Take Your Benefit of Customers’ Chichats. Best Free and Paid Social Analytics Tools

Let us ask you a question at the very beginning of our blog post. Are you socially active? We are sure that the most part of our readers will answer that they have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram or other popular networks. We won’t let you in on a secret saying that people like to communicate not only with their family, friends and peers within their reach but also with overseas partners, share information with them and get the response.

Aside from that, one thing's for sure, social networks serve not only communicational purposes but also business ones. Can you really afford not to use this fact to your benefit? Let us show you approximately how this works. Supposing, you have a website or blog. Nowadays each of them has social icons or buttons for quick and easy sharing. If the users like your products, services or other kind of content, they like and share it with their circles, which do the same in their turn. Not a bad way to reach the publicity (read free advertising), especially taking into consideration that it doesn’t cost you a penny.

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The other way of promoting yourself on social sites is just posting interesting, funny, wise or other information that is likely to touch people’s emotions or help them somehow on your social profile. We are sure that you exploit both approaches to the fullest.

Of course, the process doesn’t stop here as we wish to make our marketing strategy 100% efficient. The truth is that it is impossible without deep analysis of our efforts. Now we will quickly recap the essential data that is possible to fish out with the help of social analytics tools. After you understand why you need all those tools, we’ll give you the list of real industry kickers smart merchants use to know their customers better.

What social analytics tools can do for your business?

Before we go any further, we want to set something straight away. Without clear goals and social media strategy (like any other strategy) your efforts will be directionless and diluted. You should positively know what is your winning aspiration; where will you play; how will you win; what capabilities need to be in place; and what management systems must be instituted. So, platform prioritization, focused social listening, and relevant content selection will be impossible, increasing the likelihood that social will become a time sinkhole.

But we are not going to waste our time, aren’t we? So, here is the promised list of reasons why you should involve deep social analytics:

  • It is great for understanding which topics are really "hot" out there in the world and which ones are just top of mind "inside the beltway." It also provides a great starting point for deeper analysis into a particular topic.
  • There are "one size fits all" trackers. These tools provide best-in-class technologies to extract specific data types.
  • The variety of available analytics tools lets to choose them depending on one's needs, purpose and budget.
  • It’s great to choose tools that allow you analyze unstructured data (from social and digital channels) along with the structured data within your corporate applications. The true value of engaging with your customers in social media comes when you can join up information gleaned from both structured and unstructured sources.
  • As a rule monitoring your brand ties into your overall CRM goals.
  • The important thing is that if you are talking about monitoring your brand on social channels, you are able to measure its meaningful part in the context of the larger CRM initiative.
  • The tools below will help you to aggregate posts for easy reading as well as aggregate posts for analysis and metrics gathering.
  • They will give enable you to keep track of your engagements and social media campaigns.
  • Aggregate data for reporting.
  • Dissect and analyze the conversations in the community.
  • You’ll get the ability to find influencers or have the application find them for you.
  • The tools will let you easily collaborate information between team members.
  • They will give you a chance to focus on a specific social network.
  • Having a social media monitoring tool is increasingly important for enterprises that cannot afford to miss the social media buzz.
  • They will show you where are your customers (geography) and what are they thinking about their brand/product (sentiment & customer intent).
  • Besides the demographics, you will get to know who is influencing your brand perception on the social media (influential authors, publishers & links).
  • How accurate is the sentiment, influence & trends metrics with automated tagging.
  • Most tools offer a multi-language capability to cater global audiences (language tagging).
  • You will know the time required to get actionable insights. Nobody wants to spend hours waiting for results, customers need user friendly interfaces with simple graphical presentation of complex data.
  • There are plenty of strong monitoring & engagement tools (with professional social networking sites like Twitter & LinkedIn) and internal collaboration tools.

Have you heard enough to begin choosing the necessary software from the plethora of monitoring tools available on the market? We should confess that this occupation is a complicated task itself. But don’t worry; we are here to help you in this issue. Having studied multiple developers’ testimonials, we picked out the best and the most efficient social analytics tools available on the web. Now we invite you to have a closer look at each of them. Please read the descriptions carefully to make sure that namely this tool meets your marketing strategy requirements. Good news: some of the featured tools are paid, some have free test drive period and the rest are absolutely free!

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Value they offer and you can measure:

  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Lower service costs.
  • Boost loyalty and retention.
  • Grow brand advocacy.
  • Accelerate conversions.
  • Crowdsource new ideas.


* * *


With Radian6 you can listen, analyze, engage and connect. Knowing what people are saying about your products and industry results in selling, catering, and engaging your customers more efficiently.


* * *

Viral Heat

Viral Heat allows you get the most out of social across marketing, sales, and support. Here’s what they offer:

  • Complete monitoring of conversations across the social web.
  • Turn in-depth analytics and actionable insights into social media ROI.
  • Easily publish and schedule rich media content to multiple social.
  • View sentiment analysis of mentions across multiple networks and sites.
  • Quantify the value of social media and understand the ROI with flexible.
  • Secure your social media permissions with team-and-seat management.
  • Understand audience intent and engage at the time of purchase.
  • Identify online advocates for your brand, product, company, or competitors.
  • Ensure electronic communications comply with federal regulations.


* * *

Social Report

Exclusive features from Social Report:

  • Robust Analytics (track all of your social).
  • Go beyond Facebook and Twitter with analytics on important metrics for more than a dozen social networks and blog platforms, as well as Yelp business reviews. Track hashtag and keywords across entire social networks.

  • Campaign Publisher (get your message out!)
  • Post messages simultaneously to as many social networks as you wish. Choose to post immediately or schedule for later. Use an optional tracking code to measure conversions and calculate ROI - all from your dashboard.

  • Buzz Discovery (track any topic that interests you).
  • See what's trending online and find out what is happening with the keywords that matter most to you with dynamic and unlimited keyword searching.

  • Measurable ROI (connect the dots!)
  • Use provided conversion snippet that you will place on your website to track conversions and determine ROI with a built in ROI calculator.

  • Reporting Export/Download (downloadable reports: pdf, excel).
  • Take the important metrics and information from your dashboard and export it however you wish. Create reports or choose individual graphs and categories from the dashboard.

  • Manage Teams (multiple users and permissions).
  • Add unlimited team members to your projects and set customized access levels. Convenient sorting by brand, location or however you wish to separate profiles.

  • Integration Options (powerful API and customization).
  • Powerful REST API creates endless integration possibilities. Support for white labeling is also available to Advanced and Pro subscribers.

  • 24/7 Live Support (skype, phone or email).
  • Chat with their support staff on Skype any time you have a question. Enjoy their fast response and hands on training.


