Represent Growth, Peace and Nature with a Tree Illustration

An illustration is a drawing, painting or printed work of art which explains, clarifies, illuminates, visually represents, or merely decorates a written text, which may be of a literary or commercial nature. Huge markets for that were magazines, newspapers, and books. With time, illustrators gained more freedom and their creativity and originality were now more valued than their technical skills and ability to draw realistically.

Illustrations are a visual way to depict or illustrate a written text. They explain an idea, tell a story, or provide decoration. They come in many forms, both traditional and digital. You can observe various illustrations in posters, flyers, websites, books, magazines, animations, video games and films. In the digital space of websites and mobile applications, you will often find illustrations created both by hand (for example, using a digital tablet) and with vector graphics (using colors and shapes that imitate the illustrative style).

Illustrations have the unique freedom to exist without words, and at the same time, they have the ability to convey ideas through their vivid narrative. The use of an illustration gives your digital product extra awesomeness.

Many creative people derive their inspiration from nature. Nature designs are everywhere—from websites and posters to interior design. No matter what season we are in, colorful trees or tree silhouettes are popular for designs throughout the entire year.

How and When to Use Tree Illustrations

Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.

Khalil Gibran

Photography is currently used to add realism to projects. An illustration of drawing is more suited to narrowly focused projects, and they are subconsciously associated with action, cartoons, and fun.

A tree is a subject of interest and a topic of discussion, and it is quite evident that it is a symbol of life, growth, and peace. A tree illustration plays the role of a decorative element (whose task is to decorate and diversify the design) and an informative element (represents some information in a convenient and easy to understand form). In the ideal case, it should perform both functions at the same time.

This type of illustration will be a perfect solution for a number of projects, for example, logos and branding, fabric and apparel design, patterns, packaging, stationery, etc.

If you love trees and nature, using a tree illustration in your project is a great idea. Learn a few tips on how to do this properly.

  1. Minimalism. Minimalism is a never-ending style of modern design. It is laconic, aesthetically attractive and suitable for many projects. There are plenty of gorgeous minimalism style illustrations that will decorate any project.
  2. Creating an emotional connection. Each illustration is created to attract the attention of the viewer and make an emotional connection with them. So why not use a tree illustration for this purpose? If you feel that the design is somehow bland and boring, you can add emotions to it. Just one right illustration will turn the boring content into alive and interesting content.
  3. Understatement in illustrations. An illustration can easily convey something unreal or fantastic and awaken the imagination of the viewer. The understatement in the illustration gives it an extraordinary appeal.
  4. Bright colors. The bright illustration can be made in any style—from minimalism to pop art. Catchy colors and visual accents are a great way to diversify boring design. The main thing is that colors should be organically combined with other content and overall design.
  5. Retro power. Nostalgia is a strong feeling that every person experiences. Modern retro is a separate genre that looks very good in the design of websites and mobile applications. Playing with nostalgic feelings, the designer has every chance to attract the attention of the viewer to their project.

Users interact with dozens of products every day but remember only those that are pleasant to use. And if they find a product the like, there is a good chance they will stay loyal to it. Now you have a better idea of how, when, and where you can use a tree illustration.

How to Create Tree Illustrations

It would seem that there is nothing complicated in creating tree illustration. But after drawing, unrealistic trees are obtained. For example, evergreen tree illustration seems very easy, but it has some peculiar features. We are suggesting some methods of turning photo to watercolor painting in Photoshop using adobe illustrator.

To create a stunning watercolor effect on the image using Photoshop filters,  you will build the basis for him. Then we bring the image to realism using paper texture and watercolor brushes. Step-by-step instruction for execution:

