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30 Education and Creative PowerPoint Templates That Make an Impact

Education Powerpoint Templates. Do you have an academic project that needs to be presented powerfully?

Or do you want to make a creative portfolio and let the world know about your talents?

Either way, we’ve got you covered with this collection.

Below, I will present 30 amazing education powerpoint templates. Each of them is unique and beautiful in its own way. What they have in common is being perfect for educational and creative presentations.

Think of your audience–what presentation style will they appreciate most? A more classic one? Or maybe something original and highly artistic?

You can get inspired and find killer tools for your future presentations in our collection!

But first, let’s take a moment and go through the things you can do to deliver an epic and effective discussion.

powerpoint templates

Table of Contents:

How to present like a pro

Creative PowerPoint Templates

1. Don’t rely too heavily on slides

Content is still king and always will be. The best thing you can do is get a high-quality template from professionals, be able to customize it in 10 minutes, and forget about the visuals altogether.

With any of the templates we are offering, you will have absolutely no problem creating spectacular slides. This means that you will have more time to think through your content.

2. Make sure your education presentation is consistent

First of all, all the slides should be in one similar style. This is easy if you are using a professional theme.

What is also important is that your slides are appropriate for the audience and the project in terms of style. Think about going more classic when presenting before academics and more innovative if your audience is IT investors.

3. Go with less text

The golden rule is to have no more than six words on each slide. The same applies to numbers. How is this even possible if you are presenting complex data or ambitious educational projects? Use infographics instead of numbers and make more slides if you need to show a lot of text. With a good template, this is not a problem.

4. Add as many original photos as possible

A presentation that includes unique photos will be appreciated and remembered. Without original images, any presentation is damned to being boring. Moreover, adding a photo to a PowerPoint template takes no more than one click now.

With our templates, you can get creative with your images. Try adding them to different shapes, cropping, masking, etc. Unless the photos are well integrated into the rest of the slide design, the presentation will look amateur.

get a readymade website

Don’t get carried away with transitions and animation

Custom slides animation and transitions are fun, but you have to use them with moderation. Always keep in mind that your presentation is about ideas and people, not about top-notch PowerPoint special effects.

And now let’s dive into our amazing collection!

Best Education PowerPoint templates 2020

Eduvision education powerpoint template

Creative PowerPoint Templates


A lovely educational set with 56 multipurpose slides and 10 extra colors. It features animated slides, dark and light backgrounds, and very nice handmade graphic elements. I would use it not only for academic purposes but also for business and personal projects. Just look at these cute colors!

The slides are based on a master slide and feature customizable vector elements. There’s also a help guide in case you need more info. And of course, you get 24/7 free support from TemplateMonster marketplace.

Entorum education powerpoint templates

Entorum - Business PowerPoint template with customizable infographics


Powerpoint presentations help in representing the data in a very concise and to the point manner. If you want to save your time, take a moment to check an effective PowerPoint template released by a talented Zemez team. Entorum has a clean design, verified aesthetics of expressive illustrations, easy-to-understand typography. To add more, the package allows to work with presentation slides, analysis infographics, timeline infographics, content and storytelling, and much more. No coding skills are required to set up the template and introduce your presentation to the audience.

More features:

  • 100 unique slides
  • 4 different aspect ratio settings
  • Flexible map styles
  • Guaranteed updates
  • Accurate documentation
  • Friendly 24/7 support team

University education powerpoint templates

Creative PowerPoint Templates


Here’s the gem of our academic PowerPoint collection. It will serve you throughout your university/college years and guide you right into your workplace. The set is huge! It includes 50 responsive full HD slides, a pack of vector icons, and multiple backgrounds.

The template is very multipurpose and all slides are carefully thought out. There are diverse layouts for all kinds of content, graphs, infographics, and two fonts.

E-Trainer education powerpoint templates

Creative PowerPoint Templates


There are many kinds of education but you always need a teacher–at least a virtual one. This amazing template is suitable for corporate training, presenting academic materials, and creating e-learning projects. What a tool! The high-resolution slides are printable. The colors are pleasant to the eyes. Your creativity and motivation will double if you treat yourself with this multipurpose template.

The set includes more than 70 slides with 1650 icons, 200 flags, and 50+ design elements. And of course, you’ve noticed the cute avatar!

Alphabet educational ppt template 

Creative PowerPoint Templates


This PowerPoint design gets you back to the basics. Use this Alphabet template to present complex data and your audience will love it. The set is good for everything - university presentations, creative projects, and corporate meetings. It includes 100+ slides and 160+ theme colors.