* * *


Sysomos offers social media monitoring and analytics solutions for brands, businesses and agencies. Its main features are:

  • Robust real-time monitoring dashboard that collects all relevant online conversations and reveals insights through detailed metrics and intuitive graphics.
  • Tools for reaching out to key influencers, providing customer support, finding new sales leads, managing workflow and more.
  • Comprehensive research and analytics solution with automated sentiment, demographics, influencer identification, historical analysis and smart reporting.
  • A selection of videos, case studies and tip sheets on how to harness the power of social intelligence with Sysomos.


* * *


Synthesio key features:

  • Data Coverage
  • Brands can listen, analyze and engage in real time, within one platform, around the world in over 50 languages across 200 countries. Get complete coverage of both social and mainstream media worldwide, with their large-scale data aggregation system designed to collect, store, and index massive amounts of content across the entire web in real-time.

  • SynthesioRank
  • SynthesioRank is a powerful, business-oriented influence ranking tool, specifically designed for helping the world’s leading brands and agencies to identify the sites and content that matter to them.

  • Synthesio SRS – Social Reputation Score
  • Synthesio’s proprietary Social Reputation Score is an intuitive and efficient way to provide brands with a consistent benchmark with which to measure their online activity worldwide – so you can track your competition, quickly understand your SWOT, set targets and improve your presence.

  • Custom Sourcing
  • With each new client, they provide custom sourcing and research to include all the most relevant websites for the brand within each country and language targeted, and remove those that are not important, for fine-tuned insight that yields results.

  • Industry-Leading Global Monitoring System
  • To provide their clients with complete coverage of both Social and Mainstream Media worldwide, they’ve developed a large-scale data aggregation system to collect, store, and index massive amounts of content across the entire web in real-time, or near real-time if human analysis is requested. Their global aggregating technologies have been built from the ground up, and they do not rely on third-party data providers; leaving them in complete control of their rapidly expanding sourcing. Their crawlers are proprietary and work with any language – including 1 and 2 byte – extracting each post’s full content and automatically removing all spam, splogs, ads and duplicates.


* * *


Why Brandwatch is genuinely different? At heart, they’re engineers and apply all that they know to give you the very best Social Media Analytics resource.

Some specifics:

  • Software designed from the ground up.
  • Massive computing power, constantly updated.
  • Intuitive dashboards.
  • Unrestricted query creation.
  • Full user control.
  • Best coverage.
  • More control over filtering.
  • Transparent pricing.
  • Extraordinary client satisfaction.


* * *


How it works:

  • Anctu is the backbone for your social networks. The noise on social media created every day provides many opportunities - and challenges - for those that want to uncover, analyze and act on social media. Many of us struggle to keep up with the entire social buzz, Anctu provides you the tools to capture and leverage everything from Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Connect data. Get insights. Whether you’re focused on social, commerce, payments, site traffic, or all of the above; see it all at once, as it happens.
  • Choose your apps. Save your time and your sanity. Improve productivity by managing all of your social networks within Anctu Apps. The platform is designed for you and your team to listen, engage and measure all from one simple interface. With a suite of tools designed to enhance audience engagement - you can streamline your social outreach and optimize your visibility across social channels.


* * *

Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon 6 pillars of leadership:

  • Innovative
  • From building their analytics platform to solving problems and developing new reporting strategies for their customers, they strive to innovate. To them, innovation is about forward motion and not letting fear or habit stop them from trying new solutions or taking a new direction.

  • Trending
  • In social media, moving the needle matters. In the process of building a product that marketers and market researchers rely on to measure advertising and marketing efforts, they also develop trending analyses and insights that engage and educate the ecosystem and market about the cutting-edge of social media analysis.

  • Influential
  • In order to be the industry leaders they want to be for their customers, partners, and team, they strive to lead in the conversation about social media analytics and social listening. Through conference panels, webinars, and guest blogging, and the conversations they have with customers and partners every day, they seek to be an influential voice, raising the conversation to the next level of sophistication.

  • Trustworthy
  • By working exclusively with public data, presenting their methodology and validation studies, and partnering with public sector and academic researchers, they strive to be a transparent and valuable partner to individuals and organizations seeking to analyze social media data and to develop new tools for analysis.

  • Passionate
  • To be successful as a company and as individuals, they bring energy and commitment to what they do every day. They work in a space where so much is new – why not be passionate about developing new methodologies, building new tools, and solving problems in new ways?

  • Desired
  • They bring the right people together to build social media software that their customers desire. When customers express that they need Crimson Hexagon’s industry leadership and recommend them to their colleagues, they affirm their direction. Being desired means that they are helping their customers create more demand for their team’s insights, from the water cooler to the boardroom.


* * *


Comprehensive features for social business:

The company gives a 30 day full-featured free trial.

  • Engagement
  • Single stream Inbox designed to never miss a message and tasking tools to ensure that no customer goes unanswered.

  • Publishing
  • Seamlessly post and schedule your messages to Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn with Sprout's powerful tools.

  • Analytics
  • Unlimited reporting & exporting across all of your accounts. Profile, group and roll-up reports for high or low level performance data.

  • Monitoring
  • Discover what people on social media are saying about your brand through keyword monitoring.

  • CRM
  • The complete social relationship at your fingertips with contact records and editable contact notes.

  • Collaboration
  • Divvy up the workload amongst the whole team with tasks and collaborate in real-time to see who is immediately available to respond.

  • HelpDesk
  • Turn messages into support tickets and ensure complete & expedient customer service with full HelpDesk integration.

  • Mobile
  • A cohesive experience for users & teams across multiple social networks, regardless of where they are or what device they are using.


* * *

Social Motus

Social Motus is a professional social media marketing and management software platform for Internet marketers, businesses and agencies. It allows:

  • Publish & Management
  • Social Motus Manage all Facebook & Twitter channels from one platform.
    Social Motus Schedule & publish your posts across all Facebook & Twitter channels automatically.
    Social Motus Discover highly targeted prospects who are interested in your brand.

  • Monitoring & Engagement
  • Discover what people are saying about your brand, industry & competitors.
    Join the conversation & respond to all comments from one platform.
    Automatically monitor & filter comments & conversations.

  • Analysis & Measurement
  • Social Motus Analyse your social media performance to improve ROI.
    Social Motus Measure & analyse your social media results in real time.
    Social Motus Track conversions and improve related business outcomes.


* * *

Agora Pulse

This is a complete toolkit for your Facebook page. Let’s see what’s inside:

  • Applications
  • Attract more fans to your page and engage them with fully customizable viral applications. Quiz, Photo Contest, Sweepstakes, Fan Vote, and many more. All their apps are optimized for mobile devices.

  • Advanced statistics
  • Use real-time statistics to measure the performance of your Facebook page. What’s more, you can compare them to your competitors!

  • Moderation
  • Why work harder when you can work smarter? Benefit from their easy to use tools to manage and moderate your Timeline.

  • Qualification
  • Turn your fans into clients. Collect and export loads of information to your CRM and email software.


