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The Magnificent 50 Free PowerPoint Templates

Who may be interested in this selection of PPT templates? Of course, the one who will have to do a graphic demonstration of his product, a novice designer, student or top manager, and of course a copywriter that the customer has given the task to write a selection of the best free powerpoint templates on the Internet.

Indeed, for the millionth time we repeat: visualization of your words is very valuable. For example, according to the Social Science Research Network - 65 percent of human beings are visual learners. There are literally thousands of free PowerPoint templates on the world wide web. We have compiled for you a collection of the best nine categories of free templates so that you can always find something suitable as soon as possible to use for your next slide show on a pro bono basis. By the way, all templates are taken from the official Microsoft website, so you can be sure of the security of your device. To apply a template, just download it and open it in any program or web service that supports the PPT and PPTX formats.

Such ready-to-use slide shows will help you not waste precious time. After all, as Salvador Dali said: Begin by drawing and painting like the old masters. After that, do as you see fit - you will always be respected.

After all, these models have passed the test of time and contain everything that is necessary for a win-win performance. Being ignored is worse than being hated. So try it and then find your own style!

powerpoint templates

TemplateMonster Free PowerPoint Template

Consultant Red-And-Yellow Free PowerPoint Template

Free Consultant PowerPoint Template.

If you want to represent your project or services in a modern and elegant way, this model will meet your needs. It has a bright straightforward design, with unusual geometric outlines. The template will suit to display your private startups or for a big company projects. The colors are chosen well and combined with restrained fonts, so it fits both serious conferences and local projects. 

Corporate Blue Futuristic PowerPoint Template

Free Corporate PowerPoint Template.

This template has a straightforward, futuristic design, which is emphasized with royal blue color shades. There are informative slides to present the general information and chart slides for statistical data. So this model will be a perfect match for official reports. The template is not overwhelmed with text. That is why it will be easy to keep the audience's attention. 

Free Minimalistic Eco Nature PowerPoint Template

Free Nature PowerPoint Template.

This template combines very unusual features such as minimalistic graphics and an attractive green color palette. Here you can find different kinds of schemes. They will be useful for showing a roadmap for your business. Circle diagrams will help you to evoke the feeling of the fullness of your thoughts. The design is perfect for ecologist projects, as there are many details associated with this topic.

Free Elegant Industrial Business PowerPoint Template

Free Business Presentation PowerPoint Template.

Another great model for your ideas! It will be an excellent way to express your brand new concept. Vivid and trendy colors will make a reasonable frame for your primary thoughts and concentrate all the sights on them. You can use it to present team members, business plans, and plans of the company. 

Free Yellow, Red, And Blue Minimalistic Corporate PowerPoint Template

Free Business Plan Presentation PowerPoint Template.

The design is filled with cozy colors and smooth elements. You can use various charts and tables presented in the template to show the research results or social projects. Due to this combination of colors and graphic elements, the presentation does not look cluttered; therefore, it will help you succeed.

Creative Watercolor Template

Free Creative PowerPoint Template.

This template will help you to show all the main aspects of your project warmly and creatively. Hand-drown lines and scratched naturalistic geometric patterns make the design look vivid and unusual. At the same time, there are all the check-points of a business presentation, as a greeting, about us, stages, etc. So don't hesitate to use it for your exceptional performance.

White-And-Blue Minilimastic Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Free Portfolio for Students PowerPoint Template.

If you want to create a beautiful presentation for your products, this option is what you need. The design is focused on the graphics. Therefore, you can add photos of your works and present it to a future buyer or use it as material for an electronic exhibition. This template will perfectly cope with any of your creative ideas!

Diagram Green Clear Business PowerPoint Template

Free Company Profile PowerPoint Template.

This model will satisfy all your whims, as this template's number slides have everything you need to present a successful project. Beautiful colors, the necessary points will help you create a well-structured report and convey your concept to the audience. Since the design is very flexible, you can use it to present school projects and new announcements for your employees.

