Nanny Resume Examples. How to Write an Excellent Babysitter, Nanny or Child Care Provider Resume

Babysitter resume! The profession of being a babysitter isn’t that old; it appeared in the 20th century and can be called a pretty new profession compared to many others. This field is quite popular nowadays and it’s not so easy to be hired for such a position. So, today let’s talk about the babysitter profession, for whom it can be interesting, some peculiarities of the profession, and so on and so forth. Nanny resume.

You’re going to find out how to write an excellent babysitter resume, what you should put in the objective section, what’s important to include in the job description and skills sections, and how to get hired for such a position. All in all, you’re going to know how to put babysitting on a resume. You’ll get some babysitting resume examples so you can choose your own style of resume writing. The most interesting part of today’s agenda will be a list of the coolest babysitting Resume Templates you can use for writing your resume. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Nanny Resume Templates

Template Name Format Cover Letter Price
Nanny & Babysitter Resume Template PSD + $2
Creative Nanny Resume PSD - $7
Resume Template for Babysitter JPG, PDF, AI, EPS, PSD + $8
Melanine Fox Resume Template.  WORD, EPS, AI, + $13
Tennyson Word Resume Template. AI, EPS, PSD and DOCX  + $9

How to Write a Babysitting Resume or Nanny resume

As the profession of a babysitter is quite popular today, the rivalry is quite high. It’s important to write a good resume to impress your potential bosses (the parents of the child or children) and hopefully you can be hired. Resumes for babysitting aren’t that difficult to write.

If you think that resumes are not important in this field, just imagine this simple situation. You’re a couple of working-class parents and want to hire a babysitter for your child. You’ve got two employees to consider. One has an excellent resume with appropriate skills, good experience, and goals.

Another has a poor resume where the skills section looks poorly written, with no experience, etc. To whom would you give the privilege of watching your child? My guess–the first one. Of course, you might say that these are just unnecessary papers and that real experience is more important than anything on paper. But remember the case with the two potential workers. The sign of good experience and a great resume is real power!

So, to write a good babysitting resume, just follow the simple general resume writing and designing rules I’ll be showing you. First of all, write a good objective section, explain your skills, and share your experience thoroughly. I’ll present more tips to you a little later. Now, let’s research more on this topic.

Printable Resume Templates

What Should I Write in the Objective Section of Nanny resume?

The objective section is one of the most important sections in the babysitter resume. Some think that this section is not so important. But your potential boss will look at the beginning of your resume, so it’s great when you can write the reason why they should hire you, why you’re the best candidate, and what good you did in the appropriate sphere before.

To make things clearer, check out the following objective section from a babysitting resume:

Responsible and trustworthy babysitter with three years of experience is looking to babysit children during summer, winter breaks, and holidays. Skilled at creating fun and educational activities and keeping an eye on them. Trusted by parents and treats children with love.

A pretty good example, isn’t it?

Now, imagine the two persons in our example: one resume has this objective section and one is without it. The boss will look at this section first because it comes firstly, at the very bottom of a resume.

Let’s take the babysitter resume objective above. The author writes about their skills, the experience and the responsibilities, and the duties they had at previous workplaces. As you can see, this section summarizes all of your resume features: skills, experience–all in all, everything a babysitter needs to find a good workplace and to be hired.

So, you better use the objective section to grab the attention of your potential boss from the first sight.

What to Write in the Babysitter Resume Description

The babysitter jobs description is the section where you have to write about your previous experience. The presence of this section depends on the amount of experience. There are three main kinds of resumes: functional, chronological, and combination.

  • Chronological nanny resume: good for those who have experience and don’t have gaps in the work history. So if you have the experience, use this kind of resume.
  • Functional nanny resume: concentrates on your skills only. This kind of resume is good for those who don’t have much experience. So, here you don’t need the experience section, you can substitute it by the skills section and highlight your professional skills.
  • Combination nanny resume: combines these two kinds mentioned above.

