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20+ Best Graphic Design Magazines to Read in 2021

This blog post is dedicated entirely to graphic design magazines. If you are reading them, then you might be a web designer/developer who tracks all the latest trends and technologies in order to be up-to-date. Maybe you even write for some of the publications. Or maybe you are just a web design rookie who wants to learn new cool tricks from seasoned professionals. Don't forget that our magazine WordPress themes can be a firm basis for your magazine-related website.

Do you prefer print, web, or the Kindle edition of your favorite web designer magazine? In reality, the format doesn’t matter. What’s really important when you choose a web developer magazine is its popularity among the industry influencers. We are dying to know what best tech magazines inspire them to create their innovative masterpieces.

Well, I am ready to quench your desire and a "30 best graphic design magazines" list will follow right after I put down the last dot in this brief intro. Every journal comes with a brief description, so that you know what it is about and if it contains the information you need for your career growth. i.e.: the hottest trends in graphic design, new revolutionary tools, graphic design jobs in which you might be interested in, and a whole lot of other serviceable and inspiring stuff.

Are you ready to see the best IT magazines? OK, welcome to the fantastic world of the unleashed web design. By the way, our designers also read them, so if you buy their graphic design WordPress themes as well as other templates, you can be absolutely sure that you are using the best top-quality products available on the market today.

graphic design magazines

30+ Best Graphic Design Magazines



Check out Speckyboy magazine created especially for designers! Here you can find a lot of tutorials, tricky techniques, resources needed for a cool and modern design. You also can read here such topics about Bootstrap, Illustrator, UX Design, Typography, Fonts, Icons, JavaScript, Photoshop, WordPress, even about Marketing and Photography. You can find here such a topic like Inspiration, some Wallpapers, and Logo Design. Moreover, in the News section, you can find the newest news (sorry for the tautology) in the web design sphere. It’s also possible to find here some free and trustworthy resources where you can get icons, fonts, keynote, etc. So, check out this awesome Speckyboy design magazine.



As Onextrapixel says about itself, it has always been an independent body. It is a leading online magazine and resource site for designers and web developers. They strive to share the best web resources for designers, artists, and individuals who are passionate about web design. Onextrapixel is written by the community it serves: designers, developers, producers, web professionals, and other assorted specialists. By the way, if you are interested in writing for this magazine, check out the Write for us page for guidelines and you can be a part of this graphic design magazine. So, subscribe to the newsletter of Onextrapixel to get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements, and much more!



Check out also Noupe magazine, one of the coolest graphic design magazines all over the world! As they tell about themselves, Noupe passionately delivers stylish and dynamic news for designers and web developers all around the world. They cover CSS, web design, graphics, typography, and much more! The aim of their articles is to help you as a designer to create better designs and communicate effectively across the web. By the by, you can even write for this magazine. So, if you have any ideas as a creative web designer, you can connect with these guys and write for this Noupe magazine. Follow this great magazine on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to their feed to know about the freshest news in the web industry.

Website Magazine

Website Magazine.

Check out this interesting Website Magazine, one of the best web design magazine! It is a monthly print and digital magazine that focuses on every aspect of running a website including design, development, eCommerce, SEO, mobile, hosting, marketing, domain names, and more. It includes a lot of news, great how-to’s, wonderful articles, white paper, cool videos, different webinars, job postings, and more. The subscription is free in both print and digital formats. They have multiple newsletters that cover web design and development, trends, news, e-commerce, marketing, and more. Also, you can follow them on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Don’t lose your time and subscribe to the newsletter to know about the news in the web sphere.

8 Faces

8 Faces.

One more interesting source for web designers is 8 Faces. Stemming from a blog called Type Worship that started in 2011 as a personal research aid, 8 Faces is a magazine that’s devoted to typography and lettering. It covers reviews and interviews with leading designers in the industry, so you can find out more about the experience of cool web designers. It also includes lots of different interviews, interesting research articles, awesome tutorials, great courses, the newest trends, graphic design, and lots more. Actually, they’re currently working on a new website and book. It also includes a blog and a newsletter with a quarterly digest of the best content. So, go and check out this great magazine for web designers!



Here I have got one of the oldest graphic design magazines for you. It’s Graphis! It was founded in 1944 in Switzerland and covers design topics such as typography, branding, logos, illustration, photography, advertising, etc. It’s a monthly magazine with lots of interviews, tutorials, competitions, and more. You can buy individual issues and buy them as annuals. It also has a blog that discusses competitions and winners. As they say about themselves, Graphis is committed to presenting and promoting the work of exceptional talent in Design, Advertising, Photography, and Art/Illustration. It’s also possible to follow this magazine on different social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Get to know first about the newest news from the oldest graphic design magazine!