Modern Naturalistic Fashion Template

Free Fashion Presentation PowerPoint Template.

The fashion industry is very demanding on structure and content these days, but you can be sure that your presentation will be successful and delight your colleagues with this template. It combines natural elements with strict minimalism, which looks very stylish. The design has slides for photos, quotes, team members, so you can make your show meaningful and exciting.

Dark Background Social Project Template

Dark Blue Free Download PowerPoint Template.

Dark shades are dominant in this template, which is very trendy. There are many different diagrams and tables in the design, with which you can schematically present your steps and plans for the development of the company. Since pink and blue are in contrast in the template, you can play with the design and use it for social projects or even a marriage agency.

Educational Elegant PowerPoint Template

Tatu Uni Presentation PowerPoint Template.

To attract new students to your school, you need to create a good presentation. It will be easy with this design! It has everything you need to fully reveal all the features of your university or college: beautiful effects, good structure, separate slides for the teaching staff, and the best students. Inspire your prospective students with this lightweight design!

Interior Design Minimalistic PowerPoint Template

Dusle - Creative PowerPoint Template.

It is important for any agency that deals with design to present its services correctly. From the first slide, your listener will envelop a sense of style and taste of your employees. He will trust your company because he will see your ideas in a very good fashionable frame. Modern forms, beautiful graphics will perfectly highlight the main ideas of your project.

Clear Black-And-White Construction Company Template

Build Creative PowerPoint Template.

This template features over 160 different slides. It has very stylish fonts and slide structure, which makes the template look very elegant and creative. You can use it to present your new projects related to interior, construction, or art exhibitions. Present statistics, team members, blueprints, and plans very simply and beautifully with this stunning template.

Animated Clean Minimalistic PowerPoint Template

Touch Minimal Presentation PowerPoint Template.

If you want to make a great impression on the audience, this template will help you. You will find more than 30 different slides in the archive, among which there are pages for images, diagrams, team presentations, infographics, and statistics. This kind of design is perfect for a marketing or social campaign, as it allows presenting extensive statistical data.

Medical Services Clean PowerPoint Template

MedCare Fully-Editable PPT Slides PowerPoint Template.

A medical company needs to instill confidence in clients in the services' reliability and safety. After all, they trust you the most precious thing - their health! This design will help make your presentation a success and will not leave clients indifferent, as the slides are well structured and will help convey the vital message correctly.

Retro Style Business Template

A Free for Business PowerPoint Template.

Retro style very nicely complements the concept. You can use a design like this to tell about your business concept, important dates for the company, and statistics. This option is also suitable for presenting an application for mobile devices so that you can use it for your ideas with no doubt!

Science and technology

What becomes the engine of science? Human laziness and war. There is another factor, although it sounds unscientific: the flow of time is getting faster and faster, information is compressed into cramped forms, and people try to keep up everywhere. Science as a discipline, regardless of whether it is biology or physics, chemistry or higher mathematics, helps a person to move the globe. If such a theory is real, and this is your niche, we are happy to assist you in choosing the right template and take part in the movement of the globe.

Pharmacy design

Free PowerPoint Templates


Jars, cones, pills, tinctures, vitamins, ampoules and for the very courageous – syringes. All this causes association with the word "pharmacy" and all this is in the present free powerpoint templates. The template contains not only backgrounds, images, icons and fonts, but also copies of slides made in different color schemes: choose the colors that best suit your demonstration. Plus, as a bonus, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the 10 Rules of a Successful PowerPoint Presentation. Sure, you will find here something new and useful.

Healthcare pitch deck

Free PowerPoint Templates


A distinctive feature of any report is a scientific, academic style. This also applies to free powerpoint templates on this topic. The template has a simple design that can be easily adapted to the style of your performance. If you need time to collect your thoughts, then the presence of pre-prepared maps, charts, diagrams, photos, etc. will help you win valuable time for formulating an answer, and sometimes will give a ready-made answer. This is all you can put in this slide set.

