award write up examples. And of course, you'll need to choose from free online award certificates makers.

Online award certificate maker - free online software

If you search online, you'll see a variety of offerings on this subject. We'll consider making an award certificate in Canva. It has a variety of award examples, and you'll need to take several easy steps to make it.

  • You'll need to register an account.
  • After this, choose the desired sample award certificate from the site offerings.
  • Upload your pictures, visuals, or choose from the installed gallery.
  • Edit the visuals or use the filters.
  • Choose the appropriate fonts for the award certificate wording.
  • Adjust the background and colors on the sample.
  • Save the sample awards certificate and download it.

There are also other free platforms with similar steps for getting an award certificate sample. Some of them are CertificateMagic, Adobe Spark, 123certificate, etc.

Free templates for award certificates

Most likely, for a contemporary person, it is no problem to find the necessary templates free on the internet, as there are a number of resources that allow using samples, trial periods, and so on. To find an award certificate template is also not a challenging task. Thus, a number of relevant templates are available on AwardBox. To get ideas on how to prepare your own, look through the award certificate sample bundle on Pinterest. There are also services that allow downloading free certificates with a watermark.

The site Education World contains templates even for the youngest individuals, as they also love getting awards. They differ from the samples offered for adults by the use of funny pictures, simplicity, bright colors, and childish fonts. Certificates of achievement templates can be found on the aforementioned Canva, and other resources, often at no cost.

Templates for award certificates - premium solutions from TemplateMonster

If you want to appreciate or acknowledge people, give them the proof of their results, and decide to make award certificates, then consider using some of the premium solutions that are offered. These certificates of recognition will not gather dust somewhere on a shelf. The stylish, professional-looking award certificate templates will find a place in a visible location, and the person will be proud of their achievements.

Gift Certificate Template

Gift Certificate Template

Sistec Appreciation template

Sistec Appreciation template

Just look at this template, which looks respectable and luxurious. Its black and gold colors make it look bright and solid. It can be used for corporate goals, as a certificate for educational results, getting a degree, passing training, etc. It will please the honored person with its festive appearance. 

Sophisticated Modern template

Sophisticated Modern template

If you prefer a classic light-colored background on certificates, consider this template, which has a marvelous border. You can prepare your own certificate of recognition wording and paste it in the template using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Classic Appreciation Certificate 

Classic Appreciation Certificate 

Furthermore, this one will be a great solution for educational purposes with its classic and respectable appearance. At the same time, it can be used to recognize professional attributions and other gains. 

Technical template

Technical template

More narrowly focused and designed for technical or scientific achievements, this certificate, which has a polygonal pattern and lines, looks very academic, and anyone who receives such a sign of recognition will be happy to boast of it. This template is also printable and editable, and can be used on a permanent basis for acknowledging the results of your students. 

Art Sign Certificate

Art Sign Certificate

This template provides you with a choice of blue, orange, paste, red, and green colors for a certificate. Use different colors and add creativity to your certificates. 

Memphis Award Certificate template 

Memphis Award Certificate template 

It looks very creative and trendy, doesn’t it? Its design is multipurpose; however, it will suit exceptionally for making awards certificates in the art sphere or advertisement category. 

 Rechar Achievement

 Rechar Achievement

One of the newest offerings, the modern and minimalistic corporate template will please the recipient with its visually appealing look and professional design. It can be used for multiple purposes, such as career recognition, degree acquirement, the completion of courses, personal gains, and so on.

Final words

It is highly recommended to appreciate the efforts of learners, employees, and participants. When a person makes some achievement, gains a result, makes something valuable for a group or community, or himself/herself, it is a good idea to acknowledge these contributions. It is not complicated and can be done for little to no cost, so don't disregard the opportunity to appreciate individual contributions. These simple steps can do great things such as motivate a person, provide a feeling of completion during a certain step in their life, give them proof of their results, acceptance, and recognition.

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