Graphic Design USA

Graphic Design USA.

Check out one of the best US magazines for web designers Graphic Design USA. It has been producing articles for design professionals for over 50 years. One more oldie, as you can see. It’s a monthly magazine that covers the newest news, cool products, the latest technology, great trends, different services, people, and more. The subscription is free to anyone who works in design and production in graphic design firms, advertising agencies, art, design departments, and more. They also have several newsletters and multiple blogs. This graphic  design magazine is one of the best in terms of the website design itself. It’s pretty convenient in usage and neat in the design. Check out this great magazine.



Take a look at this graphic design magazine Offscreen! Offscreen is a magazine from Germany about the people who use the internet and technology to be creative, solve problems, and build businesses. It tells their stories and talks about their successes, failures, struggles, dreams, plans, and more, so you can even take some life lessons from their stories. It also includes a behind the scenes looks at websites, apps, and products with interviews and stories about the people that make them. They also have a blog with articles about the web, events, technology, etc. You can get notifications of new issues through their email newsletter. As they say about themselves, Offscreen is an independent print magazine that examines how we shape technology and how technology shapes us. Pretty deep thought, isn’t it?



From the USA and Canada to Germany! Check out german graphic design magazine based in Munich Novum. Every issue of the premium monthly magazine named Novum – World of Graphic Design features the best in contemporary graphic design, illustration, photography, corporate design, and typography, and also spotlights new talents in the field. For over 90 years Novum has been providing an inspiring bilingual mixture of international graphic design and advertising. You can also follow these guys on different social media like on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Subscribe to the newsletter to know first about the newest news in the web design sphere. So, check out this great Novum magazine.


Eye is the international review of graphic design, a quarterly printed magazine about graphic design and visual culture. It is a beautiful and collectible graphic design journal for professional designers, students and anyone interested in critical, informed writing about design and visual culture.

graphic design magazines


IDEA magazine is focused on graphic design and typography. It is published quarterly in Tokyo, Japan.

graphic design magazines


Slanted Publishers is an independent publishing house founded in 2014 by Lars Harmsen and Julia Kahl. They are publishers of the award-winning print magazine Slanted, which covers international design and culture twice a year. The daily blog provides guides to events and news and presents more than 100 designers and entrepreneurs on video interviews.

graphic design magazines

Creative Review

The magazine concentrates on the following subjects: Graphic design, Social Media, Advertising, Service Design, Film & TV, Typography, Photography, Digital and Branding. If you are interested in those, subscribe to this magazine.

graphic design magazines

Communication Arts

Founded by Richard Coyne and Robert Blanchard in 1959, Communication Arts is the premier source of inspiration for graphic designers, art directors, design firms, corporate design departments, advertising agencies, interactive designers, illustrators, and photographers, in a word, everyone involved in visual communication. They turn to Communication Arts for ideas and inspiration more than any other creative publication. CA's editorials, feature articles, and annual competitions provide new ideas and information while promoting the highest professional standards for the field.

graphic design magazines


Juxtapoz is a magazine created in 1994 by a group of artists and collectors including Robert Williams, Fausto Vitello, C.R. Stecyk III (a.k.a. Craig Stecyk), Greg Escalante, and Eric Swenson to both help define and celebrate both urban alternative and underground contemporary art. Juxtapoz was launched with the mission of connecting modern genres like psychedelic and hot rod art, graffiti, street art, and illustration, to the context of broader more historically recognized genres of art like Pop, assemblage, old master painting, and conceptual art.

graphic design magazines

IX Interactions

ACM Interactions magazine is a mirror on the human-computer interaction and interaction of design communities and beyond. It is a multiplicity of conversations, collaborations, relationships, and new discoveries focusing on how and why we interact with the design world of technologies. Interactions has a special voice that lies between practice and research with an emphasis on making engaging human-computer interaction research accessible to practitioners and on making practitioners' voices heard by researchers.

The magazine is published bi-monthly by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the largest educational and scientific computing society in the world.

graphic design magazines


Launched in 2005, Layers Magazine is one of the web’s premier destinations for photographers, filmmakers, designers, and other artists who are interested in how new creative tools and techniques are being used in the industry today. Layers Magazine is published by KelbyOne — the online educational community for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography.

graphic design magazines


Net magazine is the number one choice for the professional web designer and developer. It’s here that you’ll find out about the latest new web trends, technologies, and techniques – all in one handy package. Each issue boasts a wealth of inspiration, expert tips, and advice, including in-depth features and over 30 pages of front- and backend tutorials on subjects as diverse as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Sketch, and Photoshop.