So, if you’re writing a chronological or a combination resume, you should use the experience section. Check out the example:


The Smith Family / Kansas City, MO / 2016-2018

  • looked after a girl, age 6, on weekends and daily during summer, spring, and winter breaks;
  • took the child to parks and playgrounds, as well as taught her to swim;
  • created interesting, home-learning activities, in addition to ideating numerous arts and crafts projects;
  • prepared lunches and snacks, paying extra attention to the nutritional values of food, and turning around the child’s previous dislike for certain vegetables;
  • coordinated play dates with other children / families.

As you can see, the author writes about their experience as a babysitter on a resume. They mention the place of work, and the period working there. Then they write about the duties and responsibilities they had in this place of work. Remember, you have to write all the duties you had, no more and no less.

If you worked at any camps as a leader of children’s groups, worked a little in schools for a short period of time, or worked as a private tutor, all in all, you have babysitter experience. You have to include this experience. It would always be good to know for your potential bosses and your chances of hiring would be quite higher. So, the babysitter job description resume is quite important.

How to Present your Skills in Babysitter or Nanny Resume

The babysitter skills are one of the most important sections in a babysitter resume because they present professional skills and are the central part of it. Remember, here you have to write your skills in one column or you can divide the skills into groups like “personal skills”, “interpersonal skills”, etc.

You can use such skills for nanny resume as in the list below:

  • CPR and First Aid certified
  • diaper changing
  • potty training
  • driver’s license
  • licensed childcare certified
  • kids nutrition
  • infant care
  • responsible
  • patient
  • problem-solving
  • creative
  • caring
  • multitasking
  • confident
  • ...and so on and so forth…

As you can see, these were some skills you can write in your babysitting resume skills section. These were the main ones, so when you would like to use them, don’t write all of them, just the skills you have. Don’t write too much and don’t write any lies. The babysitter resume skills are best presented in a bulleted list because no one would like to read all the skills you have with commas between them in a long sentence.

So, think about all the skills you have and present them in a bulleted list in the resume for babysitters.

How to Stand out from the Competition and be Hired

If you want to stand out from the competition in babysitting, you have to follow some simple rules. There are two cases:

  • the first case: you don’t have experience with children.
  • the second case: you do have such experience.

In the first case, it’s more difficult to be hired in the position as a babysitter when you don’t have any experience. That’s why if you want to begin doing it, start with writing a resume and search for such a job. Pay special attention to the resume, its content, and design. If it’s your vocation, work and try to be the best babysitter ever. You can also visit different seminars, webinars, additional courses on pedagogy, child psychology, first aid, etc. to have more babysitting experience and certificates. These will help you be an experienced and qualified babysitter. Every time you’ll have more experience and you can create a great babysitting experience resume.

In the second case, it’s easier to be hired if you have experience. Then, pay attention to your resume, its design, and content. You can also choose a babysitter resume sample to create a good resume for a babysitting job. If you have any feedback from previous places of work, use these references with the resume and the chances to be hired will be higher.

So, to be hired and stand out from the competition, be a great worker and prepare your resume very carefully.

Nanny & Babysitter Resume Writing Tips

To write a good babysitter resume, follow the rules of ordinary resume writing. Check some of them out:

  • use an objective section to summarize your resume
  • writing skills, use a bulleted list
  • write all of your experiences with children and teaching in an experience section
  • don’t write any lies, only truth
  • arrange the resume in two columns for easier reading
  • use colors, but don’t overuse them, 2-3 colors are enough
  • use only 2-3 different fonts, not more
  • to highlight subheadings, use bold, italic, and underline text
  • use social media icons for a modern look
  • use appropriate margins to look professional

These were some tips on how to write a better babysitter resume. Pay attention to the content and its design. There are more rules of course. If you want to research in this area, you know the way.

Examples of Babysitter Resume

As you’ve already found out, there are three main kinds of resumes. You can use any of them. It all depends on your needs, wishes, and presence of experience. Check out the following examples so that you can build your own babysitter resume.

Nanny resume sample #1

Babysitter Resume Example 1.