  1. To get started, download the template and open your favorite picture in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Right-click on the photo layer and select Convert to Smart Object.
  3. From the Filter menu, select Filter Gallery. Open the Artistic—Dry Brush category. Specify the following parameters: Brush Size and Brush Detail — 10, Texture — 1. 
  4. Click OK to apply the effect.
  5. Go back to the Filter Gallery, in the same section, and select Cutout. Set the parameters as follows: Number of Levels — 5, Edge Simplicity — 4, Edge Fidelity — 1.
  6. In the Layers palette, double-click on the small settings icon next to the filter name. Select blending mode—Pin Light.
  7. Go back to the Filter menu and select Blur—Smart Blur. Specify the parameters as shown in the picture above.
  8. Double-click on the filter settings icon and select the blending mode Screen / Lighten / Opacity at 50%.
  9. Select Filter—Stylize—Find Edges from the menu. Set the filter to Multiply Blend Mode. So in the figure, only the result of the selected edges will remain, which will look like a sketch line.
  10. Find a paper texture like Ivory Off White Paper Texture. Paste it in the document and scale it to the desired size. Set the texture layer to Blend Mode Multiply.
  11. Point to the photo layer mask and fill it with black. So you hide the whole photo. Take the Brush tool and select one of the watercolor brushes.
  12. Select a white color and, clicking on the brush in the layer mask, restore the image. Use the plus and minus keys to quickly resize it. So the result will be more realistic.
  13. After a few clicks, select another brush and other settings and continue.

And now the good news. All filters and changes were applied to the photo in smart object mode. And this means that if you want to apply the same effect to another photo, just double-click on the smart object, replace the photo in it and you won’t have to do anything else.

Here are a few videos about drawing tree illustrations.


The main advantage of this method is that it is a perfect choice for those who cannot boast of great drawing skills. The principle of such an illustration is as follows: the original photo serves as the basis for the drawing until the artist feels comfortable enough to continue working without it.

🌳🌳🌳Bare tree - Adobe Illustrator cs6 tutorial. Quick and easy way how to draw black silhouette tree

Get acquainted with a quick and easy way of how to draw a silhouette naked tree for winter or a Halloween composition. Adobe Illustrator is the perfect tool for creating vector graphics. It offers huge opportunities for everyone to create icons, drawings, graphics, infographics, the basics for video or animation, and much more.

How to develop your own unique style of drawing

  1. Decide on what illustration you are creating. In our case, it is a tree illustration—palm tree illustration, Christmas tree illustration, oak tree illustration, pine tree illustration, etc.
  2. Take a closer look at the works of your favorite artists. Get some inspiration and try to copy their style in a couple of sketches. If you like the way someone draws trees, then there is nothing wrong with creating a similar tree illustration. However, it is important not to copy someone's style.
  3. Perfection is born in practice. It is exhausting, but to become a good illustrator, you need practice.

Do not be afraid to practice to create a beautiful tree illustration that will deliver the correct message and make interactions easier and clearer.

If you are looking for outstanding design and want to save your time, I would suggest you pay attention to the ready-made illustrations. Crafted by the best specialists, these beautiful illustrations will not only make the design interesting but also inspire users to interact with the site. Here are a few examples below.

Palm Tree PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Palm Tree PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Palm Tree comes with a set of 86 files and is a perfect choice for DIY, wedding invitations, greeting cards, quotes, blogs, posters, and more.

Leaves Currant PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Leaves Currant PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

This botanical illustration is great to be used for background, texture, pattern, frame or borders. It is fully adjustable and ready to be printed on anything.

Landscape Identity And Illustrations Illustrations Bundle

Landscape Identity And Illustrations Illustrations Bundle

Do not hesitate to use this set of natural illustrations of graphics trees with your corporate identity elements, such as business cards, logos, etc. This package is ideal for eco and bioproducts, labels, packaging design, yoga centers, and more.

Tree Background Illustrations

The element of the Tree in Feng Shui conceals such qualities as a fortress, but at the same time flexibility, creativity and a soft, flowing development, like young green shoots in early spring. If you want to show all these qualities and kindness of intentions, choose a background with pictures for this. Objects that fill the space with the element of Feng Shui Tree include wicker furniture, as well as products made from bentwood, indoor plants, and, in general, all wooden objects. Choose bonsai tree illustration for the design of any room. This will emphasize the grandeur and grace of the owner. In addition, these may be images of summer palm trees or autumn leaves. Here you will find a pattern for any season.

If you are still looking for the perfect botanical background that will make your project complete and creative, you will have a number of options available. Master your skills with the help of numerous tutorials on how to make a tree background in Adobe Illustrator.

Moreover, a beautiful collection of custom tree background illustrations are available for all kinds of projects.

Palm Tree PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Palm Tree PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

The images provided entice with a riot of colors, a variety of symbolism and an abundance of colors. With their help, you can design an envelope using duplex printing. Thus, you can get a green background with banana tree illustration outside and black and white images of exotic animals inside.

