Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Responsive Website Template

Can you name a network that is even more powerful than supercomputers? Different experts discovered that Bitcoin networks have a computing power of 2,046,364 Pflop/s. If you mix the computing power of the 500 most powerful supercomputers, you’ll get a combined computing power of 274 Pflop/s.

Bitcoins are taking the lead in the cryptocurrency marketplace. Today, they’re said to be the largest and most world trusted digital currency.

Many respectable companies also accept them as a legitimate source of funds.


Why Bitcoins?

  • An open-source software – no one single entity controls this currency;
  • Modern and handy;
  • Keeping privacy and anonymity of users;
  • Cheap and easy international payments;
  • No credit card fees;
  • Not highly expensive to be bought but promising as an investment.

How to promote any Bitcoin company in the jungles of predators?

Of course, with the help of the Internet! Just start your own Bitcoin website!


  • focus on the unique marks of your own/ your client’s firm;
  • look for a qualitative optic content;
  • concentrate your design on right colors;
  • and far more…

Or just look closer to our exclusive proposition – only for $75! For this current price, you can get a chance to assemble the best bitcoin cryptocurrency website in the business!


Let us introduce you to...

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Responsive Website Template is considered to be one of our bestsellers among HTML5 products not in vain. It’s an actual visual realization of the worldwide payment system.

This multipage template is designed in stylish and calm tones of grey to emphasize business atmosphere. Its minimalistic interface is suitable for long and efficient work.

Drag & drop website creator

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Responsive Website Template is a favorable deal for everyone who tends to present their work in composed, solid manner. Using Bitcoin, feel free to set up your website without writing long annoying codes, as it’s already supplied with our drag & drop website creator.


No time-consuming options! Create your photo gallery or blog in a few simple clicks with the help of our various UI elements. You are also able to add any content you need in a huge set of blocks.


Over 20 ready-made HTML5 pages and Parallax

Elegant and extraordinary, this template can attract your visitors (may they be your future clients or partners). Today, we propose you over 20 ready-made HTML5 pages, enhanced with Parallax technologies.

Parallax makes this website look gorgeous and alive. This very tool gives your visitors the feel of real impression, an illusion of depth in 2D environments of your site.


Cool CSS3 animation effects and transitions

Forget about long-loaded digital elements. CSS3 animation effects and transitions are even more than anyone could have ever dreamed about to keep all Parallax benefits and avoid static web pages. They are appealed to accomplish and fulfill the work of all widgets. You don’t need to worry; every window will be synchronized and appear in one click.

You might be surprised, but just several lines of code will give you a stunning transition effect that can evoke your visitors, increase engagement and conversions.

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Bitcoins are also called mobile money. And this statement can be interpreted differently. First, Bitcoins come along with time; they are flexible and available at every minute you need them. Secondly, they are kept in digital wallets. Digital wallets exist in a unique cloud or on a user’s computer. You can choose between PC and laptops, tablets and smartphones, or take altogether.

That’s why, our best experts have made Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Responsive Website Template mobile-friendly, for 100%. No need to bound yourself or your clients, visit your future Bitcoin website from any digital gadget you prefer!

With Google fonts, you will be able to choose the right text style for your website. We also provide you with vast search engine optimization (well commented and SEO friendly code), so get ready to receive the highest website traffic possible!

Ready to show your creativity? No problem! We present you with a wide range of customization!


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If you want your visitors to see the results of your work but not other unnecessary stuff, then Megafooter is an absolute must-have!

This useful tool not only keeps all the product filling in the top or left-hand navigation, but it also declutters a website's main navigation device and draws the attention of visitors to the primary offers of any website. Yes, due to Megafooter, the product is always highlighted at the most favorable specters and placed in the main position of your website.

Except for the mentioned items, by purchasing Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Responsive Website Template, you will also get Documentation (a detailed instruction on how to install and customize the template) and even more.

So, don’t think twice - get your stylish Bitcoin website today!

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24/7 Premium Support

By choosing our full-packed propositions, you gain our free 24/7 lifetime premium support, saving yourself a lot of time.

Feel free to ask any questions at our service center!

Get Unit - ICO Crypto Currency Multipage HTML Website Template

Get Unit - ICO Crypto Currency Multipage HTML Website Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Bitunit - Cryptocurrency Elementor WordPress Theme

Bitunit - Cryptocurrency Elementor WordPress Theme

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TopMiner - CryptocurrencyWordPressTheme


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cCurrency Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

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ChainBit - Bitcoin WordPress Theme


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Invenio - Classy Financial Advisor WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

Top Cryptocurrency Website Template

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Get Unit - ICO Crypto Currency Multipage HTML Website Template ZEMEZ Investment Company Templates $75
Bitunit - Cryptocurrency Elementor WordPress Theme ZEMEZjet Consulting Templates $75
TopMiner - Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Financial Advisor Templates $75
cCurrency Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme ThemeHurst Web Development Templates $85
ChainBit - Bitcoin WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Investment Company Templates $75
Invenio - Classy Financial Advisor WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Financial Advisor Templates $75

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