This baby sitter resume sample has one column, use caps lock on the headings and bulleted lists for comfier reading. The periods of work listed in the experience section are located at the right side which is good for distinguishing. This is a pretty good example.

Babysitter resume Sample #2

Babysitter Resume Example 2.

This second baby sitter resume is easier to read because all the information is divided into two columns. The author uses only two colors and caps lock letters which is quite comfortable for the eyes. Here you also can see social media icons for a better appearance of a resume. One of the best examples!

Nanny resume example #3

Babysitter Resume Example 3.

The third baby sitter resume sample is quite a good one. The author presents it in two columns, use contrasting colors and different fonts for better appearance of a resume. You can also see here small icons. In the skills section, there are lines where you can present the l different skills. This is a very attractive example.

10 Great Babysitter Resume Templates & Samples

Finally, it’s time for some cool babysitting resume templates! Here I present to you the ten most magnificent babysitter resume templates, absolutely different, and absolutely for any taste. Check them out and think about which one you would choose. If you would like to see more babysitter resume templates, check out our Resume Templates. There you can see lots of cool resume templates. Enjoy!

Babysitter Resume Templates & Cover Letters

Babysitter Resume Templates

Check this cute Babysitter resume template in 2 design styles + cover letter! The price is extremely low

Weliyamson Modern nanny resume template

Weliyamson Modern Resume Template.

If you want to be a unique babysitter, use this modern baby sitter resume template to be definitely hired. Here you get a resume and a cover letter template. The files are fully editable; you can edit them in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word. The pack uses also free fonts.

Olivia Max Minimal babysitter resume Template

Olivia Max Minimal Resume Template.

If you’re searching for a simple and great way to present yourself to your potential future bosses i.e., the parents of the children, use this minimalist babysitter resume sample. You also get a cover letter template. You can work with the file in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Microsoft Word. The file is fully editable and you can change all the colors, text, and objects.

Amity Peter - CV Resume Template

Amity Peter - CV Resume Template.

If you want to impress your employer with a great design, use this exquisite baby sitter resume sample. Here you can have two color modes: a gloomy dark or a light and bright one. You get two resume templates and two cover letter templates. Quite a great way to present yourself as a good babysitter!

Leo Resume Template

Leo Resume Template.

If you want to be a creative babysitter, present yourself with a unique resume using the Leo resume template. The design is really not like the design in other resume templates. Here you will have different sections in your resume, with icons for a better look. Moreover, you get also a cover letter template.

Diana Resume Template

Diana Resume Template.

If you need a clean and minimalistic resume template, check out the Diana resume template. Quite minimalistic, with an awesome design, this resume will attract the attention of any employer and definitely be remembered. Here you get a two-page resume template and a cover letter template.

Anderson Resume Template

Anderson Resume Template.

If you want your resume to look 100% modern, then use this Anderson resume template. Here you get a great resume template and an awesome matching cover letter template. You can edit the files using such apps as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Microsoft Word. All the files and objects are fully editable.

William Resume Template

William Resume Template.

Impress your potential boss with the great light William resume template. Besides the resume template, you get a cover letter template as well. All the files are editable in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages. The pack uses free fonts. This is quite a great and unique way to present yourself.

Ericko Lim Resume Template

Ericko Lim Resume Template.

Check out this clean and light resume for babysitters. With this ready-made template, you can create the best babysitter resume and impress your potential boss. Everything is done for you! Just download the template, insert your personal information, and bring it to the boss. Hiring guaranteed!

Gariel Masarena babysitter resume

Gariel Masarena Resume Template.

Impress your future boss with this light and exquisite Gabriel resume template. Here you get a resume template and a matching cover letter as well. You can work with these templates in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages. Download this pack of templates to present yourself in a new and modern way.

Alexa babysitter resume Template

Alexa Resume Template.

Download this light and clear Alexa resume template looking exactly like Alexa herself! With this resume template, you also get a matching cover letter. All the elements are fully editable and you can work with them using such apps as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages.

