10+ Book PowerPoint Templates to Create First-Class Presentations

  1. Learn How to Create a Book Presentation Using PowerPoint
  2. How to Turn a PowerPoint into an eBook
  3. Free vs. Premium Book PPT Templates: Is There a Difference?
  4. The Collection of the Best Book PowerPoint Templates
  5. Book PowerPoint Template Comparison Table

If your presentation has something to do with books, libraries, bookstores, writing, or reading in general, you will definitely need professionally-designed book PowerPoint templates. And you know what? We have rounded up the best book-related PowerPoint templates and backgrounds in one post. Enjoy!

Before you jump into the ocean of cool PowerPoint book themes and backgrounds, here are a few guides that you may find helpful while working on your presentation.

Learn How to Create a Book Presentation Using PowerPoint

Book pages.

What if we told you that you could make a book presentation with the help of PowerPoint in just a few clicks? Yes, you have read that right - in just a few clicks. How is it possible, you may ask? It is thanks to a great variety of PPT templates with pre-made layouts, of course. There's no need to start from scratch. Every single template contains all the necessary images and text placeholders waiting for you to edit them. All the graphic elements are resizable and customizable. You can play with fonts, colors, scales, and sizes as much as you want. So, here's how you can create a book presentation or a book review by using one of the topic-related PowerPoint book templates. 

  1. First, pick a book for your presentation. 
  2. Go to the collection of PowerPoint templates and choose the one that fits your goals.
  3. Open the book presentation template with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint.
  4. The first slide should introduce your book. Here it is suggested that you add your book cover by right-clicking on an image and replacing it.
  5. You can tell a viewer what the book is about by writing a short summary on the next slide.
  6. The third slide is a perfect place to give a few words about the author of the book.
  7. If there are any interesting reviews of the book, don’t miss out on the opportunity to include them. There is a special Reviews slide in almost every template.
  8. Give your opinion regarding content. It is always a good idea to mention how clearly the book is written.
  9. Of course, you will find a separate slide in every PowerPoint book template where you can share some quotes from the text.
  10. Pick a fitting slide to sum up your presentation and give the final verdict.

It is always a good idea to add visual content to a presentation. Change the default images easily thanks to a convenient drag-and-drop functionality. Don’t forget that you can resize and crop images to perfectly fit them into your presentation.

Side Note! If you don’t need all the slides, feel free to delete the unnecessary ones. 

How to Turn a PowerPoint into an eBook

Turn a PowerPoint into an eBook.

Chances are, you are familiar with PowerPoint as a tool you can use to help you give a proper presentation. However, you may not know that you can turn a PowerPoint into a good-looking eBook. Want to know how to do that? Keep reading!

  1. Start with downloading a professionally-designed PPT book template. What are some basic things you can do to make it look like a book?
  2. The first thing you’d want to do is to change the slide size so you will need to click Design - Slide Size and go to Custom Slide Size. As you can see, it is automatically set on Widescreen so you will have to change it Letter Paper 8.5 x 11 inches and change it to Portrait. Then you choose Maximize. By doing so you will set the slide up in the same orientation as a regular piece of paper.
  3. Continue editing and customizing the slides the same way you would do it with a regular slide size. Insert a text box, change the text positions, add, crop, and resize images, etc. The biggest advantage of using PowerPoint in this situation is that you can take any text box and move it anywhere on the page. It is not going to reorganize itself or anything like that. 
  4. Whenever you are done and you are ready to have this actually be a book, first make sure that you have saved your work as a PowerPoint. Why? So you will be able to make some changes if they are needed in the future. After it is saved as a PowerPoint, you can save it again as a PDF file

Congratulations! Now you know how to make an eBook by using a suitable books template and PowerPoint.

powerpoint templates

Free vs. Premium Book PPT Templates: Is There a Difference?

Free vs. Premium Book PPT Templates.

Truth be told, there is a massive showcase of free book templates suitable for PowerPoint presentations out there. The question is, are they all good? We are going to show you the difference between free vs. premium book PowerPoint templates. However, it is only up to you to decide which themes to pick for your specific use.

The TemplateMonster marketplace can boast lots of awesome templates that are free of charge. It is worth mentioning that all templates are high-quality, whether they are free or paid. The difference is usually in the number of functionalities they offer. 

For instance, we have the Pitch Pro PowerPoint Template that comes in both free and premium packages. The free version contains 7 slides, each in light and dark modes; whereas, the premium version of this template offers more than 100 unique slides and more than 150 color options. While there are only a few charts, a map, and a phone mockup within the free package, the one that requires payment comes with 500+ vector font icons, maps, infographics, tables, and so on. What we are trying to say here is, your choice depends on the kind of presentation you need to make. If you can deal with it by inserting just a couple of charts, there's no need to pay a fee if you have everything you need in a free package.

