How to Build a Cool Freelance Team


37% of companies in the most developed and economically prosperous countries of the USA and Europe have remote employees. This practice is popular and beneficial for both employers and employees. This kind of work model saves time and money and is plain and simple. Isn’t it good enough to try?

More specialists and business owners meet each other using freelance marketplaces. The most often-asked questions are: where and how to find responsible freelancers, how to write technical requirements, what tracking tools to use, etc. Let’s discuss what is necessary to create an effective freelance team.

build freelance team

Searching for freelancers to hire

Let’s say our project requires a team of:

  • programmers;
  • designers;
  • customer service agents;
  • copywriters and content managers;
  • SEO experts.

Ok, let’s make the list of our hiring criteria:

  • experience;
  • schedule and deadlines;
  • communication channels;
  • budget.

For example, if you want to build a team of customer service specialists, you will have to consider the time zone when searching for a freelancer. Also, you will need to set up a telephone system and a call tracking system to monitor its quality. Decide on the budget after all.

Freelance websites to hire a designer

Feel free to discover the best design projects at Behance. Click any photo to check the project.

build freelance team

Check out a profile of any author, his portfolio. Decide whether this style meets your expectations.

As an option, you can post a job offer there and wait for the talents.

Another interesting freelance website is Dribbble. The resource is an international catalog of designers. Here you can either leave a job offer or hire a scout who will search for the most suitable applicants for your specific project. This service is not free.


A platform for freelance designers, 99designs lets you choose the best talent, as designers compete in design contests to get your job offer.


Freelance websites to hire a web developer

Toptal is the marketplace of the world’s best web developers and web designers. The resource provides the highest quality of freelance tech talents for any design environment or web, mobile, or desktop technology stack.

build freelance team

Freelancer is one of the world’s best freelance resources. A significant number of projects and specialists are waiting for you.

build freelance team

Freelance websites to hire a copywriter

WriterAccess. With over 14,000 US-based freelance writers and 20,000 customers, WriterAccess is an excellent freelance platform, where you can find a professional copywriter, tech writer, blogger, editor, or translator.


Another popular freelance resource to hire a writer is Scripted. Great marketing requires excellent writing, and Scripted is ready to help.


Universal freelance websites

Upwork is one of the most popular freelance resources.


You are welcome to hire an enormous pool of freelancers for everything from legal work to finance and management (including a few hundred thousand software developers).

The platform allows customers to communicate with specialists, exchange files, and pay for orders.

Upwork gets the commission from each payment made in the system. It ranges from 5% to 20%, depending on the number of transferred funds to each specific contractor.

Guru connects top experts with employers all over the world. Here you collaborate to get a project done flexibly and securely.

build freelance team

Technical requirements

Technical requirements/specifications should be written accurately and efficiently. This document will analyze the time spent by the freelancer to complete the task, client’s financial expenses, number of corrections, etc.

It will include specific instructions for a specialist. For example, for a copywriter, these are the keywords and the size of the text; for a designer – the color palette and the size of the illustrations.

However, the following points remain the same for any position:

  • a couple of words about the company, its mission, and tactical goals;
  • target audience;
  • purpose of the task.

build freelance team

Work control

Remote work has a lot of advantages. However, many employers complain about a significant drawback – sometimes it is not possible to control the quality of all the work stages. One freelancer will perform the task efficiently and on time, while the other one will give promises only.

There is a good variety of time tracking tools and programs.

Time tracker:

  • allows to record time spent on each task;
  • defines weekly productivity;
  • collects screenshots of employee's screen;
  • sends reminders if a freelancer is idle.

Here you will be able to see what tasks the employee spent his time on. This will help you to determine whether the agent prioritizes his tasks correctly.

Also, when choosing a time tracker, pay attention to the options below:

  • tracking the employee's location via GPS;
  • identification of programs, which are designed to cheat time trackers;
  • ability to determine mouse and keyboard activity.

Reminders encourage employees to work more efficiently – usually, a freelancer does not feel comfortable to idle after such a message «You were absent for 6 minutes».

Screenshots are helpful to check the quality of the employees' work.


A remote freelance team needs to be flexible and creative. Employees can live in different time zones, belong to different cultures with their unique experience. So, it is quite challenging to build a cool freelance team, but it is still possible.

You need to:

  • search for the best remote talents using freelance platforms
  • hire remote employees
  • write technical specifications
  • control the quality and productivity of your team

Go ahead to create a freelance dream team!

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