The size of the template and frames is 3500x3500px. Use picture elements to create texture or background. You will receive 13 png and 73 jpg files. Use them as borders, patterns, frames to design your own products. Here you can certainly choose the right palm tree illustration for the design of packaging.

Autumn Acorn Leaf and Plant PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Autumn Acorn Leaf and Plant PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Want to get oak tree illustration? Then download this template and you will get 4 png and 41 jpg pictures with this symbolism. The image on the cup with warm tea will fit perfectly into the atmosphere. Make a picture by placing them on pillows, baby clothes and bedspreads.

Each illustration oak tree is designed so that you can isolate some individual elements. It can be an oak leaf, an acorn, or just a tree branch. Using such straightforward pictures, you can arrange a gift envelope, an invitation to an anniversary, a greeting card, etc. It depends on your imagination what the background will be. You can change it using the entire color palette.

Trees with Leaves on White Background

Autumn Fall Leaves Photo Background

Swing Digital Background

Winter Tree Illustrations

People have quite a contradictory attitude toward winter. Someone frankly dislikes this time of year because of its frosts and cold winds, while others are looking forward to this beautiful season to enjoy forests, trees, quiet calm, and a serene atmosphere. Winter tree illustrations will create the desired atmosphere to feel all the magic that nature gives us in winter.

Christmas time and winter break are approaching. Hurry to prepare gifts and do not forget to elegantly pack them. To do this, use the vintage Christmas tree illustration. Congratulate your close relatives and friends on the holiday. Make out postcards, envelopes, emails and other correspondence using the proposed templates.

Winter Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Winter Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

When the New Year holidays are approaching, it is so difficult to decide which paper to wrap gifts or which packaging to use to increase sales of goods. Now all your problems have been resolved with Winter Holiday PNG Watercolor Set Illustration. By downloading it, you will get 33 png and 57 jpg images. Among them are plain pictures with cups, red hearts, stars, candy canes and boots. In addition, you can find winter tree illustration and use it to decorate holiday napkins, photo frames, paper cups for retail drinks.

Change the background, add the inviting inscription in ornate font and place the selected image in the center or in another block of the page. Then print, applying the image to any 3D object, at your discretion.

Christmas Time Collection Illustration

Christmas Time Collection Illustration

It is wonderful that we have 85 pictures for you that you can paint yourself in different colors. By downloading this set, you will get AI & EPS and PNG files. This will open the ability to edit images at your discretion. We suggest using them in various interpretations, namely for decorating Christmas gifts and other holiday accessories. In addition, you can do scrapbooking and colorize it with the whole family. It will refresh the atmosphere and give a festive mood.

In addition to the image of fruits, berries, cones, Christmas trees and flowers, you will receive human cookies, stars, emblems and envelopes for letters. All stylish black and white images are easily scaled and fit perfectly into the Christmas atmosphere.

Winter Tree Illustration

Snowy Forest 

Birch Tree Illustration

Tree Logo Illustrations

Trees symbolize development and fertility. Tree branches are associated with diversity and unity. In some religions, it is a symbol of the universe. Quite often, the tree is used as the embodiment of all nature as a whole. It does not matter if you are using a vintage tree illustration, apple tree illustration, tree branch illustration or olive tree illustration.

The tree is a strong energy symbol. If you want to create a design with such an image, then choose its best varieties. Pay attention to the oak, since its leaf looks advantageous as a logo. You can also add a branch of viburnum or an acorn to it.

The tree logo is found in the branding of various commercial enterprises and charity foundations. Most often, they are used on the logo of environmental organizations, but in light of recent trends, trees often become symbols of commercial organizations engaged in eco-technologies. The emblem with the plant is also used by tour companies specializing in green tourism or outdoor recreation.

Autumn Viburnum Leaf PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Autumn Viburnum Leaf PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

This template is saturated with the breath of autumn and creates the effect of home comfort. You will get 101 images in png and jpg formats. Among them are tree branch illustration, autumn leaves of different colors, ready-made frames for your future masterpieces or for advertising. Kitchen items such as an apron for a cook, a towel or a watch can be decorated in such a cute style.

Tree branch illustration playfully complements foliage and berries, creating a balance of the color palette and giving the interior tenderness.