Child Care Provider Resume

A well-written resume will allow an applicant to find the job of their dreams. There are people who love children and they want to help parents raise their babies. Child care providers are of great social importance because the first teacher forms the basic personal qualities in a person. This individual has a huge responsibility for children's health and life. Therefore, the choice for such a position is thorough, and the rules of successful self-representation are more than strict.

The profession of the child care providers will require from the applicant responsibility, diligence, and creativity. Working in this position is difficult, but always interesting.

Because of the importance of this profession, the question arises: how to make quality resumes for child care providers, and show all skills and capabilities.

Child care provider resume description

A care provider is a teacher engaged in teaching and educating preschool children.  He is a very important person in everyone's life.  It is the child care provider who is the first teacher after a mother who meets children on their life path. Each care provider is unique in their own way, and each child needs its own individual approach. That is why it is very difficult to find a real professional in this field. This can be helped by a thorough resume, where there is plenty of detailed information about the person.

Child care provider resumes or in other words, daycare provider resumes are the self-characterization of a professional, with all important skills, work experience, and general information. A resume is a basis for choosing a professional for such an important position.

The general principles of resume creation are the correct structure and composition of the elements and the proper design of the document. By adhering to these rules, an applicant for any position can be expected to form the employer's opinion about himself as an organized person with serious intentions.

It is necessary to adhere to the following structure of the resume:

  • Personal information - surname, first name, place of residence, telephone number, e-mail (for better self-presentation, e-mail should consist of personal data or the target direction of the resume).
  • The purpose of the document. Here you should specify the specific position you would like to take as a child care provider.
  • Level of education. In this section, it is necessary to list all graduated educational institutions and any received specialties that belong to the position of the child care provider. Self-development also plays an important role in terms of further education courses, training, and seminars. If you have this experience, make sure you tell about it.
  • Work experience. The period of work, name of the organization, position, and responsibilities are indicated. Further in the post, you will find out more about this section in your resume.
  • Professional skills and personal qualities - give brief information about your main skills and characteristics. These include: punctuality, responsibility, diligence, neatness, friendliness, attentiveness, helpfulness, and of course, high emotional stability. For graduates of universities without work experience, it is necessary to add such personal qualities as purposefulness and quick learning. All information should be truthful and concern only the position of the daycare provider. Employers pay great attention to this point, so the achievements should be competently formulated. Therefore, one should not write here about the rich inner world.
  • Additional information. The strengths of the applicant, as well as his or her professional skills and knowledge, are described. For example - knowledge of foreign languages, computer programs, and information about professional development. Share important data about your achievements, unique methods, and other information that was not included in the previous blocks.
  • Recommendations and Cover Letters. The first document may be from your previous employer, the second one will have to be written by you.
  • The expected salary and the time frame in which the applicant can start working.

As for the presence of a photo in the daycare provider resume, this is a rather controversial issue. On the one hand, appearance in work with children is not so important, as the main thing is the ability to find common ground with the children. A photo is not a mandatory part of a resume, but it is still important for the resumes for child care providers where functional responsibilities are focused on communicating with clients and partners.

The position of a child care provider implies communication not only with children but also with their parents. In turn, some parents assess the professional qualities of a child care provider by their appearance. It is, therefore, worthwhile to attach photos to the resume for a daycare provider.

What to specify in the Work History Section in Child Care Provider Resume

Working with children requires special emotional stability, the ability to peak interests in children, and knowledge of how to behave in a particular situation. For all this, you should have at least minimal experience working with children, as well as skills to maintain discipline and good order. If you have the experience, indicate where and with whom you have worked and what your duties were; this will play a role in selecting you as a possible employee.

Having a long history of experience is a major advantage for any applicant. This is the business card of any resume. However, it is important to draw up this experience correctly - it will give you more advantages.

