Best Brochure Templates Google Docs 2020

Do you need a brochure that will be able to convey your ideas, catch attention at an exhibition or ignite interest of your potential clients? I don’t mean those featureless flyers that are mostly thrown after a couple of minutes in the nearest bin. The good news is that you won’t need to pay a designer for a good brochure, since you can use professional brochure templates Google docs.

Create any type of brochure for corporate usage, tourism, real estate, exhibitions, or other events without any special skills. All you need to do is to choose a graphic template. You’ll definitely find what you need from hundreds of brochure design ideas. Then add your details, make the necessary adjustments. And voila, your perfect brochure is ready!

The brochure is a chance to present your company or goods. It doesn’t matter that most business communications are online now. Printed materials are still used as an effective marketing tool at exhibitions, conferences, and offices. Besides, it's a perfect way to express your corporate style with free and premium graphics. Take it to a client meeting to prove yourself as a professional, instead of “check out our website to know what we do.” The point is, if you invest your time and money in the creation of high-quality printed materials, you show that you are a stable company with long-term perspectives.

A good brochure design is capable of turning any text and collection of numbers into an attractive thing that’ll be read with pleasure. Take a look at the best brochure templates Google docs:

Brochure Templates Google Docs Showcase

Company Profile

Company Profile Brochure Templates Google Docs

This design has everything you need to impress your customers. First of all, the stylish layout with a trendy color scheme makes it catchy. It harmoniously highlights the information blocks, simultaneously emphasizing the most important details by color and shape. 

Minimal Creative Business

Minimal Creative Business Brochure

It’s another modern option that you can apply to your business. The minimalistic design combined with a black & white color scheme grabs the attention at first sight. It is a perfect match for industrial and repair companies, as here you can place all the necessary data about you and frame it with a thematic pattern. 

Mint Multipurpose Trifold Brochure

Mint Multipurpose Brochure Templates Google Docs

The trifold brochure option is an excellent way to showcase your ideas, specials, and plans in a brief informative way. The mint color ads jest to the overall layout and concentrate the reader’s attention on the essential parts. The model is print-ready, and you can easily customize it according to your company’s needs. 

Minimal, Clean, Simply, Black and White Corporate Flyer

Minimal Clean Brochure Templates Google Docs

The navy-blue is a stylish solution for any business. But with a smooth green gradient, it looks even fancier. You can use it for your promotions, special offers, informative brochures with recent updates, vacancies, and other news. It has a set of beautiful icons, images, and text blocks, so it will be easy for you to highlight your brand’s peculiarities. 

Company Profile Landscape

Company Profile Landscape

This asset has an unusual and bright color scheme. Deep purple shades with dark yellow transform a clear layout into a modern, stylish corporate element. It will perfectly suit a company of any branch, from hard industry till beauty services. 

Creative Corporate - Brochure templates Google docs

 Creative Corporate Brochure.

It’s not necessary to make square or rectangular pages. Unusual forms help to divide information into thematic clusters, without overloading the total look. Use this catchy template to stand out and grab the attention of your audience. Choose from 4 color themes and adjust every single element. This brochure will definitely grab attention on an exhibition stand.

Guasi-pages Corporate Brochure design

Guasi-pages-Brochure Corporate Identity Template.

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A simple design with soft pastel colors can be even more catchy among numerous vivid brochures. This minimalist brochure with clean style and airy white space will help your audience focus on its content, rendering chill out. 

Corporate - Brochure templates Google docs

Corporate Brochure Design.

The clear lines with the mix of graphite and azure blue create a strong impression. This design is a great choice for the B2B sphere. Structure all your details, combining white space with dark pages, using convenient informational blocks and a wide choice of icons.

Creative Proposal Corporate Brochure design

Creative Proposal Brochure Corporate Identity Template.


Don’t limit your corporate brochure design with standard location of illustrations. This brochure example with futuristic elements and vivid highlights is the go-to for creative industries and marketing agencies. 

Brochure templates Google docs

Presentation for Print.

The stylish design in A4 format that can be printed on an ordinary office printer. Minimum elements and maximum harmony is a key to impress your audience. This simple solution is very airy and not boring. That is the perfect choice to attract attention to the most essential details. This design will enhance your reputation of a modern and professional company. Besides, this minimalistic style can be successfully used for quite different business fields.

Annual report brochure 

Annual Report Brochure.

Ready-made 33 pages to present your annual report in classy and out-of-the-box design solutions. Catchy graphics and unusual timelines. Graphite and cobalt hues that are more frequently used for business brochure examples. You can adjust any element without any hassle. All images are included.

12 in 1 brochure templates Google docs bundle

Proposal Template Big Bundle Corporate Identity Template.

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Are you puzzled by a wide choice of brochure templates Google docs? Don’t know how to choose the best one from business brochure examples. Pick this bundle and get your own collection. The modern design, 6 color variations and rich infographics are all you need to make a strong and persuasive proposal brochure.