3D PowerPoint presentation (Hubble Telescope model)

Free PowerPoint Templates


Houston, do you read me? Over.

Experts know that Hubble telescope model has nothing in common with this phrase. But this template model is also suitable for such a presentation. This fresh, airy template with a minimalist design will help you create a simple, but exciting presentation. It allows you to drag and drop pictures, making it even easier to prepare an amazing presentation. With this template, any user can easily create a memorable presentation, even if he has not used free powerpoint templates before.

Science project presentation (widescreen)

Free PowerPoint Templates


This template will help you to stand out and attract the attention of the audience. It was created in widescreen format (16x9). Think only about the content, the issue with the design for you will solve this clear and attractive free powerpoint templates. Of course, the photo with test tubes can be replaced with one that matches your specific topic. Tell everybody about your team, introduce your product or service, and define your mission.

Medical poster

Free PowerPoint Templates


This template will most likely be an addition to a more vivid demonstration solution and will help you create a brilliant poster for use at a medical or scientific conference. A distinctive feature is the content of a small number of graphic elements, or none at all. But in the poster, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, so you will not need to spend time creating different columns in the table. We suggested you use it as a perfect complement to any of the above variants.

Photo Albums

A good photo allows you to understand how little our eyes see. And fortunately, in addition to standard presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create photo albums. You can use various effects, add captions, and set the background. In addition to the demonstration the created photo album can be printed, published on the internet, or sent by e-mail.

Family photo album (green leaf nature design) free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


The template will interest you as a photographer as well as ordinary people or representatives of any professions who wanted to present the story of their life or a period of life through photos in a beautiful slide show. And the green shades of the whole theme make it even more close and pleasant.

Graduation (widescreen) free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


This template is a real treasure to demonstrate your school, university, and happy alumni faces. Or maybe you just want to make a beautiful album for your beloved graduate and that it will be online. Sometimes you want so much in life to allow yourself a little more emotion, a little more feeling, and bright colors. Gray days are oppressed by their diversity, so maybe you should give yourself free rein, at least in terms of creativity? We hope this template will help you with this.

Wedding (black and white design, widescreen) free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


Maybe today collecting albums with paper photographs is already an outdated topic, but we do not know any loving couple who does not have a wedding album. This is a very elegant solution for the design of "your" day, the day of your family. This template is well suited for photographers who, before handing the album to a couple in love, want to show it to the E-form.

Vacation photo album (chalk design) free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


This photo album template decorates slides with colorful chalk frames. Moreover, these elements are made in a schematic plan and very successfully complement each slide. You just have to upload photos with the most pleasant moments. We wish your vacation to be as relaxed and bright as the design of this template.

Classic free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


All psychologists are well aware of the effect of color on a person and his emotional state. But only some of the speakers with presentations pay attention to this. You can easily create your own slide show in the classic black and white style using this template, because the classic is always in fashion. And elegance attracts itself. It is graceful, it is mysterious, and enigmatic.

Health and nutrition free powerpoint templates

Experienced athletes and ordinary people who are not indifferent to their health know that physical activity and proper nutrition are very important for good health. Therefore, health and nutrition in this case is in one category.

Medical design presentation (widescreen) free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


This template is decorated in the classic medical combination of colors - red and white. It can be used on various medical topics, for example, about the benefits and harms of all sorts of medicines, the presentation of the new medical center, or a new project, and the like. Inside, you will also find a sample chart, table, and SmartArt graphics in matched colors.

Fresh food (widescreen) free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


This template is decorated very well, and its bright colors can perfectly highlight any presentation. It can be used for any topic, so it can be called neutral. However, its color range and beautiful images of vegetables will be more able to tune the audience of your viewers to positive and fun, so you should not choose it for very serious or business topics. People who will watch such a presentation at the end will be satisfied.