There are certain general rules that are relevant to the submission of information about previous jobs:

  • It is not necessary to specify the entire length of service.
  • If you have combined your main job with the services of a private nanny, you can omit this point. It is sufficient to present only the experience whose job duties overlap with the requirements of the potential employer.
  • If you have been successful in your professional career, it is also worth mentioning. For example, initially, you were an assistant teacher and then, after your education, you became a child care provider.
  • You should not list all your previous jobs if there are many (more than five). It is enough to focus on those that present the required skills.
  • The places of work are listed in reverse chronological order - you should start with the current or most recent one.
  • You should not forget about labor achievements, such as letters of commendation, bonuses, indication of your own successful projects, developments, and high labor indicators.
  • If there is no work experience - do not get upset. If you have recently graduated, tell about your practice during your studies and successful experience of participation in various events. Show that you are young, but interested in the work, and ready to learn and gain experience. Therefore, do not be afraid to send out your child care provider resume without listing relevant experience. It is important that among the key skills in your resume there are motivational examples necessary for the daycare provider i.e., quick learning and determination. Writing a cover letter is a good idea. In the attached document you will be able to describe your knowledge and skills in more detail.

Child care provider resume skills

One of the most important points to be given special attention is that of your child care provider skills. The section on professional skills is the central element of a resume. Key elements to the child care provider are:

  • skills for communicating with preschoolers
  • knowledge of child psychology
  • knowledge of the basic methods of conducting developmental activities
  • various creative skills - drawing, modeling, application, origami, etc.
  • knowledge of the document flow in the preschool establishment
  • skills in developing methodological plans
  • skills in organizing children's events, joint games, and leisure
  • basic knowledge about the principles of physical development of children
  • skills to provide the group with material and technical base for children's leisure and activities
  • skills of communication with the parents of the children, holding parent meetings, and interaction with the parents' committee
  • love for children, ability to combine exactingness with friendliness
  • flexibility and openness in communication and an ability to find common language with children in different situations
  • ability to use a computer and computer programs
  • knowledge of English at a basic level (in some cases)

Carefully read in the text of the job vacancy, what skills the employer expects from the applicant. When writing, proceed from where you want to work and, therefore, what kind of skills you will need to apply for a job.

What should not be on a child care provider's resume?

The position of a daycare provider is socially important, since it is the first time that a preschool teacher develops the basic qualities of a child's personality, as well as his or her understanding of the teacher and education.

Therefore, it is not recommended to indicate in the CV facts that defame the personality of the teacher. For example, such facts include: bad habits, problems with the law, reprimands, and comments, as well as dismissal of a worker with a scandal.

As with resumes for other professions, it is not recommended that the child care provider describe the data in detail, and in describing the personal characteristics, you should be selective.

Top 7 Best Child Care Resume Templates

Margot Resume Template; Child Care Provider Resume

This is a fresh and original Child Care Provider Resume template that can be easily optimized for a child care resume. If you want to show that you are "in trend" then you should buy this template resume. It includes sections for describing work experience, education, skills, icons, and social networking images. It is provided in the A4 format. Margot Resume also includes free fonts to help you easily create beautiful and unusual typography. In addition, you also receive a cover letter template. Margot Resume also includes infographic elements.

Jane Professional CV Resume Template; Child Care Provider Resume

Any employer can be surprised by this interesting one-page Child Care Provider Resume template. It is ready for editing and has enough space for all the important items that you want to show up.

The design of the template is very minimalistic, but it includes all the necessary elements. Jane Professional CV Resume also includes a section of interests. By using icons you can specify what exactly you are interested in. This daycare provider resume template includes a photo section and the use of free fonts.

Bundle Resume Template Child Care Provider Resume

This wonderful set includes 15 elegant and original templates. Moreover, the Bundle Child Care Provider Resume Template covers all the necessary sections. All elements of the templates can be easily edited and customized. Bundle Resume Template includes free fonts to create original typography, four file formats, cover letter template, additional instructions, and PC and MAC compatibility.

Melanine Fox Resume Template; Child Care Provider Resume

This high quality, professional, and the strict template is perfect for a child care provider resume. All files included in the template are fully edited, so you can show your creativity in all its glory. In addition, Melanine Fox includes an editable Illustrator AI and EPS files and free fonts. It is a perfectly organized template which will help to show your skills in a favorable light.