The Collection of the Best Book PowerPoint Templates

The Collection of the Best Book PowerPoint Templates.

Are you looking for a modern PPT template to make a book presentation? Or do you need a PowerPoint background with books to present a topic related to storytelling, writing, and/or reading? What are the odds that you are in search of an open-book template for a school project? Whatever your search inquiries are, we've got you covered. The TemplateMonster collection counts hundreds of high-quality PowerPoint templates that cover various topics. Here are a few awesome book PowerPoint templates as an example. 

Multipurpose Elegant Storybook Powerpoint Template

Portfolio - Photography & Product Showcase PowerPoint Template.


Created by a talented team from PixWork, these templates will impress you by design and multipurpose. You can use them for:

  1. Creative Portfolio;
  2. Original Photography; 
  3. Professional Product Showcase;
  4. Personal & Corporate Photo Gallery etc.

Storybook Powerpoint Template has multiple useful features:

  • It is easily customized, edited, modified;
  • You can add or change colors, text, photos & other elements of the template in a few clicks;
  • It has 35+ Unique Custom Sliders;
  • Choose Bright or Dark layout;
  • 4 PPTX files for 16:9 & 4:3 Ratio;
  • 4 PPT files for 16:9 & 4:3 Ratio;
  • All Elements included;
  • It has super Custom Animated effects;
  • Enjoy professional, Creative, Clean & Corporate design;
  • Used Font & Picture Image (PhotoDune) links are included;
  • Image Place Holders PSD (Smart object) comes with a template;
  • Short Instructions are included as well. 

Find out more about the author of these magnificent templates Abdur Razzak. Read this exciting interview about products Abdur likes to create and why he loves to work with TemplateMonster.

Comic Book PowerPoint Template

Pop & Retro Presentation PowerPoint Template.


Are you a fan of comic books? There are quite a few storybook PowerPoint templates out there, but this Pop Comic Book PowerPoint template designed in the retro style grabs attention right away. Bright, colorful, and extraordinary, it will help you to liven up even the most boring presentation. The multi-purpose presentation template comes with over 40 slides. All the elements are 100% editable and customizable so you can craft a top-notch presentation in just a few clicks. 

LEAFY PowerPoint Template for a Book Presentation 

LEAFY PowerPoint Template.


LEAFY belongs to the category of those presentation booklet templates that are clean, elegant, and modern. Packed with 30 unique slides, the LEAFY template can be your ideal choice if you are looking for a professional and simple book presentation template. Unfold the story of a book, present an author’s biography, share quotes, and so on by simply adding your content. The template is super convenient to work with since all the elements can be easily editable and are resizable. As for adding pictures, you can just drag and drop the desired images. On top of that, the documentation file describing how to work with the template is included. 

Happy Children with Books PowerPoint Templates

Happy Children PowerPoint Template.


Are you a teacher who wants to create an engaging presentation about the children’s education processes? The Happy Children with Books PowerPoint template is exactly what you need. Vibrant and interesting, it contains images of kids and their ordinary school routine. Among more than 120 slides you will find images of smiling children holding books, reading, writing, and enjoying the studying process. The template is available in 2 different sizes and 3 different color themes. You can edit, resize, and delete any elements: from charts and infographics to images and text placeholders.

Library - Classic PowerPoint Template for Book Enthusiasts

Library - Classic PowerPoint Template.


If you are looking for book-themed backgrounds to use in your next presentation, the Library theme is a win-win option. Besides, this book template for PowerPoint will be suitable for presenting a digital library or an educational online resource. The template contains the Cover, Meet the Team, Infographic, Contact Us layouts, and many more. You can edit whatever element you want from colors and shapes to text and picture placeholders. There’s no need to download additional software. All the files are in .PPTX and .PPT formats. In addition, you get files with detailed documentation to help you figure out how to work with PowerPoint book themes like this one.

Librario: Story Book PowerPoint Template

Librario | PowerPoint Template.

Download | Get for Free in ONE Membership

Another creative PowerPoint books template is called Librario. It can be used as a book PowerPoint background or as a complete business presentation. After purchasing it, you will receive more than 150 slides in total which come in 5 different color variations. That means you will get 30 slides for each color scheme. There will also be pixel-perfect illustrations, useful graphics, charts, etc. Of course, every single element is resizable and can be modified in accordance with your needs.

Libraro - PowerPoint Template with Books PowerPoint Backgrounds

Libraro | PowerPoint Template.

