Free Online Brochure Maker For Creative Pamphlet Design

  1. What Is a Brochure?
  2. When To Use a Brochure
  3. How To Create A Splendid Brochure

What Is a Brochure?

A Brochure is a folded piece of paper which outlines the information in a partitioned digestible way. It is similar to a pamphlet, yet promotes a specific brand, service or product. Information booklets are informational and folded into sections, so they present more detail in space normally used by flyers or posters.

Both brochures and pamphlets are found to be efficient marketing instruments for any kind of business templates.


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When Should You Use A Brochure?

If you cannot see the difference between a pamphlet and a flyer and are not sure which to us, we encourage you to read this section carefully. Flyers are usually fast throwaways on one or two-sided sheets and can be used on bulletin boards, whereas a pamphlet is more of a premium product, and clients can refer to the more detailed information contained within it. They tend to be constructed of thicker paper and folded in a specific way to guide customers through the content. Here are some good examples of the use to which information booklets can be put.

Sales: pamphlets can be handed out to business partners or potential customers after a company presentation.

  • Catering: A take-out food brochure might include a complete or streamlined menu along with contact information. E.g. online food services sometimes send such menus to their clients together with their order.
  • Reception: provide clients with something they can pick up and find out more information about a product or company.
  • Conferences or exhibitions: it is crucial to offer marketing hand-out materials to the audience.

Travel: it makes sense when air carriers and travel agencies create Information booklets to promote inexpensive holiday packages etc.


How To Create A Splendid Brochure.

You do not have to be a designer or hire one, since there are many free sources to make a brochure by yourself. It is about time you became the designer of your own project. Here are some of them:

  • Lucidpress offers free pamphlet templates;
  • Mycreativeshop allows you to browse for the appropriate template by categories;
  • With Canva you can start designing marketing material right away;
  • Adobe Spark offers a free trial.

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To get started with developing your pamphlet or brochure, follow the guide below:

  • Add convincing images and artwork that would supplement your text. Attractive photos may encourage your audience to take further action after they take away the publicity material that you are distributing.
  • You might consider incorporating a full bleed which is a printing technique eliminating white borders around the content.
  • Add text to the front cover which promotes sales, and to the back cover which provides contact info, and the core which tells a story to the prospect. Go with one font for the body of the text and one auxiliary for headers (e.g. serif and a sans-serif font).
  • Combine color. Use a color combination that is compatible and easy on the eyes.
  • Choose the appropriate size.

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