* * *


Attensity is the leading provider of integrated, real-time solutions that blend multi-channel Voice of the Customer (VoC) analytics and social engagement for enterprise listening needs.

Attensity’s technology is designed to contextualize, organize, and surface customer-centric data from deep analysis of social and non-social channels. By deploying highly sophisticated, patented natural language processing (NLP) methods, Attensity provides reliable sentiment and insights, allowing companies to better understand and respond to the needs of their customers.

Attensity delivers clear advantages that help to improve the customer experience with their brands:

  • Real-Time Social Analytics: give an up to the second view of what your customers are saying about your products, your company and your brands.
  • Enterprise-class solutions: their social analytics and engagement solutions are built to handle the Big Data being generated by today’s social customers.
  • Industry’s Most Accurate Insights: their patented solutions are based on more than 10 years of research and development with the federal government and have been proven in many of the world’s largest corporations.
  • Ease of Use: their solutions are driving the social engagement strategies of every day by business users in marketing and customer service organizations.
  • Industry Solutions: Attensity has deep expertise from their work with companies in vertical markets like telecom, financial services, hospitality and travel, insurance, high-tech manufacturing and others.


* * *


You can try Nimble for free. Connect Your Contacts. Build Profitable Relationships. Nimble automatically pulls your contacts into one place so you can engage them across any channel (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Skype, Phone, Email) in one easy to use interface.


* * *

Buzz Bundle

Trial version of the software available. Generate more social buzz one person could ever produce. Manage multiple social accounts, post and message easily, get reputation management + social SEO in one tool as well as advanced social media management.


* * *


You may choose a plan to start a 30-day free trial of the software. With Crowdbooster you get:

  • Easy, instant visual feedback about your performance.
  • Check the number of retweets, replies, impressions, likes, comments, and many more metrics, all customizable by date range, all in real-time so you can quickly adapt to your audience’s reaction. Drill down to see who retweeted you, how many shares were organic, etc. Use the visuals to tell a compelling story to your colleagues.

  • Track the growth of your audience.
  • See the benefits of long-term engagement or the effectiveness of a one-time social media campaign. Customize the date range to figure out what drives your community to grow. We will even alert you when we notice a spike.

  • Drill-down on every message.
  • See every Facebook post or tweet on a table with the associated metrics. Sort the table to see the message with the most viral reach, highest number of replies, etc. to highlight successful messages and use it to help teammates replicate your success.

  • Know who loves you most, and reciprocate the love.
  • Who is your biggest fan? How about your most enthusiastic retweeter? Do you know who they are? Use Crowdbooster to find your biggest social advocates and show them how much you love them, too.

  • Optimized publisher for scheduling tweets and posts.
  • Schedule as many tweets and Facebook posts as you’d like, all at the most optimal time as calculated by Crowdbooster to maximize reach. Customize your content to look exactly the way you want.

  • Intelligent alerts and recommendations.
  • Save time and let Crowdbooster show you what to pay attention to in your analytics. Were there any spikes in the numbers? Like a smart assistant, Crowdbooster will surface insights and suggestions on the dashboard to help you understand how to improve.

  • Download your data to .csv.
  • Achieve maximum flexibility by exporting everything you see on the dashboard to a .csv file and manipulate them in your favorite spreadsheet program. Take only the numbers you care about to your report and use it to build different types of graphs to help you with deeper analysis.

  • Manage multiple accounts and share access with your colleagues and clients.
  • Easily manage access to the dashboard for your colleagues and clients across any number of social profiles. Control the permission levels of team members and even share the interactive dashboard directly with your clients. It’s a great way to collaborate and demonstrate results.


* * *

Peer Index

Peer Index is a social analytics for the age of context. Consumers have influence. But in what context, and amongst whom? Your business needs to know this to succeed.


* * *


PeopleBrowsr is a San Francisco based company and the creator of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) dotCEO, dotBest and dotKred. PeopleBrowsr has combined its Social OS™ Network Platform, Kred Influencer Analytics and datamine of over one Trillion Conversations to provide Enterprise, Government and Top Level Domain owners the ability to launch their own social networks, with full engagement and powerful analytics. PeopleBrowsr is the only company with a 500M+ profiles Datamine, the only one with very high speed Analytics, the only one with real time Influence Scoring, and the only one funded by DARPA to build a Next Gen Network.


* * *


  • The Spredfast is a social relationship platform.
  • Empower your teams with everything they need to build lasting relationships wherever your fans and customers choose to engage on social media. With Spredfast, your teams can attract the right audience, stimulate engagement, leverage your whole social team, and connect social activity to business impact – all with the security and control your brand needs.

  • Attract the right audience.
  • Tailor customer engagement to be more effective. Tap into the preferences of your target audience so you can boost high-performing content, deliver powerful social applications, take advantage of targeting opportunities across all major networks, and incorporate paid promotion to grow your audience.

  • Engage in the right conversations.
  • Get more mileage out of your over-worked and under-resourced teams by maximizing the number of high-value conversations they have across social. Do this by filtering massive amounts of social activity and zeroing in on opportunities to participate in conversations, deepen customer relationships, answer questions, and capitalize on social trends.

  • Expand your social team.
  • Build your social operation by making it possible (and easy) to expand the number of people who participate in social across your entire company. Sleep well at night knowing you have the right organization, planning, permissions, workflows and instrumentation in place to expand your social team without losing control of your social strategy.

  • Coordinate your social activity.
  • Empower the right people at the right time and arm them with the right content. Use shared calendars to keep people informed and a central content library to give them easy access to the best, approved content. Keep a detailed audit trail of all social actions to meet internal and external governance requirements. Manage all this activity in the most secure environment available in social.

  • Connect your social ecosystem.
  • Make social an integral part of your marketing infrastructure. Break down silos by connecting social to your web analytics, listening, ad optimization, link tracking and CRM solutions. Take advantage of sophisticated technology across your social ecosystem and get more business bang for your social marketing bucks.

  • Hone your social tactics.
  • Understand the effectiveness of your social strategies and campaigns. Learn which content hits the sweet spot, why certain campaigns are more effective, and how your audience engages with key messages. Teams can dive deep with comparative analytics or quickly gain critical insights on social performance.

  • Evaluate your social business impact.
  • With Spredfast Performance Index, brands can uniquely measure social success using actual business goals. Customizable metrics and goal tracking empowers teams to work smarter in social. Prove your social business impact and improve your social tactics in real time.

  • Activate real-life social.
  • Spredfast Spark empowers brands and media companies to deliver on the promise to stay relevant to their audiences – enabling them to uncover more moments that matter across social and unleash the ability to engage in timely, real-life conversations.


* * *


  • KISSmetrics takes all the data you’re collecting and ties it to real people.
  • Every last piece gets connected to a real person. All of it. It doesn’t matter if people bounce around between different browsers and devices. Or even if it takes them 6 months to come back. You’ll see what real people do.