Download | Get for Free in ONE Membership

Here's one more library- and book-related PowerPoint template which comes under the name of Libraro. Basically this is a template for PowerPoint presentation with a background full of books. It can be used for different purposes from eLearning to business and personal needs. What we like about this book PowerPoint template is that all its slides come in 5 different colors, so instead of just 30 slides, you get 150 slides. Good deal, isn't it? Based on Master Slides, the template guarantees consistency and coherence of all slides. Last but not least, all the elements can be easily edited with little to no effort.

Impressive Book Presentation PowerPoint Template

Impressive Presentation PowerPoint Template.

Download | Get for Free in ONE Membership

As the name suggests, this book PowerPoint template is just IMPRESSIVE! We find the template quite versatile. Thanks to its modern style and professionally-designed layouts, Impressive can be used in almost any presentation whether it is on education- or business-related topics. By purchasing this template, you will get 14 .PPT files, .XML files with custom MS Office theme colors, a how-to guide, and a vector icon pack. The Impressive PowerPoint book template comes with over 60 unique slides in dark and light versions. The handmade infographics make it possible for you to present interesting stats with ease. 

Letteroad PPT Book Template

Letteroad | PowerPoint Template.

Download | Get for Free in ONE Membership

It has been a long time since people stopped using a typewriter for writing books, letters, and reports. However, it doesn't mean that a typewriter has lost its popularity completely. This storybook PowerPoint template is proof. If you feel like images of books aren't enough, you can go for a template that contains pics of typewriters instead. To say that this book presentation PowerPoint template is super stylish is to say nothing. It’s perfectly fitting for business presentations as it is to book presentations. With over 150 slides in 5 different color variations, it is possible to create a unique presentation quickly and easily. Play with text and image placeholders, move the elements, and edit them, delete the unnecessary components - all of the mentioned is no problem with this awesome template. 

Education - Presentation PowerPoint Template

Education - Presentation PowerPoint Template.

Download | Get for Free in ONE Membership

This template really stands out among all PPT templates for education. It is modern, clean, easy-to-use, and contains all the necessary elements for creating a first-class presentation. Thanks to its universality, the template can come in handy as for crafting an educational report as for business strategy presentation. More than 35 unique slides contain resizable elements and useful functions such as infographics, data charts, price tables, etc. If you have any questions regarding the template, our fast and free support is always there to help you out.

High School Student PowerPoint Template

High school student PowerPoint Template.


The PPT presentation template called “High School Student” contains 147 slides in blue, purple, and green colors. They are composed of various charts, graphs, maps, and so on which can be edited or deleted to your needs. The template includes topic-related images with students holding books. PowerPoint templates like this one might be helpful when creating reports, study plans, school projects, etc.

Sliders - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template 

Sliders - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template.

Download | Get for Free in ONE Membership

In case you are in search of a multipurpose PowerPoint template that is packed with a big number of charts, infographics, diagrams, illustrations, and maps, you just can’t pass by Sliders. Its stylish modern design and layouts versatility won’t leave you indifferent. The template comes with 5 stunning theme colors, 80 exclusive slides, and complemented by more than 5,000 vector icons. The editing process is a piece of cake since all the elements can be easily modified in just a few clicks of a mouse. 

Book PowerPoint Template Comparison Table 

Template Number of slides Vector Icons Included Editability Preview Images Included Price
Comic Book 40+ slides N/A Fully editable N/A $23
LEAFY  30 Unique Slides Not Included Fully editable Not Included $17
Happy Children 126 slides in 3 colors Not Included Fully editable Included $23
Library 20+ slides on 3 premade color themes Not Included Fully editable N/A $17
Librario 150+ Total Slides on 5 Premade colors Not Included Fully editable N/A $17
Libraro 150+ Total Slides on 5 Premade colors Not Included Fully editable N/A $17
Impressive 60+ Unique Slides (Light and Dark Version) Included Fully editable Not Included $19
Letteroad 150+ Total Slides on 5 Premade colors N/A Fully editable N/A $17
Education Over 35 slides Included Fully editable Included $20
High School 147 slides in 3 colors Not Included Fully editable Included $23
Sliders 80 slides in 5 colors Included Fully editable Not Included $20


?How do I insert a picture into a Book PowerPoint template?

Thanks to the drag-and-drop image placeholders in our book PPT templates you just need to select the desired image, click and drag it to a slide, and the placeholder will do everything for you. Most template layouts have clues like “Insert your image here” or “Your image replace here”, so you can also right-click on this area and insert your image easily.

?Can I edit your Book PowerPoint templates?

After having opened a PowerPoint template, you are able to modify the elements of slide layouts. This includes changing the size and shape of the elements, move them around, delete the items you don’t need, etc. Every PowerPoint template in the library of TemplateMonster is fully editable.

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