You can use all elements both in a complex, and separately from each other. This opens up new possibilities for creating a logo.

Landscape Identity And Illustrations Illustrations Bundle

Landscape Identity And Illustrations Illustrations Bundle

If you are looking for a creative tree illustration black and white, then you have come to the right address. At first glance, it seems that these are blurry spots that the child painted with finger paints. But in fact, these images can create a real sensation in the marketing market. Just think about how such a blot will look advantageous in the context of your corporate identity in the form of a logo. In addition, you can put it on a business card, flyer or price list with the services provided by your business.

Choose bare tree illustration to emphasize the naturalness of the picture or to emphasize the natural origin of the materials from which the goods you sell are made.

Tea Emblem Set

The Shoe Tree 

Bubble Tree

Christmas Tree Illustrations

Christmas tree is an indispensable part of the most important winter holiday. It is difficult for all of us to imagine this festive time without a green beauty. Decorated with garlands, glass and plastic toys, beads, tinsel, candles, and sweets, on the street or at home, the Christmas tree has been a symbol of Christmas and the New Year for many centuries. Christmas tree illustrations will add a festive holiday mood and winter coziness to any project you are working on.

Being a significant symbol of Christmas and the beginning of the new year, the Christmas tree is a regular guest of every house at this time. Therefore, it is so important to prepare and print gift packaging in a timely manner. Here you can choose the background for the card, photo frame, envelope and other festive surroundings.

Christmas Watercolor PNG Set Illustration

Christmas Watercolor PNG Set Illustration

We present you a bright Christmas decoration for your page or 3D models of goods for sale. This is not the whole list where you can use this template.

Here you will find elements of Christmas tree illustration png and jpg formats. In total, 75 pictures are presented to you, decorated with love for the holidays. On them, you will find candles, spruce branches, Christmas balls, bells.

All this can be used as a composition or select one element and beat it in the web design of your site. This symbolism often appears during the winter holidays, use it to print paper for wrapping a gift.

Choose this colorful pattern to decorate the New Year's interior. Use also unusual letters for registration of an inscription.

Christmas Gift Labels Illustration

Christmas Gift Labels Illustration

Would you like to try fir tree illustration as a label? You have the opportunity to download them right now. Having done this, you will get 6 rectangular vertical images. They all have a pink out, but you can easily change it. Pictures schematically provide a round hole on the label so that it can be used functionally in the future.

Each rectangle contains a specific winter-related image. Among them are such as deer, snowman, Santa Claus, gift, bells, Christmas tree. Use these pictures for the new year and other winter holidays.

Christmas Tree

Watercolor Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Illustration 

Tree Illustration Vectors

Vector art and graphics are used in various fields, starting with the layouts of advertising banners and ending with schemes for space and electronics industries. In contrast to raster graphics, an image is described by a set of mathematical formulas and consists of a set of vector segments. Almost everyone can master vector illustration nowadays. If you are more interested in ready-made tree illustration vectors, here you can see a few examples.

Vector graphic editors allow you to rotate, move, reflect, stretch, mow, perform basic affine transformations on objects, change the order and combine primitives into more complex objects. Therefore, by downloading the template, you will get access to pictures that you can change as you wish. More sophisticated transformations include Boolean operations on closed figures: union, addition, intersection, etc. This means you can compose pictures or separate them. Choose the tree illustration vector to create a unique packaging design.

Landscape Flat Design Vector Illustration

Landscape Flat Design Vector Illustration

It is very important for some people to get a vector image in order to further upgrade it at their discretion. Landscape Flat Design Vector Illustration is designed specifically for this. It is a landscape design that shows mountains, hills, clouds, a reservoir, a person and trees. There is another image on which palm trees and white sand are painted. Use them as a colorful background.

Vector images are subject to correction at your discretion. You can also add your slogan, logo and other elements of your brand here. Inspirational illustrations are great for a travel agency website. Therefore, you can add a plane in the sky or a ship at sea.

Forest Acorn PNG Watercolor Creative Set Illustration

Forest Acorn PNG Watercolor Creative Set Illustration

Forest motifs fit very succinctly into the packaging design. Draw a tree ring illustration to put your logo or greeting in the middle. Oak leaves and acorns are suitable for designing a blog or greeting card. You can use them anywhere.