Health and fitness free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


The original template that can be used for presentations with the theme of sports, fitness, healthy lifestyle, etc. The design itself is very bright and full of "fresh" colors, which will allow you to focus your listeners on the submitted material. If you offer customers to visit your fitness club this way, you will surely find new clients.

Food - preparation to presentation (widescreen) free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


The template is perfect for presentations on some culinary topics, or ideas about opening restaurants, cafes, bakeries, etc. Images of delicious food are capable of riveting the gaze of people looking at slides, which have a cozy, warm background. The combination of all these factors will allow you to successfully present any culinary material.

Back to School free powerpoint templates

We decided to place a link to a comparative article of Apple and Microsoft products for presentations in this section, because most often in this category one can afford to experiment with programs and their use. What cannot be said, for example, of a large company where there is a corporate standard of presentations, including templates? Therefore, choose the best for yourself.

Elementary school

Free PowerPoint Templates


Children are the flowers of our lives. This template is very suitable for the design of presentations of pedagogical and children's subjects. It can be used to design an event on children's literature, the role of an elementary school in the family and the life of a child, for a plan to design a children's holiday, or simply to present an elementary school.

Triceratops free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


The design of this template plunges you into a hot and exciting atmosphere about 230 million years ago. The definite advantage of this variant is the use of 3D-models of dinosaurs. It looks impressive and will absolutely keep the viewer's attention. The dinosaur theme itself is very exciting. Surely this will be an interesting choice for a scientific report or maybe just a cognitive story for children.

School project solar system free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


For a report on astronomy, physics, space exploration, or just dreamers, such a template would be more than appropriate. It will be just perfect for presentations telling about stars, space bodies, and far-distant planets. These are, first of all, school competitions and quizzes, slide shows on the topics of observing space objects, traveling to distant worlds and works in the style of science fiction.

High school

Free PowerPoint Templates


Pure school template for high school students and nothing more. Includes slides for summaries, comparisons, lists and videos, as well as useful tables, charts and graphs, which will be very useful elements in the demonstration. It has a style as well as an atmosphere of restraint. And in general, it sets up users to study.

Book report

Free PowerPoint Templates


A very bright and contrasting version of the template and it will help you to convey the idea that books are a source of knowledge. And to instill a love for the book (to present it correctly) is the task of every literate teacher and mentor. The beautiful and unusual drawings simply cannot fail to attract attention. Add a bright title that will interest the audience, their attention will be at your disposal.

Four seasons free powerpoint templates

This is not about the famous hotel, but everything is much simpler. Seasonal presentations have a universal design, because everything depends on your taste and imagination. After all no one is forbidden to talk about statistics on the background of flower images, right? The main thing is to support the right mood.

Seasonal celebrations presentation

Free PowerPoint Templates


Chamomiles, yellow leaves, berries covered with hoarfrost and of course a hot beach. There’s something for every taste, from fans of frosty freshness to admirers of the merciless summer heat. This is ideal for the travel and tourism industry, but also for personal use, showcasing a business project, a startup, or a school story on “how I spent my summer” topic.

City Berlin design

Free PowerPoint Templates


Burning orange roses are just fascinating on the title page of the provided template. Whatever topic you choose, such a design will make it more interesting and “juicier” due to the bright images on each slide and to the whole color scheme of the slide show. This can be an entertainment presentation, or a quiz. In any case, everyone will appreciate your work and feel the smell of spring in the air.


Free PowerPoint Templates


How do you make a presentation in winter style, reflecting the theme as much as possible, giving a truly winter mood? The answer is simple: a harmonious combination of correctly chosen colors. Used mountain landscapes display the winter just perfect. The blue background is great for inserting the main text. Each slide clearly conveys the atmosphere of your entire report.