    You get all the reports that you’ve come to expect from analytics. Funnels, cohorts, revenue, metrics, it’s all there. You’ll also get the one thing you won’t be able to live without: people.
    Ready to learn more about your customers? Sign up for your 14-day free trial to discover who your customers are and what they're doing.

  • Know exactly who's in each step of your funnels.
  • KISSmetrics shows you the real people in your funnel. Instantly pull a list of every person in a given step or the people that didn’t make it. Whenever you need to know what’s preventing people from getting to the next step of your marketing funnel, just run a KISSmetrics funnel, grab a list of people that didn’t get to the next step, and reach out to them.

  • You can also view groups of people in KISSmetrics cohorts.
  • Group people into different batches based on an action, like the month they signed up. Cohorts show you how long it takes people in that batch to trigger another event like canceling. With KISSmetrics, get a list of people in each cohort. When you need to understand how customer behavior changes over time, KISSmetrics tells you which customers have changed.

  • Find any group of people.
  • At any time, run a People Search for a group of people that meet any set of conditions you want. Let’s say you want to find a group of power users. These people love your product so if you understand how they use it, you’ll know what direction to push other users. Pull a list of people that have logged in at least 30 times in the last 30 days. Now you know exactly who to talk to. Your most passionate users guide your company, it’s about time you knew who they are.

  • Get to know individual people.
  • What about looking at an individual person to see what they’ve done? In KISSmetrics reports, click on a person and you’ll be taken to their Person Details report. You’ll learn where they originally came from, what they bought, what they did after signing up, and every other piece of data they picked up along the way. It’s a complete history of how the person touched your business. It’s not good enough to understand what’s happening. Know who's doing it so you can truly delight your customers.


* * *


Main features in brief:

  • Market benchmarking.
  • Benchmark your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles with that of competitors or best-practice examples, even if you do not administer these pages.

  • Save time and focus.
  • Save time and concentrate on the important things and leave the complex data import processes with us.

  • Automated reports.
  • Automate the reporting of your social media data. Set up white-labled templates, easily create custom reports and send them as you like.

  • Facebook insights integration
  • Import your Facebook Insights data for the pages you administer to track and compare them in more detail than ever.


* * *

Simplify 360

Marketing, customer service and research teams from across the industry verticals are using Simplify360 to create insightful social media reports and deliver better social customer service on daily basis. Would you also like to try? Just contact their sales representative and everything is in the bag.


* * *


Some of the product features the company offers:

  • Structured tribe and influencer database.
  • eCairn’s database of influencers is organized in tribes. It is strong of about 1000 tribes and 500k influencers located in 16 countries, with more on the way every day.

  • Tribe and influencer expansion.
  • Create mashups and expand your influencer lists with eCairn’s auto-discovery, dynamic lists, list building and importing features. Leverage project-specific tracking and full influencer profiling, including traffic, geolocation, links to the tribe and a broad array of statistics. Draw on eCairn tribes and influencers to create your private tribes.

  • Contextual influencer profiling & search.
  • eCairn Conversation™ provides project-based relevancy, based on the influence and reach ranking of the influencers within your project. Extensive contextual profiling is at your fingertips, giving you access to deep identity information such as contact, traffic, reach, location, social network presence and more. Our powerful search engine indexes both profile and conversation data and delivers high quality search results filtered for relevancy, geography and topics.

  • Social graph explorer.
  • With eCairn Conversation™, take advantage of a comprehensive social graph explorer. Social mapping and clustering complement geographical mapping, as well as relevance and topic ranking and overlay, and positive and negative filtering.

  • Social intelligence/analytics.
  • Whether you are working on a global scale or within a single tribe, eCairn Conversation™ lets you monitor your share of voice and share of mind, track sentiment and trends, and run efficient marketing campaigns.

  • Conversation explorer.
  • Listen to 1000s of sources, analyze in 6 languages. Consolidate content from blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and any source with an RSS feed. eCairn Conversation™ provides extensive listening and visualization capabilities, complete with sentiment analysis, expression analysis and trend analysis.

  • Engagement management.
  • Manage your engagement from a single social workspace by project. Draw action plans, track your engagement and distribute tasks among team members. Share, bookmark and annotate conversations.


* * *


Get a free trial if interested. Here are major Engagor features:

  • Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
    Social Media Inbox
    Unified conversation thread
    React to messages
    Manage Twitter Profiles
    Manage Facebook Pages

  • Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
    Top Conversations
    Connect Youtube Channels
    Connect Tripadvisor Points of Interest
    Connect Mixcloud Profiles
    Trending Topics

  • Management
  • Social Media Management
    Publish new messages
    Mark mentions as read
    Connect Twitter Profiles
    Connect Facebook Pages
    Connect Foursquare Venues

  • Social Media Dashboard
  • Overview of new mentions and tasks
    Performance metrics
    Custom dashboards

  • Social Media Collaboration
  • Assign mentions to your colleagues
    Structure your Inbox with tags
    History of actions
    Mark mentions as read
    Measure your team performance

  • Social Media Publishing
  • React to messages
    Manage Twitter Profiles
    Manage Facebook Pages
    Manage Google+ Profiles
    Manage LinkedIn Groups

  • Social Media Reporting
  • Daily and Weekly Reports
    Automatic Custom Reports
    Email Alerts
    RSS Feeds

  • Social Media Automation
  • Workflow Automation
    Automatic Custom Reports

  • Social Media Setup
  • Intuitive Keyword Query Setup
    Global Data Coverage
    Connect your Profiles
    Workflow Automation


* * *



  • Monitor
  • Search
  • Webfluenz allows you to search unlimited keywords about your brand, campaigns, competitors, people or any topic of your interest.

  • Coverage
  • They bring you conversations from millions of sources across seven different channels - Social Networks, Video Sharing Services, Photo/Image Sharing Services, Microblogs, Blogs, etc.

  • Social Accounts
  • Monitor your own twitter, facebook accounts and pages in real-time.

  • Analyze
  • Dashboards
  • Their dashboard solutions are simplified visual representations of complex data to help you understand detailed analysis easily. You can customize the dashboards with multiple filters.

  • Social Profile Analysis
  • Get in-depth analysis of your Facebook and Twitter account with live feeds and historical data. Use advanced filters to drill down into comments, updates, accounts and pages on social networks.

  • Ad hoc Queries
  • Get more focused data by slicing it through additional queries. Analyze as you think, run unlimited queries within campaigns across any time range or media-source and drill-down to topics.

  • Real-time and Archival data
  • When you want to have a preview of your topic of interest on the social web, they give you conversations both from their archived and real-time data. They also enable you to engage with people, publishers and authors directly in these conversations.

  • Influencers
  • Identifying those that have a larger impact on your social presence ensures that your analysis and social management reflects more than just numbers.

  • Intent (Consumer Quotes)
  • Understanding the intent of your consumer on social media networks can help you strategize your social media presence and maximize it’s impact to target possible customers.