All slides are based on master slides and can be customized by dragging and dropping. Images do not come with the set, but there’s a number of vector icons included in the package. Press DEMO to see how beautiful these slides can be!

Multipurpose Professional educational ppt template

Creative PowerPoint Templates


This bundle is a one-size-fits-all solution for people who need to deliver presentations on different topics to various audiences. You get education and project-oriented visuals together with pitch and startup infographics.

The bundle features 440 slides with 10 premade colors and 90 more color themes available. There’s a master slide for all slides with images and visuals and a Ready Image Holder for your convenience. This is a very good and popular offer, totally worth the money.

Big Moo educational ppt template

Creative PowerPoint Templates


This design is black and white but never bleak! Your photos and other content will surely shine against this elegant background. The set includes more than 80 slides, great for creative, academic, or business projects.

If you need a modern multipurpose template to use many times for different purposes, this is the perfect one. The package includes a free font and editable icons. All slides can be customized with ease.

Initiative educational ppt template

Creative PowerPoint Templates


This is one of the most dynamic and versatile educational ppt templates in our collection. It gives so many possibilities to create unforgettable presentations! The slides are very colorful and carefully crafted by hands. They include academic, business, artistic elements, and themes.

In the pack, you will find 55+ slides, rich in color and infographic elements. All layouts are widescreen and animated. There are 50 data files you can edit in Excel and 50+ master slide layouts.

University Education

Creative PowerPoint Templates


This template is focused on education and university/college purposes. There are 130+ slides and seven ready-made designs of this educational ppt template to help you deliver your message across. The design looks very professional and comes in seven vibrant colors.

If you have a specific color or layout guidelines for your presentation, you can follow them easily with this template. There’s an instructional file in the package and 24/7 support to help you do your best job.


Creative PowerPoint Templates


This is a very clean template for stylish, innovative presentations. Is your educational project modern? Do you have ground-breaking ideas? If so, this set of slides will help you create the right impression.

You get 105 modern-looking slides based on master slides, as well as 1500+ icons and custom animation effects. The set also includes mockups and data charts that you can edit in Excel. An image holder will allow you to drag-and-drop your visual content effortlessly into the presentation.


Creative PowerPoint Templates


This template has a rather straightforward character. You can use it for creating crisp and clean presentations and deliver them powerfully. The set is good for educational purposes and project pitches. If you have a clear vision about how your academic project should unfold, use these slides as a backup.

In the package, you get 95 unique slides with custom animation and one-click color changes. The layouts are diverse and fully customizable without having to use Photoshop. A set of vector icons is included.


Creative PowerPoint Templates


You can guess from the name that this is an educational template but you need to see for yourself how cute and modern it is. There are ten color themes and the combinations are awesome.

The set includes 82+ slides, all drag-and-drop ready, and plenty of vector elements. The apple elements on the slides symbolize knowledge. There are also many more education-related visuals in this set. They will help you share your vision and learning targets with the audience.

Education: school powerpoint templates 

Creative PowerPoint Templates


Even those ambivalent about education will love your presentation if you use this template. The slides are all colorful and lively. There are dark and light themes, vector shapes, and drag-and-drop elements. Both your professional and creative projects will benefit greatly from this set. The package includes many academically inspired elements and modules.

Check out the DEMO and don’t miss your chance to get the Education  school powerpoint templates you want!

Syllabus school powerpoint templates

Creative PowerPoint Templates


This template focuses heavily on learning objectives and results. If you need to present a course or complex educational program, this will be a huge asset.

There are 22 files in the package and a set of scalable icons. Your presentation will look structured and professional with this template. There are specialized layouts, academic-related charts, and vectors. Slides are animated and infographics are handmade and beautiful. You also get a set of XML files with this school powerpoint templates.


Creative PowerPoint Templates


Creativity needs structure to flourish and produce results. It’s often hard to fit artistic and startup projects into a framework, but not with this template. Clean minimalistic layouts from this template will serve as an amazing background for your plans and ideas.

The pack features 60 slides with editable icons and a free font. The beauty of this template is in its simplicity. Such a tool will add value to any presentation–academic, creative, or business.


Creative PowerPoint Templates


Strong pitches are born from a combination of content, presentation skills, and, of course, strong visuals. This ultramodern design will have you fully covered on the visual part. You get 90+ slides to showcase your educational or business project. The slides are lightweight and very modern. You can personalize them fully with PowerPoint alone.

The set also includes a bunch of editable icons, shapes, and infographics. Some of them are neutral; others are focused on delivering a strong project pitch.