Cherry blossom nature presentation (widescreen)

Free PowerPoint Templates


You do not need to visit Japan or wait for May to see cherry blossoms. This PPT template is characterized by a combination of pleasant looking turquoise and pink colors. Both are not very bright, but very soft and soothing. It can be used for any theme. In particular, it can be a congratulatory or entertaining presentation, slides telling about ancient emperors, mythology, and eastern legends, or just a demonstration of the "blooming" business.

Snowy road

Free PowerPoint Templates


The unusual decor of this template indicates a new approach, a new vision. That is why it will be so good for innovative ideas presented in demonstrations, and non-standard approaches to solving problems. The snow-covered road with telephone poles symbolizes the way, the hard way. It inspires, motivates and makes you want to move forward. After all, spring will come after winter.

Minimal free powerpoint templates

Nothing redundant.


Free PowerPoint Templates


The graphics of the proposed template is almost universal. Moreover, minimalism as well as the black and white combination is always in fashion and looks awesome. You can arrange literary notes, business plans, schedules, lists of cases, elements, problems, the course of solutions, and setting tasks with it.

Creative red

Free PowerPoint Templates


These slides are made in white and red colors. The white neutral background is perfect for placing text and images on it, allowing you to focus on the information presented. And the red elements complete the overall picture, emphasizing the contents of the slides.


Free PowerPoint Templates


Chaotically located circles of different colors create an atmosphere of ease, evoking pleasant emotions and associations with the spring sun, warmth, and gentle summer bouquets of flowers. The beautiful colors of the proposed template will underscore the essence of any project.

Maker Gallery design

Free PowerPoint Templates


Creative people are usually creative in everything they do. They are bold in the details and color palette of the created masterpieces. Everything they do is different and stands out from the crowd. It’s a cool idea to show your presentation in the form of a gallery. The minimalistic design in black and white colors will add to your presentation elegance, style and modernity.

Minimalist color presentation

Free PowerPoint Templates


With it you can organize art and photo exhibitions, contests, promotion of shops, products, studios, new ideas in the interior and design, in business and information technology. The presentation made by you will be remembered for the brightness and richness of colors supporting the information and the main idea.

Travel free powerpoint templates

Traveling always inspires and motivates, helps to expand consciousness, and teaches a lot of interesting things. Discover something new in yourself. Traveling changes us, helps us grow, and develop. Travel is the best education of the modern world!

Outdoors presentation

Free PowerPoint Templates


A very positive template that can create a good mood for everyone while watching the presentation and inspire your listeners. The colors and shades are chosen very well, and the overall picture looks both delicate and spectacular. The deep sky, filled with clouds and raging winds, and the powerful peaks of the mountains create a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. Freedom for creativity, for imagination, and the unlimited success of the speaker.


Free PowerPoint Templates


A presentation with this design will allow your viewers to get good emotions while watching, as the beautiful combinations of colors and shades of blue color have a positive attitude, and the turtle on the title page will captivate everyone with its ease and magical appearance. Perhaps this design will allow your listeners to think about the rest, and you can use this when choosing a theme.


Free PowerPoint Templates


More recently, to take such a photo without a helicopter and super technology would be impossible. Now, in the conditions of daily modernization, with such opportunities you can make very beautiful photographs raising the device to a height. Delight the world with the impressions you received from your travels, share cool photos, and your emotions.

Green pitch deck

Free PowerPoint Templates


The view of some Indian plantation or a green Balinese field on the title page pacifies and creates an atmosphere of serenity. This colorful and exotic template combines beautiful combinations of colors, shades, and beautiful images and all together will be able to successfully highlight the presentation of your trip, travel show, or tourist agency.

Tourism Facet

Free PowerPoint Templates


If you have ever climbed to the top, you will immediately understand what range of emotions the person on the title slide is experiencing now. This is a great example of a template for a slideshow dedicated to tourism or travel. You can post here interesting facts and very serious information, photos, and price list. Unleash your imagination.

Organic free powerpoint templates

Organic and everything biological is at least our essence, something of which we are made of, what we eat, and what we breathe. Therefore, this is a very close and understandable topic for everyone and is suitable for any idea for a presentation.

