How to Write an Excellent Teacher Assistant Resume

  1. What is the Profession of a Teacher Assistant?
  2. What to Write in the Teacher Assistant Resume Objectives Section
  3. What to Write in the Teacher Assistant Resume Skills Section
  4. How to Present Skills More Effectively
  5. What to Write in the Teacher Assistant Experience Section
  6. Other Sections in the Teacher Assistant Resume
  7. Include Icons/URLs to Social Media like LinkedIn and Other Platforms
  8. Writing Tips for Teacher Assistant Job Position
  9. Good Examples of Teacher Assistant Resume
  10. Awesome Teacher Assistant Resume Templates
  11. Summing Up

Teacher assistant resume. Have you ever heard of such a profession as a teacher assistant? If yes, we’re going to discuss with you some aspects of this profession. If no, I’m going to introduce you to this grand job. So, you’re going to find out what a teacher’s aide (TA) does, why this profession is a good one, and why it’s great to work as a teacher assistant.

You’re going to find out how to write an excellent teacher aide resume, including what you should write in the objectives section, what skills you should list in the skills section, and how to do it more efficiently. You’ll also learn how to include icons, URLs, and other platforms in your resume. You’ll also get some tips on how to write an attention-getting resume, some different examples of a teaching assistant resume so you can compare them and use your preferred format to write your own resume. Moreover, you’ll see the 10 best teacher’s aide resume templates. So, let’s get started. Enjoy!

What is the Profession of a Teacher Assistant?

A teaching assistant is the one who helps the main teacher to teach children and give them different lessons. Other tasks of the assistant are to check the attendance of pupils, make study plans, create additional tasks and different activities for children, work in small groups of pupils, give them different instructions on how to do a particular task, help them individually, check up on their home tasks, maintain the classroom cleanliness, think of possible interesting activities when children are on breaks, and oversee the children when they are on a break.

Rarely a teaching assistant has to substitute for the main teacher when sick or because of different circumstances. Often, teacher aides work with children having different kinds of disabilities and special needs. Teaching assistants may work in this position to try out the teaching job and decide if they want to work as teachers and get some experience working as an assistant. The profession of teacher assistant can also be called teacher’s aide, teaching assistant, education assistant, team teacher, and so on and so forth.

As you can see, the profession requires lots of energy, imagination, creativity, a love of teaching, and of course a love of children. The main task of a teacher’s aide is to help the head teacher organize lessons, teaching plans, and free time for children.

What to Write in the Teacher Assistant Resume Objectives Section

As you’ve already understood from the previous paragraph, the job of a teaching assistant requires a lot of energy, time, and effort; moreover, it’s not so easy to get such a position. That’s why your teaching assistant resume has to be catchy in terms of content and design. 

So, the first thing that should catch the attention of the school principal where you want to be hired is the objectives section. Some say that this section is optional and is not always needed, but think about it. The objectives section contains the purpose for why you want to work for a particular school or organization. Therefore, you should use this space to write a solid reason for your hiring. 

A great objectives section could look like the following:

A motivated and caring assistant teacher with 5+ years of appropriate experience with strong communicative skills and ability to work with large groups of 30 students, worked with children with special needs, took part in various teaching projects and programs, and looking for a position as a teacher assistant. Willing to adjust to a schedule and wants to take part in the education of well-mannered and productive members of society. 

As you can see, the employee writes about their skills, experience, strengths, and contribution to the organization or establishment they want to apply to. You have to highlight these qualifications and traits. 

Now, imagine that you have two employees: one comes with a resume with this objective section, and the other comes without it. To whom would you give the privilege? The answer is quite clear. So, think about it. 

Printable Resume Templates

What to Write in the Teacher’s Assistant Resume Skills Section

The teacher assistant resume skills section is the second important part coming after the objectives section. Here you should list all your professional and personal skills. You can divide this section into parts and write about each group of skills separately, or write your skills in one section only, adding all the professional skills you have. 

For a teacher assistant resume, it’s important to connect your skills with teaching, working with varied ages of kids, pupils, students, etc., have excellent communication, as well as interpersonal and other kinds of skills.

So, you can include the following words in your resume skills section:

  • highly patient
  • highly energetic
  • sympathetic
  • classroom management
  • organization skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • teaching passionate
  • punctual
  • goal and result oriented
  • lesson planning
  • active listening
  • positive attitude
  • differentiated instruction
  • accuracy and attention to detail
  • ...and so on and so forth...