Every issue also includes exclusive videos created by magazine authors to complement their articles and enhance your learning experience. You'll receive 13 issues during a 1-year Net Magazine subscription.

graphic design magazines


The Print is an iconic design and visual culture brand encompassing a venerated magazine, a website, premium book and e-book lines, and the Regional Design Annual, one of the most well-respected design competitions in the industry.

Founded in 1940, Print seeks to build a dialogue about design by detailing the intersections of art and culture. Rather than focusing on the how-to of design, the experts who write for Print cover the why—why the world of design looks the way it does, how it has evolved, and why the way it looks matters.

To fulfill its mission, Print focuses on a broad stroke of visual culture today, covering everything from publication design to interactive work, motion graphics, corporate branding, exhibitions, illustration and socially conscious design.

graphic design magazines

Digital Arts

Digital Arts is a comprehensive coverage of the art of graphic design, 3D, animation, video, effects, the web and interactive design. It is the UK's leading resource for creative professionals, which addresses the needs of those within the exploding digital media market by providing relevant and forward thinking content, and by consistently running more exclusive reviews and features than any other website in the market.

Digital Arts consistently delivers high-quality content, providing its professional readership with the latest news and reviews first. Digital Arts prides itself on providing unbiased product-led information and professional advice, across all platforms and disciplines. Digital Arts uses extensive in-house lab facilities for product assays, producing top-class reviews and trustworthy lab tests. Based in the UK, Digital Arts benefits from the backing of the world's largest IT publisher, IDG.

Through IDG's global network, Digital Arts has access to the world's leading writers, reviewers and the best-informed sources in the industry. This guarantees that Digital Arts always provides the best, most up-to-date information available in the market.

graphic design magazines


CMYK Magazine was born and raised in San Francisco, at the epicenter of a creative renaissance. Just as you might flip through a magazine with speed and consistency, so would you be able to swipe through CMYK APP. Only now, in brilliant 300PPI, the artist's work would explode off the page with enough impact to make you forget about paper for a moment. Readers could also appreciate, share, favorite and visit the online the artists featured on CMYK APP.

And they would do it all using an IOS application (to start) that functions both as an art & design publication, and a colorful, tumbling, ever-expanding gallery collection - all on one IOS application. Viewers would once again keep CMYK on the desktop for easy reference. The centerpiece of everything would be an exciting, ever-expanding collection of art, design and creative work from hundreds of emerging artists, designers, illustrators, art directors, and copywriters looking for more recognition and exposure.

Viewers would once again keep CMYK on the desktop for easy reference. The centerpiece of everything would be an exciting, ever-expanding collection of art, design and creative work from hundreds of emerging artists, designers, illustrators, art directors, and copywriters looking for more recognition and exposure.

graphic design magazines

Computer Arts

Computer Arts connects you to the industry, helps you solve daily design challenges with invaluable peer to peer insights and advice, and brings you up-to-date on the latest trends, styles, techniques, and approaches, so you can produce better work.

Every issue brings you: in-depth analysis of trends, working practices, and business issues, incisive opinions from the design world’s thought leaders, the very best new work from the global design community, profiles of influential agencies and creatives, behind the scenes access to cutting-edge design briefs. An annual subscription to the magazine consists of 13 issues.

graphic design magazines





Speak up!

What do you think about the above compilation of best graphic design magazines? Are you subscribed to any of them? Maybe you are going to subscribe now? Which one of them do you consider the most awesome/informative? Do you think my list lacks any of your favorite magazines? Please add them to the comments section, I would appreciate your input 😉

BTW, if you are working on a magazine/newspaper design at the moment, use one of our WordPress themes, it will definitely make you more productive.

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❔What do they write about in graphic design magazines?

The authors choose topics that could be interesting for web designers. You can find there articles about new trends, interesting tricks, fresh software and interviews with famous designers.

❔Why do I need to read graphic design magazines?

If you want to keep up with modern tendencies and get some insights from the web design world, the magazines are the most relevant source of information.

❔How many graphic design magazines I have to read to be in touch with the newest trends?

Two or three will be quite enough. On the other hand, if you find it interesting and useful nobody will stop you from reading more.

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