Wood Type design

Free PowerPoint Templates


Contrasting soft colors immediately attract attention with their beautiful appearance and unusual design of vegetables and ripe avocados on the main page. Photos help to create an unusual atmosphere of comfort and goodies. Juicy green color attracts interest, and darkened “wooden” areas accentuate it on the textual content of the presentation. As you know, the green color is optimal for the physiological component of the human psyche; it refreshes, but at the same time it calms.

Garden Savon
Free PowerPoint Templates


Here is a very interesting solution for a florist, landscape designer, coach, or even an entrepreneur. This is an absolutely neutral template for demonstrations, which will allow you to open up about any topic. Visual effects contribute to the formation of the volume of the slide, which makes the presentation even more attractive. The template is not overloaded with additional graphic elements, leaving a large space for inserting abstracts of your report.

Recreation Organic design

Free PowerPoint Templates


In this selection of slides are provided designs and samples of content for recreation, environmental protection, and tourism businesses. Stones, sand, and sea water are examples of colors and textures in images. Water is very often associated with life. It is an essential element of all living things, like relaxation, in our stressful society.

Pitch deck

Free PowerPoint Templates


Herbarium. This template will be interesting to creative people, as it shows unusual ideas for creativity; to biologists, as it reflects nature; and to simple people in the street, as it has ease and inspiration. A presentation about the secrets of botany, the structure of plants, and the processes occurring with them will look very interesting.

Organic presentation

Free PowerPoint Templates


This template has a very modern design with fuzzy shapes, bright paint splatters, professional photos and all this in an organic style. The design uses the same palette as the name. Poetic and atmospheric slides that would be great for presentations on art are included. It very accurately conveys the essence of inspiration. But inspiration is needed in every aspect of life, right?

Business free powerpoint templates

The category of "business" is final and universal. We believe that these variants are suitable for use in any of the above categories. After all, everything presented here can be a certain niche of biz. By definition, any activity aimed at systematically making a profit is a business. And then it is up to you which template you choose.

Business project plan (widescreen)

Free PowerPoint Templates


The design of this model is specially created to represent your new project. The mountains–this is the height, this is the power, this is the peak that you conquer, and having conquered you become a hero. That is what you should bring to the audience who will support your project. This template includes slides for a detailed description of the draft, goals and results that you plan to achieve, implementation details, risk indicators, etc. Plus, the template was created in a widescreen format (16<U+0445>9), that will help you to bring information more brightly and get positive emotions from the audience. We recommend you also pay attention to a few tips about How to Create Awesome Slides because only you can make your slide show unique.

Financial pitch deck

Free PowerPoint Templates


In a broad sense, the term “finance” covers the movement of all value flows, comprising everything monetary. Thus, finance includes: public finance, credit system, finances of the branches of the reproductive process, household finances, secondary financial market, and international finance. Therefore, this template in the narrow sense fits all these business areas. And in the broad sense - any existing themes in the world.


Free PowerPoint Templates


A template that gives confidence. His target audience is masters of their craft, who present their best projects in presentations. It is suitable for those who stand firmly on their feet and are confident in their abilities. Having combined really interesting material and very good design for it, you can win sympathy among those who look.

Retail pitch deck

Free PowerPoint Templates


[In the modern economy, it is believed that the retail business remains the main driving force in the field of trade. After all, it is this business line that is able to ensure stable growth and development of the trading network, as well as improve the quality of customer service. Slides guide you through creating relevant and compelling content. The drawing of the title page favorably emphasizes the title of the presentation, emphasizing the viewer on it. The background color of the other slides, which is pleasant to the eyes, does not distract from the information placed on it. On this topic, we invite you to pay attention to another great template - Get Pitch Pro. Enjoy!

Business strategy

Free PowerPoint Templates


This is a solid template for presentations that will look good with any topic about business. It will be able to emphasize the essence of what is written on the slides, and will focus precisely on the information and not on the bright design and pictures. Offer a new business strategy using this accessible template.

