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At the dawn of PowerPoint, presentations were simple, unsophisticated and, let’s be honest, ugly. Pretty much everyone reading this used to present one’s school project (or a child’s school project) using this Microsoft Office tool, so you know what I’m talking about: default fonts and shapes, gradients and WordArt were common, making all presentations look the same.

Nowadays, PowerPoint templates go hand in hand with web design using its trends and techniques. They are more focused on high-quality visuals (images, animations and even videos) instead of large blocks of text, and are much cleaner and more elegant.

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What Is Pitch Pro and Why Do You Need It?

pitch pro powerpoint presentation template

Zacomis Studios did a great job designing Pitch Pro - a sleek, modern PowerPoint presentation kit with extended functionality. This is a comprehensive set of business-oriented slides designed it two styles – light and dark. The minimalist, distraction-free design of this PowerPoint toolkit will allow you to present your product or service with ease without making any changes to the structure of the template.

The good news is that it has a free version that is now available for all our subscribers for absolutely free! Read further for the download link.

What’s Inside the Free Pack?

14 Content Slides

The free package comes with 7 light and 7 dark slides including the introduction, the index, several charts, a map and a phone mockup to present your website or mobile app.

PowerPoint slides

72 Vector Icons

free vector icons

There is also an extra slide containing 72 pixel-perfect vector icons that can be scaled up or down according to your needs and added to other slides, or even other presentations.

Wait, You Mentioned the Full Version!

Yes, there is a full version of Pitch Pro PowerPoint template pack available for purchase on our marketplace, and it is so much cooler than the free sample! It does not only contain more slides and icons, but is also more flexible and intuitive. It offers 150+ color options, so you can adjust your presentation to the style of your brand in no time. Here is what you find there:

200+ Professionally Crafted Slides

The full package comes with 100+ light and 100+ dark slides (200 layouts in total). You can use a single style in your presentation, or mix and match them and create stunning contrasting combinations of slides to grab the attention of your audience.

PowerPoint Slides

Tons of Content Components

Hundreds of fully editable and resizable, vector-based infographics, graphs and shapes wait for you in the full version of this PowerPoint presentation. Here are some of the most impressive of them:

  • An interactive calendar for 2017;
  • A variety of maps including the detailed map of the USA (fully vector as well);
  • Easy-to-edit round pie charts;
  • Gallery slides designed in different layouts;
  • A photorealistic iPhone mockup;
  • All possible variations of colorful diagrams;

And more! Too many to list them all. The choice of slides and elements is huge, not to mention that they are ready-to-use out of the box.

maps and components

500+ Vector Icons

Even if the free set of vector icons is not enough for you, the complete set of 500 icons included in the full version will undoubtedly suffice. Available are pictographs for eCommerce, medical services, weather, transportation, and many other business niches.

Simplified Modification and Component Arrangement

You can add images to your presentation by simply dragging them to the specific areas. No need to scale, crop or adjust them – just drag and drop! The cutting-edge technology behind Pitch Pro will do the rest.

Download This Free PowerPoint Template Now!

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