  • Topical Trends
  • Analyze what is trending in social media about your campaign, brand, product or any topic of interest, shuffling through thousands of conversations to get productive results.

  • Compare Brands
  • Compare performance of one brand over another in the same date-range.

  • Campaign Performance
  • Compare the performance of your brand over different time-periods.

  • Geographic Breakdown
  • Breakup of chatter by geography.

  • Gender Break-up
  • Breakup of chatter by gender.

  • Channel Break-up
  • Breakup of chatter by channels.

  • Filters
  • Customize your dashboards to get precisely what you want. Add or edit filter options for sources, geography, sentiments, saved queries, gender, read or unread mentions, and so on...

  • Engage
  • Author Profile
  • Get complete profile of the author and people/publishers who are creating a buzz around your brand or topic of interest on the social web. Reach out to them based on their influence factor.

  • Engagement History
  • Keep a track of all your engagements with multiple authors, people, publishers or links, done through the webfluenz systems.

  • Facebook/Twitter
  • Twitter and Facebook engagements are seamlessly integrated with webfluenz.

  • Engage from other sources
  • Engage with any comments from all sources and save all your engagement on webfluenz.

  • Manage
  • Customize
  • Tweak your dashboard settings and engagement columns to get focused and productive results. Prioritize or block sources; filter with geography, gender and language; classify with sentiment tagging, customer intent and influential people/publisher or links; edit contact details and more.

  • Collaborate
  • Add multiple users to an account to use our strong collaboration tools. Label, share or assign mentions on social media network to specific departments within your organization to reach out to potential customers, resolve customer concerns, or to simply share information.

  • Workspace
  • Create your own workspace by using single or multiple columns to monitor projects, search topics, social profiles and datasets in a single unified space. Use their existing set of columns or edit them to dedicate for mentions, assignments, labels, influencers, engagement history with different set of filters and more.

  • Customer Support
  • Your concerns and issues are of important to them, they therefore do not charge you additionally for customer support services. You can reach out to their customer support team 24X7 for any issues through live chats, emails, toll free numbers, or raise a customer support ticket.

  • Training
  • They want to ensure that you are aware about how their products work best for you and your team. Therefore, they offer you complete training on their products without any additional costs. They also give you regular product update training and share documents for reference with every update.

  • Publishing
  • Twitter
  • Post status updates on your twitter. Image attachment, shortening links and location checkin options are available while creating the update.

  • Facebook
  • Post status updates on your Facebook account and pages. Link previews, shortening links and location checkin options are available while creating the update.

  • Linkedin
  • Post status updates on your linkedin accounts. Image attachment, link previews, shortening links and location checkin options are available while creating the update.

  • Publish on Multiple accounts
  • Create update on multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts from one location.

  • Schedule
  • Schedule updates to be sent at optimum time during the day on various social networks.

  • Reports
  • Detailed Reports
  • Keep a track of all the results derived from various permutations and combinations of filters and tags using detailed reports. You can get these in-depth reports for all your search topic profiles.

  • Dashboard Reports
  • Get concise and easy to understand dashboard reports for all your dashboard analysis - Deep-Dive, Competitive Benchmarking and Comparative Benchmarking.

  • Graph Download
  • Download all graphs in PNG, JPG format.

  • Data Download
  • Download data in the CSV format.

  • Alerts
  • Keyword Alerts.
  • Get daily updates from social media conversations on your search keyword delivered in your inbox.

  • Custom Alerts
  • Keep a track of activity happening with the topics set-up in your account. Get alerted when negative chatter about Amazon by women from US goes up by 100% in last 24 hours.

  • Trend Alerts
  • Get daily alerts for social media trends in your inbox.

  • Social Profiles
  • Twitter Account
  • Maximize the results of your social media strategy by analyzing your Twitter account with our social media tools- advance filters and Ad hoc query (filter by mention text, authors and shared links), that let you drill down tweets by you and your followers. Manage your account- reply, retweet, schedule updates and mark favorite to tweets.

  • Facebook Account/Page
  • Evaluate the impact of your Facebook account and page with our advanced filters that let you get focused data from updates and comments. Boost it up with our other Facebook features- updates, like, comment, post pictures, check-in location and more, that lets you constantly engage and manage your Facebook presence.

  • Language
  • If you are looking for global data they can reach out to every continent- Europe, US, Middle East, Asia or Africa and search conversations in the language you want. They give you options to search in as many as 90 languages including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic and Persian.

  • Sentiment Tagging
  • Judging the mood of a conversation relevant to you is fundamental to understanding your social presence, be it for the purpose of analysis or management. When you have hundreds of thousands of mentions every day it becomes an impossible task. Webfluenz provides automated sentiment tagging in 24 languages ensuring that you spend your time on analysis and management instead of sifting through thousands of mentions.

    Automated sentiment tagging is often achieved through word lists namely mentions with ‘hate’ would be tagged negative and so on. This approach is significantly lacking in dealing with the nuances of social interactions wherein sarcasm and colloquialisms are more the norm rather than the exception.

    Webfluenz, on the other hand, uses proprietary technology to break down a mention into its building blocks which are then analyzed for sentiment related to your search topic. This ensures vastly superior accuracy.

    In addition, Webfluenz provides an easy way to manually override the automated sentiment tags. Their continuously evolving sentiment tagging system learns from your feedback and provides you data with higher levels of accuracy.

  • Covering around 90% of the languages spoken by the world’s internet population, Webfluenz supports:
  • English, Indonesian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Malay, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Tagalog, Japanese, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Persian, Hindi, Hebrew, Finnish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Korean


* * *

Buzz Numbers

Buzz Numbers delivers social media information and insights.

  • Monitoring
  • Listen, Understand, Engage.
    Turn social media into an intuitive research, reporting and engagement tool.

  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Question, Explore, Execute.
    Examine key trends and explore critical insight into areas that will have real impact for your business.

  • Reporting
  • Workshops
  • Comprehend, Inspire, Action.
    Empower cross departmental teams to take decisive action and deliver social media ROI.

  • Coaching
  • Account Services
  • Collaborate, Empower, Deliver.
    Realise the full power of social media without the time and expense of hiring an internal team.


* * *

Context Mine

The tool allows you:

  • Managing Online Reputation
  • In today’s era of social networking, users are actively sharing ideas, activities, events, and interests within their networks. They are constantly exchanging views on topics related to politics, entertainment, products, brands, sports, and a lot more. In fact, there are millions of messages floating on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FriendFeed, etc. Are you tracking what’s being said about you and your brand online? Are you able to filter messages that are associated with your brand? If not – you will like to check that out. You can use Context Mine to get all the chatter around your company and brand. Check out your online reputation in real-time.