Colorful abstract free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


Here’s one for those who like contrasting combinations of colors and dark saturated hues. It would be very rational to use it to decorate presentation materials on the demonstration of a startup, a business project, or a project status report. Immediately and permanently fix in the memory of anyone who, even for a moment, focused his attention on it.

Vintage free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


A very beautiful and atmospheric model. All the slides in their dark but warm colors smell of elegant history. Use this template to present your product and convince your audience to make a purchase. This feed is for true connoisseurs and serious people. In addition, you can easily customize each slide to fit your vision and demonstrate your idea with confidence.

Grant proposal free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


With the help of grants, the necessary support is provided to projects that are not profitable, but play an important role in the development of society, the city, your business, or educational institution. To get a grant, think like the person who can give it to you! And for this you need to qualitatively demonstrate everything that a person believes in, in order to help you. And this template will help you. The colors are also chosen well, and guarantee you success in displaying your material.

Rose suite pitch deck free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


A pitch deck is a brief presentation used to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan. And pink colors should be in the business. Talking and showing – this is a template for a cool pitch. Minimum text, large fonts and objects, records of finances, dates, competitors and much more are some of its features. It will help to focus on the main thing and will not give too much to do with the text. This template is perfect for the presentation of your idea. Use spreadsheets and graphs to “animate” data and motivate your audience.

Project status report free powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates


It has long been proven that, for better mastering of the material, the information should not be dull and dry, and it is best to design it in graphical form. In this template, the dynamics, geometry and gradients merged. It looks stylish and suitable for any sphere. It helps to concentrate attention on the displayed information, not allowing to be distracted by irrelevant details. This is a great solution to demonstrate the project status of your team.

This article will be very useful for you if you also have to speak frequently to people, and at the same time you want to stand out against the general background, but do not possess sufficient skills to create your own presentation design. While you build up your identity, use such free templates. A penny saved is a penny earned. You should always find a way to come out on top. Good luck!


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Free PowerPoint Templates FAQ

What are the benefits of using free PowerPoint templates?

The free PowerPoint templates make your presentation more engaging and the audience pays attention to the data. You do not need to pay anything and make use of numerous features provided by the software to make the presentation more effective and eye capturing.

❓What is a PowerPoint template?

A PowerPoint template is a prototype of a slide or group of slides saved in a POTX file. Templates can include layouts, colors, fonts, effects, background styles, and even content.

❓What elements can be included in a PowerPoint template?

A PowerPoint template may include the following elements:
1. Content that relates to the theme of the template.
2. Background formatting, such as patterns, texture, gradient or solid fill, and transparency.
3. Colors, fonts, effects (volume effects, lines, fills, shadows, etc.) and theme design elements.
4. Text placeholders in which users can enter unique information.

❓How to create an effective PowerPoint presentation?

- Omit the standard PowerPoint templates.
- Use 3-5 base colors.
- Make an accent on linear flat icons (no 3D icons).
- Give up serif fonts.
- Add visuals in good resolution.
- Do not play with shadows.

How do I get my design ideas to work in PowerPoint?

Ask for design ideas any time by choosing Design > Design Ideas on the ribbon. PowerPoint shows design ideas for your slide.
Scroll through the suggestions in the Design Ideas pane on the right side of the window.
Click to select the design you want, or else close the window.

Where does Windows 10 save PowerPoint templates?

Select "Options" from the File menu, and then select "Save" from the sidebar. Locate the Save Presentations section and note the location next to "Default Personal Templates Location." This is the default location on your hard drive where PowerPoint saves your custom templates.

How do I copy a design in PowerPoint?

Go to View in the presentation that contains the design template you want to copy and select Slide Master. Right-click the Slide Master in the Slide pane on the left side of the screen and select Copy. The Slide Master is the large thumbnail image at the top of the Slide pane.


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