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How to Build a Web Templates Store with RMS3?

Affiliate marketing is an extremely profitable activity that one can get involved in without having to create a new product. All that remains is to pick the one you like, or just a popular one, and initiate promotional campaigns.

In case you have a web design related blog, and web templates are something you’re writing about, why not to build your own web templates store?

Someday you had to publish templates round-ups, or add these digital assets to your website one by one, thus building separate product pages that would lead to the source website, but now all you need is an RMS.

RMS stands for the Ready-Made Shop, a fully-functional templates store that you can add to your blog or website. Basically, RMS is more than the affiliate program it’s the reselling program that gives you more money-making opportunities.

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What’s so Special About the RMS?

White Label

The White Label option allows you to sell TemplateMonster digital products as if you own them, there will be no reference to the TemplateMonster vendors, apart from the “Theme design by” link in the footer of each website template.

The demos of all templates will be opened in the iframe, that is displayed as if another page of your website. This means that your visitors won’t find the difference between your website, TemplateMonster theme catalog, and a single product demo, from their part all these pages will be seen as separate parts of your website.

From the marketing perspective, you won’t have to invest your budget in the promo of TemplateMonster digital assets, because you’ll be able to sell them under your brand name!


Comparing to other affiliate tools provided by TemplateMonster, RMS is a lot more profitable. In case you’re using links with your affiliate ID to promote TemplateMonster digital products, each new sale will provide you with a 30% commission reward, whereas the second purchase made by the same client will grand you only 10% reward.

The RMS has a flat rate of 35% for every sale, no matter how many sales your customers will make, you will get a 35% cut off every single purchase.

In case you’re familiar with ThemeForest affiliate program then you know that they give a 10% cut off every purchase, which is pretty tiny.

Build a Store in Your Language

With RMS you can build a digital assets marketplace in your native language, as an example you can check out this demo RMS store created for the resellers from Russia. In case you’re planning to conquer your local market it is essential to have a store in a language native to that area. Any time your visitors refer to the live chat they will be redirected to the chat agent speaking their language. As a part of a multilingual functionality, your visitors will be able to pay with the currency of their/your country.

What Else?

It goes without saying that our RMS is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly, your visitors, as well as, Google will enjoy fast loading interface. In case your blog or website is hosted on a shared plan you will be able to install and use the RMS because we’ve put a lot of effort making it extremely optimized. Another important thing is that you won’t have to handle the payments, all payments are processed by the TemplateMonster billing system. Just do what you got to do, and at the end of the month, you will get your share 🙂

The biggest flaw of most reseller programs is the customization of an interface. As a rule, you’re given the access to the interface that’s hard to customize, you have to edit endless CSS files trying to give it the look of your website. With our RMS you won’t have to make any customizations at all, after installation the RSM will "read" your CSS file and will adjust its look in accordance with your website design, getting its color scheme, typography, and so on.

Web Studio Mode

In case you have a web design studio you will love the Web Studio Mode with its help you can remove all prices and instead of the Buy now button, you will have Order website. Basically, this mode transforms TemplateMonster storefront into your portfolio that you can demonstrate to your clients. All that remains is to choose a theme and build a website 🙂


What’s more, using TemplateMonster API one can build custom RMS that will have any possible design.

Live Websites with Integrated RMS




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