So, if you received png and jpg files of this template, then immediately start creating your own masterpiece. You will be convinced that all elements are selected by color and style and you can arrange any showcase with their help. The ornament made using leaves and acorns, as well as oak branches will emphasize the naturalness of the product and organically fit into the interior design of both a public place and your own home.

Forest Illustration

Tree Branches

Tree of Life

Tree Illustration Inspiration & Freebies

Every person of any creative profession needs something to stay inspired. Enjoy tree illustrations and produce the most eye-catching visual interpretations of ideas and concepts in their unique, signature styles.

To demonstrate the results of your inspiration, use the proposed templates with pictures of trees. They are all different and have an individual style. They can be used to design packaging with goods, greeting cards, web design, interior decoration. To do this, you can compose tree illustration into one whole picture or separate them, creating independent elements. Follow the link to find a suitable template.

Watercolor Linden Leaves PNG set Illustration

Watercolor Linden Leaves PNG set Illustration

To get exclusive 7 png and 33 jpg files, download this template. It is suitable for designing handmade sites to show the results of its inspiration. Illustrations are made in pleasant colors: blue, yellow, green and brown. To mark the peculiarity of your site, it is recommended to place an image with tools for creativity, such as scissors, clothespins, pencils, etc. All this you will find among the 40 proposed patterns.

A picture of two pairs of hands hugging a cup from opposite sides looks very impressive. Use it to arouse a feeling of carelessness and comfort among site visitors.

Succulent Tropical Leaves PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Succulent Tropical Leaves PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

To find an exotic tree illustration png or jpg, download this template. Green colors are always encouraging and pleasing to the eye. We bring to your attention pictures of tropical plants that you can apply to any surface. It can be a phone case, cup, paper cup, t-shirt and other objects. Images with tropical succulents look fresh and alluring.

After drawing on the surface, the picture will naturally look like it was painted with watercolors. Here you will find Joshua tree illustration and you can add it to the design.

Rainforests are striking in their diversity of flora, as this template is full of opportunities.

Owl Tree

Valentine Tree

Cute Trees Pack

Trees with Roots

Decorative Seasonal Tree Vectors

Olive Tree PNG Watercolor Illustrations Bundle

Olive Tree PNG Watercolor Illustrations Bundle

Pink Copse

Pink Cherry Blossom Tree

Landscape Art


Whenever you surf the Internet, you can see that illustrations are used in various designs. They take on the role of a universal tool through which information is delivered in a beautiful visual form.

If you love trees and nature design, I am sure you have grabbed some inspiration. Go ahead and browse the examples provided and experiment with unique and beautiful tree illustrations. Due to the variety in the choice of techniques, styles, and approaches, there is a very wide range of possible implementations of tree illustrations. The illustrations can turn a product into something really unique, powerful and creative.

Tree illustrations FAQ

? What is tree illustrations?

Illustration tree is not just a phrase, but an irreplaceable and creative solution in choosing logos and branding, fabric and apparel design, patterns, packaging, stationery, etc. Many people consider it a sacred symbol, because it has a connection with all worlds, has roots underground and branches reach the sky.

? When do you need to use tree illustrations?

Tree illustration is a perfect decision for creating your own family tree, due to this picture; it will be attractive to the eye and will help descendants to learn the history of his family.
Tree bark illustration is a symbol of eternity, reflects wisdom and knowledge. If you want to show something that has a connection with the accumulation of layers, the pattern of the tree bark will be an excellent solution.

? Where you can use tree illustrations?

The tree trunk has a soft core that acts as a transport system that delivers nutrients and moisture throughout the plant's body.  This is a complex interaction mechanism. The tree trunk illustration is a good way to show the cooperation between different systems.
You can use them for news and current events. It can also be used to illustrate subjects and human interests: 
- art;
- business;
- culture;
- health and fitness; 
- lifestyle;
- social activities; 
- technology and travel; 
- in non-commercial multimedia presentations.

? How to use tree illustrations?

No one can deny that the tree is a symbol of life, growth, and peace. But a part of this simple tree illustrations sometimes look childish and hilarious, therefore your decorative elements can be at the same time very mature and sometimes not. If you are the person who adores nature, the usage of these pictures in your project is a wonderful idea.

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