  • Collecting Data from 200+ Social Media Channels
  • When you decide to monitor social media you look around a tool which can cover the maximum number of channels. There are lots of tools available in the market. Most of them cover the popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. But, Context Mine covers not only the popular channels but almost the entire social media. It covers more than 200 channels which include video sharing networks, micro-blogging platforms, social networking sites, news services, blogging platforms, news aggregators, and many more. You can also add your own RSS feed to monitor.

  • Listening to Customers
  • The era of communication has changed. Today, people write about experiences at several social media channels. More and more consumers are turning to the web to find businesses and products, and more consumers rely on online reviews or “digital word-of-mouth” to make their purchase decisions. If a customer purchased a mobile set and faced some problem with its battery, chances are high that she will update this immediately on her Twitter and Facebook post. Same applies in case of a hotel reservation, purchase of a refrigerator or even with a movie. Users are constantly updating their social profile, their status on a regular basis with all this information. As a brand owner you would like to listen to your customers, their unofficial feedbacks, both positive and negative. Context Mine’s contextual search and data mining capability helps you do just that. You can track your influencers and know everything that is being said about your brand. You can even contact the people who are talking about you in real-time. And most importantly, you can avoid the propagation of negative sentiments.

  • Tracking Your Competitors
  • Along with your own brand and product, you can also track your competitors. You can check the social presence of your competitors and also monitor their online reputation. You can track your own and your competitors online visibilities and compare the trend with your own product. It helps to understand the market reaction – why people are satisfied with one product and what next would they like to see from either you or your competitor. Context Mine can help you to do all this from a single dashboard. Create topics and start monitoring. Simple and effective.

  • Listening to Employees
  • Your employees are abuzz with opinions — the only question is whether that buzzing reaches your ears. The first step is to tune in. At many occasions you would like to see what your employees are talking on their social media channels. Are they talking about your brand? Are they talking about the domain you work in? Are they promoting your company through their presence on web? All this and many more things about your employees can be useful to your organization. You can track all this through Context Mine. Start listening and make your employees your best marketers!

  • Optimizing PR Campaigns
  • PR campaigns require regular monitoring and engagement. Context Mine provides a good platform to monitor your PR campaigns. You can track the conversation at different levels. It could be real-time, hourly basis or on a daily basis. You can reach out to the real people who are talking about your campaign or trying to seek some information on that. You can engage those people with relevant conversation and interaction. And, you can do all this by using Context Mine.

  • Maximizing Marketing ROI
  • When you are spending money on your marketing effort, how do you know the impact it is creating? Do you know the return on investment (ROI) for the marketing expenditures you make? The answers could be crucial when you are spending especially on the Internet. Though online marketing and social media marketing are drawing lots of attention these days, measuring marketing ROI remains one of the major challenges. But with the help of Context Mine, you can now check the buzz your particular marketing campaign is creating in the online community. You can see all the messages and all the people who are influenced or impacted by your efforts. Measuring ROI with the help of Context Mine statistics is much easier.

  • Understanding Your Geographical Presence
  • A market research where geographical statistics related to social media conversations are required is a good fit for Context Mine. You can use this application to fetch user statistics according to geography. For example, if you want to know the popularity of a particular brand in a particular region, you can check out the number of messages that region is producing. You can get the statistics as per the city, state or country.

  • Tracking Real Time Statistics
  • When you are monitoring a particular event or campaign, you would like to view its real time statistics. Find out who is talking about this event and who is helping this event. What is the hourly trend? Which social media channel is creating maximum number of messages? Twitter or Facebook? Are they uploading any photographs on Flickr? Or Picasa? You can track all this information through Context Mine. Just create your topics and start monitoring all the conversations and statistics in real-time.


* * *


mPACT social media analytics will help you:

  • Discover the customers you never knew you had.
  • Close the sale before your competitors know the prospect is looking.
  • Learn what customers say after they hang up.
  • Engage the people with impact, not popularity.


* * *

Talk Walker

Talk Walker is a powerful easy to use social media analytics for brands.

What you can do with Talk Walker:

  • Setup in just 3 clicks and 10 seconds.
  • Analyze your social media reputation in real time.
  • Search through our global coverage of 180 countries.


* * *


Sprinklr is really about you. They believe that people never forget how you made them feel. They help big brands manage their customers’ social media experiences. They build software that connects every social media experience to every enterprise system.


* * *


Ubervu provides instant brand insights powered by social media. It’s the only real-time social media marketing platform that shows brands what they need to know, now.

Their customers use uberVU’s insights-driven dashboard to learn about their social space, observe key conversations, connect with customers, and report their success.

  • Real-Time Influencers
  • In-depth data on influencers driving the current conversation.

  • Geo
  • Distribution Data
  • Awesome geo distribution data - all the way down to the city level.

  • Learn
  • Reply From Your Dashboard
  • Connect all your social accounts and reply to everyone straight from a single dashboard.

  • Schedule a Response for Later
  • Reply while the response is fresh in your mind, then schedule it for later.

  • Smart
  • Scheduling
  • The smart scheduler automatically posts at the best time to reach more of your audience.

  • Find & Connect to Influencers
  • Start conversations with influencers talking about your topic right now.

  • Connect
  • All the Platforms
  • One View
  • Real-time mentions streams pull from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & more.

  • Volume and Sharing Stats
  • Keep track of likes, retweets & more — all in one place.

  • Sentiment Level
  • How healthy is your community? Track your sentiment level for any desired timeframe.

  • Conversation Maps
  • Know what people are really saying by seeing the most commonly used words and phrases.

  • Observe
  • Smart
  • Reporting
  • Smart reports automatically update with new data at your set frequency

  • Easy Drag-and-Drop Widgets
  • Do you want a bar, line, or pie chart? Just drag-and-drop your data widgets and you're good to go.

  • Download & Share Your Reports
  • Share your success! Just download or include your team on your report's email list.

  • Beautiful Print Visualizations
  • Infographic-style data visualizations make for gorgeous reports.

  • Report

UberVU has been featured in:

They pit two similar brands against each other to see who comes out on top.


* * *

But if you're only looking for free SMM tools, here's a list you might find useful:

* * *


You can get started for free with this social media management tool.

They position themselves as the leading social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks. With Hootsuite you can:

  • Manage multiple social networks.
  • Schedule tweets and messages.
  • Track brand mentions.
  • Analyze social media traffic and that’s not all, far from it.
  • The tool has 9 million+ satisfied users. Are you one of them?


* * *


Some services are free, some are paid here.

Get to know how far your tweets traveled.

  • Search
  • You enter a query, like a URL, hashtag, username or phrase.

  • Analyze
  • TweetReach analyzes the tweets that match your search.

  • Report
  • You get an in-depth report on the metrics for those tweets.

  • Get even more with TweetReach Pro
  • Need real-time Twitter analytics, ongoing monitoring or more tweets?
    Their TweetReach Pro subscriptions include comprehensive Twitter analytics, through their real-time ongoing Trackers and bundles of snapshot reports. Get more tweets and deeper insights. Subscriptions start at just $84 per month.

