Java Developer Resume 2020: How to Create the Best Java Developer Resume Tips & Templates

  1. What is a Java developer?
  2. Tips on how to create an effective Java developer resume
  3. Top 5 best templates to create Java developer resume

Java developer resume collection is here! The difficulties of finding a job with programmers are to a large extent due to the fact that, despite the demand for a profession, there are not many ideally suited vacancies, and the employer is looking for specific skills which are necessary for his company.

When it comes to looking for a job, properly presenting yourself in a resume is half the battle. Many programmers ignore this stage. But in fact, even a genius developer needs to sell himself competently.

Every month, novice IT professionals send hundreds of resumes to different companies and agencies. But unfortunately only a few of them are properly compiled. How do you make a good Java developer resume? What should be included in a programmer's resume in 2020? Do you want your resume to impress your employer?

Then this guide is for you.

 Java Developer Resume
java developer resume

Who is a Java developer?

A Java developer is a specialist whose main task is to create complex corporate systems for data processing. These systems include desktop applications, web services, cloud data storage, web apps, and complex banking systems.

Java coders are in demand in those areas where projects with multi-user data processing and high security requirements are used. A Java programmer usually develops the application architecture, business logic, supports and maintains the project, and writes technical documentation.

A Java developer must have a solid knowledge of object-oriented programming, be able to write simple readable code using design templates so that the developer with whom he works on a team can understand his code, know algorithms, and data structures.

Printable Resume Templates

Tips on how to create an effective Java developer resume

1. Before writing a resume, it is necessary to understand who will evaluate it and what these people will pay attention to.

Usually there are three people involved in the process:

  • Recruiter. He decides whether to send a CV to the hiring manager for review. At this stage, only a brief screening of the CV is done without going into the technical details. He wants to know if the candidate has the right skills - and do it quickly, because a specialist can look through 100-150 resumes in a day.
  • Hiring manager. He decides whether to call the candidate for a technical interview and eventually offer him a job. The technical manager may well be interested in knowing a particular language programming, and project development. He looks for additional information demonstrating the fact that the candidate really loves his job.  For example, participation in open source projects, an interesting blog about technologies, presentations at conferences, etc.
  • Developer. A technical expert whose main task is to determine the candidate's qualification. Above all, they want to know the real level of the knowledge you have. It is also worth mentioning in your CV a list of technologies that the candidate is interested in and would like to work with - it can be another interesting topic for conversation at the interview, and again after hiring.

So, for each of these people you will need to give information about yourself that will attract them.

2. The main rule of writing a Java developer resume is that it should be brief, but objectively reflect experience and achievements.

It is very easy to ruin everything at this stage. It will be a mistake to start describing your personal qualities and so on. Nobody cares about it. Information about high motivation, stress resistance, and other such things will not be involved in the interviews. This information says nothing about the real skills of the candidate, so there isn’t any need to spend time on them. Although, even this part of your resume can be written in such a way that it does not annoy anyone. There are three key points to write on it.

  • Specify the level of the position you are applying for, as well as a few key skills that were also mentioned in the vacancy.
  • You do not just have to list your skills, you have to prove them.
  • You need to give interesting themes for future conversation.  It would be good to talk about past and current projects.

3. As a Java developer, you must focus on 4 aspects: experience, projects, skills and education.

  • Experience.
    Experience is the main proof that you can succeed in a certain area. Listing these positions is primarily aimed at showing what you have been doing and how it can be useful to those you are currently recruiting for. And don't forget that your primary goal is to make Java curriculum vitae easy to read. Special note for junior Java developers: everyone will understand if you have no experience. You do not need to come up with it.
  • Projects.
    Here you can follow the same principles as in the section on experience. Keep it brief. Different projects give you a chance to highlight the stack of technologies you want to work with. It is also a great way to showcase your talents and interests. Include projects of which you are most proud. Training projects are also appropriate here if they are interesting and you have personally made a significant contribution.
  • Skills.
    • clear achievements that you already have
    • experience in organizing people and projects
    • programming languages that you know and have used in practice
    • knowledge of databases
    • operating systems
    • written and spoken English at a high level
    • an understanding of the basics of testing, the software development process
  • Education
    There's no need to be unnecessarily specific here. It is sufficient to specify the relevant universities/faculties/degrees and dates of study and graduation. You can also specify here any IT courses you have completed.