Creative PowerPoint templates

Doodle Infographic

Creative PowerPoint Templates


Is it even possible not to fall in love with these doodles? I doubt it. This set is good for educational purposes, creative projects, and basically any presentation that needs to be colorful and lively.

There are 100+ slides and you will not need another PowerPoint template for a long time. The slides include different themes like meeting, communication, fun, partnership, and so on. The layouts are in soft shades that are easy on the eyes and don’t distract attention. Press DEMO and see how you can make a boring presentation exciting!


Creative PowerPoint Templates


This template combines minimalism and chic to help you impress even the most demanding audience. The template is good for both creative and academic projects, as it offers a big set of multipurpose slides.

The design comes in four colors with an easy color change. The slides are full HD and feature nice vector icons. The photos are not included but the set of layouts and modules to display them is huge.



This template truly is Epic, just open the demo and see for yourself. Your educational presentation could use some bold infographics and crisp designs, right? There are 74 awesome slides in the set, image placeholders, and more than 4000 vector icons.

The slides are easily editable. You can add images, text, multimedia, and animation - so many possibilities to make your presentation truly epic! Images can be placed inside the slides by dragging and dropping, so you don’t need Photoshop skills to create a powerful presentation.

Be Presentation

Creative PowerPoint Templates


You will find this template in many PowerPoint collections we make because it is so pretty and multipurpose. The design is clean and airy, and you get 30 free images with it! The 125 slides include business charts, academic graphs, portfolio pages, and chic photo layouts. The graphics are resizable and fully editable with PowerPoint alone.

You can use this template to give killer educational presentations and to display my creative ideas visually. This is a powerful asset that will be useful for years.


Creative PowerPoint Templates


To uncover the hidden gems of your academic projects and creative portfolio, use this template. It is very suitable for students, teachers, designers, artists, and ambitious startup entrepreneurs. You can also use these awesome slides to create personal travel and wedding projects. The set covers many diverse topics.

In the package, there are 55 multipurpose slides and 11 extra colors. You get 30+ master slides layouts and infographics editable in Excel. As for colors, just press DEMO to see how soft and beautiful they are.


Creative PowerPoint Templates


The paradox of this template is that after you get it, you will stop experiencing any tension with regards to your presentation. Just look how esthetically pleasing and serene these slides look. Geometric shapes and flexible content modules add dynamism to the design, but not tension.

The set features 75 slides in beautiful soft hues. A great template for a creative portfolio or a top-notch training project. There are also maps and mockups in case you need them. The infographics cover various themes and are easily editable without Photoshop. Colors change in one click, and the layouts are full HD.

My Life

Creative PowerPoint Templates


Well, the name of the template speaks for itself. I’ve added it to this collection because it is highly creative and artistic. The slides are hand-drawn, full of meaning and emotion. If you want to deliver a marketing or educational presentation and describe the lifestyle of your target audience - this is the tool for you. The slides are also very fit for bloggers and family projects.

The package features 70+ slides with high-resolution images that are full HD. The colors are flat and deeply satisfying. The template is editable on mobile screens and retina-ready.


Creative PowerPoint Templates


This template is a masterpiece. It is most suited for designers or artists who need a portfolio. The template will work great as a pitch presentation to promote a creative business endeavor or startup. Press DEMO to see more of the layouts and shapes that these slides contain.

You get 55+ versatile slides, a set of icons and a bunch of editable XML files. There are 10+ premade color themes and unlimited color possibilities with PowerPoint. The slides feature handmade infographics, dark and light backgrounds, as well as 45+ Master Slide layouts.


Creative PowerPoint Templates


This template is so minimalistic and clean that it will work with any project you can think of. The designs feature lots of whitespace and smart infographics. Presenting innovative educational ideas and projects is easy when you have professional slides to back you up.

The set includes 40+ slides with infographics, custom elements, and free fonts and icons. With master slide layouts and drag-and-drop image holders, you will have no problem editing this template. No wonder it has been appreciated by many users of our marketplace.

Minimal Creative

Creative PowerPoint Templates


A sibling to the previous template, this design is also crispy clean and modern. The ease of customization adds even more value to this tool. In the pack, you get 35+ full HD slides and a collection of cute elements for your presentation. Make your project look chic and professional by using the best PowerPoint assets.

Infographics and other assets

Amazing Lists

Creative PowerPoint Templates


We make lists when we want to be clear on something. These lists will help you explain your point to a large audience in a structured and professional way. Whatever it is, an educational project or a startup idea, you should divide it into simple steps and points.

The pack offers many lists and timelines, so make sure you check them all out in the demo. There are 2500+ icons and 110+ colors to boost your creativity.