  • Want Instagram or Tumblr analytics?
  • In addition to TweetReach, they also offer comprehensive analytics for both Instagram and Tumblr. Track any public Instagram account or hashtag, or any public Tumblr blog or topic. Great if you're running campaigns across platforms!


* * *


Klout helps you stand out in social media. Klout helps people be discovered for their unique passions.

  • Influence is big
  • 500MScored Profiles
    200TBData Ingested
    1.25MKlout Perks delivered
    10K+Klout Topics
    15BDaily social signals
    50BAPI calls monthly

  • Klout for business
  • Klout offers several ways to bring influencers and brands together. To learn how your brand can work with your influencers, visit their Klout for Business page.

  • Klout for developers
  • With Klout’s API you can put influence to work on your site. See their Developer’s portal to learn what their API can do for you.


* * *

Social Mention

Simple real-time social media search and analysis.


* * *


Real-time monitoring and analytics for Twitter.


* * *


The tool makes it possible to instantly create a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic.


* * *

How Sociable

Like many other similar tools How Sociable offers free and paid services.

Why you should try the tool:

  • You need to Monitor Social Media If…
  • IF you are responsible for managing your company or client's brand communications, so that you can demonstrate return on investment from social media marketing to the board.

    IF you are a small / medium business owner and manage all social media activities yourself, you need to measure your own brand value as well as your competitors and track your progress regularly. When you yourself handle your social media accounts, it becomes very easy to get distracted with your regular business activities, and to treat social media as an "extra" activity, something to be done when you have taken care of everything else that is "directly" related to the business. That is exactly why measuring your brand value regularly helps you get your focus back on track whenever you see negative signs.

  • Why do you need to Monitor your Online Reputation?
  • You may think you are a ‚ 'social business', but are you really listening to what your customers are saying online? You can create and share all the content you want via social media networks, but if you do not monitor social media activity and online engagement with your brand across the web, you cannot understand or manage its impact.

    In the social media age, peer influence is the key to customer confidence in your brand - and most people seek recommendations and reassurance from their peers online.

    Without effective social media management and monitoring, you cannot control your online reputation. That is because it is now dependent on what others say about you - and not restricted to what you say about yourself. If you are not part of the conversation - at least by listening in on it - your brand identity will be completely shaped by perceptions that you are not aware of. This means that you don't just need to manage your own social media accounts and networks - you need to monitor the whole social web!

  • What are the benefits of using a Social Media Monitoring Tool?
  • How can you listen to everything that is being said about your brand online? You could spend your entire day on social media research and still not cover everything. And even if you did manage to collect all the necessary data, how would you analyze and use it in a meaningful way?

    Social media tools can make your life a lot easier by filtering all the relevant data on the web and using metrics to give you an objective view of your brand positioning. Tools like HowSociable make brand management easier by providing a simple way to measure brand impact online using just your brand name. It gives you a 'magnitude score' of 0-10 that indicates the level of activity around your brand in a given week from across the social web, using the 36 most popular social media sites. It even breaks down scores for different social media platforms so that you can see where your brand is most active.

    Here is a recent HowSociable 'magnitude score' for Google across the full range of social networks. Unsurprisingly, the brand's impact is very high on its own social network, Google+ but it is not engaging with bookmarking sites like Digg or new platforms like Instagram.

    The tool also allows you to see what pages referring to the brand have had the biggest impact and track how scores change over time.

  • How do you gain Competitive Intelligence and Advantage online?
  • It is not just your own brand you need to monitor. Social media metrics and scores mean nothing if there is nothing to compare them against.

    Tools like HowSociable can be used to compare your brand against those of a similar type and size of yours as well as well-known household brands so that you can take a realistic measurement of your influence and set targets that are in line with your growth strategy. For example, a small law firm could benchmark itself against a massive brand like Google, a local competitor and an international firm in their sector and decide what scores to aim for on different social media platforms. A score of zero may be acceptable on Facebook but not on LinkedIn. They may not think that something like YouTube is relevant for their business development but then realise that competitors are using it successfully to build online influence.

  • How can you use data from Social Media Monitoring Tools for Brand Evaluation?
  • Simple metrics produced by social media monitoring tools may not be infallible but they do give you concrete numbers that will resonate with your board by allowing you to benchmark and evaluate not just social media marketing but overall brand marketing activity.

    By sticking to a given formula used by a chosen social media monitoring tool, you can start to look at patterns and trends that allow you to make better decisions about your brand strategy. You can set goals, measure improvements and identify your brand's strengths and weaknesses. All of this gives you very valuable management information which will help you get taken seriously at board level.

  • 4 reasons to try HowSociable now
  • The social web is bigger than you think
  • Facebook, YouTube and Twitter combined account for less than 20% of the activity on the social web. Having the most likes, views and followers doesn't mean your brand is having the biggest impact. HowSociable calculates brand impact scores using a sample that gives you a view on the parts of the social web where over 60% of the activity takes place.

  • Measure while you sleep
  • You could invest an hour or so a day trawling the web to reach the same conclusions as HowSociable. Wouldn't you prefer to be spending that time doing what you do best - engaging with your customers? HowSociable's reports can draw your attention to the parts of the web you might be neglecting and indicate where your efforts have had most success.

  • Focus
  • Social media monitoring software is notoriously complex; it often has hundreds of features that require you to invest days in setup and training. Wouldn't you prefer to have a tool that just works? We're focused on giving you the information you need as quickly and simply as possible. Start using HowSociable today so you can focus on the one thing that's most important to your business.

  • Flexible
  • Like thousands of others, you'll probably find the free version of HowSociable to be super useful. When you need them there are other options too. We want you to be able to get started and enjoy the benefits of HowSociable immediately, and we've made it so easy you've probably already tried it. Whenever you need more or less coverage you can upgrade or downgrade your account, there are no cancellation fees.

    Start measuring your brand’s Social Media Presence today – and make Brand Communications a priority for your organization.


* * *

Meltwater Icerocket

Read the top posts, know the top searches, get your blog into IceRocket’s high-priority indexing queue. Power up your social program with the new standard in social media marketing.


* * *

Tweet Deck

TweetDeck is the most powerful Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing and engagement.

  • Create a custom Twitter experience.
  • Organize and build custom timelines, keep track of lists, searches, activity and more—all in one interface.

  • Find exactly what you're looking for.
  • Create searches to track topics, events and hashtags. Refine the results with filters.

  • Manage multiple accounts.
  • Tweet, monitor and follow new accounts from all—or just one of your accounts.