Catalogue brochure design layout

Catalog Layout with Brown Accents, 24 Pages Corporate Identity Template.


This beauteous solution is ideal for a catalogue brochure design or a product portfolio. Such subtly classical brochure examples always make a good impression. Large photos coupled with white background and informational blocks in sorbet colors make a dynamic and modern look. 

Copetto - Brochure templates Google docs

Copetto Corporate Identity Template.

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The elegant design with soft lines and vivid assents. Copetto is a great template to interest potential clients. The mix of different forms and contrast colors presents an untrivial design solution. You can easily customize every single element to achieve the effect you need.

Sinaloa Brochure template Google docs

Sinaloa-Pages-Brochure Corporate Identity Template.

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Sinaloa is one of the most stylish solutions among numerous business brochure examples. Minimalistic style with catchy page layouts and vivid colors make a strong impression. Browse your own images and change colors to make the perfect corporate edition.

Dark Color Tri-Fold Corporate Brochure Design

Dark Color Tri-Fold Brochure Corporate Identity Template.


Choose dark or light themes for this minimalist brochure. The unusual geometrical shapes and convenient structure of informational blocks will grab attention of your clients. Beautiful gradients and vivid hues create a sense of joy and positive impression.

MEGA Tri-Fold Brochure

MEGA Tri-Fold Brochure Corporate Identity Template.


Designs with angular elements create dynamic and modern styles. Pick this brochure example to introduce your services and products. Take your pick of one of 4 color schemes or make your own.

Free Brochure Templates Google Docs

We have picked a showcase of free corporate identity templates that you can use for your brochures. All you need to do is to share the link on your social media account. Right after that, a design becomes available for free download. Please note: The authors of these assets don’t provide updates and support for them, though you will find a useful documentation file in the archive. Here you can read what software you need for editing, tips, and advice on usage. 

Corporate Bifold Smart Ideas Template

Corporate Bifold Brochure Templates Google Docs

Black-and-Blue Creative Agency

Black & Blue Creative Agency Brochure Templates Google Docs

Stylish Grey Brochure

Stylish Grey Brochure Templates Google Docs

Creative Purple Design

Creative Purple Design Brochure Templates Google Docs

Print-Ready Red & Black Template

Print-Ready Red & black Brochure Templates Google Docs

Yellow Triangle

Yellow Triangle Brochure Templates Google Docs

Best selling brochure templates Google docs 2020

Brochure design templates Category price
Bi-Fold Corporate Identity Template business brochure examples $9
LORA - Modern and Simple Keynote Template catalogue template $21
Palomas-Pages-Brochure Corporate Identity Template business brochure examples $10
Dark Color Tri-Fold Brochure Corporate Identity Template corporate brochure design $9
Wavy Colorful Bifold Brochure template Google docs creative brochure design $11
MEGA Tri-Fold Brochure business brochure examples $9
Creative Proposal Brochure Corporate Identity Template creative brochure design $18
Brango-Pages -Brochure Corporate Identity Template corporate brochure design $10
Sinaloa-Pages-Brochure Corporate Identity corporate brochure design $10
Unique Trifold Brochure Hexagon corporate brochure design $9
Purnia-pages-Brochure business brochure examples $9
Guasi-pages-Brochure creative brochure design $12
Takotna-pages-brochure business brochure examples $11

There are numerous brochure design templates so that you can choose exactly what you need. Create a brochure with a catalog design that can convey your ideas, sparkle the interest of your audience, and grab the attention of people while they are walking by the exhibition stand. However, keep in mind that any creative design is only half of success. Pay attention to the content of your brochure that’ll be interesting and understandable for your audience.

Brochure templates google docs FAQ

?Which design of brochure templates Google docs can increase sales?

Most people acquire information visually, instinctively reacting to anything vivid and unusual. Thus, ideal design for brochure templates Google docs has to attract, generate interest, cause the desire to know more and excitement to action. Creative and beautiful designs can grab the attention of your audience and spur them to get to know your products.

?Can I customize brochure templates Google docs?

Yes. All brochure templates Google docs can be customized. You can delete or change any element you need, browse your photos and change colors.

?Where can I find brochure templates Google docs for financial reports?

TemplateMonster marketplace presents a rich choice of brochure templates Google docs for any kind of business. There are numerous brochures for annual and other financial reports that include a lot of infographics and diagrams. 

?What size of Google docs brochure to choose?

The smaller brochure has more chances to be fully read and retained. Focus on key information of value to your audience.

?How to ensure convenient navigation for a Google docs brochure

- Structure a brochure that contains more than 6 pages
- Add the contents of your brochure at the beginning
- Use bulleted lists
- Combine different forms of pages to divide information into thematic clusters

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