How to Present Your Skills More Effectively

To present your skills more effectively and persuasively, write them in bulleted lists or in groups with appropriate headings like “communication skills”, “personal skills”, “interpersonal skills”, etc.

So, the skills section is one of the most important sections in a resume because your employer will look at the most significant ones. Prepare them with great attentiveness because, for a teacher assistant, skills are the key to successful work. Remember, don’t overuse them because the whole page of skills can be boring to read and will not look sincere.

What to Write in the Teacher Assistant Resume Experience Section

To write or not to write the experience section is totally your choice and depends wholly on you. The problem is that there are three types of resume: chronological, functional, and combination. Each has a particular aim and its own set of peculiarities.

Chronological resumes are good if you have great and lasting experience, especially if you worked as a teacher’s aide before. This kind of resume only highlights your experience, so the employer can consider an experienced person for a particular position.

Functional resumes are great for those who don’t have much experience; they don’t show your experience. You may ask, “Man, how can I be hired then?” The answer is: highlight more of your skills and the experience won’t be so important.

The combination resume combines two types.

So, in the experience section, you have to write your experience in a non-chronological way so your potential boss can read from the latest and freshest positions down to the former ones. At first, write the position title, the establishment you worked for, and the years you worked there. Then, write the responsibilities you had in that position. Emphasize responsibilities and duties more in this section.

Other Sections in the Teacher Assistant Resume

The main sections on the teacher assistant resume are objectives, skills, and sometimes experience. Other sections can be contact or personal details, education, awards, certifications, achievements, hobbies, and interests, although the last ones can be added to the skills section.

Include Icons/URLs to Social Media like LinkedIn, and Other Platforms 

I bet that you’ve seen some of these little icons in resumes in the social media section. There you can put:

- your telephone number with a little phone icon.

Envelope icon.

-  your personal e-mail with an envelope icon.

LinkedIn icon.

- a little icon for your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is the platform for business connections.

Location icon.

- a little icon for the location, the place where you live 

These are some of the icons you can put on your resume in the contact section, although there are many others. You can insert them into your own resume as you see fit.

Firstly, download the icon you need from the internet. You can download a single icon or a whole pack of them. Go to your resume, click insert, and insert the object. Some of the resume templates have this function built in so it’s easier to do when you’ve got a template. 

To insert a URL, choose the words or icons you’d like to be a link, click on the right mouse button, and choose Hyperlink. In the hyperlink box, insert the appropriate link and press OK. Done! 

As you can see, it’s great when you can add some links and icons to your resume to the contact info or personal details section. They can add seriousness and professionalism to your resume and make it more business-like.

Writing Tips for Teacher Assistant Job Position

To write a catchy teacher assistant resume, you can follow the advice above and more. Remember, to write a good resume, you should create good content and design as well. Check out some tips below:

  • content writing tips:
  1. to make the resume catchy, use the objective section like in the example above
  2. in the skills section, write about your strengths and different kinds of skills
  3. in the skills section, use different power words
  4. if you’ve got great experience, highlight it
  5. note whether you have links on LinkedIn, e-mail, other social media
  6. add some sections like hobbies, education, and achievements. They will make you a well-educated and well-rounded person.
  7. use bulleted lists for comfier reading
  8. use subheadings
  9. use only relevant information and write no lies
  10. a one-page resume is always better than a two-page one
  • designing tips:
  1. use 2-3 fonts only; don’t use more because your resume will look messy
  2. for subheadings, use another font separate from the main text
  3. arrange your resume in two columns for comfier reading
  4. add icons to make the resume look professional
  5. if you choose another color, don’t go too light. Make them darker, preferably close to black.
  6. use only one additional color with black if you want to use multiple colors
  7. set appropriate margins

These were some resume writing tips. By following them, you can write an eye-catching and persuasive teaching assistant resume. If you want to know more, you know where you can find them.

Good Examples of Teacher Assistant Resume

As you’ve already found, there are many different kinds of resumes. The type you choose depends wholly on you, your personal choice, your experience, the company you want to be hired for, your needs, etc. Check out the following teacher assistant resume examples. Then choose the one that’s definitely for you. 

Teacher assistant resume example 1.

The author of this teacher assistant resume includes the objectives section at the beginning of the resume. It immediately catches the reader’s attention. Every section is separated from each other and it helps to organize it clearly. The author also uses only two colors: black and blue. They included a bulleted list to make reading the resume comfier. There are also various fonts to distinguish the subheadings from the main text. Social media icons are also included. Quite a good example!