  • Monitor multiple timelines in one easy interface.
  • Schedule Tweets to be posted in the future.
  • Turn on alerts to keep up with emerging information.
  • Filter searches based on criteria like engagement, users and content type.
  • Build and export custom timelines to put on your website.
  • Use intuitive keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation.
  • Mute users or terms to eliminate unwanted noise.
  • Never hit refresh again: TweetDeck timelines stream in real-time.
  • Manage multiple accounts, Tweet and follow from one or all.
  • Choose a light or dark theme.


* * *

Google Alerts

Monitor the Web for interesting new content.

Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries.

Enter a search query you wish to monitor. You will see a preview of the type of results you'll receive. Some handy uses of Google Alerts include:

  • monitoring a developing news story;
  • keeping current on a competitor or industry;
  • getting the latest on a celebrity or event;
  • keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams.


* * *

Social Aapps HQ

Monitor what others are talking about.

Listen and monitor conversations happening on the web about your company, competitor and industry in general. It takes less than 10 minutes to setup and it's free!

Feature Highlights:

  • Dashboard
  • Monitor social media channels & everything else.
    Engagement & Influencer Scoring.
    Advanced analytics.

  • Monitoring
  • Track relevant keywords.
    Filter results by channels (FB, Web etc.)
    Social media competitive analysis & industry tracking.

  • Sentiment and Influence analysis
  • Sentiment trend reporting.
    Group-level reporting.
    Filter by channel, keyword etc.

  • Mention by day
  • Determine high activity time.
    Track competition response times.
    Determine users' behavior via Online Monitoring.

  • Publishinh
  • Send post to multiple social networks.
    Schedule messages on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.
    Integrate RSS/Atom feeds.

  • Top Influencers
  • Find perfectly targeted customers.
    Monitor competitor activity.
    Discover potential buyers.

  • Inbox
  • Eliminate 50% of your time spent in social media management.
    Assign task to users along with notes.
    Ability to prioritize tasks, log notes, track user activity.

  • Topical analysis
  • Identify latest trends for your brand and competition.
    See mentions that drive trends.
    Filter trends based on sentiment, search profiles and more.

  • GEO tracking (MAPS)
  • Enter Geo-coordinate & radius to find all mentions in that location.
    Identify countries where activity is happening.
    Filter mentions based on country.
    Check out brand reputation by location.

  • Language Filter
  • Automatically identify language of content.
    Filter mentions based on language.


* * *

Social Crawlytics

Identify your competitor’s most shared content. Social metrics, most shared authors, scheduled monitoring and a robust API – all for free!

  • Explore Propensity
  • Find out where your competitor's content is being shared and promoted.

  • Enterprise Scale
  • Let our enterprise scale technology do all the hard work of sifting through data.

  • Social Media Analytics
  • Monitor, schedule and analyze social sharing metrics in one intuitive dashboard.


* * *

Twenty Feet

The best Twitter tracking tool on the planet. 100% FREE.

All the services you use.

    SumAll is the only reporting tool that can visualize your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts along with any other service you use. Know which of your tweets, posts, photos, or videos get the most engagement in seconds.

    SumAll WebApp Keep track and improve across their 30+ services.

  • SumAll Social Desktop Use Case
  • The only tool you need. Whether you’re focused on social, commerce, payments, site traffic, or all of the above – see it all at once, as it happens. Compare Twitter engagement to site visits to see if your tweets are driving traffic to your website. New connections made daily.

    SumAll Mobile Now stay on top of it all on-the-go.

  • SumAll Social Mobile Use Case
  • Your data delivered daily. Get all your vital data sent to your inbox with our customized daily and weekly e-mails. Key takeaways, important insights, and comparisons from the prior week to the present are all included. If you’re away on a business trip or not in the office, you’ll never be out of the loop.

    SumAll Inbox Get a morning e-mail summarizing yesterday’s progress.

  • SumAll Social Inbox Use Case
  • New features released like clockwork – Automatic Weekly Progress Tweet, coming soon …

    And used daily by their customers


* * *


Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard app that helps you easily monitor all your business data from one place.


  • Monitor Everything
  • Monitor individual departments, multiple websites and anything else using dashboards.

  • Pre-built Widgets
  • Pull data from popular services like Google and Salesforce using pre-built widgets.

  • Custom Data Sources
  • Securely display data from your company's databases using custom widgets or Push API.

  • Real-time Reports
  • Share dashboards with management, customers and virtually anybody else.

  • Historical Data
  • Data from the past is archived within Cyfe, so you will never lose sight of it again.

  • Data Exports
  • Download or schedule email reports of your data in PNG, JPEG, PDF, and CSV formats.

  • TV Mode
  • Automatically rotate one or more dashboards for your big screen monitor.

  • Customizations
  • Branded reports, domain name mapping, dashboard backgrounds, and more.

  • Examples
  • Startup Dashboard
  • Track number of new sign ups, app downloads, subscriptions, and other related KPIs in real-time. View Example »

  • Social Media Dashboard
  • Monitor brand mentions, track number of Twitter followers over time, view Facebook demographics, and more. View Example »

  • Marketing Dashboard
  • Monitor all your marketing channels like email, SEO, SEM, social media, and analytics from one place. View Example »

  • Client Dashboard
  • Automate client reporting by bringing together their advertising, SEO, social media, and analytics data. View Example »

  • Web Analytics Dashboard
  • Track multiple websites, top referring domains, search engines, SEO keyword rankings, and more. View Example »

  • Finance Dashboard
  • Keep tabs on business expenses, company revenue, customer invoices, balances, and more. View Example »

  • Sales Dashboard
  • View sales goals, top sales reps, latest opportunities, win/loss reports, new customers, and more. View Example »

  • Project Management Dashboard
  • Get a bird's eye view of your latest projects, tasks, to-dos, upcoming calendar events, and more. View Example »

  • IT Dashboard
  • Network monitoring, website uptime, server load, app performance, and end-user tracking all in one place. View Example »


* * *


Take control of your links, sign up for free.

  • Bitly Brand Tools
  • Bitly Brand Tools are the must-have for marketers to fuel branding, engagement, and understanding in the connected world.

  • The Bitly Real-Time Media Map
  • See who is consuming what media where in the United States, in real-time!


* * *


To sum it up, we would like to say that each one of the above tools have its strengths and weaknesses. You might have noticed that most of the "trackers" have similar outputs. However, some of them fit almost all customers’ requirements due to the technology compromises. We believe that the most awesome tools are those that provide best-in-class technologies to extract specific data types and used by an experienced social strategists.

The truth is that choosing the proper social analytics tool is very individual and depends on your particular business needs. We hope that our compilation, grounded on web developers’ and site owners’ opinions, will help you make up your mind. If you have the experience of using some or the listed tools, please share your feedback with the community. We would also be happy to hear from you if we missed some extraordinary tool here. Please, give the link and write a few words why it is so special.

Thanks in advance for your kind comments.

Helga Moreno

Experienced writer passionate about highlighting all the topics related to web, design, marketing, SEO, and more. Follow Helga on Quora.

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