Zackary Resume Template; Child Care Provider Resume

Zackary Child Care Provider Resume Template is exactly what you need. After all, in order to attract the employer's attention, sometimes you need to place a lot of information. A two-column layout is a good way to achieve what you want without making the page look cluttered. This template is made in multiple formats, namely Word, EPS, and PSD. All elements can be changed and edited, including colors and columns.

Tennyson Word Resume Template; Child Care Provider Resume

This is a great Child Care Provider Resume that includes many available features that will help you stand out from the others. Tennyson Word has:

  • 4 color versions
  • additional instructions
  • free fonts
  • a cover letter
  • fully customizable elements (this also applies to resize)
  • 100% print-ready design, and much more

Combining your experience and past jobs with a new position is a great way to show your talents to your employer. Enter it in the Tennyson Word template and get the job of your dreams!

Erina Resume Template: Child Care Provider Resume

An elegant and very stylish template is just what will help you to be creative. All Erina Resume Template elements are easy to customize and edit. This stylish template contains all the necessary information. Microsoft Word files, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Apple Pages are included. You can add your photo to this resume. Free fonts are also included.

With this template, everything is easy: just add your logo, biography, experience, etc., and everything is ready to print and send.

What Makes a Good Babysitter and for Whom Can it be Interesting

A typical babysitter is a person who cares about children of different ages, from newborns to teens. As I’ve already said, this profession is quite a new one. Nowadays, parents hire babysitters because they can’t be at home all day. That’s why they want another person to babysit their children, to oversee them, to help them with their homework and chores, and often some additional duties.

Even a high school student can be a babysitter. But there are also people who make it a career professionally. That’s why you should know how to write a babysitter resume if you’re such a person. Some people, before learning to be a teacher, want to try such a profession and start to babysit different children. If they like this, they will start to learn pedagogy professionally and often work as teachers. If they don’t like it too much, they will likely give up the idea. So, all in all, a babysitter is a person who cares about children.

FAQ: Child Care Provider Resume

? What should I put on my resume for child care?

You need to describe in detail what you know, what your key skills are, your education, and your work experience. Most employers put a lot of emphasis on work experience, and more specifically on how long you have worked in a particular position. This is exactly what characterizes you best. Therefore, you should not point out jobs that you have only been working for a few months. Tell me about your strengths, which help you in this line of work. A cover letter and references from previous jobs should also be included with your child care provider resume.

? Which personal characteristics should I include in my daycare provider resume?

Tell about your benefits, but only the truthful ones!  They can be love and sincere interest in children; openness and sociability; ability to make quick decisions in non-standard situations; honesty; organization; psychological resilience, and more.

? Should I fill the section with additional information?

This, at first glance, does not seem like a particularly important section. However, it should not be ignored when making up a daycare provider's resume. In it, applicants reflect those skills and hobbies that are not directly related to work but characterize a person as active: computer skills, photo and video shooting, creative work, having a driver's license, knowledge of foreign languages, etc. Such a care provider resume will be more interesting for the employer than the standard text with default phrases that do not give any idea about the personality of the candidate.

Summing Up: babysitter resume

So, today we were talking about the babysitter profession. You found out what you should write in the babysitter resume objective section, how to put babysitting on a resume, what to write in the babysitter job description, how to present your skills in the skills section, and how to stand out from the competition and be hired. You also got some tips on how to write a good babysitter resume, what content to include and what design you should use. You got saw some different examples of resumes for babysitting so that you can choose your style of writing a resume to write a good babysitter resume.

And finally, you got the ten best babysitter resume templates you can use for writing your resume and you can choose the best baby sitter resume sample for you. Download a baby sitter resume template, fill it in with your information like babysitting experience, write a resume description, and bring it to the interview. Remember the tips about how to write a cool babysitter resume regarding the content and design. I hope that with any of the babysitter resume samples you can choose the best babysitter resume sample for you and create your own best resume for babysitters. If it’s your vocation, go on and don’t stop. Good luck with your babysitting. Stay healthy and positive. Cheers!

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