Teacher assistant resume example 2.

The author of the second resume uses only one column to present the information. The subheadings are highlighted with blue so it’s easier to read and find necessary information. The general look is quite good. But I will suggest that there is too much text. Try to shorten it just a bit. 

Teacher assistant resume example 3.

This resume author uses different fonts and colors for better reading of the resume. Here you can see the personal information in the upper right corner so it’s easy to find. The objective section is present so the HR manager can easily find it. This is quite a good example. But I will suggest that there is too little text in the skills section. It’s better to include more skills to be more persuasive. 

Awesome Teacher Assistant Resume Templates

As you can see, it’s not an easy task to create a persuasive teacher assistant resume. Check out these ten awesome teacher assistant resume samples. With their help, you can create your resume fast, effectively, and with great design. Visit our webpage Resume Templates to find even more of them! These are some of the best. Enjoy! 

Monson Hartoblish Modern Resume Template

Monson Hartoblish Modern Resume Template.

Check out this awesome Monson resume template in a great black and white color scheme. With the resume template, you get a CV template as well. It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Office Word. Here you have objectives, contacts, education, experience, and preference sections. You can place social media icons and your photo as well. 

Joe Basthon Editable Resume Template

Joe Basthon Editable Resume Template.

If you want to impress your boss with a great design, check out this bright number-one Joe Basthon resume template. Here you get a two-page resume and a matching cover letter template. You can easily work with this template in Photoshop. Just insert your text, print it out, and bring it to the interview. 

Markim Smith Modern Resume Template

Markim Smith Modern Resume Template.

Download this unusual Markim resume template to stand out as a unique employee. With this resume template, you also get a cover letter. It comes with fully customizable colors and texts, so just download, insert your information, bring it to the interview, and get the position. This resume is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Microsoft Office Word. 

Steven Resume Template

Steven Resume Template.

Use this multifunctional Steven resume template if you want to have a light and attractive resume. Here you get a 2-page resume template and a matching cover letter template. This is a fully editable, high-quality, and rocking template. You can work with it using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages. 

Kevin Albartes Modern Resume Template

Kevin Albartes Modern Resume Template.

To make a great impression on your future boss, use this Kevin resume template. You get resume and cover letter templates. Just look at this cute brownish design. You don’t have to think about the details of the design, everything is done for you. Just use the template and fill it in with your text. A template is a great way to create a designer resume! 

Margot Resume Template

Margot Resume Template.

Use this Margot resume template to look exquisitely awesome and different. Here you get the resume, cover letter, and reference page templates. You will get a great and eye-catching design with attractive light colors. Everything is fully editable, just download and work with the templates in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, or Apple Pages. 

Kolkarane Modern Resume Template

Kolkarane Modern Resume Template.

To make your resume simple and exquisite at the same time, use this Kolkarane resume template. It’s a light and simple resume template that will make you stand out among the best candidates. With the resume template, you also get a cover letter template. The pack uses cool free fonts.

Ben Jonathon Editable Resume Template

Ben Jonathon Editable Resume Template.

To be a considerably different candidate for hiring, use this Ben Jonathon resume template. You can work with it using apps like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Microsoft Word. Just insert your text in the template and print it out. I’m sure you’ll be hired with such an awesome resume. 

Carmen Resume Template

Carmen Resume Template.

Use this darkish Carmen resume template to highlight your design taste. Here you get a 2-page resume, cover letter, and a matching reference page. The files are 100% editable and print-ready. The files are PC and MAC compatible. Use this awesome resume template to be sure that you will be 100% hired. 

Clean Resume Template

Clean Resume Template Cover Letter.

Use this Clean resume template that looks quite modern and catchy. The black and yellow color scheme will definitely be remembered, so you might have higher chances than your rivals to be hired. You can easily work with this template in Adobe Photoshop. With the resume template, you get a cover letter template as well. This template can help you get hired.

Summing Up

Today we talked about teacher assistant resumes. You refreshed the knowledge you had about the teacher’s aide profession. You know how the teaching assistant resume should look, what you have to write in the objective, skills, and experience sections, and more about other sections on the teaching assistant resume. You also learned how to include icons and URLs in your resume, as well as some writing content and design tips. We showed some examples of different resume samples, so you can choose your own style of writing and design. Also, we introduced you to some teaching assistant resume templates, so now you can choose which one you would like to use for creating your own resume. I hope that they can help you get a job as a teaching assistant. Stay healthy, stay positive, and good luck with your interview. Cheers!

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