To Bee or Not To Bee: Everything About Bee Illustration

  1. Why is bee illustration so popular?
  2. Where to use bee illustrations?
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Why is bee illustration so popular?

Bees are very popular in various types of media. 'Bee Movie' (2009) tells us a story about a bee named Barry, who decides to sue humans after finding out they eat honey. In 'The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee,' we can see the adventures of a young bee named Hutch, who struggles after their hive was destroyed by wasps. Maya in 'Maya The Bee' also experiences many curious situations in her daily life. And there are many other famous and popular bee characters.

bee illustrations

So, why are bees thus often used in cartoons, movies, and other types of animation? A lot of illustrations, logos, and ads also include images of bees, and one would wonder what the reason for the popularity of this character in media is. In this article, we'll try to unravel the puzzle of the stunning popularity of bee illustrations in various types of art, media, and design.

A bee is not only an insect; it is the one who provides us with honey, which we love from our childhood and which we value being adults for its numerous benefits for human health. Bees are pollinators of crops, but they are also responsible for the continued existence of some species of plants. In this way, the importance of bees has provided them an advantageous image in the perception of people. They are not cockroaches, which almost all people hate, or spiders that frighten many individuals.

It’s a matter of fact that bees can sting, but still they are not attackers and are rather cute creatures. What is more, we know that bees work hard to make honey, and this also attracts people to the image of bees. We may imagine that bees are responsible and diligent, which gives them a positive perception to most people. Worker bee cartoons are highly popular among kids. Using bees largely in cartoons and animated movies provides them the image of adorable characters and ensures a more conscious attitude to the insects and their importance in nature.

Where to use bee illustrations

Illustrations are among the widely-used tools applied in media that have a variety of bee images. People like bees for the aforementioned reasons, and thus designers create numerous images depicting these friendly creatures. For instance, images like this can be used for posters, greeting cards, decorations, invitations, and many more projects.

Bee Watercolor Png Illustration

Bee Watercolor Png Illustration
The elements displaying bees can be applied as backgrounds and textures. Also, the main colors used for illustrations with a bee are yellow and brown. Notably, yellow is the main color that dominates on all images with bees. It is known that colors affect human perception and consciousness, and thus it is reasonable to assess the psychological impact of colors contained in the image of a bee. First of all, yellow is bright and intensive and thus grabs human attention easily.

At the same time, a yellow color is sunny and can invoke positive feelings of warmth and happiness. The images full of yellow color energize the viewers and give them a feeling of freshness and excitement. The brown color used in the creation of images with bees is considered an earthly color, and at the same time, it is neutral and can harmonize the possible obtrusiveness of yellow. Brown creates a feeling of strength, reliability, and safety. It is also the color of comfort and warmth. In this way, joined with the brown color, yellow leaves a great effect on the audience. This color combination can be widely applied in marketing.

Various brands working on their image always consider the influence of colors implemented in the design of their brand personality when inventing logos, illustrations, ads, website designs, etc. Thus, the usage of honey bee illustrations with their character of a bee and its colors creates the image of a trustworthy, positive, and energetic brand.

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How to create bee illustration

Most likely, you're already interested in how to draw a honey bee. There are multiple ways to draw a bee. The easiest way is to draw it with the help of Adobe Illustrator. For instance, to make a simple image of a bee, you may use the basic shapes presented in Adobe Illustrator with the application of some additional effects. How to draw a honey bee step by step:

  1. You should create a new document of any desired size. Then, start making the body of your bee by using the Ellipse Tool and holding the Shift, make a circle.
  2. Now, to draw a bee, you need to make a triangle. For this aim, use the Polygon Tool, choosing 3 Sides and the desired Radius. Then, you should combine the forms placing them together and pressing Unite on the panel Pathfinder.
  3. Use the Roughen effect to make the form look more natural like a bee.
  4. Create the ellipse using the Ellipse Tool and put it behind the prepared body. Apply the same Roughen effect to this form.
  5. The next step is to create the bee’s antennas. Use the Rectangle Tool using the same color (brown) as filler. Place it to the left and right sides of the head rotating a bit to both sides.
  6. Now, we need to make several stripes on the body of the bee. You should create two or more rectangles using the Rectangle Tool and place it inside the first part we created (the circle).
  7. To cut these rectangles for fitting into the bee shape, we need to press the button Crop and clean the excess rectangles.
  8. Now, we need to make wings. Again, you should draw an ellipse using the Ellipse Tool and use the Convert Anchor Point Tool to make the ellipses of the wing form. Also, you should choose the anchor points by using the Direct Selection Tool.
  9. To put the ready-made wings on the bee drawing, place them on the needed points and press Transform and then Reflect.
  10. Also, you need to make the wings transparent. The tool can be found in Window and is called Transparency.

If you wonder how to draw a bee on a flower, then you should follow the same steps but creating the other figure. The described steps are easy, but the image created will also be simple. Anyway, you can always use ready honey bee illustration found in the collection on TemplateMonster. You may also find the bee illustration showcase on Dribble.


Bee logo design

To create a logo bee image, you can use Adobe Illustrator CC. This will not be difficult as the logo will contain simple shapes, strokes, and some modifications. Here you will see an example of how to draw a bee logo:

  1.  Utilize the Rounded Rectangle Tool and create a 210 x 260 px shape. Use yellow Fill and brown Stroke. The Stroke Weight should be set to 10 pt.
  2. Now, using the control panel and turning to the Direct Selection Tool, you should amend the Corner Radius, making the corners of round form.
  3. Using the same tool, pick the bottom anchor point. Then, make a corner.
  4. Further, some stripes need to be added to the image. Using the Rectangle Tool and making the shape of brown color (the sizes can be 210 x 35 px), make several copies and locate them inside the body. You will need to cut some stripes to fit in the form using the Direct Selection Tool.
  5. The turn of the wings. To make them, use the Ellipse Tool. Create a circle (around 130 x 130 px) filled with light-blue and then make it of the necessary form using the Direct Selection Tool.
  6. Place the wing to the intended place on the picture rotating it if necessary. Copy the other wing and place it to the other side. You may also make two smaller wings. If you need to put the wings behind the bee, you should pick Group and then Send to Back.
  7. It would look better if you make eyes for the logo bee. Simply make it using the Ellipse Tool (size around 15 x 15 px).
  8. For antennas, apply the Arc Tool.
  9. You may also want to make a hive background using the Polygon Tool.
  10. Don't forget to add a background.

Now, your logo is ready. This is the simplest way to design a bee logo.

Bee illustration inspiration

When creating an illustration bee or choosing honeybee designs, you may opt for some ideas. Great inspiring images of bees, bee design ideas, and bee themes can be found on Bees by Happy Teacher. The source has ideas that can be used for your working bee clipart and honeybee illustration.

Various styles of bee illustrations can be found in Cynthia Bogart. Great bee illustrations that are inspiring and can be used for various designs can be found here.

49 Honey Bee Spring Watercolor Illustration

49 Honey Bee Spring Watercolor Illustration

You may also find a lot of freebies for honey bee designs on Pixabay.

Bee Popular

To sum up, the bee design is very popular in various types of media. Numerous illustrations, logos, and other forms of art and design use this tiny honey creator. The image of a bee is earthly, reliable, hard-working, sunny and filled with the memories of sweet natural delicacy. In this way, using a bee in your art, marketing, branding, media, and other forms will invoke similar feelings in your creation. So, consider using bee illustrations in your work and art and don't forget to enjoy honey.

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