Big Infographics Pack

Creative PowerPoint Templates


This pack is a library of charts, graphs, and visual elements that suit any academic or business needs. Just look through the 209 slides in 10 premade colors with 90 more color themes available. You will never need to buy any more infographics if you choose this set.

The template offers a crazy number of icons and smart objects, 6500+! All slides are fully editable and colors can be changed in just a few clicks.

Puzzle Infographics

Creative PowerPoint Templates


It’s not easy to find a set of infographics that is of good quality and looks original. This one will be your go-to tool for many years. Puzzle shapes help to present any data in a comprehensible and impressive manner.

In this package, you get 26 fully editable slides, 90 color themes, and 4500 icons! Colors can be altered in one click, and all icons and smart objects are scalable. Just imagine how you can make complicated things easy by displaying them with these infographics.

InfoShop education powerpoint templates

Creative PowerPoint Templates


Dealing with complex data in a presentation can be tricky. If you don’t want your audience to fall asleep or hate you for being too hard on numbers, this template will be a big help. There are 45+ amazing and easy-to-understand infographic slides and a pack of icons. If you have another PowerPoint template you love to use, this set will be a great supplement to it.

Data Charts

Creative PowerPoint Templates


Those who don’t love charts don’t know how to use them. These 30 slides in 10 premade colors will help you present any kind of data like a pro. The elements in this pack are very professional and structured. You can rely on them to present complex data for the most ambitious academic and business projects. This set can be easily combined with another PowerPoint asset that you have to create powerful visual messages.

Creative PowerPoint Templates

Wow, you’ve made it to the end. Thank you for reading!

Did you like the post? Was it helpful and inspiring?

Please let us know in the comments, because we care about your feedback!

FAQ: Education Powerpoint Templates

❓ Where can you find Education PowerPoint Templates?

Consider checking this page. It has multiple templates, so you can find the one that meets your requirements.

❓ Do Education PowerPoint Templates include everything I need?

Some products are provided with bonus assets, like icons. Therefore, you can make your presentation look modern and professional. Sometimes, it’s better to use an icon instead of a word or a phrase.

❓ How do Education PowerPoint Templates save your time?

Templates are created using the Master Slider feature (you can change multiple slides at once). Moreover, there are numerous placeholders. Therefore, you just need to add the necessary data and you are good to go.

❓ Are Education PowerPoint Templates flexible enough?

If you get a template from here – you can see all the features of the product. Some products include multiple slides templates, like “Services”, “Our Teacher”, “Library”, “School”, etc. Therefore, you can create different kinds of presentations.

TOP 30 Education powerpoint templates 2020

Template Name Theme Provider Price
Eduvision - Education PowerPoint Template Brand Of Earth $20
Entorum - Business PowerPoint template with customizable infographics ZEMEZ $23
University - Education PowerPoint Template DigitCase $20
E-Trainer PowerPoint Template RENURE $23
Alphabet Powerpoint PowerPoint Template Zacomic Studios $17
Multipurpose Bundle 2 in 1 PowerPoint Template GraphicDar $23
BigMoo Creative PowerPoint Template MasterSlides $20
Initiative - Creative PowerPoint Template Brand Of Earth $20
University Education - PowerPoint Template afahmy $17
NELIMA - Modern & Minimal Presentation PowerPoint Template designvalleyco $20
Lista Clean Creative PowerPoint PowerPoint Template DarkSlides $20
Abel-Education & Multipurpose PowerPoint Template Zombie_Boy $20
Education - Presentation PowerPoint Template DigitCase $20
Syllabus - Education PowerPoint Template Brand Of Earth $20
Vastra - PowerPoint Template MasterSlides $18
Treamor Pitchdeck PowerPoint Template MasterSlides $18
Doodle Infographic Set PowerPoint Template RENURE $23
Rites - Creative PowerPoint Template RitsBoys $23
Epic - PowerPoint Template trigtype $20
Point Creative Presentation PowerPoint Template DesignStock $20
Uncover - Photography PowerPoint Template Brand Of Earth $20
Tension PowerPoint Template MasterSlides $20
My Life PowerPoint Template RENURE $20
Portrayal - Artistic PowerPoint Template Brand Of Earth $20
Minimal PowerPoint Template PantonStudio $17
Creative Minimal Presentation PowerPoint Template PantonStudio $17
Amazing Lists - PowerPoint Template HighRate $17
Big Infographics Pack 2 IN 1 PowerPoint Template GraphicDar $23
Puzzle Infographics PowerPoint Template GraphicDar $18
InfoShop-Infographic Presentation PowerPoint Template artBeta $20
Data Charts PowerPoint Template GraphicDar $20

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