4. Another important tip is how to properly design and submit your Java developer resume. Forget about .docx. Forget about free Word alternatives (unless this is Google Docs, from where you can safely and without any problems upload .PDF format) and their formats. Send your resume in PDF format only. However, there is another way to prove yourself in the best way.  And this is using special templates for your resume. TemplateMonster offers a huge number of awesome, eye-catching, and extraordinary templates for creating Java developer resumes. And now we will take a look at the best of them.

Top 5 best templates to create Java developer resume

Bundle java developer resume Templates

java developer resume
java developer resume


This is a chic set that includes nine different Java developer templates. They are all different and will help you present yourself in the best way, and show you the best way. Bundle Resume Template from TemplateMonster includes MS Word, EPS, and PSD files. All elements of the template including text, tables, and colors can easily be changed and customized. Free fonts are also available, which you can creatively use in your resume!

Gariel Masarena Resume Template.

java developer resume


This is one of the best Java developer resume templates. Impress and attract potential employers with this professional template. Gariel Masarena is a stunning and elegant website that impresses with its design. The design is pretty minimal but at the same time eye-catching and all information is included on one page. The template includes portfolios and client sections, where you can display logos of previous clients and examples of your previous projects. You can easily create your own sections and change colors. With Gariel Masarena you can create an extraordinary Java developer resume.

Bundle Resume Template.

java developer resume


This is another set that includes four exciting junior Java developer resumes. You can insert your own photos into almost every section of the resume. The Bundle Resume Template displays your skills, past experiences, and education in a list format. The contact information is also very detailed, which allows you to include your email, phone, address, and a Google Map, but also includes your working feedback.

Leo Resume Template.

Leo Resume Template.


This is a very stylish, fresh, and original template for a great resume! Use Leo Resume if you are looking for a personalized website design that has many features to display your skills and education in the best way. The contact section includes a stylish contact form, email addresses, and phone numbers. You can also update your website and receive fresh content that will position you as a true professional.

Martien Smith CV Resume Template.

Martien Smith CV Resume Template.


This is the best Java developer resume template. It has everything to surprise your employer, and fully show your potential! Martien Smith CV will help you show your skills, experience, and education, but also your hobbies and rewards. Free fonts are also included in this template. It is also compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Word. All Martien Smith CV Resume Template elements can be easily customized and edited!

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Bundle Resume Template. ROYALTYDESIGN Resume Templates $12
Gariel Masarena Resume Template. RESUMEINVENTOR Resume Templates $7
Bundle Resume Template. RESUMEDEVISER Resume Templates $11
Leo Resume Template. RESUMEINVENTOR Resume Templates $7
Martien Smith CV Resume Template. BLACKCLOUD Resume Templates $9

Java developer resume FAQ

Are infographics important when creating Java developer resumes?

Infographics is a great option. It clearly and beautifully shows your experience. There are many services on the internet that will help with its creation. Choose what is perfect for your resume.

Is the resume length important?

It will suffice if the resume is about one or two pages. After all, if your resume is five pages long, it will not be read! If you have more than two pages, revise your resume again to shorten it. Reduce the size of the photo and be sure to keep your most important points and eliminate unnecessary information. Do not use a font in the headlines that is a huge size, but definitely do not use a very small font (it must be readable).

What about the language of the resume?

Most IT companies work with foreign clients, so knowing English in this field becomes an absolute must. A Java developer resume in English will show that you at least know how to read/write English and use a translator.

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