Some of The Best Ways in Which You Can Incorporate Instagram into Your Web Design

Keeping in mind the current craze about various social media platforms, there are many marketers and website developers who are taking the maximum advantage possible of the situation. Digital marketing is in vogue, and the social media platforms play a very influential role in marketing without a doubt. Instagram is one such platform which has recently gained much popularity in the world of marketing. The versatility of this social platform makes it an option that can be incorporated in your website development and designing as well. With the number of active users increasing at galloping speed every month, the Instagram has become a current favorite among website developers. Here we are going to share some insights about Instagram followers and the best way in which you can include them in your site design as well. If your current website doesn’t support social media integration or you don’t have one yet, see these 2017’s best WordPress themes which will help you bend your social media accounts with your website.

Embedding the Instagram feed

Tips for Getting More Instagram Followers and Likes to Market Your Business

Embedding a feed is the primary way in which you can integrate Instagram into your web design. There are many different brands and stores which use such method for including Instagram on their website. Several stores have some images and relevant price details on their website, and at the same time, they leave an embedding in the website through which you can visit the Instagram page of the brand and view other photos and products which they have and which are not featured on the site. This way they can draw clients to their Instagram page while getting Instagram followers to their website as well. When you have an Instagram theme that is relevant to your product and website colors, the incorporation become more unified for both the website and the profile on Instagram. This way it would look more official and attract more clients.

The lookbook for Instagram

Tips for Getting More Instagram Followers and Likes to Market Your Business

With the help of the single Instagram page, you can generate an entire website worth of content which makes the Instagram page such a useful option to the users. You need not create additional content but just upload the images you need to on the page and generate the right kind of content required. There are brands which use this kind of techniques for their lookbook style pages and these pages very subtly promote the content and market it. There is a very smooth integration between the Instagram and the website of the company, and you can easily get the information about the products from the website they have. Similarly, the thumbnails of the images when expanded on Instagram would give you a link for shopping and minimum required information that you may look for while you are working with it.

Focusing on sales

Tips for Getting More Instagram Followers and Likes to Market Your Business
Gaining followers on Instagram is the primary requirement for emphasis on the sales associated with the website to which the Instagram is linked. There are different clothing lines and boutiques which use the Instagram for their marketing. They usually create an Instagram page that primarily focus on marketing and are very straightforward and titled as “shop our Instagram." You can just click on the images, and you would get a link following which you would reach their website and complete your shopping there. Instagram also acknowledges such budding businesses and primarily focus on providing an e-commerce platform for these kinds of businesses. However, there is one drawback of these adverts with IG, and that is the cost which you incur through them. This may change shortly and add checkout website would become easier than ever, but since Instagram is native to mobile, it may be difficult to undertake.


The hashtag feed

Tips for Getting More Instagram Followers and Likes to Market Your Business

One of the principle features of Instagram is the use of hashtags for making your posts visible to everyone. The use of hashtags helps to engage the consumer intricately with your brand. The brands too are focusing on ensuring that the customers are updated and well involved in various aspects of the business. Through the use of hashtags, you can add contents of users and have contributions from your Instagram followers. The website also becomes easier to find when you are using the hashtags judiciously. Engaging your users would help you gain their faith and confidence as well. When your hashtags and photos are featured on the web page of your favorite brand, as a follower and client you are likely to feel important, and this importance is something that matters to the customers. Hence when they are given this kind of privileges, they feel more at one with the brand.

As an e-commerce platform

Tips for Getting More Instagram Followers and Likes to Market Your Business

The website and the Instagram together can act as a powerful e-commerce platform. The Instagram is however not exactly optimized to work as an e-commerce platform, and many companies like Foursixty and Like2buy are trying their best to link their Instagram and e-commerce business to reap the maximum benefits. While some marketers simply use Instagram to feature artistic photos of the product they are marketing, some also link their photos to the relevant website links so that users can easily get the product they want. The beautiful and artistic photos evoke the interest of the users of Instagram who are interested in the product. It also helps them discover new products on the relevant platform.


Tips for Getting More Instagram Followers and Likes to Market Your Business

Adding the Instagram badges on your website can also evoke the interest of your customers. The businesses focusing on the animation and similar fun and creative ideas can make use of such badges to draw clients on their Instagram page. The animated graphics on the website which is associated with the relevant Instagram page allow the users to find what they are looking for from the Instagram account. The badges also add to the aesthetics of the website as well.

It can be concluded that marketing through a digital medium like websites is further enhanced by the social media platforms which are linked. The users can find a lot from the Instagram pages about the brand and also interact closely with the brands of their choice.

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