Wood Texture: How to Implement Wood Pattern in Web Design Right?

Wood patternThe right choice of project background is one of the first and most important design decisions. In most cases, the background is the first thing that most website visitors will notice. It creates an overall impression of the site. After all, a beautiful picture is already half the success. Should the background be monochrome, colorless, use fashionable elements such as geometric shapes, gradients, or patterns of wood? How do you make a project as bright and memorable as possible with the help of the background?

Wood Textures and Patterns.

Another important aspect is the preservation of trends in the style of background design. A fashionable and fresh background is the hallmark of modern website design.

In modern web design, it is quite common to use textures and patterns. As a rule, in computer graphics, the texture is understood as all sorts of imitations of surfaces, such as stone, glass, fabric, wood, rubber tire, etc.  However, textures include not only these concepts, but also flat color, geometric and pixel textures, as well as various photographic and material textures.

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  2. The Main Types of Website Design Background Patterns
  3. Wood Patterns
  4. The Purpose of Using Wood Patterns
  5. How to Enhance the Site with the Wood Background Texture?
  6. Examples of Websites with Wood Backgrounds
  7. Wood Textures & Patterns

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The Main Types of Website Design Background Patterns

  1. Geometric textures. In this case, the title speaks for itself - the background composition consists of a variety of geometric elements. Geometric textures are some of the most common background textures for websites. These include all sorts of stripes, cells, rhombuses, squares, circles, polygons, and other geometric elements. Such combinations of figures can be created by certain patterns, alternations or features which create a common background. But of course, there are disadvantages to using this kind of texture. Often times, the bright geometric elements distract the visitor’s attention from the content or create an unreadable site. Therefore, more often, website pages use simple, less vibrant vertical and horizontal stripes for the background.
  2. Flat color. Flat color is the most simple of all background textures. At the same time, it is a very popular web design among designers and the most common and universal texture. The element attracts with its simplicity and is used most often. The color filling is a universal tool that allows you to create homogeneous backgrounds. A vast majority of sites recently have used a homogeneous casting of color, creating a stylish and elegant display. The popularity of using flat color is explained by modern fashion trends. The fashionable modern design of the website is primarily simplicity and conciseness. Therefore, the use of flat color is more popular than ever before and will be suitable for any purpose of the project.
    But, another important thing: the homogeneous background should not be too bright and motley. You want the attention of visitors to the site to be focused primarily on the content.
  3. Ornamental texture. Here’s another type of fun background pattern, but with the use of more complex elements. The ornamental texture is a repeating sequence of geometric shapes of different types. Such textures immediately make any design less than simple and add notes of retro or vintage design style.  Ornament is an opportunity to create a more eye-catching page on the website. The main thing is not to use too small of elements. If you do, it may appear that the pattern is constantly repeated. As a result, the design will be boring.
  4. Pixel texture. Pixel textures include geometric patterns made up of separate pixels. The advantage of this choice is that the separate elements (pixels) cannot be distinguished. Therefore, the user gets the impression that the page surface is heterogeneous and has some roughness. This texture is quite popular and universal. With its help, the appearance of the site can become more attractive and stylish.
  5. Photographic texture. There are three types of photographic textures. These are photos, abstract images, and drawn illustrations. All these textures are considered separate elements. The phototype is the most complex texture. This texture cannot be just a background. It is a constituent element around which the entire design is built.
    If you do everything correctly and take into account all the nuances of these textures, you get a very cool background and a professional appearance for the site.
  6. Material texture. There are two types of material textures, muffled and active. Muffled material texture is an example of modern background patterns. It is a smooth surface, either fabric or paper background pattern. This texture allows you to create a great background of any color, and at the same time makes the appearance of the site unusual.
    Active material texture is an imitation of natural elements such as fabric, wood, rubber, etc.

Wood Pattern Images

Wood texture backgrounds are most used in web and graphic design. They are widely used in the creation of websites but are also used in the creation of printed designs or as layers for photo editing. They are probably the most versatile and nicest textures.

There are a huge number of sites where you can buy modern wood pattern. You should always choose only trusted sources that offer quality products. For example, check out TemplateMonster.

On their site you can find a sufficient number of web texture sets and patterns, which are perfect for use on any type of site. It is also an ideal resource for finding and buying templates for websites and other projects.

TextureKing is a site with a lot of nice wood textures. Here, you can find not only modern wood pattern, but also fabric, metal, plastic, nature pattern backgrounds, and much more.

Texture Library is another version of a similar website. It is quite inconspicuous, but at the same time offers high-quality and unusual wood texture backgrounds.

L+T also offers a lot of great background textures. In the Search box, you can find any textures you need and easily use them.

The Purpose of Using Wood Pattern Images

The use of different web design textures and patterns is very popular when creating a website. But recently, geometric and wood patterns are used quite regularly. Particularly popular is the combination of geometry and wood. This looks very unusual yet stylish.

You’ve probably wondered what the purpose of using wood pattern is. And why are they so popular? We have answers for you.

The use of wood patterns and textures:

  • increases the level of usability
  • improves site conversion
  • makes the site more attractive, both original and spectacular
  • directs the view of visitors to the website content
  • provide visual expansion of the site
  • emphasizes the importance of individual elements
  • divides the content of the site into various, logical sections
  • uses texture as a background for a single element (for example, to highlight a content area or a header)
  • separates elements in the design of various cards and other small details
  • some textures act only as a decorative element
  • interaction with the target audience

How to Enhance the Site with the Wood Background Texture?

In web design, using great background textures is the first step to success. Web design texture is a simple and effective way to attract customers' attention. But textures and patterns, unlike the usual boring background, are more difficult to use. Let's find out what is difficult about them in the example of a wood texture background. Yes, they are very original, beautiful, and make the site unusual.

It is important to remember that this web design texture is quite heavy to perceive. Therefore, you need to start by choosing the best option of modern wood texture. Choose colors that will interact and complement each other.

It is also worth paying attention to the combination of texture and text. Of course, the text should be readable, as it is the main way to convey the information. The color of the font and its size should have a clear contrast with the texture and background around it.

You can also use Photoshop to improve the background. For example, you can adjust the lightness or darkness of the background. It is also possible to make the background a little blurry or faded back, so the information will be better perceived. You can also align the textures for a better perception of the background.

Examples of Websites with Wood Backgrounds

Fontex. This is an example of how a site can be stylishly decorated with a wood texture background. The background is not very bright and does not distract from the content. The information is quite readable. The font also looks beautiful and stylish. This is an example that shows the correct design of the site using this web texture. Everything is simple, but at the same time very original and stylish.

Beautiful Email Newsletters. On this site, all of the backgrounds are completely wood. The top part of the site stands out in green. Everything looks stylish enough. The wood design background is soft and does not distract from the information on the site.

CssBay. This is just the perfect example where the wood allocates only the top half of the site page, the website title, and sections. Everything looks very stylish, as the generally white background is perfectly combined with the black wood tone.

Austin Town Hall. This is a site with an example of an unusual wood since the color is not typical. But the appearance is quite original and stylish.  The gentle and pale background does not distract from the content. On the contrary, it fits perfectly with all the elements of the site.

As you can see, the use of different web textures is very popular in web design. Do not forget about the content, fonts, and colors of the elements when combined with the textured background of the website. You will surely create a site with a perfect appearance!

Wood Textures & Patterns

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